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The Golden Door


I sipped my coffee and winced. It was terrible but that wasn’t why I was here. I searched the sparse crowd again, tapping my fingers on the heavy Starbucks mug nervously, but didn’t see the man I was waiting for. Maybe he wouldn’t show — the big clock above the cappachino machine was running up to 7pm and there wasn’t anyone wearing black jeans, leather coat, with pale hair. I took another bitter sip and wondered if I was relived or disappointed at being stood up.

I'd been the one to set up the meeting, I'd chosen the local Starbucks as neutral ground and it had been my advertisement in the alternative newspaper that had interested Darius in the first place. The only thing I knew about the man I was supposed to meet was the crisp sound of his voice and that Darius had been interested enough in my add to leave a message.

GWM. Under 30, slim build, green/brown, inexperienced sub, seeks skilled Master looking for a slave to take under their wing. Eager to learn, needs discipline and training. Punish me if I’m bad, reward me if I’m good. Under the right hands, I can be very, very good. Usual nons. No smoke.

A lot of people had left messages in the call box and I'd had to weed out more than a dozen just by the sound of their voice, or the crude — sometimes disgusting — messages they’d left. Then I'd talked to the rest. Darius had been the most interesting and I'd been intrigued by the sound of his voice though I couldn't figure out the mild accent. When I'd finally suggested they meet, Darius had told me what to wear. Being instructed on what color shirt to wear and forbidden underwear had been the kind of thing that had made me put out the add in the first place.

In the two days of anticipation, I'd become less exited and more nervous. Now, I ran my hands over my damp hair — it was raining out — and watched the last few moments until seven pass. At seven, precisely at seven, a tall man who had to be Darius pushed open the glass doors and walk into the Starbucks. My mouth went dry and I wanted suddenly, to run out the door, into the rain and forget this had ever happened.

Darius went over to the counter and ordered coffee, smiling pleasantly at the barrista. He was wearing a brown leather jacket, spotted with rain, black jeans and work boots, just as he’d said, and I tugged uneasily at my own red T-shirt which Darius had told me to wear. I was uncomfortably aware of the rub of denim against my naked skin, as I'd been told, I wasn’t wearing underwear. How Darius expected to check that, I didn't want to know. Coffee in hand, Daruis turned to look over the shop. I met his eyes — they were a dark grayish blue, much like the cloudy sky outside — and he smiled at me. I found myself smiling back, immensely relieved as the other man made his way over to the corner table I'd chosen. Darius didn’t look like a monster.

Darius was taller than average and moved with startling athletic grace but didn’t have the chunky look a gym junkie. His hair was a pale ash blonde, thick and cut so short it stood up in a velvety brush, his eyes seemed very dark against his rather pale skin. My attention wandered irresistibly over long legs, wide shoulders, a long handsome face and down to the man’s hands, they were the kind of competent hands that made me wonder what they would feel like on my skin. He was wearing a black sweater under his jacket and looked to be anywhere from 30 to 45.

"You must be James, then. I’m Darius." The man said, taking a seat and a sip of his coffee. He grimaced.

"It’s pretty terrible." I said. "The coffee here, I mean."

Daruis shrugged. "I don’t like Starbucks and anyway I didn’t come for the coffee."

"Yeah. Yeah."

Darius hid a smile behind his cup. "I bite — but not in public. So — tell me what you want."

I felt myself flush, suddenly unable to meet those confident eyes. I couldn’t find my voice for a few moments and slurped at the crummy coffee, burning my mouth. "I — I want, well more, more intensity. Um. And I want to let go — you know — to not be responsible for everything for a while. I need that."

Darius was frowning and I stumbled to a halt, feeling myself color.

"Being a sub is demanding." Daruis said quietly. "Yes, I can take some of the burdens from you but I’ll give you other ones. It just depends on what kinds of responsibility you want to handle."

"Well — I’m not experienced at all. I’m not sure what’s possible, I guess." I said.

"A great many things are possible — more than are dreamt of in your heaven or hell —" Darius smiled.

