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NOTE: This story is Movie-verse AU

Preliminary Events

This is Movieverse AU


The afternoon had been quiet. Icy rain threw itself intermittently against the bay window and the radiators hissed softly to ward off the late fall cold. Warren had an event to attend this evening so he was working at home today, keeping half an eye on the time and refusing to hope that he'd have company at the grand opening.

Logan was off on the road somewhere, doing whatever he did when the school, the X-men and even Warren got to be too much. Warren had invited him along a month or more ago - even convinced him to go to see William to get a tailored suit - but that didn't necessarily mean he'd show. Warren knew that Logan didn't mind museums and all that 'society stuff' but they weren't something the Canadian went out of his way for and he wasn't much for big social gatherings. Warren shrugged to himself with a sigh, wings sweeping restlessly behind him, Logan would come or he wouldn't. The weather had been nasty the last few days, he could be holed up somewhere, drinking beer and watching the sports channel.

The gray day was fading towards an early night when Warren heard the noisy footsteps on the stairs. One gold brow tipped up then Warren began to shut down his computer for the night. Logan had come and - from the noise he was making - he was in a good mood.

"Hey Wings!" Logan called from the hallway as pushed open the door to his office, brining with him a bit of a draft and his familiar, bulky presence. Warren untangled himself from his backless kneeling chair - which allowed him to sit but still have his wings free - and went over to meet Logan with more eagerness than he cared to analyze.

Warren found himself pulled close, cold rain dampening his sleeves as he slid his arms around Logan's wide shoulders, then a rough kiss - heavy stubble tickling his face even as he gave himself over to the demands of Logan's mouth. Heat deepened as Logan ran his hands down his sides to cradle the curve of his ass and pull him tight and Warren's wings swept around them both, quivering slightly.

"You're wet." Warren mumbled against his mouth. Logan pulled back a bit with a snort, feathers rustling against his back until Warren folded his wings closed again.

"It's still rainin' and I wanted t'get back here."

Warren kissed him again mostly because he loved the feel and taste of his mouth -even after a day on the road and pungent with his cigars - but partly to quiet his words. They made him uncomfortable. He didn't want Logan to feel obligated. But he felt this foolish rush of warmth anyway, knowing that Logan wanted to be here. With him. Wanted it enough that he'd ride through the rain and hadn't forgotten an invitation made a month ago. His own pleasure stirred a faint guilt as well. Warren knew he wasn't a man made for dedication - for the kind of love that people like Jean and Scott had. He'd chosen a solitary life years ago and he didn't regret it. But now Logan was here, leather jacket creaking faintly as those big hands explored his back - one stealing up to stroke the scapulars along one folded wing - and making him tremble. Warren pressed his face to Logan's cold, wet hair, feeling pleased and strangely shy. He didn't know what he wanted. A wordless rumble in his ear then the shivery scrape of Logan's teeth along the edge of his jaw reminded Warren of some of what he wanted and he put aside his uncertainties. His head tipped back and his eyes drifted shut despite himself as an exploring tongue made its way to the sensitive line of his collarbone. Then the expected, thrilling nip of sharp teeth that made him groan and grind against Logan. Warren smirked slightly, feeling Logan buck in response.

"Wanna shower." Logan grumbled, setting Warren away, though his eyes were hot and his damp jeans were tight.

Warren smiled. "Ah - that's the real reason for your return, my shower."

Logan snorted and grinned. "Hell, Wings y'got a bathroom larger then some apartments I've lived in. C'mon, maybe I'll let ya wash my back."

Warren was temporarily content to follow Logan's lead as they walked to his bedroom. Warren's gaze drifted across the wide, leatherclad back and down to the snug jeans. Though he'd never wear them himself, Warren was learning an appreciation of blue jeans.

"Your tuxedo is in the third guestroom." Warren said. Neither of them remarked on the fact that his third guestroom had slowly gained bits and pieces of Logan; spare clothes, Warren's various gifts that Logan hadn't found a way to refuse, the unscented soaps and shampoos that he preferred. Logan also had his own key and security code. Really the third guestroom had become Logan's room. Watching Logan stop to hang up his coat and put his saddle bags in the closet, Warren decided he was pleased. It was certainly more convenient.

Warren's gaze skated over idly over the art in the hallway before they returned to Logan, to keep the man from reading his expression. If Logan got used to coming here, perhaps he'd continue to do so. Perhaps familiarity would ensure permanence.

"Those two are quite a pair." Logan said, after a narrow look at Warren. He had his formal tuxedo, still in its plastic, over his arm.

"Who are?" He asked, turning a bland expression to the other man. Logan's sense of smell made things more complicated than they needed to be. Sometimes, secrets were a good thing.

"Your tailors. Donald and William."

