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Gold Door

Chapter 1

This was the first time Darius had asked for anything like this and I deserpately wanted to say yes. But shit - this was different. The past three months had been nearly perfect — I'd head over to Darius generous apartment on a Saturday or Sunday and we'd play. I loved the attention, the care I could feel in his hands and trading on my willingness and obedeince didn't feel like a chore to me. Darius was easing me into light bondage as carefully as an orchid grower coaxing blooms from a prize plant. Sometimes all I got for a afternoon of service and submission was a massage, sometimes we had sex. Oddly, those intimate moments while Darius rubbed the tension out of my body were the ones I'd think about the rest of the week.

Now Darius was leaning in the kitchen doorway, phone dangling from his hand. His eyes, however, were far from casual. Like the first time they’d met, I had the sense that I was being tested.

"I — I don’t know, Darius." I avoided the other man’s eyes and stared at the paintings instead. "We’ve always stayed here."

"You have." Darius hefted the phone uncertainly in his hand, then tucked it under his ear. "I’ll have to give you a call back on that one, David."

Darius had a pleasant enough apartment in the northwest quarter though most of it was rather anonomys in it’s cool grays and pale white. Like Darius’ face, little was revealed by his home — except the paintings. I studied them rather than look at Darius’ face while I tried to decide what to do.

The largest painting was easily the size of the couch where I was sprawled, naked except for the soft white rope Darius had bound loosely around my wrists. That painting was in an old-fashioned realistic style perfected in the Rennisance. A figure, wrapped almost entirely in a white cloak stood between a black and a white pillar. Brilliant golden light streamed past him and the shadow of his body was visible through the fine fabric of his cloak. The face was half hidden but James could pick out the perfect curve of a cheek and a sensuous dark eye. A curl of midnight hair had escaped from the concealing hood. There was a wonderful sense of expectation in the picture, the solitary figure stared straight out at the viewer and seemed to vibrate with anticipation. Most of the other paintings were also of this young man; lying back across a crimson cloak on a tumble of rough boulders, shameless in his desire, decked with pearls and standing thigh deep in a still, clear pool while golden fish swam about his thighs and two other pictures shocking in their obscne sexuality and painterly skill. They made me feel pretty frumpy with my unkempt brown hair and uninspired features. Looking at those paintings I couldn’t imagine why Darius had taken a second look at me.

"Was this man your — lover?" I asked impulsively. I'd remained quiet about those painting so prominently displayed for weeks.

"He was." Darius left the kitched to stand next to the large painting. What I saw on his face was a mixture of regret and real anger that made me feel uncomfortably intrusive. I should have kept my mouth shut. "He left me."

I shifted uncomfortably. At least he hadn't died of AIDS. "I’m sorry."

Darius turned away from the pictures with a shrug. "At the end, after we’d been through so much — he couldn’t give me that last, one thing I had to have."

I squirmed guiltily, clutched at the rope around my wrists not really noticing how Darius sharp eyes caught the guesture. The binding was gentle, deliberatly loose, and Darius had used it less than an hour ago to hold my hands above my head while he sucked me into a mind-blowing orgasm. "He probably didn’t mind going to a freak party."

Darius sat down beside him and took up the slack on the rope, slowly winding it around his hand until my wrists were pinned tightly together. I shivered. "No. He was quite eager to show off. Perhaps I should have realized he was more interesed in the image than the reality. He had those paintings commissioned."

"He must have been very rich."

"It was my money."


Darius shrugged. "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

I stared down at my bound hands. "I’ll go."

"Thank you." Darius leaned forward and kissed me. It was a rare thing and I leaned towards him, nibling at the other man’s lower lip and winding my fingers through Darius’.

"Reward me?" I asked breathlessly. Darius smiled.

I wiggled on Darius’ lap, trying to get comfortable. Darius shifted under me without a break in his convearsation and pulled my head back down to his shoulder. Giving in to the inevitable, I sighed and turned my face to his neck, hoping to be ignorred.

The music was live and informal — even Darius had taken a turn, laughing, at the piano. At least there was one thing he wasn’t perfect at. The lights were low and I felt uncomfortably overdressed. Darius had picked out my clothes, a pair of butter soft caramel brown leather pants, so low cut that the angle of my hips was exposed and the sparse beginnings of my pubic hair. He’d chosen a spandex half top of gleaming gold, it looked like it had been poured over my body and I was sure everyone had gotten a good look at my nipples, hard in the slight chill. Still, compared to most of the other subs here, I was dressed modestly. I hadn’t known there were so many ways to wear leather straps.

The birthday boy was a sub and entirely naked, evidently a tradition from the jokes I was overhearing. There were quite a few people here and I didn’t know anyone — except Darius. I hadn’t really thought about Darius’ friends and, when I had, I’d assumed he kept his sex life private — hidden the way I did. But here we were at an S/M birthday party and he knew most everyone here, subs and doms both. Not, of course, that he talked to the subs. It was like there were two different parties going on, one for the subs and one for the doms. The doms mixed freely with each other and ignored their subs while the subs, often kneeling at their master’s feet ended up in conversations with whichever sub accompanied their master’s friends. I guess it was a good a way as any to meet new people and you could be sure you had something in common.

The doms were uniformly dressed in black — and several were dressed in black uniforms. Similarities ended in color however. Darius was wearing a pair of black Thai silk pants riding nearly as low as mine and a sleeveless mandarin style shirt with a narrow band collar. Against all that black, his pale skin practically glowed. His leather jack boots rose to his knees and I wasn’t sure if the bulge I was sitting on was padding or if he was partially erect. He looked like a pornographic priest. Our host on the dom side was wearing a leather jumpsuit and it might have looked stupid if it weren't for the swelling muscles under that tight black leather. There was even a man in an SS uniform who, thankfully stayed on the far side of the room drinking with military precision.