I laughed, startled at the corrupted quote, Darius met my eyes with a depreciating shrug.

"What do you want?" I blurted before I lost my courage. A lot of the others who had left messages had been very clear - too clear — about what they wanted. "You must want something too, or you wouldn’t have come."

"Well." Darius paused. "I could tell you what I want in bed. How I want to have sex. What kind of cuffs or clamps, or whips or paddles I like —"

"That’s not what I told you when you asked me what I wanted." I challenged. "I want to know what you want out of all that. What it does for you. The details — I’m not so interested in. I don’t have a fetish for one thing or another."

"That you know of, James." Darius paused his gaze travelling around the coffee shop at the people hunched over lattes and double carmel mocha swirls. The rain was coming down in a heavy sheet, cars and unhappy pedestrians splashed through the gathering puddles. The street drains were already overflowing. "I want to have someone to — to control, to obey me. I like to control people and I like to make people do what I want and enjoy it."

Darius gave a brief, depreciating grin. "I want someone who’s inexperienced because I want to — hm — train them my way. I want them to learn how to please me. I don’t want to be some generic Dom where all that we do is count the number of strokes and play meaningless games."

He smiled cheerfully at me, voice matter of fact. "I also like to inflict some pain, some suffering, to have someone squirming under my hands. I like to inflict pleasure too. It’s beautiful when you can take someone out of their own mind and lock them in their body."

I swallowed. "It sounds like we have things in compliment if not in common."

"Perhaps." Darius allowed. "Reality is usually not what we fantasize about, however. I’m not much in the mood for disappointment right now. You sound less experienced that I thought. What if you don’t like pain or aren’t interested in the level of control I wish for?"

I raised his chin. "So you don’t even want to try? You’re right, I don’t know much but I won’t disappoint you."

"Well, let’s see shall we? How about a test?" Darius said lightly.

"Depends on the test." I said warily.

Darius smiled briefly and rather bitterly. "Nothing to strenuous. Nothing a — beginner like you shouldn’t be able to handle."


"I want you to go into the bathroom here and leave the door unlocked. Then I want to pull down you pants, spread your legs, lean against the wall and wait for me."

I swallowed. Darius was watching me, his face showing nothing but idle amusement but his eyes held me fast. They were dark and doubtful, as if Darius hoped I would pass this test of his but really didn’t believe it. I lifted the coffee mug to my mouth but the burned smell revolted me and I put it back down, my stomach was churning. I didn’t know this man. I'd never set eyes on Darius before today. What the hell was I thinking?

"What if someone else comes in?" I whispered, gaze darting around to the other customers in the shop. "They’d see me —"

"They’d see you waiting — spread open and waiting." Darius interrupted and his voice had gone dreamy and smooth like honey. His light accent rolled through his vowels, giving his words and exotic warmth that stirred my imagination. "Maybe they’d wonder if you were waiting for them. Maybe they wouldn’t care. Maybe they’d just take what was offered."

Yes. They’d see me with his pants around my knees, naked and waiting to be fucked. I didn’t believe Daruis’ little fantasy, if someone else came in, I'd probably be arrested. My heart thumped suddenly faster and my cock pressed against my jeans in sudden eagerness. "You have to wear a condom."

Darius nodded and patted his jacket pocket. "Always got one. Never know eh?"

"I’ll do it then."

"Give me your watch first."

I turned over the watch without question, got up and requested the key from the barrista before I lost my shaky nerve. I didn’t dare look back to see what Darius was doing. I could feel those cool eyes on me and remembered those long hands and how I had wanted to feel them on my body. It looked like I was going to get his wish in a way I'd never imagined.

The bathroom was clean, cold and painted mustard yellow. The usual Starbucks propaganda pictures hung on the wall; happy Ethiopians balancing baskets of raw coffee beans on their heads. I tossed the key into the sink and met my startled reflection. I ran a hand through my hair, the rain had tightened the red-brown curls and my green eyes looked a little shocked. There was nothing special about my face and I suspected that Darius was more interested in my willingness than my looks. I grinned at myself, then swallowed nervously.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go through with it."

