The X-men and their world belong to Marvel/Fox/other rich people. No profit or copyright infringement is intended. This is an X-men shared universe, originally imagined by Tarchannon. A full index of stories, poems and artwork can be found here, at his site.

Dark Legends

the next mutation of the legacy virus has wrought disturbing changes in the X-men and the world. this is a dark AU Note - there are very disturbing stories and images in this series. S3V3C3

tarchannon created a general outline for this shared universe, my stories are set within the chapters of that outline.


Chapter 1

Charles, Hank, Jean

Chapter 2

Bobby, Kurt, Tease the Dog

Chapter 3

Dog's Life

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


Chapter 7

Bite the Hand, Solitare

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Aftermath - Jean