The subs were the colorful lot, prettily decorated by their doms. The birthday boy was dressed only in a hard — on. I had my gold and leather look and there were a few men dressed in women’s short skirts or tight leather dresses. Most of the sub were, however, wearing various combinations of collars, jingling manacles, chains and peirceings. The first sub I’d seen on arriving here had a slim gold chain running from a ring in his tongue to the belt of his master — he followed the tall, cadaverous dom with single minded dedication. Only Darius’ secure grip on the back of my neck had kept me from running screaming at the sight.

"Get me a beer, will you?" Darius said and urged me off his lap with a pat on my ass. I looked out at the unfamiliar faces like a man facing a minefield but Darius gave me another encouraging pat and off I went.

The doms ignored me and I had to slip around knots of conversation while avoiding stepping on the subs sprawled on the floor. I took a stop in the bathroom and then found the kitchen. A naked man was filling trays with wedges of cheese, salmon and crackers.

"Uh — hello." I said, hovering in the doorway. The dark haired man turned around with an immediate, welcoming smile.

"Hi. I’m Mark." He wiped his hands on a towel and came over to take my hand. "You must be new."

"That obvious huh?" I said, fixing my eyes on his face and feeling a blush crawling up my cheeks. Mark was wearing golden cuffs on his wrists and ankles, hung with tiny golden bells. It was all he was wearing, except for the bell hanging form a ring in the head of his dick which rang merrily when he moved. I struggled not to drop my eyes.

Mark reached out and touched my cheek — I flinched. "Pretty much."

"Yeah." I said glumly. "Where’s the beer?"

"Here —" Mark pulled open the refrigerator. "What kind?"

‘Um. I didn’t ask." I said, dreading having to go back and display my stupidity in front of a room full of rather unforgiving doms. "Because I’m an idiot."

"Ah — don’t sweat it." Mark looked me over. "Who are you with? I know most everyone and a good sub makes it a point to know things."

"Darius. I’m James."

"Ahh!" Mark looked interested but he turned back to the fridge and clattered around in the back until he came out with a large dark bottle. "That’s a surprise. Darius huh? Here, he drinks Chimai."

"Jeeeze! That’s like the most expensive beer in the world or something, isn’t it?"

Mark shrugged. "Ours not to worry about that kind of thing. So — you haven’t been at this long eh?"


"Hmph. Darius — never expected him to be breaking in a newbie. No offense."


"Hey, you look scared to death." Mark smiled. "Have some cheese. Look, nothing bad — well, nothing you don’t want is going to happen here. We’re all here to relax, have a little fun."

"I — ah — I’ve never been to anything like this." I shuffled my feet uneasily, my eyes unavoidably dropping to Mark’s pierced dick. "I didn’t think —"

"Hey, you can look." Mark thrust his hips forward and back, making the bell ring. "That’s why its hanging out like this, you know."

"Didn’t it hurt?" I blurted.

"God yes." Mark laughed. "I thought I was going to die. But man, it feels good now."

"It does?"

"Sure. The pulling feels nice — and, well, having David lead me around on a little leash — " He laughed again and gently then reached down to tug at the ring, pulling his dick up.

"Oh." I wondered suddenly, what it would feel like to be on a leash and so obviously at Darius’ mercy. I eyed Mark’s dick, flushing as he chuckled.

"You can touch it if you want. I don’t mind." Mark said cheerfully.

"You’re a lot more comfortable with — all this than I am." I muttered, sorely tempted to touch the gold ring, fascinated by it. And, hey, Mark had a nice dick too.

"Oh, you’ll get there. Trust me." Mark laughed. "Go on, you’re practically drooling."

Looking around furtively, I reached down to Mark’s dick. The small metal ring was warm and the thin skin of his dick was hot. I rubbed a fingertip over the shiny metal and the little bell jingled. I tugged, very gently and Mark hummed a little under his breath.

"You can pull harder." He said.

His hands had found their way to my waist and he stepped closer as I tugged on the gold ring. I felt his fingertips slip along the waist of my leather pants. I could feel the heat coming off him and his cock twitched. I shivered and Mark’s hands tightened.

"God, what am I doing?" I whispered, staring into Mark’s wide eyes inches from mine. "This is crazy."

I started to pull back but Mark maneuvered me against the counter and I couldn’t make my hand let go of that tiny golden ring. The backs of my fingers brushed the head of his dick and he shuddered. He was rising rapidly.

"Crazy - sure, crazy." Mark whispered urgently. "Crazy like all those parties when you were a kid and everyone else was going off to neck in the closets. And you — and you — what could you do? When you wanted a cock, or maybe a slap not a kiss. All those years — never getting a chance to have what everyone else had, to play a little. To have fun."

"God." I groaned, closing my eyes and leaning my forehead against Mark’s. I knew what he was talking about, those long teenage years that were full of games I didn’t dare play. I’d never dated, I’d never gotten laid at a friend’s party while their parents were out of town. All those years everyone had thought I was such a good boy.

"We can have fun now." Mark whispered. "We can play our games now."

All that skin in front of me and that cock stiffening in my hand had left me deliciously out of control. Darius could have stopped me with a look — but he wasn’t here and with my lips curving in an unfamiliar smile I kissed Mark. I pulled him that last inch closer as he rubbed his hands on my ass and ground our hips together. I didn’t know this guy and — hell — it didn’t matter.

Mark kissed me thoroughly and with a skill that left me breathless and swaying against him. "When the top’s away —"

"- the bottoms play?" I finished and snickered against his neck. Mark was pushing his cock rhythmically against me and his breathing was tight and exited.

"Don’t come all over my pants." I groaned, running my hands down his sleek back to cup the flexing cheeks of his ass. He’d been shaved recently and his skin was as smooth as butter.

"God no." He moaned against my neck. "David will eat me alive."

