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Give andTake


Logan tugged Warren through the door to the bathroom, but stopped short when he saw the room. Almost larger than his bedroom back at the mansion, the room was amazing — all stone and glass. The whole wall looked like it was a giant shower. His eyes glazed over.

So far Logan really liked Warren’s house. He hadn’t expected to, Warren seemed like the Scandinavian chrome and glass kind of guy, so when he walked into the hose before the mission, he’d be pleasantly surprised. Wood floors, stone, heavy handmade Craftsman furniture, lot of windows, open to the air and sky. Even the art was nice, birds, trees, and nature scenes. It was surprisingly… comfortable, much like Warren himself. The bathroom was neat and spare, everything man sized, and though it was a little fancy, it wasn’t delicate, just…nice.

Moving over to the edge of the big Jacuzzi and looking speculatively, Logan considered the tub for two. It reminded him of the ones he’d had in Japan, and he smiled at the memory. There had been little in the way of luxury there, not back then. With a little sigh and a little stroke of his finger along the smooth, cool stone rim, the Canadian dismissed the idea and leaned back against the edge to draw Wings up against him. Someone needed to start the fancy shower, but he really didn’t want to let go just yet.

Logan gaze lingered up a sculpted torso from the gold glimmer of a navel ring, to the dusky nipples, to the faint, sexy stubble appearing on his chin. Warren was looking back with a lazy smile. He could tell Warren was getting tired from the faint crinkles at the corners of his eyes, but Logan was determined to have Warren again. He’d had a taste, and now he wanted more.

Sliding his fingertips slowly over tanned hip to his perfect throat — hesitating slightly over the throbbing pulse point — Logan’s hand settle in, cradled that movie star jaw line. My God, he is beautiful. Wolverine whispered in his head as he stared into smiling eyes. He drew Warren down into another long, deep, soul wrenching, soft kiss. The taste of him — salt and fruit and feathers — made his belly quiver. Yes, he wanted Warren again, and soon.

"How d’ya work the shower?" Logan’s little flick of the wrist indicated the little glass-fronted room with all the knobs and dials. He shook his head with a faint, mischievous smile — they could have a lot of fun there, too.

Warren laughed softly, a masculine musical sound that Logan suddenly realized that was probably more rare than his own unaffected laugh. Warren leaned down and nipped his chin, and then moved the few feet to start the shower. He’s got an ass by friggin’ Michelangelo, he marveled, watching the smooth globes of muscle shift under wings as he moved away, paler shin gliding over striations. Wolverine groaned very softly as he remembered that exactly how Wings one-upped the famous Italian — Warren’s ass was very, very real. The water running, the winged man stepped under the spray with wings folded up and back, letting the water cascade down his rippled body for a few moments before turning slightly to catch him staring. Those brilliant blue eyes beckoned.

Logan’s cock lurched. I am so in trouble, he only half-heartedly grumbled in his head, Warren grinning as he caught the visceral reaction.

The water was hot and plentiful, but it was challenging in their current impatient state to keep the wings dry, and Warren’s soaps were strongly scented. Both tired and still happily horny, it was clear that sex in the shower could wait until later. After a few minutes of wrestling under the suds and spray, both of them were in a state little better than they had been downstairs.

"Bed," Wolverine rumbled finally, turning off the copious hot water. Warren’s hands hadn’t left him since he gotten wet, and Logan was ready to get back to some serious taste testing.

Still heavy lidded as he finally broke away from Logan to grab a couple of towels, Warren returned and made a friendly game of Dry the Wolverine and they were only half dry when the caresses and the teasing got to be too much and Logan finally grabbed Warren by the waist in one arm and hauled him - flailing and laughing - back to the bedroom and the amazing oversized Craftsman bed.

"Logan… put… me…" Warren ground out between gasps as Logan’s fingers dipped deep into the crevice of his ass with one hand and rubbed firmly between his wings with the other. The back of Logan’s legs made it to the edge of the bed and he simply allowed them to fall back, Warren’s weight dropping directly on top of him, grinding the heat of their engorged crotches together. Irritation gave way to a sudden rush of heat, as he finished, "…down."

