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After the Celebration


Warren dropped his keys, uncaring, as he tugged Logan around to where he could get at him. More hard kisses - the possessive dive and tease of Logan's tongue drawing a fierce response from Warren. They swayed where they stood, almost wrestling with each other in their urgency.

"Ow -" Warren panted; flinching as Logan tugged at the tangle of straps binding his wings under his coat. He'd gotten several buckles on Logan's sleek harness undone - with Logan groaning at the tugging on his sex. One of Logan's hands was wedged down the back of Warren's tight white pants while he tried to ease the long leather coat off his wings with the other.

Warren leaned back; struggling to catch his breath but Logan made another growling noise and pulled them back together. Warren forgot anything but the hard pressure against his own erection, the frustration of the leather binding them both and the feel of Logan's hand clenching on his buttocks. He arched; head tipped back to expose his throat to Logan's thrilling mouth, muscles flexing under Logan's hands. Warren bit back an undignified whimper at the sharp nip of Logan's teeth. Logan had pressed him up against the stripped brick wall of his bedroom and Warren winced again - Logan jerked back, looking at him in hazy concern, hands gentling instantly on his skin.

"It's - alright." Warren muttered uncomfortably, catching his breath and irritated all over again at the existence of his wings. They were always so inconvenient. "Have to get out of this - " he shrugged. "I'll be right back."

"Na - " Logan husked, brushing a hand across Warren's pants and drawing a shudder from him. "Lemme help - be quicker and I'm not letting you go."

Warren hesitated, unable to hide the mistrust, excitement cooling somewhat. He tried to avoid letting anyone see his wings bound down - especially his lovers. It wasn’t exactly an appealing sight. Logan smiled slightly though his eyes were serious, he gestured to the black harness hanging off his shoulders.

"Y'undo me and I'll undo you, Wings." Logan said softly, teasing the sensitive spot at the base of Warren's spine with a thumb. Breathless, Warren could do nothing but nod. Logan kissed him - so softly - hands sliding gently up his sides and pushing at the coat.

Warren stiffened, pulse jumping with nervousness that had nothing to do with his desires. He couldn't help the mistrust. He was comfortable with Scott - but they'd known each other for almost ten years. He'd known Logan for less than a week and all his well trained wariness was reminding him of all the risks - blackmail, exposure, disgust. It was ridiculous and Warren knew it - Logan had seen him already, had touched him - but, ridiculous or not, he couldn't quite stamp out the unease.

"Y'smell so damn good." Logan muttered against his cheek, seeming to sense his nerves. "I've been crazy for y'for days, Wings."

Warren pushed Logan back a little, too uneasy to be graceful. "You first."

Logan sighed, then shrugged and grinned. Warren kissed that smiling mouth, trailing his fingertips along the powerful arms, trying to distract them both. He wanted to see Logan naked - like he'd been wanting for days. Perhaps he'd be more comfortable about his own exposure if Logan were more exposed.

Warren unbuckled the collar and kissed the warm, damp skin beneath. He licked the salt and stubble, then bit gently on the galloping pulse. Logan groaned, head falling back as he wrapped his hands around Warren's lean hips for balance. Warren dropped the collar and went to work on the harness. Logan's breathing was deep and ragged as they both stared at Warren's hands moving across his body. Warren's fingers were shaking as he unbuttoned the leather pants.

With a shiver, forehead pressed to Logan's, Warren slid a hand inside the black leather pants. Logan whimpered when he eased his rigid sex free.

"God." Warren whispered, tongue curling unconsciously across his lower lip, feeling a sudden rush of raw hunger. Logan was beautiful, rising thick and strong out of a nest of dark hair. He was flushed dark and urgent, the crown of his sex dusky like a ripe plum and trailing threads of pre-cum. Warren could feel the lively throb against his fingers - all of Logan's urgency cradled in his hand.

"God - I want you." Warren said again, nipples hardening, sex flexing in the hot restraint of his leather pants. He wondered briefly if it was easy to clean leather - he could feel himself leaking along his leg. Logan only stuttered something, hands flexing hard on Warren's hips.