"Yes." Warren's smile returned. "They are. You know that William invented and created my 'Angel' costume? The one I wore before joining the X-men. He's been my tailor all of my life."

They went into his bedroom and, though the top floor of Warren's brownstone was completely private, he still waited for the door to close before reaching for Logan again. This time he was the one to pull Logan close, to bite the angle of his jawline gently and listen to the soft sound he made. He pulled back a bit and ran a thumb over the dark, heavy stubble on his cheek. He rested his forehead against Logan's for a moment, feeling the warmth of his arm around his waist and incredibly content to have him here.

"You need a shave, as well as a shower." He murmured, focusing on what was under his hands, not what was going on inside his own head. "That look may do for a barroom brawl but not the Met."

Logan only shrugged. He was fairly indifferent to his personal grooming as long as he was clean. Warren's brow tipped in thought, then his expression went slightly sly.

"Let me?"

"Let y'what?" Logan asked suspiciously; he obviously read the erotic interest in Warren's face or scent and a smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth.

Warren tugged at Logan's sideburns and chuckled as the man's eyelids fluttered for a moment. "Take care of this for you."

"Hell- !" Logan stepped back warily. "I ain't gonna let y'shave my whiskers off. There half my appeal."

Warren's lids drooped and he tapped his fingernails on his belt buckle. "Hmmm. I'm not sure I agree with you there but I was not planning on shaving you bare - it would take a week and by the time I'd finished one end, you'd have sprouted at the other."

Logan laughed. "Fuck yeah. Stubble in all the wrong places."

"I'm just talking about a trim and touch up." Warren said coaxingly. "Then maybe I'll let you scrub my back."

Logan rolled his eyes but nodded, game to try. "Sure."

Warren's smile widened. Clearly Logan didn't know what was in store. He left Logan to strip and explored the options in the master bathroom. Warren had made some changes in his own routine in deference to Logan's nose. Most of his soaps and shampoos were unscented now, or mildly herbal and the gel he used to shave with wasn't likely to offend Logan either. Warren got out a fresh razor and a few towels, then pulled of his clothes and stuffed them into the hamper. He let some hot water run into one of the sinks and found a shaving brush (which he'd gotten as some gift but never used), rinsing it off and setting it aside.

"Hey -" Logan came in, meeting his eyes in the big mirror with a grin. "If I'd know this was a naked thing, I'd have asked for it awhile ago."

"I've still got a surprise or two left." Warren said and drew Logan close for another kiss, lazy this time as he ran his hands down his sides, feeling the subtle shift of muscles under his hands as Logan reached for him. He rested his cheek on Logan's wild hair as the other man studied their reflections in the mirror. Warren met his eyes, dark and quiet, oddly peaceful as if Logan had no other interest besides being here, now, in his arms.

Warren's gaze skimmed over the contrast and compliment of their close pressed bodies. Logan - enormously powerful, huge shoulders, a wide back, biceps big enough that Warren couldn't quite get both hands around one. Dark hair thick was thick on his chest, belly, thighs - a textural map of his body that Warren found startlingly erotic. One of Logan's wide hands was planted on his hip, blunt fingers pale against soft golden tan of his skin. Logan was as solid and heavy as mountain, unyielding, stubborn and steady.

His own body looked lean and long; an expanse of smooth gold tanned skin, sleek muscle and pale, sparse golden hair. He was taller than Logan by several inches, pale where he was dark, smooth where he was furred, lean where he was bulky. In general, Warren's mouth tipped in a reserved smile, he was a bit slimmer and a bit longer everywhere. There were muscles in his shoulders, chest and back that Logan simply didn't have, not to mention his enormous wings which - even folded - topped them both by nearly a foot. Warren shifted his wings, watching them in the mirror, feeling briefly and oddly disconnected from them. He watched Logan reach out to touch them, running his hand along the white secondaries and, for a moment- seeing himself in Logan's eyes - Warren could accept how beautiful they were. He turned away from their reflection.

"Here - " He said. "Lean on the counter."

Warren wet a facecloth in the hot water and washed Logan's face, smiling to himself as the other man's eyes simply drifted shut, chin tipping up slightly. He squeezed a dollop of gel on the brush and got it nice and foamy before brushing it over Logan's chin and cheeks. Warren turned Logan's face a bit to one side with a fingertip on his chin, warm foam sliding down his forearms.