There was only one place to lean where I wouldn’t get smacked by the door and the first thing that Darius — and it would be Darius, not some horrified businesswoman I decided — would see was my naked ass waiting for him. I unzipped and pushed my jeans down, shivering as the cold air hit my skin. I leaned over, with the toilet at my feet, and put my hands on the yellow wall. I stared at the little shelf with it’s dusty dried flowers and waited. And waited.

My heart was thumping hard in my chest like I'd been running a race and it felt like hours had passed. Darius had taken my watch. I squeezed my eyes shut as my throat tightened with the growing fear that Darius had abandoned me like this. How long should I wait here before giving up and accepting that, for whatever reason, Darius hadn’t found me acceptable? Should I have said no, challenged the man more?

"Hell of lot of work for a watch." I muttered.

Shivering in cold and humiliation, I heard the door rattle and flinched uncontrollably. No one shrieked and I saw Darius’ lean face reflected in the mirror as he shut the door and locked it. I let my head hang down and sighed. Anxiety and anticipation curled in my belly my cock stirred in the beginning of an erection.

"No underwear, I see." Daruis remarked, standing behind him. He sounded pleased and I shivered again.

"No." I said softly.

Darius ran his hand over the small of my back and I flinched. The other man’s hands were very warm and gentle. He curled his fingers over my hipbones and pulled my hips back a little farther. I shifted obediently, slightly reassured by the calm, competent touch. My cock felt heavy, like a weight hanging down between my legs.

Darius let go of me and I heard the crinkle of a condom wrapper with a surge of nervous excitement. The other man put a wrapped condom and a couple of disposable tubes of lube on the edge of the sink beside them. He tore open a tube and I shut my eyes as a slick finger run down the crack of my ass. Darius kneaded my cheeks with one hand as he probed for my anus with a slippery finger. I groaned softly when I felt the first light pressure against my opening. The pressure increased and Daruis murmured something under his breath as he pressed his finger inside.

I resisted the urge to pull away, disconcerted by the uncomfortable penetration. It didn’t hurt but I wasn’t relaxed enough for it yet. Darius twisted inside my and my hips twitched uncontrollably as my cock softened. I'd always felt a an impulse to struggle in that first moment, no matter how much I liked it later.

‘You’re tight. Relax." Darius said. He began to push his finger in and out, twisting to try to loosen me up.

"I can’t help it." I muttered. "This isn’t exactly candlelight and romance."

"Regardless, I want you to open for me." Darius rubbed his hands over my back in soothing circles. "I’m going to fuck you, tight or not. I’m not a small man. It will be easier if you open up a little."

I arched my back under the other man’s caress, hissing through my teeth as I felt a second finger push its way inside. Then I felt a sharp pang when those two fingers scissors inside me. "Ah — ow!"

"I know — I know." Darius continued to work me open even as he murmured soft reassurances.

I tried to make myself to relax but it was impossible. I was sweating now and panting, arms were trembling and I gritted my teeth and stared grimly at the floor. I didn’t ask Darius to stop. After a few moments of work, Darius withdrew his fingers and I heard him unzip then soft, fleshy sounds as Darius began to pump his own cock. I glanced at the mirror, seeing how the other man’s face was tipped down, and the rhythmic flex of his arm. I couldn’t see his cock — how big it was or how wide. I tipped my head down but all I could see was Darius brown boots.

"Do you — do you want help with that?" I asked. I'd never been fucked by a cock I'd never seen before.

"No." Darius’ voice had deepened and I responded with a unconscious flex of my hips. Darius’ sighed deeply, his breath hissing through his teeth and tore open the condom.

