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NOTE: This story is Movie-verse AU

Any Morning After


Warren came out of the bathroom and paused smiling. Logan was sprawled across the rumpled covers of Warren's bed, arms outflung, face turned to the morning sun streaming through the skylights. The blue and gray patchwork quilt had been pushed to the floor sometime last night, they'd been sheltered under his wings and warmed by their mutual enthusiasm.

Well, I think you suit my bed nicely." Warren came over and settled cross-legged next to Logan who only grumbled sleepily in response. Warren ran a hand idly down Logan's hairy chest and belly, stroking him like the old lazy wolf he was. Logan was warm under his hand and his black hair was dense enough to be more like a fur coat, the feel of it was pleasantly textural under Warren's palm. Dark hair slipped under his fingers as Warren moved his hand in lazy arcs, down to the thick pubic hair and back up to the fur hiding Logan's sensitive nipples. He let his fingertips explore the thick warm hair under his arms and scratched lightly along Logan's stubbly jawline with his thumbnail, getting a soft groan in response. Still sleepy himself and pleasantly aware of the after effects of the previous night, he basked in the sun, spreading his wings to let the sun warm his feathers.

"Someone came by'n put food outside." Logan mumbled after a few moments of petting. "They're gone now, back downstairs."

"That was probably Kaylee." Warren climbed over Logan, who ran a hand through his feathers in passing, and went over to fetch the tray left outside the door.

Tucking his wings back and mostly out of sight, Warren peeked outside then grabbed the tray. He didn't care if Kaylee saw him naked, but she didn't know he had wings and he planned to keep it that way. The tray had folding supports and Warren resettled on the bed and set it next to him. A small insulated pot held enough cappachino for a small cup for each and assortment of small dishes. Warren had left instructions on what he wanted for breakfast and he glanced over the tray in satisfaction.

"I ain't smelling much meat there." Logan cracked a lid and peered up at him. Warren watched him inhale then sigh as Warren set a cup on his chest. Logan's big hand easily swallowed the small, brightly colored cup and he propped himself on an elbow to take a swallow.

"This is just a - " Warren grinned. "Pre-breakfast snack."

They sipped their cappachino in comfortable quiet. Warren took the cup back when Logan was done with it.

"Lie back down." He said.

Logan yawned and complied.

"Close your eyes."

That wasn't the first time Warren had given him those instructions. Logan smirked and did what he was told.

Warren picked up the first bite from the tray, cantaloupe wrapped in proscutto - salt and sweet - meat and fruit. "Here."

He popped it carefully into Logan's waiting mouth, fingertips lingering on lips and watching as Logan's brows furrowed then rose in interest. Warren gave him another bite and took a piece himself.

"That ain't too bad." Logan said, somewhat grudgingly. The Wolverine was famous for disdaining fruit and vegetables of any kind. Warren, on the other hand, couldn't eat the quantity of meant Logan put away without getting sick. But Warren wanted to show Logan that the occasional fruit wasn't necessarily a bad thing. And there were more ways to prepare food than could be found even in the Senora's ample kitchen.

"Try this." Warren murmured. He picked up a strawberry and swirled it in the creme franchisee. The unsweetened relative of sour cream was packed full of animal fat - just a whole different type than Logan was used to. It also cut the sweetness of the strawberry without cutting the flavor. Logan seemed to like that too - he caught Warren's fingers in his teeth, sweeping his tongue over the trapped tips to lick off the last white cream.

Warren tried the dates split and stuffed with sharp cheddar. It was one of his favorites and he wasn't too sorry that Logan preferred to go back to the melon and proscutto. He ate a date, savoring the heavy sugar sweetness then the sharp bite of the cheddar.

Last, Warren struggled with the mango. The fruit was slippery, soft and pale orange. He sprinkled hot pepper and a bit of salt on a small bit and managed to get it to Logan's mouth before he dropped it. Logan's face crumpled.

"Sorry." Warren murmured.

"Nah -" Logan said after a thoughtful pause, chewing slowly. "It tastes good - just kind mushy in the mouth. I like em - firm."

Warren smirked. "Yes. I gathered that. Do you want more?"

Logan nodded. "Yeah."

Warren picked up another piece but it slithered out of his hand to plop down on Logan's chest, leaving a trail of pepper and mango juice as it headed downhill. Logan jumped then laughed and Warren swooped down, catching the escaped fruit in is teeth. He licked his way back up Logan's chest, eyes closed following the hot pepper and fruit trail with his mouth. Warren licked his way up to Logan's mouth and kissed him tasting coffee and sugar and salt. Logan reached up and stroked the back of his neck.

"You taste good." Logan muttered when they broke apart and Warren moved to rest his head on Logan's wide chest. He could hear the heavy thump of his heart beating and Warren rubbed his cheek against Logan, enjoying the soft rasp of hair against his skin. "Y'smell good too."

"Mmm." Warren murmured. "I'm sure I do. I smell like you, right now."

"Yeah - " Logan chuckled softly and Warren smiled at the way the sound echoed in his ear. "That's good too."

Warren slung an arm around Logan's waist, stretching his wings out and shut his eyes. They had to get up soon. They both had lives to lead but it was nice to have a chance to enjoy a morning after.