"Jeeze." I jerked away suddenly reminded of Darius. If he caught me like this - I stared wildly at Mark who was breathing hard and sporting a healthy erection.

"We won’t get in trouble." He caught his breath. "Sub to sub is okay, we’re all a bunch of sluts anyway. As long as we — "

"Don’t come." I finished. What was I doing? But it seemed so — so normal. Natural.

"Yeah, the usual." Mark leaned in to kiss me again. "But you better take the beer in before it gets any — sweatier."

"I’m gonna die." I grabbed the beer and trotted quickly back into the living room, hoping that Darius wasn’t too pissed. My dick was pressed against the leather of my pants which had become quite uncomfortable during our little game in the kitchen. The leather clung to my dick and there was no hiding my erection, not from Darius and not from anyone who happened to glance my way. But the room was full of naked men who were much better looking than I was. I scurried back to the safety of Darius’ lap, trying to be invisible.

Darius looked up as I came close and I saw how his eyes dropped immediately to my hard dick. He blinked but his face didn’t change. I slid into his lap like a player sliding into home and presented him with his beer as a peace offering.

"I see someone’s been playing with my toys." Darius said, his hand slid unerringly to my dick and he gave me a possessive squeeze. The man next to him laughed and I felt my face burn, no invisibility for me. It was like Darius wanted everyone to see me. Darius settled me on his lap without another word and I though I had escaped until he nestled the icy bottle of beer between my legs, right up against my crotch. I gave a shocked yelp that had half the room laughing. He kept a warning hand on my knees, not letting me close my legs against the audience I’d suddenly drawn. Darius rubbed the cold bottle against me a little and I squirmed. Mark was kneeling at the feet of his dom, his own dick bobbing merrily between his legs. He gave me a quick wink. I buried my face against Darius neck, my dick throbbing with almost painful intensity against the cold beer. The cold, partially insulated by the leather, didn’t quell my erection; I was getting harder. It was all I could do to hold still and try to let the room full of strangers forget about me.

"- and who’s this?" The question drew me from my relaxed drifting. I’d been sitting on Darius lap quite comfortably and letting the party flow by. Darius was talking with a neighbor in his foreign language and I’d been listening curiously, trying to place it. I had decided on Portuguese, perhaps or Spanish — as in Spain - when the newcomer pulled up an ottoman and sat down with a grunt, elbows on knees. He looked me over briefly and dismissed with a flick of one thick eyebrows. I noted that he had the same, flowing accent as Darius.

Darius caught the slightly contemptuous glance and he cuddled me a little closer, feeling rather deflated by the giant’s opinion of me, I allowed it without protest.

"Vinni, glad you could come." Darius said warmly. "This — is my pretty toy for the now, eh? You should be happy. You’ve been complaining enough."

Vinnie, the giant, just grunted. He was huge man with the shoulders of a linebacker, thick hands, massive thighs and a huge blocky head. Bushy black hair spilled down his back, caught in a loose, thick braid. He had a wild beard and sharp black eyes and was staring challengly at Darius. "encouraged you to find — "

"Later, Vinni." Darius sighed. "You can play that tune again later. Have some beer."

Darius offered the bottle from between my legs. The three of them dropped immediately into their foreign language and, more alert now and uncomfortable with Vinni’s disapproving prescience, I sat up a little. Darius urged me off his lap.

"Go play with the other sub’s, James." Darius stretched his legs out an grimaced. "My knees are killing me. Be a good boy."

I nodded, avoided his gigantic friend’s sour glance and headed off, looking for Mark.

Most of the subs had gathered in the main room where a fire had been started in the fireplace and several naked subs drowsed in the warmth wile the flickering light danced across their sleek skin, gleamed red on steel rings and brought out the subtle sheen in black leather. Mark and a few others were sitting, quite relaxed on the floor, though there were empty chairs around. Most of the doms were out on the deck smoking and chatting. I could see Mark’s dom, David, through the sliding glass door looking over the sub with the pierced tongue while the tall dom who held the chain nodded enthusiastically. Mark was staring at them to and looked a little anxious.

"Hi, Mark." I said uncertainly. Everyone stared up at me and I felt unwelcome and awkward.

Mark looked up and smiled at me and I found myself smiling back and less nervous. He patted the floor, his friends made room, and I sat down. "James - Darius let you go?"

"Yeah, he’s got his friends along and one of them doesn't like me much." I said glumly.

Mark patted my shoulder and let his hand slide down my arm and laced his fingers with mine. "Don’t worry about it. It’s always rough the first few months. Things will get easier."

"Or harder." One of the other subs muttered, grinning. We all laughed a little.

This is Honey, Daisy, Joseph and, boys, this is James." Mark gestured to me. "Darius’ new boy. Very new boy. So play nice."

Honey was well named, with shoulder length red-gold hair and he wore a tight, stretchy gold tube dress that revealed his pierced nipples and bulged suggestively over his crotch. He had high heels of gold leather and painted toenails. Daisy was middle aged and wearing a harness that looked like it had a few years on it. Joseph was a dark black man wearing white leather chaps. His cock and balls had been fitted into a small white leather bag and it looked uncomfortable. He sifted constantly I figured it felt uncomfortable too.

"You’re with Darius?" Honey challenged, his big brown eyes narrowed in sudden dislike. "Who are you? I’ve never seen you before."

I shrugged. "Nobody much, I guess. I — haven’t been to a party like this before."

"Knock it off, Honey." Mark chided and leaned near to me. "Honey’s been drooling after Darius for, what, a year now?"

Joseph snorted. "You’re kidding yourself. You’re not his type."

"Yeah." Daisy smiled. "He likes ‘em — sweet."

Honey frowned and picked at the carpet. "I can play sweet. So, hey, were you a virgin or something before the big D got his hands on you?"

I flushed. "No."

Daisy smiled lazily and cut off whatever Honey was going to say next. "So, Mark, what’d you get Kitty for his birthday?"

