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Bite the Hand

"There's what we're looking for." Hank said over his shoulder. "That green board. That's a routing sub-routine. Ororo's temper tantrum has destroyed it. It has to be replaced. Here -"

Logan peered into the wall of electronic guts, trying to focus on Hank's instructions. He knew it was important but he was distracted by the doctor's smell. Logan wrinkled his nose with an unconcious snarl. He hated the way Dr. McCoy smelled - chemicals and sugar frosting. The hair at the nape of his neck bristled with visceral dislike. He didn't want to be down here - not near the lab, near the place where - people died. He wanted to bury his face in Jean's hair, rub himself against the leather of her boots, taste her fingers or her wet, sweet cunt. Those were the smells he wanted. Or Scott, the urgent, needy scent of him - especially when Logan had come all over him and he smelled more like Logan than he did anything else.

The rush of lust was powerful; Logan's cock stiffened in his dirty jeans and he shuddered with desire. His vision washed red and his pulse beat hard against the collar around his neck.

"Logan - watch out!" Hank cried as Logan's hands jerked. The new routing board slipped out of the insulated long nose pliers. Logan cursed and tried to snatch it, the backs of his fingers brushed a live wire and he shouted as he was thrown back by the shock, the fragile plastic snapped in his spasming fingers. "Lord - no!"

The blue emergency lights spun in his vision as Logan lay twitching on the floor. After a moment, Hank's blue furred muzzle came into view - filled with concern and frustration.

"Are you alright?"

Logan rolled away from Hank's probing grip, still twitching in response to the current. "Yeah. Sorry - "

"Sorry? What is wrong with you?" Hank cried, frantic with exhaustion and frustration. "We can't replace that! For god's sake - "

"What the fuck to do you think is wrong with me, asshole!" Logan pulled himself to his feet. "I can't fucking concentrate on anything but my damn dick! Or - "

He broke off shaking, rubbing his face wearily. "I know - I know, Hank. I'm sorry, what the hell do you want me to say? You stink. I don't give a shit about the lights. I - can't help it. I know it's important but I can't help it."

"Logan." Hank straightened up and found his glasses which had flown off when Logan had been thrown into him. One lens was cracked and the big blue mutant touched the fragile lens sadly. "Forgive my outburst - and my body odor, evidently. But - we must get the electrical systems working again. The emergency system isn't going to hold much longer."

"I thought it was solar powered." Logan muttered, embarrassed and glad about the shock. It had gotten rid of his hard-on at least.

"It is - or was." Hank stared at the open access panel where a bit of smoke was rising. "But that's one of the systems that's been damaged by Ororo's lighting. We're running on batteries."

Logan bent and picked up the pieces of green plastic. He tried to fit them back together but the edges were melted. "Broke it but good, huh?"

"Indeed." Hank came and took the pieces from him. "Logan - I know it's difficult to concentrate. Long term concentration is one of the areas the disease affects. As well as various endocrine systems. But - I need your help."

The doctor held up one hand - or paw. The thick, clawed fingers were useless in any delicate work. The Beast's second mutation had ended his career as a surgeon and inventor. He could barely use a computer keyboard. "I cannot effect any repairs myself. Kurt - is in the same position. You are the only one with the neccesary dexterity whom I trust."

"Yeah, well I can't do it either." Logan snarled, glaring in frustration at his blue friend. He wanted to hit out - hurt something - and he hung onto his virus induced aggression with both hands. "I don't know what the hell I'm doing - don't know anything about all this computer garbage. I can fix my bike - any motor - but not all this plastic shit."

"I've been trying to instruct you -"

"I can't just follow along like a fucking puppet!"

Hank sighed deeply and shut the access panel. "I believe you. Logan -"

"What?" He snapped, staring suspiciously at Hank's thoughtful face.

"That new mutant - Remy."

"The kid?" Logan blinked. He'd paid little attention to the skinny newcomer. He didn't want to get to know someone who was likely to die from the virus. "What about him?"

Hank glanced furtively up and down the hallway then led Logan back into his lab. Logan's teeth clenched at the dim gleam of glassware and the smell of chemicals. And - of course - Hank's scent was strong in here. Only when the door was safely shut did the blue doctor turn back to Logan. "He was sent in to find me."

Logan raised his brows curiously. "Spy?"

Hanks sighed. "Only because we cannot trust ourselves. He's here to help - the virus - it's spread into the general population. As we suspected - as I *think* we suspected. It's hard to be sure. I believed that the professor has manipulated us all."

Logan snorted. "Coulda told ya that. All of ya been 'pathed. Charles been doing a little playin' around. Why d'ya think everyone's hanging around this deathtrap anyway?"

"Why didn't you tell me!" Hank cried. "If you knew?"

Logan shrugged. "What the hell ya goin' ta do about it? And I been - distracted."

Hank lowered his head and stared at the floor clenching and unclenching his massive hands. Logan watched, breathing quickening, wondering if he was going to get into a drag-down with the only X-man who could hold his own against the Wolverine. Logan rubbed his tongue over his teeth and wondered what the Beast's blood would taste like. He wanted to know. "I wish you'd told me."

Logan shrugged. "So, now you know. What about this kid?"

"Remy. A LeBeau working for Sinister."

"Fuck!" Logan said, claws snapping free. "Not for much fucking longer!"

"Logan!" Hank actually grabbed him, swinging Logan around as he headed for the door. The shorter man snarled and jabbed an elbow into Hank's broad stomach. He crouched down, claws glittering oddly in the blue light as the doctor staggered back. "No - Sinister sent him to ask for help with the virus!"

"Bullshit!" Logan growled. "I've got more concern for all those dying flatlines than Sinister does! The man's just feeding you a line!"

"No." Hank didn't back down, voice dropping into a warning rumble. "I believe him - as far as it goes. Sinister's got the plague himself. And Remy is immune. With Sinister's help and this boy's unique physiology, I may be able to find a cure - or at least a vaccine. Logan - this is too important to allow our enmity to get in the way. I'll work with the devil if I have to. Please."

Logan snarled again, shaking. He shook his head, struggling to clear his thoughts. The Beast was his friend and - Logan knew the doctor's mind was unaffected - unlike his. He had to trust the man's judgement - even if all his instincts were screaming at him to hunt down the treacherous newcomer and gut him. He'd get to taste that blood to and Logan swallowed hard, mouth watering.

"Shit - what the fuck to you want me to do?" Logan finally asked, breathing hard and sweat standing on his forehead from the effort at controlling his animal instincts.

Hank sighed in relief. "Get him down here. I didn't want him to know but - he'll have to help me with the systems. And - we'll need your help as well, Logan. The professor is monitoring our actions, if not our very thoughts. You are the only one who is reliably immune to the telepaths."

"So ya want me to fetch him down here?" Logan hung onto what he could understand.

"Yes." Hank said sadly, accepting his friend's limits. "Please - bring him here."

Logan grinned, teeth shining eerily in the blue light. "I can do that."

"Don't hurt him!"

The Wolverine laughed. His heart picked up, already anticipating the hunt. Logan let those predatory thoughts free rein, hiding the secrets he'd just learned under them. And he was damm well going to check out the spy himself, no matter what Hank said. Anyone working for Sinister wasn't worth trusting - or living. "Don't get all ruffled, Blue. I know he's gotta be useful to ya."