Logan laughed playfully, one hand wrapping around a hip, the other tracing up to grip a strong, defined, not-quite-human pectoral. He squeezed the chest muscle as he caught Warren’s mouth again, and used his other hand to grind them together. Warren moaned into his mouth, making the dark man’s cock pulse painfully with need. Gasping for breath, they broke, but from the moonlit gleam in his eye, Logan knew Wings was far from done for the night. Drawing his knees onto the edge of the bed, Wings levered himself up onto all fours, wings rising and stretching above them with a powerful flick. Logan trailed his fingers through the feathers, still amazed at the texture. With a little gleam of his own, Wolverine asked softly in a voice low enough to rattle glass on the nightstand, "What’s you’re pleasure, boss?"

Logan watched Warren’s eyes close as he gasped, clearly still struggling to process the fact that they could really touch when they were together — no barriers, no limits. Feathers quivered above him, and he grinned as Warren’s brain stuttered instead of his. "I want to taste you," Wolverine explained softly.

Warren eyes went wide, and the rush of desire flowed over Logan and through him. The blond nodded, still wordless, and then moved further onto the bed, turning somewhat on his side to accommodate his wings. Logan shifted with him, one hand still gripping his hip. Starting with soft kisses and deft, roaming hands, Logan moved from sensual lips to his stubbled chin, then down the long line of the throat. Logan drew gasps as he trailed sharp teeth over hard muscle, and teased nipples erect with a soft tongue and hard nips. Lower and lower he lapped, tracing dips and ridges in bone and muscle. He tasted so good, fresh salt and herbs, and a hint of himself. Logan was leaking on the sheets at the thought. But as he crested Warren’s right hip, Logan stopped. He sniffed softly, nose almost against flesh.

The battle scratch: they’d aggravated it and Logan could smell the faint copper of blood.

"What?" Wings asked softly, suddenly aware of his pause.

"Nothin" the Canadian replied with a soft playful growl as he slid the fingers of his near hand into Warren’s cool grip. He could take care of it. With careful laps of a soft tongue, Wolverine began to trace the red line.

"Logan!" Warren jerked in his grip, moving as if to pull away. The blond man had obviously forgotten about the scrape, having removed the bandage for the party, and now he jerked in surprise at the intimate contact with his wound.

"Shhh shhh," Logan hushed him, not letting him move much using the grip on his hand. "Healing factor, ‘member?" Logan held him tight until the sudden jump in his heart rate slowed and he relaxed. "M’spit will keep the infection away," he explained softly, tenderly returning to the gentle cleaning of the wound.

Though Warren didn’t object any further, he also didn’t relax completely until Logan had moved away from the scrape and across his stomach, but Logan wasn’t going to take it the wrong way. Wings just didn’t understand how it was in his nature to care for his mate, to know his looks, his smell, his taste.

Logan was grinning again as Wings suddenly arced up off the bed, wings ruffling, as he dipped his tongue into the flavors of Warren’s navel. His tongue dancing around the ring there, the scent of Warren’s pleasure spiked, and Logan couldn’t resist in reaching down to give himself a luxurious, long tug. They moaned in unison as Logan discovered that the navel ring was real, and the caught it in his teeth and tugged until the blond was gasping.

Chuckling loudly, now knowing how it affected the man, Logan worked his way down the faint trail of blond hairs to the base of his cock, carefully avoiding the gorgeous golden shaft. After a moment’s hesitation — not letting Warren have a chance to think about it — he caught the engorged tip of Warren’s cock with his lips and swallowed the long, beautiful shaft whole. He growled happily, tasting him, as Warren shuddered, fighting not to come, as he buried his nose in the scents of the golden hair at the base. His eyes rolled back, and he swallowed slowly to drive his lover crazy. Logan was heaven and he wasn’t sure if he cared to breathe again. But together they were so close, he had to be careful. Slowly — so slowly -he backed off, allowing Warren to get used to the feeling, and then torturously and just using his mouth, he happily went to town, occasionally punctuating his movements with low growling vibration.