"Couple of things." Mark smiled, slyly. "David got the big thing, of course. I got him some — kitty ears."


"You know, the kind on a hairband." Mark snickered. "I got him some fluffy spotted kitty ears. I bet you Roger makes him wear them too."

I’d seen Kitty and I laughed with everyone else. Despite his play name, Kitty was a big, strapping sub with a bodybuilder’s deep pecs and wide, powerful back. He was the kind of guy I’d always assumed would be on the other end of the leash but I’d watched him most of the evening lying at Roger’s feet, cheek pressed contentedly to the man’s polished boots. Roger, in turn, was a fairly nondescript man who looked like a banker, however, he’d looked me over briefly when we’d been introduced and those pale, cold eyes had been thoroughly scary.

"We got him a milk bowl." Daisy said. "With ‘Kitty’ on it."

"Jeeze." Mark shook his head with a somewhat uncomfortable chuckle.

"M’master’s idea, of course." Daisy smiled wickedly. "I’d never think up anything like that."

"Never." Joseph agreed solemnly.

"Warren got him a paddle." Honey broke in, shrugging. "Nothing special."

"What did you and Darius get him?" Mark turned to me.

"I don’t know." I admitted. "I didn’t know about this gig until a few days ago and I didn’t know it was a birthday party. The package was small."

"Could be anything."

"Cat treats? There’s those little dried fish thingys -"

"God, I hope not. Yech."

"Yeah, well we’ve all eaten worse things." Joseph said and everyone chuckled. I forced a laugh and decided I was glad I didn’t know what they were talking about.

"Butt plugs?"

"Nah — Darius wouldn’t be so crude."


"Velvet cat suit? It would go with your ears there, Mark."

"Package was too small." I said, stretching my legs out and beginning to relax. This wasn’t too bad, better than most normal parties I’d been to.

We ran through a list of toys, games, clothes and no one could agree on what Darius might have brought. It was kind of fun and I got to see what the other subs though of Darius. They though quite a bit about him, with a kind of wry breathlessness and much queer panting. Only Honey was serious about his sharp teasing and, hell, there was an asshole at every party and he must be it. No one else minded him and I tried not to.

"So, okay are you his pretty boy, little girl? His slave, pet, baby?" Honey said. "How about it. Got a pet name or — has he even bothered?"

I stared at the carpet flushing unhappily. I didn’t dare answer. He’d never given me a pet name like Kitty or Daisy. I didn’t know what his games were, we always played mine. He’d been very careful with me, only doing what I wanted, never pushing my boundaries, never letting me see anything under that perfect, masterly, control. He’d been too careful.

"Hey!" Mark broke in. "Lighten up, Honey, or I’ll rat on you to your Master."

Honey snorted. "Willie boy ‘s eating out of my hand — and other things."

"Who wants to help me with the cakes?" Mark said brightly and everyone groaned but volunteered.

Like a troop of fetish housewives, we shooed a stray Master out of the kitchen and Mark marshaled us for the cake presentation. Honey was, I admitted grudgingly, quite a sight in that skin tight tube dress. The clinging fabric followed every curve and every — ahem — crack of his body. I wondered if Darius had ever looked at him — or ever touched him.

"Piec-de-reistance." Mark crowed, easing two huge boxes out of his bottomless refrigerator. "Take a peek — but no licking!"

"Oh, my god." I breathed, stunned as Mark flipped open the first box.

A huge pink frosted cake shaped like an enormous dick and balls was carefully arranged on a silver platter. White meringue kisses decorated the tip and spilled onto the plate like semen. The balls had been sprinkled with chocolate shots to resemble pubic hair and every throbbing detail had been piped in rosy frosting.

"That is so disgusting." Daisy breathed.

"Yeah, great isn’t it? Cream filling, cherry frosting, vanilla cake. I mean, how often do we get vanilla anymore?" Mark said. "We found this little place — god the cake tastes great too and they were willing to make anything we wanted. They’re just starting up."

"I bet when they get famous, they’ll drop you like a hot potato." Honey quipped.

"Y’know, maybe you should be called bitchy instead." Mark snapped.

"Claws in kittens." Daisy said. "What’s in the other one?"

"Well — you can’t have any self respecting Dom eating dick in public can you?" Mark murmured to general snickers and flipped open the other box to reveal a glossy square of dark chocolate cake. The top had been decorate with silver kisses as studs and a handle of braided licorice completed the impression of a leather paddle.

"What happens if I like chocolate better?" I wondered.

"You’ll eat that dick and be happy, bitch!" Joseph snapped with a startling growl in his voice. I jumped then joined in the laughter at his imitation of an angry master. Darius had never used that tone of voice on me.

"Okay, into the dining room. There’s ice cream in the freezer, Daisy. Get the champagne, would you Honey?" Mark loaded us down and we followed Honey’s swaying ass out into the other rooms where the Doms had herded the rest of the subs. Animal and cat printed wrapping paper was prominent, followed by plain black. There was an enormous pile of presents and whoever had brought the bondage horse hadn’t figured out how to wrap it. We presented the cake, sang Happy Birthday and everyone was suitably impressed, except Kitty who began to laugh hysterically. I looked for Darius but didn’t see him and slipped from the room.

I saw Vinni first, he was hard to miss, then I noticed the ivory gleam of Darius’ short hair where the two of them stood on the deck. Vinni towered over Darius, but it was clear who was in control. I hesitated at the open sliding door, shivering in the chilly night air.

"- and how long is this going to go on?" Vinni was saying, his voice a low, irritated rumble. "This — this playing about? You have better things to be doing."

Darius’ mouth was hard and angry and I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to interrupt. "Do you think you might drop this topic, Vinni?"

"My Lord —"

Darius shook his head sharply. "No one’s lord and you know it well. Just a rich man amusing himself is all I am now."