Warren explored the straps around the base or Logan's sex and wrapped around his testicles, then unbuckled them with careful fingers. Logan's sex gave a sudden jerk as he was freed and he hitched a raw little cry of pleasure and buried his face in Warren's hair, panting through gritted teeth. Warren held very still, not even daring to let him go as Logan fought back his climax. He pressed his cheek to Logan's sweating face, rubbing against him, murmuring in his ear. Logan shuddered then relaxed. Warren pushed the black pants down and bent to unbuckle both their boots.

He took Logan's pants off and the man was naked and Warren's hands roamed irresistibly over the revealed skin. He stroked along the powerful flex of Logan's inner thighs, savoring the texture of hair and hot skin. His fingers skimmed over the angle of his hipbones, then around to cradle the strong glutes in his long fingered hands. Logan drew him down, coaxing another open mouthed kiss from him.

"Mmm - my turn." Logan growled then, voice so low and rumbly that Warren could barely understand it. Warren shivered, staying still and feeling an odd combination of desire - sharpening into an ache of lust every time Logan touched him - and unease. Logan murmured under his breath as if he was soothing a skittish animal, stroking Warren, gentling him. He eased the long white coat off and Warren shuddered sharply, grateful to be out of the hot leather. Logan moved behind him and Warren's head jerked to the side but Logan only slid his arms around him - holding him loosely and kissing him slowly along the back of his neck. It reminded Warren of last night and he sighed, leaning back into Logan's arms.

Logan rubbed his face in Warren's hair, inhaling deeply, keeping Warren distracted as he worked on the straps on his wings. "These are tangled, Wings. I'm gonna cut 'em."

"Whatever - " Warren breathed shakily as Logan's fingertips slid up his spine. He just wanted them off - wanted to be free. The snick of Logan's blades made Warren stir then he groaned in relief as he felt the immobilizing pull on his wings suddenly ease. He was free, wings sweeping out and Logan was pressed against his back, grinding his hips against Warren's butt. That same blade cut the lacing of Warren's pants and Warren cried out, arching up instinctively as he felt cool air and warm hands on his sex. There was a warm mouth on his shoulders, licking him, sucking at him. Logan was sliding down his back, mouth leaving a wet trail, sharp teeth grazing along his spine. Warren just moaned, swaying. It was like Logan was trying to eat him alive.

A slow, drawing kiss the base of Warren's spine drew shuddering, soft cries from him as he arched shamelessly into the grip of Logan's hands kneading his flesh. The pants were peeled off and instantly forgotten. Logan's hands moved immediately to grip his sex, even as his mouth moved wetly over his buttocks. Stunned, Warren stared open mouthed at Logan's hands as they gave a slow, firm pull. Pre-cum trailed generously from the tip of his erection, Logan rubbed his fingers in it. Warren jerked, suddenly trying to squirm free, hands closing on Logan's wrists.

"S -s-top. Logan - " Warren gasped, shuddering, sex pulsing hard in Logan's hands when he felt the other man bite him at the rising crest of his butt. He was on the edge, Logan's every breath on his wet skin pushing him closer. "Don't w-want to come. Want - Logan - please -"

Finally, trembling, Warren sank down to straddle Logan's thighs, wings rustling as they slid over the polished wooden floor. He pressed onto Logan's lap, uncaring of his bruised thigh, rocking demandingly on Logan's lap. He could feel the thrust of Logan's shaft against him and Logan rocked forward suddenly, arms locking around Warren's waist. There was harsh growling in his ear, fingers closing hard and quick on Warren's nipples. He cried out, sprawling forward as Logan thrust against him. Hands braced on the floor, wings swept wide, Warren drew his knees under himself as he heard Logan fumbling in his nightstand.

"Ahh - c-condoms." Warren gasped, angling a wing down and glancing over his shoulder. Logan shot him a dark look, eyes molten gold.

"Don't need 'em." He rumbled, scooting across the floor back to him on his hands and knees like a great predator.

Warren drew suddenly and violently away - turning his face aside with a curse as Logan's words hit him like a bucket of ice water. "Dammit!"