Long-fingered hands entwined in his hair, Warren guided him, showing him just how he liked it. Logan laughed out loud against his thigh as Warren’s wings fluttered ecstatically when he moved downward for a moment to draw both his testicles in his mouth, rolling them with his tongue.

"L-logan, s-stop," Wings groaned, pulling him up and off him and drawing him up for a strong, deep kiss. Gasping, Warren demanded, "L-lean back on your knees."

With a feral grin, he complied. Warren wanted to be the boss… he thought happily as he leaned back, drawing the ridges in his belly into high relief under the sweat-droplet bejeweled fuzz on his gut. Warren slid down a little, sliding one arm underneath him, brushing the sensitive hair on his thighs. White wings trailed along his back, one cupping his side as it quivered as little. "Wings", he murmured, allowing his fingers to run through the feathers, gentling him. Wolverine growled happily as cool fingers slid across his hot opening.

A little gasp drew his attention. Warren was studying him — blue eyes hot on his chest, his belly, and finally fixing on his aching, wet hardness. Blue eyes closed, and Logan wondered if he was memorizing the moment just like he was. Without sight, Warren leaned forward as if in slow motion, and slowly took his hardness into his warm, wet mouth. Logan threw his head back, biting back a howl.

Like in an erotic dream, Wings moved slowly at first, then quicker and deeper, adding a slick twisting hand after he was good and wet. Though not normally very vocal, Logan shared his appreciation in plentiful gasps and groans as Warren worked him to the edge with his throat and hand, and back down from the precipice as the blond lovingly mouthed his scrotum. Logan couldn’t take his eyes off his lover’s blissful expression, and made it all the more erotic.

Eyes wide, dark and filled with stars like the sky at dusk, Warren looked up at him. "I want you," he said somewhere between a plea and a command. Warren’s eyes were dark with lust, and his voice was so husky, it sent that amazing electric tingle down the Canadian’s spine. Though bottoming wasn’t usually his thing — in fact, it’d been a while — Logan wanted this more than he could say, and he whimpered softly at the matching need in his voice. If Warren was half as good as he was at everything else, it’d be a hell of a ride. Cool hands stroked back, rubbing the crest of his ass. His belly flexed, glutes tightening unconsciously, and the strong fingers drew a rumbling primal response. "Hell, yes."

Logan bent down to kiss him again, then again, lost in blue eyes that glimmered in the moonlight. With a nearly feral grin, he stretched out next to Warren across the bed on his belly, feet apart, hips tilted invitingly. On hand reached back, prying the heavy muscle apart slightly. "C’mon, Wings. I know y’want me." The Canadian grinned into the pillow at the sudden whimper the blunt offer drew from his lover.

Warren slid over him, both hot and cool, and from the first hard nip on his shoulders, he was ready. Working down his back with hard nips and bites that drew soft grunts of pleasure, Warren worked some lube into his entrance. By the time Wings reached his favorite spot with his mouth, three cool fingers were moving deep, and his hips were unconsciously flexing in response. He groaned at the wetness of the tongue at the base of his spine, and the steadily leaking heat stroking against his leg. Covered in a sheen of sweat, Wolverine wanted it all and he wanted it now. Through clenched teeth and struggling not to climax, he ground out, "Saddle up before I shoot."

Warren chuckled behind him, lifting off him with a flex and a little gust of cooling breeze. Logan had momentarily forgotten about the wings. Lean thighs spread his thick legs even wider, and Warren leaned over him, balancing on one arm as he positioned himself. He pressed once, twice, and on the third time he slid home amid twinned groans. Warren simply rested above him — in him — his cock pulsing deep as he struggled not to come. Whatever lube he used was slick and expensive, and there had been little discomfort despite the blonde's length. Whoever built Warren hadn’t shortchanged him in any department, and Logan couldn’t have been happier. Logan gasped and bucked as Warren’s mouth traced his traps before he sank his teeth deep.