He scrubbed his fingers lightly through Logan's whiskers, feeling the rumble of pleasure he made as Warren touched him. Warren slowly traced the lines of Logan's face with his fingers, stroking the thick, level brows, running his thumbs gently along the edge of his eyesockets. He could see how his own breath stirred Logan's hair slightly and the other man's unexpectedly long eye-lashes. The soft sound of water, standing naked and so close together, feeling the trust under his hands - Warren shivered, swallowing. Logan's eyes opened, inches from his own, dark and velvet soft. Intimate. Warren felt himself flush slightly and begin to get hard, fingers stirring in the foam on Logan's face, but it wasn't just desire - not entirely. It was Logan; his presence, his solid, patient acceptance. Feeling that strength quiet and trustful under his hands made Warren feel - odd - nervous and vulnerable and strangely joyful. Warren was afraid of what Logan would see in him, the lack Warren was keenly aware of but he still couldn't look away, Logan's gaze held him.

"S'alright, Warren." Logan said quietly, stroking a warm hand once down Warren's bare side. He closed his eyes again.

Warren swallowed again and picked up the razor, wings rustling, caught between the need to withdraw and protect himself and the need that Logan stirred in him. It wasn't lust that held him, though it had been lust that had drawn him to Logan in the first place. What he was feeling was more complicated than that - or very simple. Warren refused to examine which. For once in his life, Warren didn't want answers.

Logan tipped his head up at Warren's urging, bearing his throat. One hand cradling Logan's head, Warren drew the blade carefully over his skin, very aware of lines of Logan's throat - the steady pulse beating in his neck the hollow of his collarbones, the corded line of muscle, the thin skin. Working slowly, eyes steady, Warren slowly revealed the strong lines of Logan's face - the angle of bone, the edge of his jawline, the stubborn chin.

He neatened up the whiskers along his jaw and trimmed them shorter.

"Trust me?" He murmured.

Logan's eyes slitted, the pleasure he felt at being so thoroughly pampered clear in his gold flecked eyes. "Yes."

Warren nodded silently and cleaned the blade, applied some more gel and went back to work.

"Done." He said in a few more minutes, wiping the last of the herbal scented gel off Logan's face and stepped away, letting him turn to face the mirror.

One brow rose and Logan turned his face from side to side. Warren had reshaped his sideburns, giving them a clean edge and leaving a somewhat elongated point to run along the edge of his jaw. He'd trimmed them, so they were less wild and cleaned off Logan's perpetually scruffy chin. Logan looked a little less rough around the edges and perhaps a little younger but still very much like Logan. Warren's impulse to shave him had nothing to do with wanting to change him. He just wanted everyone else to see something of what he did in Logan, see that there was more than simple brut strength in the other man.

Logan's face split in an ironic grin, revealing his sharp teeth. He rubbed his chin and his sideburns. "Shit, Wings y'made me look almost civilized."

Warren tipped a very civilized brow at him. "Almost? Well, a shower and the tux will finish the job then. It's impossible to look uncivilized in a tux."

Logan chuckled and stepped into the walk-in shower to turn on the water. "Y'gonna come scrub my back too?"

"Alright." Warren said equitably. He'd already showered but the chance to get Logan under some hot water and suds wasn't something he was going to pass up. He was already partly erect from intimacy of shaving him and he was swelling further at the thought of Logan, wet, naked and slick under his hands. They were going to be late to the grand opening - fashionably so. He stepped behind the custom made glass wall as steam billowed up.

Back to him, Logan was already scrubbing fiercely at his hair, water spraying over him. Warren took the bar of soap and lathered the man's broad back. He ran his hands slowly down Logan's back, savoring the flex and give of him under his hands, digging his thumbs in small circles at the base of Logan's spine. He watched the water run in shining streams down Logan's back, highlighting the spectacular muscles, pouring over his own hands then sliding between the man's buttocks. Warren stepped closer, flinching a little at the steaming water sluicing down his chest and trickling sensually over his swelling erection. He bit the powerful line of Logan's shoulder with a small groan, feeling the heat, the beating of his own heart in the rigid thrust of his sex nudging temptingly at Logan's thighs.

"Ahh - Wings, y'keep that up and we ain't going nowhere tonight." Logan groaned deeply flexing his back and the strong muscles of his buttocks as Warren ran firm hands over them.

"Turn around." Warren demanded huskily. Logan did so, erection dripping suds and water. Warren reached down, stroking him with a soapy hand and kissing him insistently. Logan's face was wet, his mouth wet and hot - Warren squeezed him gently, tracing the vein throbbing along the shaft in his hands and shuddering at the moan against his mouth and the flex of the thick sex under his touch. He slid his hand down, wrapping long fingers around the heavy furred testicles. He put his other arm around Logan's shoulders, wings flexing slightly, arching in to press hungrily against the other man's body. The contact was so good - the feel of his heavy scrotum in his hand was so good - the tightening ache of his own erection was good. It was all so good, intoxicating, hotter than the steaming water pouring over them both. Warren moaned incoherently into Logan's mouth, tongue sweeping over sharp teeth - rocking in the hot water, water sluicing between them like a constant caress over aching nipples, kindling a deeper heat between his legs. He rolled Logan's scrotum in his hands, tugging gently, the other man's mouth locked hard and hungry on his, a warm tongue demanded entrance, sliding over and between his teeth.