"Na - Wings." Logan caught his wrist, holding on as Warren tried to break free. His voice was rough as if Logan was having a hard time finding words. "I don't need 'em - and you don't with me."

"Bullshit!" Warren snapped, panting - too hard to think and knowing he had to. Between the fear of paternity suits and the fear of AIDs, Warren had never had sex without a condom. Damn Logan for being a dick!

Suddenly Logan was there, hand gripping his chin gently as he panted into Warren's frustrated face. "You listen Wings. I ain't tryin' t'screw you over - not the way you think -" he said with a grin. "I got a healin' factor. Can't get sick and I ain't gonna give you nothing."

Warren shivered, deep blue eyes widening as he grasped what Logan was talking about. "Really?"

He flushed, hearing the hunger in his voice but - the thought of being that close - being that close. Logan leaned in and kissed him hard and Warren's mouth opened eagerly.

"Yeah - " Logan growled, angling down to kiss his way down Warren's throat. Warren arched helplessly into his hands and mouth. He was aching now, for Logan - so hard he hurt - so hungry he felt drunk. "I'm gonna make you fly, Wings."

"Now - " Warren dragged his fingernails lightly up Logan's back, making him shudder and groan. He hardly knew what he was saying, didn't think Logan even understood. "God - please - Logan, now."

Logan's hands were everywhere, pulling on his cock, tweaking his nipples - driving Warren right to the edge. The heavy salt taste of Logan's skin was in Warren's mouth, he licked his thick fingers and bit Logan's wrist gently. Then a powerful arm wrapped around his waist with a possessive rumble, lifting him easily. Warren arched, head back, hips lifted - wings spread - instinctively opening himself. Moaned, voice rising as he felt the strong stroke of lubricated fingers preparing him. The pressure felt good - anticipation licked like fire up his spine, making him leak onto the polished oak floor beneath them.

Logan was growling again, making Warren squirm shamelessly on his knees. He needed - he needed - so badly. Logan pulled him back strongly, powerful thighs sliding between his, pressing Warren farther open. Warren settled back with a sweeping flutter of his wings, feeling the touch of Logan's sex against him. There'd be nothing between them - nothing. Just hot flesh - opening him with a strong, irritable thrust. Warren wailed, head thrown back, at the sliding, ecstatic ache. His wings jerked as he shuddered, sharp pleasure twisting his face like pain. Logan was so big. The broad ache settled deep as Logan's powerful arms pulled Warren down onto his lap. So thick.

Warren bit his lip, he couldn't hold still, especially as Logan's still slick hand wrapped around his straining erection. He moved, surrendering to Logan's rhythm, riding the shaft impaling him and moaning his pleasure as he felt Logan rise to meet him. Warren wrapped his hands around Logan's forearms, wings fluttering for balance, skin slick with sweat and flushed with the swift rising ecstasy. Warren was so close - rising fast - Logan was wordless, mouth rough and demanding on his shoulders and clearly as close to the edge as he was. Warren's eyelids fluttered then widened, blind - Logan thrust up, burying himself deep inside the hard clench of Warren's body with a shout. Shuddering hard, Warren jerked in Logan's arms, a brief cry was wrenched from him as his wings swept up and down. Pleasure exploded through Warren, wild, free - he was falling fast into it - heat spilled from him in a hard jolt as he came across Logan's fingers clamped around his sex.

Panting, dazed, Warren sagged on Logan's lap, wings relaxing to sprawl over the floor. Logan was hot against is back, catching his breath in harsh gasps against Warren's neck. He stirred but Warren held him for a moment longer, eyes closed, feeling - for the first time in his life - the messy slippery presence of someone inside him. Not just someone. Logan. Warren shuddered, blinking, a little startled at how much difference it made that it was Logan here now. Giving him something he'd never thought to have. He twisted, sighing as Logan's softening sex slid from him and wrinkling his nose at the sticky trail down his thighs. Warren rested his head against Logan's linking his arms around his shoulders. Logan didn't look ready to talk, Warren didn't fee the need to.


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