Darius gripped my hips, as he had at the beginning, and I felt that again that unexpected reassurance. Then I felt the other man’s cock push between my cheeks, it was a familiar sensation but in these surroundings it felt very strange. The slippery pressure against my anus was gentle at first but as Darius continued to press into me, it began to ache. The other man’s cock seemed huge. Darius pushed steadily deeper and his hands tightened to hold me in place. I groaned softly, hips arching up in a plea for relief but Darius didn’t hesitate. I was full to bursting and gasping for breath, rough denim rubbed my thighs and pubic hair tickled my ass. Darius gave last little thrust and I yelped.

Darius chuckled softly, his cock twitched inside me and I squirmed. "Shhh. I don’t want to share you with the Starbucks’ barrista, James."

"I — I don’t think I can do this." I gasped, I was shaking and not sure I could stay on my feet much longer. "I want to. I — I’m sorry. Please —"

"You are doing it." He said, his hands sliding along my ribs in long, soothing strokes. "You’re doing very well. I’m not going to stop."

"Please!" I choked.

"Easy now, you can take this." Darius wrapped one hand around the back of my neck and the other on my hip to keep me from struggling and began to move. He rocked back and forth, very gently, as I whimpered under him. The awful ache swelled like the crest of a tidal wave and then, like a wave, the worst passed. Beneath the ache, I could feel a growing heat and the heavy cock began to move more smoothly as I relaxed slightly. Darius made an approving noise and began to thrust with steady insistence.

"Oh, god. Oh, god." I panted, staring blindly at the tiled floor. Even at the worst moment the touch of Darius’ hands on my skin, the feeling of being held and controlled, had short circuited my impulse to resist. Long fingers were tangled in my hair and I was going to have bruises on my hips tomorrow. The realization that the other man wasn’t going to stop, even that Darius wasn’t concerned with my pleasure — he’d never touched his cock — felt strangely right. There wasn’t anything I could do about what was happening. All I could do was take the light slap of Darius’ hips against my ass, the surging sensation of being filled and thrust into and fucked. I couldn’t even lift my head, with the other man’s hand heavy on the back of my neck.

Darius was breathing heavily, but steadily and his control never faltered. Then he stiffened and ground his hips hard against my ass. With a quiet gasp and a shudder, Darius came, his hands tightened briefly and then he relaxed with a drawn out sigh.

"Very nice." Darius said as he rolled off the condom and dropped it into the toilet.

I fumbled for his pants and tried to pull myself together. My hands were trembling. I couldn’t met Darius’ eyes and now that it was all over, I was stupidly embarrassed. My anus felt tender and sore and I knew that hot little twinge would remain with me for a day or so. Warm hands cupped me face and Darius gently forced me to look up. The other man’s face was still quite calm but flushed and those gray eyes had gone smoky in the aftermath of desire. Darius’ gaze dropped slightly, he was looking at my mouth and I wondered for a moment if the other man would kiss me. I licked my mouth and Darius smiled a little, brushing a thumb over my lips.

"So, did I pass?" I made myself ask. I didn’t have any doubts.

"Oh, yes. I would say you passed wonderfully well." Darius murmured. He ran his hands down my chest and rubbed between my legs. A jolt of pleasure shot through me and I gasped, color flooding my cheeks as I felt my cock flex under Darius’ fingers. He chuckled and let me go with a little pat.

"Now." Darius pulled out an expensive leather wallet and my watch. He gave me the watch and a card. "I want you to think about this. If you wish to continue, give me a call on Friday. If you don’t call on Friday — I’ll assume you’re not interested after all."

"Why this call?" I glanced at the card. It had a local phone number on it, Darius’ first name and nothing else. "I’ve already said yes."

Darius looked over at the mirror with a frown, brushing his hands over his short hair and tugging on the collar of his jacket. "Because you might change your mind once you’ve had a chance to think. It’s your decision and I want that clear. Give me a call, James."

"I won’t change my mind." I said and glared irritably at the other man. Darius only had a few inches of height on me but he stared forbiddingly down at me and it made me feel like a sulky child.

"Well, you can tell me that on Friday." Darius said, unlocking the door and leaving.

Friday was only two days away.

TBC (072703)