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Aftermath - Jean

The first thing Jean knew was the familiar smell and sounds of the lab. Hank's voice murmuring softly to himself as he worked. Chemicals. The ache in her bones of fever, exhaustion and - memories.

She remembered raw screams and the sight of her husband licking blood off of Logan's back. She remembered the drive of Wolverine into her body, hard thick, growling her name. The clink of chains and riding her husband, staring down at his muzzled, scratched face. Drowning in thoughts - other people's thoughts, minds, memories, dreams and nightmares. The scent of blood and the anchor of pain. Seeing Scott weeping at her feet and - loving it. Loving it.

She opened her eyes because staying in the bloody dark of her own mind was to terrible to endure. The lights seemed blinding. She instinctively reached for Scott and the comfort of his mind. She always did, when she hurt or when he hurt - sharing the pain had always eased it for them both. He wasn't there.

"Scott!" She cried, aloud and within - reaching farther and was abruptly stopped by a familiar and powerful mind. Charles. Her mentor. Her closest friend. She flinched and cried out, pulling away as if burned. What she remembered most was his violation of her. The slick, invasive touch of his thoughts, the feel of him manipulating her memory, her personality, her *self*. "No -!"

//jean - please - //


Charles withdrew at her horrified revulsion, leaving only an echo of despair behind.

"Jean - wake up." Hank's voice and he, at least, carried no unpleasant memories. She opened her eyes again, warily, as frightened as a child. Hank looked terrible. Thin. His ears drooped with exhaustion, a notch out of one ear marked some struggle and one lens of the silly yellow glasses he affected was starred with cracks. The blue fur around his muzzle was flecked with gray. "Its alright, my dear. It's alright now."

She stared up at him and wept.