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NOTE: This story is Movie-verse AU



Boredom made Logan stir crazy. It was dead winter and the mansion sat under a heavy skin of ice - one of the worst storms of the century. The wind was throwing icy snow at the window, it sounded like flung gravel, all over the house the radiators were singing and rattling, trying to keep the place warm. He was sitting in the rec room, flipping channels when the lights flickered.

"Aw, fuck." He sighed as they did it again then the house was abruptly plunged into darkness. Logan simply sat, listening to the scream of the storm, until a dim flickering light caught his attention.

It was Warren, in the hallway with an emergency candle in his hand. The soft, small light picked out the blue of his eyes, startlingly intense and turned the pure white of his wings to antique ivory. Logan swallowed and shifted, the golden light made Warren look impossibly perfect, like a fallen god. Then Warren's solemn expression shifted and he smiled - wry and slightly anticipatory.

"The generators will keep the sub-basement going until the power returns." Warren glanced behind himself. "But I don't feel like holing up down there like a mole. The radiators will keep the smaller rooms warm for some time. I'm going up to my room."

Warren turned away and the light was cut off by his wings, huge even when furled. Logan sat for a moment more, thinking about the invitation Warren had offered. Nothing he'd said, of course. The even tempered billionaire rarely said an intimate word. But the scent was hard to hide and Warren, once he'd learned of Logan's ability, had too much pride to try. Mixed with the scent of hot wax and fire had been the insistent smell of Warren's desire.

It hadn't been the first time Logan had smelled it but this was the first time it was unmistakably for him. Logan pulled himself to his feet with a grin, tossing the remote on the couch and followed the swaying shadows upstairs.

Warren's door was ajar and in the deep dark of the hallway the light spilling from the crack seemed brilliant. Logan eased inside Warren's room and shut the door gently behind himself. Here Warren's slightly strange scent was strong and Logan felt hot, pulse picking up eagerly. He' d been wanting to get his hands on the oh-so-cool angel since the first time he'd caught his scent.

Warren watched him solemnly, sitting cross-legged on his bed, already naked, wings spread like snow across the sheets. Logan stripped, piling his clothes near the door. Not that he thought Warren was going to kick him out afterwards like a two-dollar fuck but he wasn't inclined to leave a mess either. Warren's clothes were nowhere to be seen, for all Logan knew, they'd been kicked under the bed.

The little candle was in a cup on the dresser and the fragile flame swayed and flickered as Logan climbed onto the bed to lay down next to the waiting angel. He rolled onto his side, facing Warren.

"Why now?" He asked. Wondering what had brought Warren to him - and how he could make it happen again.

Warren tipped his head to one side, blonde hair sliding across his forehead. "I like the way the weather sounds."

Logan grunted.

"Lie on your back." Warren said and with a faint frown, Logan complied. The other man turned away for a moment, coming back with a small bottle.

"What?" Logan asked warily.

"Oil." Warren said calmly. "I - I want to touch you. I'll give you a massage."

Logan's desire sharpened at the hesitation in Warren's voice, the slight uncertainty in changeable blue eyes. He shifted, spreading out on the bed as Warren knelt beside him and poured a stream of warm, almond scented oil down his chest. His breath caught, then again when Warren spread his hands over his chest. He could feel his heart pound against Warren's palms and he arched, cock swelling.

Warren shifted to kneel astride him, settling over Logan's hips with a fluttering rustle of his wings. Logan groaned, he couldn't help it, at the feel of Warren's slight weight, the warm curve of his ass, the intimate press of his balls against Logan's cock. His cock jerked, poking insistently at Warren and the other man's mouth curved in a pleased smile.

Those elegant hands stroked down his chest, then up again, spreading the oil. Warren began to knead, massaging Logan's deep pectorals with firm satisfying strokes. Logan sighed, almost a groan, shifting under Warren and watching the other man as he rubbed his shoulders and arms and chest.

Warren's intense eyes were half closed and his expression soft with simple gratification. Logan could also feel the steadily, slow pulse of his cock lying half hard against his lower belly. Warren was clearly turned on and Logan relaxed into the touch, spreading his arms out and enjoying the attention. Warren's hands were skilled and strong and it felt good to have someone touch him like this - take care of him.

Oil trickled down his side and slid along his belly, making Warren's perch both less secure and much, much more interesting. Logan shifted, rocking slightly. His cock, hard now, slid under Warren, oil making everything slick. Warren, not quite suppressing his grin, wiggled, slick thighs tightening, hands sliding on Logan's chest. His wings shifted, feathers brushed Logan's shins and he gasped at the tickle.