"Amusement." Vinni growled. "That ridiculous boy is a waste of your time, Darius. Worthless, coarse — not fit to be chopping wood —"

"That’s enough." Darius said sharply. "And lower your voice. When I want advice on my sex life, I’ll ask!"

"This isn’t about your sex life! Are you content here, throwing your life away, powerless, exiled! What of your people, your home?"

"My life is my own to throw away and my people — " Darius stopped and his head dropped wearily. "my people belong to someone else now."

"Never!" Vinni growled. "Come home! Come home and take back what is yours."

"With what shall I hold it? My charm? I have nothing. My power — my power is crawling on its belly eating mice!"

"Take up another horii, my lord. There are overseers who would be honored to offer you their best. Young, sweet — untouched." Vinni’s voice became wheedling, like a man trying to bribe a child with candy.

"Vinni —" Darius shook his head and I saw his shoulders slump. "You don’t understand. Choosing a horii, even a Slave, isn’t like buying groceries. I spent half my life on — Nauri and still he failed me."

"He should have been flayed." Vinni snarled and Darius’ head snapped up, teeth bared.

"Don’t you lay a hand on him, Vinni." Darius snarled and the giant’s head lowered obediently though he still looked furious. "That was my failure, not his. I — spoiled him - and when he needed the courage I could have taught him, he had only weakness."

"And this toy here is strong?"

Darius shook his head and moved towards the door. "James is not my Slave, Vinni. He is a pleasant distraction. That is all."

I drew back before they saw me. My hands were shaking and I retreated to the noisy party. A distraction.

Vinni and Darius came in. Mark shoved a couple of paper plates at me, chocolate paddle for Darius and a pink square of dick for me. I juggled two glasses of champagne and headed back to Darius.

"Uhm. Sir." I said, offering the chocolate and a plastic glass of champagne. I glanced at empty handed Vinni and, with unwilling courtesy, offered him my champagne glass then hurried to fetch another piece of cake and ice cream. When I cam back, Honey was twined around Darius knees like a great golden cat. Darius seemed to be ignoring him but his eyes were pale blue and shining with amusement. Honey glanced smugly up at me through his lashes and —with a sudden surge of jealous uncertainty — I went over, stumbled on some invisible lint on the carpet and dropped my vanilla cake on his back.

"Goddam bitch! You did that on purpose." Honey yelled in an penetrating baritone and leapt up, shaking bits of cake over everyone. Darius skipped out of range and he was laughing — in fact, most everyone was laughing. Honey glared at me, a bit of pink frosting smeared across his cheek; he might have done more than glare but an older man hurried up and patted Honey’s wrist comfortingly. He had to be ‘Willie boy’. Honey snarled then dropped his head but I saw the contempt in his eyes as his dom tried to draw him away to get cleaned up. Darius leaned over to the dom and whispered something and I watched the dom smile slowly and nod. Honey looked surprised as Willie pushed him back to his hands and knees.

"James!" Darius demanded and I sidled past Honey and went over. He cupped my face in his hands and I stared into his amused eyes. I twitched nervously, amused or not I didn’t think Darius was going to let me get away with this. I couldn’t believe I’d been so stupid but — but — I liked the humor I was seeing in Darius’ eyes now. And I couldn’t say I wasn’t sorry that Honey had pink frosting and cream filling all over his back. That tight gold dress was probably ruined.

"Sorry." I said.

"I doubt that." He said. "But you will be. Did you do that on purpose?"

I tried to wiggle free of his hands but he wouldn’t let me look away. I wanted to lie — I knew I shouldn’t. I didn’t want to talk about it in public like this. "Darius —"

"Answer me." He said, voice barely above a whisper but sharply commanding.

"Yes." I whispered, my face burned against his fingers. The room had fallen quiet to watch and listen. I hadn’t planned on being the entertainment.

"Were you jealous, little one?" He murmured and his thumb rubbed my mouth. "Hmmm?"

"Dunno." I said, toeing the carpet like sulky child.

"You were very bad." Darius went on and his voice had gotten smooth and rich like cream and my pulse leapt under his fingers. It was his ‘I’m going to fuck you ‘till you scream’ voice. "Very bad to poor Honey here — and embarrassed his dom, yes?"

"I didn’t mean that." I managed, my voice squeaked nervously and I glanced over at Willie. He was at Honey, who was ignoring him, with a look of startling longing. It was kind of embarrassing and I turned my attention back to Darius who didn’t look tender at all.

"Help Honey clean up —"

Honey’s head snapped up with anger and sudden realization and my stomach plunged. Darius pushed me to my knees, holding me against my reflexive attempt to stand back up.

"Clean him up." Darius commanded and gave me a little push.


"- with your mouth, James. Let’s not waste this fine desert."

"No -!" Honey whispered and I watched him wiggle as if he might crawl away but a look from Darius froze him in his tracks. I watched his brown eyes darken with lust and wondered if I looked at Darius like that too.

"No!" I glared at Honey because I didn’t dare look up at Darius. "Please —"

"Stupid asshole!" Honey hissed under his breath.

Darius pushed me over with his knee and gathered a handful of my hair in his hand. He pulled me over and I crawled rather than be dragged. There was more laughter and, god, everyone was here, even Kitty had stopped giggling and was watching in drunken amusement while David rubbed his hair. I couldn’t do this. Darius couldn't ask me to do this. But he was and— I looked around desperately —everyone expected me to obey him. The room was full of smiles.

He pulled me next to Honey and, with a final glare, Honey turned on his hands and knees and offered me his decorated back. Panting, I leaned over him. The smell of the frosting was sickeningly sweet and I hoped for a dizzy moment that I might have a heart attack and die. Maybe we’d have an earthquake, maybe the ground would open up an swallow me down. I gave one last pleading glance up at Darius but his expression was unrelenting.