Logan's hands rose along his sides, slipping back to stroke the inhuman muscles in his mid back and run over the big joints of his wings. Warren moaned faintly at the touch, as fingertips ruffled through his feathers, stirring the quills and tugging gently. The sensation, like having his nipples played with but milder, made him shiver and his wings lifted and flared - eager for more.

Panting against Logan's mouth, Warren fumbled for the soap, nearly dropping it. He leaned back a bit and scrubbed it over Logan's chest, letting the foam slide between the tight pressed bellies. Warren reached down, adjusting their erections so they were trapped between their bodies, sliding in the soap and water. The pulse of his sex intensified at the pressure and the feel of Logan's erection hot against his own. He smiled into Logan's wide eyes as he tweaked his nipples.

"Ah - !" Logan arched, thrusting against Warren and Warren's hips jumped of their own accord, sliding along Logan's slippery skin. Logan's wet belly hair stroked and tickled across the tender crest of his sex and he gave a brief, panting cry at the rush. Warren's hands skated down Logan's back, short finger nails dragging lightly along his sides, making Logan moan and rub against him. Warren squeezed his buttocks, pulling him tight, thrusting against the hard, furred abdominals. Logan's hips answered him, driving them into a rhythm as he bit Warren's chin gently, then his mouth slid down his wet throat, sucking, pulling, dragging wordless cries from him as the pressure rose and rose. They rocked together, slippery and wet, soapy and hot. The heady scent of pre-cum was rising in the steam while water streamed over them both, outlining straining muscles, trailing between flexing buttocks, spilling across open mouths and searching lips.

Wings fluttering awkwardly in the small space, water beading on white feathers, Warren's soapy hands slithered between Logan's cheeks, fingers searching. Logan slapped a hand on the tiled wall for balance with a wet splat, groaning again and again against Warren's throat. The vibration of his voice sang through Warren's hollow bones and he hitched in a frantic breath, two fingertips circling the muscular ring of Logan's anus - riding the grind of Logan's hips against him, the nip of teeth on his shoulders sending little shocks of pleasure through him.

Warren's fingertip curled inside the hot, tight ring, he licked Logan's ear, bit him possessively. He was aching to feel that sheath around his erection that was even now throbbing and leaking all over Logan's belly. Warren's soapy finger was sliding in and Logan was groaning, groaning - head back, eyes squeezed shut - rock hard and twitching against Warren's stomach as they still pumped and moved against each other. Teeth bared in a smile that was full of desire and need and pleasure in Logan's passion, Warren played the other man. Fingers slipping in, and in and out and in again - two now - as Logan relaxed for him, spread his legs and arched his back, seeking deeper penetration. Warren's free hand gripped the dark hair hard, drawing Logan's mouth up for a deep kiss, tongue thrusting in echo of his fingers pumping in Logan's willing body.

Warren's could feel himself leaking all over Logan's belly; he was so hard and his testicles were drawn so tight to his body they were beginning to ache. He was tempted to turn Logan around and bury himself in the tight sheath he had his fingers buried in. Warren could feel the shuddering tension in Logan. He was thrusting hard, panting noisily, making noises to tell Warren how good it felt, sharp teeth bared, water pouring over them both. Everything was wet, everything was hot and white sparks danced at the edge of Warren's vision as Logan's body tightened around his fingers and he knew - he knew Logan was going to come. He was coming - now - and Warren was keening, high and soft, wings slapping convulsively at the wet tiles - he was flying apart, flying high, soaring on the blinding moment. Hot semen was pulsing against his skin, he arched hard, shuddering at Logan's shout, at the shocking, explosive joy as he came.

He was sagging against Logan, panting, still unwilling to draw his fingers from the small, reflexive throb of Logan's anus. Logan had both shaking arms braced against the walls of the shower, hot water still pounded down on them. Warren pulled himself together, easing free of Logan even as the other man groaned softly and nuzzled his neck. Warren stroked the small of his back gently, pressed his lip to the dark, sopping hair.

"O-kay." He breathed, stepping back, letting the water pour between them and wash away the semen smearing their chests and bellies. Logan, hands still plastered against the wall, tilted his head and gave him a crooked, heavy lidded smile.

"Y'know - " He husked. "My beard grows damn fast. Y'may have t'give me a touch up pretty often."

Warren grinned and slicked a hand down his wet chest, smoothing the dark hair. "I think I can manage that."

'Grand Opening' is next

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