Logan ran both hands down his own chest, picking up oil, then running them up Warren's muscular thighs. The other man arched above him, head lifting to bare his long throat and Logan grunted and reached to squeeze his ass. His slick fingers slid over soft curves and lean muscles. Logan jerked him forward, feeling Warren's hot shaft slide over his belly. His cock was nudging the soft sack of Warren's balls; it was so good there, nestled in that soft place, listening to the way Warren's breath shuddered. Logan's eyes closed and he panted, entire body focused on just feeling.

Logan tried to tip Warren over, so he could get at him, the other man resisted and - suddenly - they were wrestling, tumbling across the bed and wiggling like greased pigs. Oily and slick, Warren was laughing breathlessly until Logan caught a nipple briefly between his teeth, they struggled playfully for the upper hand. Logan growled and muttered curses under his breath, he couldn't get a grip on Warren. The other man's long body was slippery and sleek, hard muscles would shift under his hands then Warren was wiggling free, to try to push Logan down, his hands also sliding over Logan's back, griping his ass then slipping free, dragging pleasurably down his thighs. Their cocks slid over oiled skin, hard and throbbing. Logan groaned harshly, smelling the pre-cum they were both leaking all over each other. His hips surged, thrusting against Warren's shin, marking him with his own scent. Warren chuckled, then Logan grabbed his cock - laughing a bit himself at the other man's gasp. His hand slid down, dipping back to try to find his way to Warren's ass but the bastard writhed free again.

"Dammit -"

Logan worried about Warren's wings but they shifted nimbly to keep out the way. The drafts they created made the candle light flicker and cast monstrous shadows on the walls and ceilings and Warren didn't seem bothered as he rolled over them or Logan occasionally grabbed them.

"Got you -" Logan finally panted, Warren was pinned under him, blue eyes burning with hunger and cheerful resistance.

"Think again." Warren murmured and Logan was shoved powerfully and unexpectedly by one of Warren's enormous wings. He was thrown off balance and Warren twisted, legs tangling with his, to regain the upper hand. Breathing hard, they paused.

Warren had his face pressed to Logan's neck and Logan had a hand wrapped around his waist. He slid an exploring hand up Warren's heaving back, feeling the flex of powerful - alien - muscles. Logan hadn't realized just how strong those wings were, not until Warren had hit him with one. The blow, obviously tightly controlled, had immediately thrown him off balance and it was clear that Warren could have clouted him across the room if he'd chosen. He gripped the huge joint, covered in downy feathers, that was the base of Warren's wing. Warren groaned deeply and his cock flexed against Logan's belly.

"Like that do ya?" Logan muttered. He ran fingers up the big bone of his upper wing, feathers whispered through his hand. Warren shifted, twisting on top of him and Logan's explorations were halted by the slide of Warren's cock over his. He teetered a moment on the edge of coming, breathing hard and clutching at Warren as he fought for his shredded self control. "Jesus -"

Warren propped himself over Logan, grinning and rocked his hips. Logan could only groan again and thrust up, body tingling. His hand tightened then slid along down Warren's back to the flexing ass pressed against his cock. Logan kneaded coaxingly and slid two fingers along the warm crack. Hands cupping Warren's ass, he searched for the small muscular anus. Warren moaned softly, spreading his knees, shifting forward until he was grinding slowly right on Logan's cock. He was gripping Logan's biceps hard, hanging on as he moved - tormenting Logan with anticipation.

Logan stared up at Warren's transformed face. His eyes were closed, golden lashes lying on high cheekbones gleaming with oil. He had his lower lip caught in his teeth and Logan growled at the bob of Warren's adam's apple as he swallowed hard. He hadn't even kissed Warren yet. His fingers found the tight hole and he rubbed. Warren whimpered above him, face tensing in pleasure, mouth falling open as he began to pant. Logan heaved, throwing Warren off.

"Ah -!" Warren flailed, buffeting Logan with his wings and sprawling awkwardly across the bed. Logan rolled on top of him, grabbing one wrist before Warren could leverage himself free. He straddled Warren's hips, cock pushing against his writhing ass. They both groaned.

"Got ya!" Logan shouted triumphantly, wrapping his arms around Warren. He captured one wing, pressing it close to Warren's body. The other beat twice against the bed, then Warren relaxed and stopped struggling. Logan grumbled approvingly and rubbed his face against Warren's shoulder. "Ya say uncle?"

"What -?" Warren gasped, voice muffled against the sheets. Logan grinned and rolled his hips, rubbing his cock against the hot crease of Warren's ass. Warren arched back, legs trying instinctively to spread under Logan's tight grip.

"Uncle - 'cause I won." Logan breathed, arms trembling as he struggled to hold on and pay attention to something besides the sweet rise of Warren's ass under him. He thrust again, couldn't help himself and licked Warren's sweating neck. When Warren whimpered, he bit him gently, getting a cry of pleasure and a buck out of the angel trapped in his arms. "S'beautiful - and y'mine and y'gotta say Uncle to get what y'want."