Honey’s skintight dress dipped low in the back and all that skin was now covered with a mixture of vanilla cream, pink cherry frosting and broken bits of vanilla cake. I glared at the mess and wished I’d never met Darius. There was a chunk of cake clinging to the edge of Honey’s dress low on his back and I picked that up in my teeth, carefully avoiding any contact with his skin. I chewed slowly and swallowed, not daring to look up. I heard someone sigh. It hit me then, with a shudder, that I’d never been in a place like this — with people like this — anything could happen here. The thought was frightening and exiting both.

Another piece was sliding down his shoulder and I ate that and a chunk of crisp meringue next. There was a piece of cake on Honey’s neck and I nuzzled unhappily against him and lipped it up. This close, I could feel Honey trembling and watch the muscles of his back slide under his tawny skin — and the liberal coating of frosting. He was breathing carefully and it was bizarre to be this intimate with someone I disliked so thoroughly. Very quickly, I ran out of pieces that I could pick up without touching him. I stopped, beginning to shake.

"Finish the job, James." Darius was crouching next to me as comfortably as if no one else existed. "You’re doing fine."

"I — I can’t." I whispered and felt, horrified, tears gathering in my throat.

"You can." Darius slid his hand around the back of my neck and guided me to Honey’s bare shoulder. "Lick."

I did. Honey was smooth and warm and, as I lapped up sticky, sweet frosting my cock told me that this wasn’t so bad after all. I squeezed my eyes closed and tried to shut out the rest of the world, to ignore watching audience and Darius warm prescience only inches away. I licked my way down Honey’s back — vanilla and cherry and sugary sweet. I heard him whimper and curse under his breath, at least I wasn’t the only one suffering. God, I wanted to die.

Pulse pounding in my temples and my cock, angry at myself and Honey, I thrust my tongue under the edge of the golden dress, sucking up vanilla cream, while Honey groaned and twisted his hips as if he too were struggling with frustrated desire. I moved up, trailing my mouth along his skin, and bit his neck. Honey whimpered and squirmed, his skin was hot, sexy, and I bit him again. Then I felt a warning tug in my hair as Darius lifted my face from Honey’s shoulder.

"Gently, gently, James." He warned me. I stared blankly at him, panting.

The rest of the room swam back into focus and, yes, everyone was watching. I didn’t dare move — I was that close to coming in my pants. Honey was breathing hard, head hanging low and his back was glossy clean and wet from my mouth. The sight if him, the memory of him under my mouth made me press my thighs together in a hopeless attempt to control my crazy desire. My stomach churned and I wondered for a moment if I was going to be sick.

Darius helped me to my feet and I looked down to see my leather pants were stretched taunt over my aching cock. I was harder than I’d ever been in my life. There was abrupt applause and odd little yelps from the subs and I stumbled back, face paling and staring wildly out at the crowded room. Willie was kneeling beside Honey and Darius had his hand locked over my wrist.

"Let me go!" I said, pulling at him. I wanted to run and run and never stop. My panic must have been obvious.

"No you don’t." Darius said and put a steel hard arm around my waist, dragging me close. I buried my face in his neck, it was the only place to hide, struggling to control myself and burning with shame. I pushed myself closer to him, I wanted to crawl into his body and disappear. Darius cupped a hand on the back of my head and murmured softy. His voice was ridiculously reassuring — especially since he’d been the one to put me through the whole humiliating scene. I began to relax though my cock refused to lie down and behave. I was trembling strangely too, half terrified, half exited.

When I looked up I was grateful to see that Kitty was opening his presents and had drawn off the crowd. Only Vinni remained nearby, arms crossed over his gigantic chest and watching Darius interestedly while Darius ignored him. Honey and his dom, thank god, was nowhere to be seen. Darius guided me over to the crowd by the fireplace despite my whispered, nearly hysteric, protests.

"Hush, hush, James. No one is going to trouble themselves about you." He said cheerfully. "You gave them a nice little show, that’s all."

"Light entertainment."

Darius chuckled evilly. "Vanilla entertainment."

I groaned.

Kitty had made his way through several packages; I could see a large, pink rhinestone collar, a ceramic dish with ‘Kitty’ painted on it. I looked over at Daisy who met my eyes with a small grin, his eyes dropped briefly to my still thick cock and he winked. I squirmed. Clothes, a leash, cat toys, and even a few things that weren’t S/M toys — CD’s and a paper lamp shaped like a star.

Darius’ present was opened and turned out to be a — hairbrush. An antique silver backed hairbrush and curious glances turned his way. He smiled.

Kitty finished opening his gifts and Roger picked through them, selecting a few — Darius’ hairbrush and Mark’s kitty headband were some of them.

"Happy Birthday, my Kitty." Roger said and leaned down an kissed him thoroughly, slipping the headband over his head and fluffing his sub's bronze hair. Kitty leaned, quite unashamedly, into Roger’s mouth. "How old are you?"

"Thirty- two." Kitty answered. "Master."

"Hmm. Thirty two." Roger repeated and thoughtfully hefted the silver hairbrush. Kitty began to pant. Roger sat on a straight backed wooden chair and patted his knees and his sub crept over, the very picture of breathless obedience. I saw him glance around at the room and watched a blush spread from his face down across his bare chest like a banner. I felt my own face darken in sympathy, recalling my own recent humiliation. Kitty lay himself, like a sacrifice, face down on Roger’s lap. The dom stroked his back gently and murmured something under his breath, after a hesitation, Kitty nodded.

The room had gone quiet and I looked around to see shining eyes and solemn fascinated faces. Most of the subs and doms had paired up, even Willie and Honey had returned. Honey was on his knees, staring in open mouthed anticipation. Willie was watching Roger as if trying to memorize an unfamiliar language. David, with Mark leaning on his shoulder, gave a quick, hard tug at his leather suit above the crotch in an attempt to ease his swelling cock. Mark reached down and stroked him. When I looked at Darius, his face was pleasantly disinterested, there was no way to tell what he was thinking. I didn’t dare touch him like Mark was but I pressed myself closer and rested my head on his shoulder. Darius’ arm tightened around me briefly.