This is so good, was the only coherent thought that passed through his head as he bucked his hips again, drawing a soft groan in his ear. "Ready when you are," he whispered, sliding his hips up to give Warren a better angle.

Warren’s reply didn’t register as the blood rushed in his ears, but the long strokes of his slowly pistoning hips was all the reply he needed. The tempo increased bit by bit, the long strokes interspersed with quick tight flexes of the hips. Before long, Logan was growling out soft encouragement as his body unconsciously responded with a vigorous whole body counterpoint.

Like two halves merging, they clashed with inhuman strength, Warren’s lightness counterbalanced by inhuman strength and stabilized by the stunningly erotic sound of flexing wings. With the smell of musk, powder, feathers, and smoke in his nose, Logan's hand snaked down between his legs. His brain subconsciously knew that they were close.

"Logan, no," Warren husked as he shuddered them to a stop, leaning a cool forehead against his back as he reached to still the stroking arm. Logan could feel his powerful chest heaving as he groaned, "I need to see you."

Logan chuckled deep as Warren hissed, then groaned as he reached back a little further with hand and to roll their scrotums together. "Yeah, all right." Fuck, it was more than all right; he wanted to see Warren's face when he came this time. With the ease of accomplished lovers, Logan flipped over and Warren was back in him in one smooth move.

"Much better," Warren murmured, leaning forward to steal a kiss before drawing back.

The first lazy rolls of his hips in the new position were punctuated by nips and tugs on his nipples - first one, then the other - and it drew primal sounds from his throat. The movement rubbed his sensitive cock between their bellies, and he bit his lip and arched off the bed to relieve the erotic pressure. Warren laughed, taking charge again. With a wicked, sexy smile, Wings drew Logan’s left shin up over his shoulder and shifted him slightly to one side so he could penetrate deeper. A tanned hand went out and came back to grasp his straining erection, cool and slick with lubricant. It was then, in earnest, Warren took the lead.

With the slick firm gripping stroke and a pounding cadence, Warren leaned forward, sweat dripping from his nose, blue eyes flashing in the dim light. Logan tucked his right arm behind his head exposing a dark arm pit and a massive bicep, and he rolled one nipple between his fingers as he watched Warren take him as he wished. Logan watched, a small part of him removed from the situation, watching his body flex and grip and turn to mesh with Warren’s every movement. Smoke and feathers filled his nose, and the scents of their coupling. It wouldn’t take long now, they were both too good; they both wanted so much. They spiraled upwards, soaring on angel’s wings.

At the crest, Logan reached forward to clamp down on one tiny perfect nipple on the heaving chest above him, and watching the reaction ripple through his abs and hearing the shout of ecstasy in his ears, Logan came hard. Clenching spasmodically, back arching, his orgasm drove Warren over the edge with him. Logan could hear their voices, incoherent, blending, but all he could see was blue.

"Mmmmmm," Wings rumbled in his ear, his weight light but solid on his chest. Logan just rumbled, contented just to lie there. It was then he realized that he’d be happy never to move again. He lazily ran the back of his heel up a long, tanned thigh, resting his heel up high and locking Warren inside him. Warren ran his hands across his chest, running his fingers through the damp fur and drawing a contented rumble. Warren sighed contentedly as Logan slowly rubbed the little patch between his wings.

"You know, I have to go," Warren said softly, fingernails lightly scratching the skin of Wolverine's confining leg. Logan opened one eye to peer at him, and he added by way of explanation, "Bathroom."

Logan groaned half-heartedly and laughed before letting his leg slide back down. He missed the connection the instant it was gone, but it wasn’t long before Warren was back with a warm washcloth. Suddenly sleepy, Logan didn’t complain at the gentle rubdown, and he smiled contentedly as Warren settled back on his chest. Heartbeats slowed and their bodies cooled, and a warm, soft wing was drawn over them. Logan wrapped his arms around his mate, and he followed Warren into a deep, dreamless sleep.


END (041103)