Warren grunted under him and struggled. Logan rode the slippery angel under his hands, blissfully rubbing against hot, slick skin, biting at Warren's shoulders and neck. He twisted, wedging an knee between Warren's thighs, smiling at the other man spread his legs with a choked whimper of desire. But Logan stopped there, with his cock gliding along the warm crease without penetrating.

"Say it."

"N-no." Warren muttered.

"Stubborn bastard." Logan panted, hips jerking as he fought the impulse to sink inside Warren's heat. He clutched at Warren as the other man heaved under him, struggling to throw him off. He carefully bit at the joint of Warren's wing, growling in satisfaction as Warren moaned and relaxed under him. The feel of feathers in his mouth was - interesting. Logan licked them. Cool and strange and that musky scent was stronger here, pressed so wonderfully close.

"Yess -" Warren hissed, shifting under him, arching his back. The curve of his ass against Logan's hips - against his desperate cock - was almost more then he could stand. Logan felt the hot trickle of his own pre-cum, making Warren even more slippery, more inviting.

Growling, Logan shifted, he lifted his hips slightly, wedging is cock between Warren's cheeks. Warren went very still under him, breathing hard, muscles in his back and ass rippling with desire. With a fierce grin that was more a grimace, Logan pressed the head of his cock against Warren's tight, hot opening. Then he froze, shaking with strain.

"Say it -!" He gasped.

"Damn you -!" Warren writhed, voice raw with desperation.

"Me?" Logan rumbled, dragging his tongue across the back of Warren's neck. "Y'just gotta say 'Uncle', Wings. C'mon - I'm losing my damn mind here -."

Warren moaned and wiggled under him, twitching against Logan's cock. He struggled to push himself onto Logan's cock while Logan fought his own desperate need to bury himself into the hot, straining body under him.

"Please - please - " Warren begged under his breath.

"Say it -" Logan grated, blood pounding deafeningly in his ears at the sweet sound of Warren's hunger.

"Oh - god, Uncle - Uncle - Uncle!" Warren finally shouted in frustrated desperation. "God, just fuck me!"

Logan was already thrusting in with a howl, burying himself in the pulsing grip of Warren's ass. Warren surged back with a wild cry, and Logan was suddenly buried balls deep inside his angel, furnace heat wrapped around his cock, strong muscles rippling around him, dragging ragged growls of ecstasy from him. He was already thrusting, fucking Warren hard, panting noisily. Warren ground back to meet his thrusts, thighs tense as he lifted himself to Logan, fighting to get closer, needing Logan deeper inside.

"God - god - god -!" Warren was panting, free hand clutching the sheets. The powerful muscles of his ass were flexing against Logan's belly, squeezing his cock until he was seeing nothing but stars and the red rush of his own pulse behind his eyelids. So good, Warren under him like this, moaning and writhing and hot and tight and squeezing him until Logan wanted to howl.

Hips driving like a piston, Logan pushed his hand under Warren's sweat slick body - everything smelled so good - to wrap it around the dripping head of his cock. Warren jerked then pushed himself through the lose grip of Logan's fingers, fucking his hand the way that Logan was fucking his ass. He surged back, meeting Logan's thrusts over and over and -

"Shit - " Logan groaned, burying his face in the softness of Warren's wings. "Gonna come - can't god - can't hold it - !"

Warren whimpered and rolled under him, incredibly open and eager. Logan shouted, muffling himself against Warren's shoulder, slamming into heat and slick pressure and shooting deep. Deep, god, so deep, so good. Jerking on top of Warren, body clenching convulsively, Logan felt the hot rush of cum over his hand and the wild clench and spasm of Warren around his cock. Breathless cries and vision surging red and black, Logan collapsed onto Warren's back.

Gasping noisily for breath, Logan sagged wearily down. He could feel mad pounding of Warren's heart and his heavy, ragged breathing. With shaking hands, he smoothed the rumpled feathers of Warren's wings, vision still blurry. He was still inside Warren, soft cock pulsing gently in the comfortable heat. He didn't want to move, wanted to stay buried inside his angel like this forever. Warren was limp under him, relaxed, pliant - sweet as honey - his own miracle.

He ran his fingertips idly along Warren's sweat slick flank, groaning as the other man shuddered against him.

"Next time don't fight me so damn hard." Logan said hoarsely.

Warren chuckled softly, making Logan flinch at the flutter on his sensitive cock. "Why not? We both won, after all. Next time - you'll be the one saying 'Uncle."

Logan snorted softly, smiling against Warren's back. Next time. Oh, yes, there would be a next time.

"That's what y'think, bub."