"Do you need to go?" He asked.

"No." I said, huskily. He nodded without looking at me.

Roger began to stroke Kitty’s upturned butt with the soft bristles of the brush. Kitty squirmed and Roger steadied him turning the brush around to lightly pat him with the back. Then he smacked Kitty’s ass sharply.

"One." Roger said. Kitty moaned and I think a few others echoed him. I flinched.

Two." And he slapped his other cheek. "Three."

The first strokes were obviously very light, almost teasing and Kitty’s thighs relaxed and lay quietly on Roger’s lap. However, the slapping noise got louder — sharper — and Kitty’s buttocks began to blush pink. Roger kept counting aloud and slowly increasing the pace and power of his strokes.

He lay three rapid, intense strokes on the same spot and Kitty whimpered as a sudden bright patch bloomed on his left cheek. Roger pressed a hand to the small of Kitty’s back to steady him and hit him there again. Kitty bucked.

Roger moved to a different area, returning to a steady rhythm and Kitty’s ass was soon a rich, deep rose and he was making little sounds as the sliver brush slapped down over and over on his bare skin. The muscles of Kitty’s ass were flinching and twitching uncontrollably but he wasn’t struggling. Roger was spanking him hard now, his arm rising and falling like a terrible machine. My breath hitched at every blow and the sounds — Kitty was suddenly crying softly and Roger smiled, sweat gleaming on his forehead.

"Thirty, thirty-one, thirty- two!" Roger finished in a flurry of rapid blows as Kitty’s wailed, sobbing like a child and lying limp over his dom’s lap.

When it was done, Roger gathered Kitty up on his lap and kissed him gently. Kitty flung his arms around Roger’s shoulders and rubbed himself against Roger’s body. His ass was bright red and I cringed just looking at it. Roger squeezed that tormented flesh and Kitty moaned, pushing back against his hands. I couldn’t stand it and buried my face in the crook of Darius’ neck, shutting my eyes.

"Easy - James. Easy, now. It’s all over." Darius turned me away from the crowd, half supporting me as I stumbled. "Here, come here."

"I — I’m sorry." I realized I was crying suddenly, silent tears streaking my face. "I — I don’t - I c-can’t — "

"Shh. Shh. You’re fine." Darius said, wiping my face with his thumbs. His eye were quite dark, velvety gray and I knew he was exited. Watching Kitty’s punishment had aroused him. Maybe my tears had aroused him, I didn’t know. Darius had never spanked me and my breath caught in a sudden embarrassing sob.

"Okay. Shh — it’s okay."

"It’s stupid! I — I c-can’t help it. I’m sorry -!"

"No." Darius hugged me, pressing my face to his chest and I clung to him, reassured by that secure grip. "No, you’ve been through a lot tonight. There’s no shame in it. Cry if you need to, baby."

Now that I was in tears, he’d call me his baby. He must think I'm such a loser. Nothing but a distraction. I began to shake, unable to stop crying, and Darius guided me out of the crowded room and into a quiet corner while I struggled to pull myself together. Eventually the quiet calmed me and I leaned against Darius and yawned.

Darius rubbed my hair. "Let’s get you home. You need to rest."

"Uhm." I sniffed. "You can stay — if you want. I mean these are your friends…."

"And you are my boy, tonight, James." Darius said.

"And I’m acting like a moron." I snapped. "I know that. I can go home on my own. I’m a big boy."

Darius gripped my chin brusingly hard and met my eyes. In the dimness, his pupils were huge and the thin band of iris was a bright ice blue. With his pale hair and those icy eyes he looked like some predatory bird. "I’ll decide what kind of boy you are tonight. Wait here."

Darius made our good-bye's while I waited in the hallway, unable to face all those people. God knew what they thought and I rubbed my arms and swallowed against the sick sweet taste in my mouth. I desperately wanted to brush my teeth.

"Hey, James." Mark stuck his head around the corner and then came over. I stared at the floor. "You Okay?"

I shrugged. "Fine."

"Yeah, sure." Mark waited a few moments then, "Hey, look — you know we all get a little freaked sometimes. Don’t worry about it. Let Darius take you home and treat you nice, hey?"

"Like he wants to." I said sullenly. "I’m not exactly his type, I think."

"James." Darius turned the corner and handed me my jacket — leather like my pants and belonging to him.

"Sir." Mark said.

"Boy." Darius said coolly and Mark retreated, ducking his head.

Darius packed me into his expensive car and we pulled out onto the highway. He turned on his jazz station, keeping the volume low and I leaned my head against the window and watched the reflectors on the road speed by. In the quiet, my embarrassment died, along with my lust and now I was just exhausted. The last few hours replayed themselves like a hallucination on my mind — the taste of vanilla and Honey’s angry eyes. Roger’s face, pleased, as Kitty began to cry and Kitty’s frantic gratitude as Roger kissed him. Mostly I remembered the heat between the two of them. God, I wanted that heat. The feel of Mark’s dick in my hand and the terrible, seductive sound of a silver hairbrush hitting naked, helpless flesh.

I came half — awake some time later, the car had stopped and I felt Darius’ hands on my face, stroking me.

"James." He whispered softly and I turned to him, blinking sleepily.


"Come on. You’ll stay here tonight. I’ll take you home tomorrow."

I yawned, Darius climbed out of the car and came around and opened my door. I was too tired — and too depressed — to protest as he guided me into his apartment, tugged my jacket off and put me to bed in his guest room. I was falling asleep before I could wonder why I had been banished from his bed.

I woke, hours later, from dreams that had left me erect and whimpering. I pushed back the sheets, feeling overheated, and made my way to the bathroom. There was a light down the hall, in Darius’ living room and I padded down the way, curious. Darius was still awake.

