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Pale Light of Dawn


Warren felt Logan smile against his neck and press closer. Feathers rustling in the pre-dawn quiet, Warren shifted his wings out of the way, letting Logan settle in against his bare back. He shivered, sex jerking abruptly awake - bareback indeed. Logan had been the first person, man or woman, that he'd ever had sex without a condom. The memory of it - the way Logan had felt - made Warren sigh, pleasure heightened as Logan slid a big palm along his belly.

"I like the way y'smell." Logan muttered, turning his head to sniff at his feathers. Warren shuddered sharply as he felt the nuzzling along the small contour feathers at the base of his wings. His feathers were sensitive to pressure and touch - they made it possible to 'read' the wind. One of Logan's hands moved to stroke the long wing bones, as he still nosed at the feathers.

"This okay?" He asked, breath ruffling white feathers. Warren felt the hot flick of a tongue tip against the hidden skin beneath the down and feathers. He arched with a gasp, eyes wide, heart racing at the sensation. Logan's hand slid down to grip his rigid sex and he chuckled, face still pressed to his wing, exploring with lips, tongue and curious nips just how responsive Warren could be. "Guess so, eh Wings?"

Warren could only pant out an affirmative, wing spreading and drooping to allow Logan more access. The gentle tugging and stirring of his feathers was wonderfully erotic, similar to having his nipples played with but unlike his nipples- he had almost twenty feet of wing to touch.

Breathing deeply, Warren shifted a wing back, folding it around until he could brush Logan's body with the tips of the long flight feathers. He stroked him like that, feeling Logan's groan with pleasure, fluttering his wing over the other man's naked skin. In a moment or two, he slid his hands back, tracing the line of muscles in Logan's heavy thighs, scratching teasingly over pale skin and dark hair. It wasn't long before he was feeling a little wobbly and wanting to lie down, Warren turned around, drawing his wings from Logan regretfully. He bit back his slightly embarrassed smile, reaching out to brush a bit of down from Logan's beard.

"Lets go back to bed." He murmured. Logan leaned in to steal a quick kiss and tugged him towards the bed with a smile.

It was so easy with Logan. Warren rolled himself on top of the other man and moved, rubbing himself luxuriantly against all that heat and soft hair. Under him, Logan groaned, moving beneath him, shifting to press his erection against Warren's hip. The heat and smudge of wetness from the tip of Logan's sex made Warren grin. He dipped his head and kissed Logan, tongue plunging to meet the pull and nip of Logan's mouth. Wings flexing above them both, Warren rocked against Logan, shifting so their erections were pressed tight together, feeling the little pulse against his own flesh with a jolt of excitement. His mouth moved, searching in the soft brush of Logan's sideburns then slid along his racing pulse.

Warren liked the way Logan tasted, he decided sleepily. Licking his way down Logan's throat, Warren let his hands slide along the furred belly and stroke the very tender skin along the line of his hips. Logan gasped and arched sharply under him. Warren lifted his head with a grin, feeling the quiver under his hands.

"Ticklish, are you?" He murmured, blonde hair trailing over his forehead and shadowing his blue eyes - cobalt in the pale light of approaching dawn. Amusement crinkled the corners of his eyes and he stroked carefully along Logan's ribs.

"Don't y'even think of it Wings." Logan growled, grabbing his hands. Warren dipped his head and licked Logan's collar bone, nibbling until Logan slowly relaxed. He wasn't going to tickle him, not now anyway. Warren was sleepy - though not [i]too[/i] sleepy. Instead, he rubbed his cheek against Logan's broad chest. His eyes drifted closed for a moment and he settled on top of the other man, listening to his beating heart.

Logan's hands, searching along his shoulders and stroking his wings stirred him again. Warren turned his face and tongued the small nipple hidden in the dark hair. He liked nipples. He liked Logan's nipples - Warren very much liked Logan's nipples. He felt flesh pucker up under his lips and when he nipped gently, Logan arched hard under him with a cry. Humming faintly under his breath, Warren nibbled and licked his way along Logan's chest and neck.

He slid a hand between them, reaching to fondle Logan's erection, riding the roll of the other man under him like a ship on the rolling ocean. Wings flexing, Warren gave Logan several leisurely, firm pulls - suckling strongly on the warm, hairy skin under his mouth. Logan groaned in pleasure, hands roaming over Warren, fingers ruffling his hair and reaching down to pinch one of his nipples sharply.

Warren reared back at that, with a hiss of pleasure. He shifted, straddling Logan's hips and smiling down at him as he settled - rubbing himself along the hard shaft beneath him. Logan pushed up, hands settling on Warren's hips and moving him a bit to get the pressure just right.

They rocked for a bit, enjoying the growing heat between them.

"Ahh - were's the lube?" Logan finally grumbled, fumbling in the sheets. Stretching above him, Warren found the lube and squeezed some onto his hand. With a quick, mischievous grin, he ran his hand sloppily over them both, shuddering at the cold gel on his heated flesh. Under him, Logan muttered a curse, grinning back.

Smiling, heavy lidded, Warren wrapped his hand slowly around Logan's rigid erection. He pulled, hand making wet noises on tender flesh. Logan gasped, head arching back at the slick stroke. Looking down at Logan, Warren began to slowly jack Logan off, a sleepy half smile on his lips. After a few shuddering moments, Logan reached down, taking Warren's erection in one massive hand.

"Mmm - yeah." Warren breathed, silver-gold lashes fluttering. He began to rock into the slippery pull on his sex, breath quickening.

There was nothing but the wet pull, pace increasing slowly. Warren arched, wings spreading, as Logan's hand tightened and the other man added a tormenting, exquisite twist at the high point of his stroke. Warren increased the speed of his pumping fist, thumb stroking occasionally across the weeping head of Logan's sex. Logan began to pant, gaze fixed on Warren above him, muscles in his arm bunching rhythmically as he worked Warren's erection in his hand.

Warren shuddered, wings shuddering and spreading wide. Logan was moving under him, pulling him - [i]driving[/i] him higher. Higher and faster now and they were both at the peak and - suddenly - flying over it. Warren gasped sharply, abdominal rippling as he spilled hot over Logan's pumping fist and the other man's sweating belly. Logan grunted, hips jerking hard, lifting Warren and Warren felt the hot pulse of his climax in his fist. Warren moaned softly, tired now and sinking down onto Logan's chest.

Logan's arms came around him and Warren sighed, unconcerned by the warm mess sliding between them. They could shower tomorrow.

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