He hadn’t changed his clothes and was sitting in his high-backed leather chair with a drink dangling from one hand. He was brooding, those changeable eyes heavy lidded with exhaustion and fixed on the paintings of his ex-boyfriend. He caught sight of me and he straightened up, drawing himself together. "What is it, James?"

"I — why did you get the hairbrush?" I asked.

‘Because I knew that Kitty and Roger would like it."

"Do you like it?"


"Why haven’t you done it with me?"

"Because you haven’t asked."

"Kitty didn’t ask."

‘Roger knows Kitty wants it. I don’t know that about you. Do you want me to spank you?"

"I — I" I stumbled to a stop. Did I want to be spanked like that, to be made to cry in front of a roomful of strangers? Or even in private — in these shadows with that unreadable darkness in Darius’ eyes? "I want you to look at me the way Roger looks at Kitty."

Darius took a thoughtful sip of his drink. "I was looking at you like that — when you were licking Honey’s back clean of the cake you threw on him."

"You — your always so controlled with me. I never know what you want. I want — I want to please you. I want to make you feel like Roger felt — spanking Kitty ‘till he cried."

Darius looked up finally and his eyes were black in the darkness and his face was a pale, unreadable mask. "Think carefully, James. My passions — are not satisfied with a quick spank and a lick. I’ll take you much deeper than that. And I’ll make you like it."

"I already like it." I breathed.

"You were very exited." Darius said with a small smile. "Are you exited now?"

"Sort of." I admitted. I was partially erect.

"Come here."

I went over, my dick hardening as I walked. Darius watched me with frightening attention and I was reminded again of a predatory bird with his hooked nose and angular face. He took my dick in his hand and gave it a small squeeze.

"I expect you to be hard for me most of the time." He said, still holding me and I pulsed in his hand. "I’ll train you to it."

His matter of fact tone and the idea of being trained sent my cock into a little spasm of excitement and Darius smiled again. He rubbed the drop of pre-cum oozing from the end of my dick between his fingers.

"Lie down." He patted his knees.

Heart hammering I lay across his legs, face down as Kitty had done. The room was huge from my upside down position, the floor went on forever. Darius shifted slightly to support me better and I shuddered as I felt him stroke my back. His hands seemed hot to me. His jackboot was inches from my face and so highly polished that I could see the pale blot of my own face reflected in the leather. Darius ran his hands along my back, down my thighs and I wiggled when a hand dipped between my legs to touch my balls.

"Spread your legs, James, and don’t close them." Darius said, when I opened my legs he fondled my exposed balls until I groaned and arched up for more. "Good."


"I’m not in the mood to be gentle, James. You understand that? This is going to be hard to take. Not the same as what we saw earlier tonight, that was to please Kitty. This is to please me. Later I'll show you how good it can be."

I nodded, to dry mouthed to answer. He stroked my ass slowly, beginning to knead and pull at my flesh. It was strange but not painful, actually, it felt kind of good — like a peculiar massage. But then he hit me and I jumped with a gasp.

Darius smacked me again, hard, and I flinched then gritted my teeth, determined to endure this. A long, long pause —

"Lovely — " Darius breathed and, beneath my stomach I felt his cock flex.

"What?" I asked. My ass stung, not to badly — not yet.

"The color you take." Darius said and hit me again.

Darius began to spank me hard, not working me up to it like Roger had with Kitty and I clutched at his leather clad ankle, trying to hold still. The slapping sounds were horribly loud, and his hand weighted a ton. The prickles stinging got hotter and hotter and Darius was spanking me so hard - I groaned and twisted on his lap — and he leaned on my back to hold me down. He was so hard.

"Oh, god — oh, god." I whimpered. My legs were shaking and Darius was spanking faster now, I couldn’t catch my breath. I couldn’t think — my ass burned. It hurt and he wasn’t stopping and it hurt more and more and he wasn’t stopping. My dick went soft, twitching, pinned against Darius legs.

"Darius — please — please, no more!" I finally cried, wiggling on his lap. My head was pounding in time to the rise and fall of his hand and my ass felt like I’d sat on a fire. "God, please!"

Darius hissed through his teeth and the blows crashed down on me like burning rain and the pain was bright, white heat. I began to whimper and the muscles of my ass ached and danced under his punishment. Then I was crying, crying as hopelessly as Kitty had, sprawled on Darius lap and no longer fighting him. I sobbed in time to his spanking, feeling the rhythm through my body, my bones, my blood and my pounding heart.

Darius stopped abruptly and pushed me off his lap. I sobbed and knelt shuddering on the floor. Darius wrenched his fly open with a guttural groan and his cock, bright red and twitching, leapt from confinement. I dragged those expensive pants lower, hearing fabric tear and not caring. He grabbed my head in his hands and thrust his cock into my mouth.

Choking and with tears still streaking my face, I sucked on Darius’ dick as best I could. He was fucking my mouth, completely in control, forcing me to take it deep and hard. His balls smacked my chin repeatedly as he deepthroated me. I sobbed for air, tasting slick, salty precum and feeling the ache in my jaws as he used me roughly. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe — I could only take it and take it and take it.

I was clawing at his ass, pulling him deeper and still flinching in pain and frantic to please him. Darius’ hands clamped hard on my head, pulling me back and forth, his hips churning and I could feel his dick pulsing fast and hot against my tongue. There was this low, rising groan — it was Darius and I knew he was going to come and then I was gulping down his semen and hearing his wild yell.

Darius let me go and I collapsed onto the floor, gasping for breath. He knelt and gathered me up, holding me close and kissing my wet face. He was breathing hard, his hands moving over me possessively and his kisses bruised my sore lips. I clung helplessly to him, shaking, welcoming the heavy taste of salt in my mouth.

TBC (082303)