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NOTE: This story is Movie-verse AU



The hard rain rattling on the windows and hammering on the ground outside drowned out a lot of sounds. Warren didn't hear the TV until after he'd padded downstairs and gotten himself a scotch. He'd fetched the drink out of the professor's locked cabinet in hopes that it would help him sleep. But the TV suggested he wasn't the only one unable to sleep.

Sipping at his scotch - mediocre scotch - Warren wandered that way, hoping for a little idle conversation. The beer bottles caught his attention first. Horrible piss yellow Canadian beer, rather than Kurt's earthy German - it was Logan.

"What'cha up for, Wings?" Logan low voice drifted over the back of the couch.

"No reason." He said, hesitating at the door then coming in. If Logan hadn't wanted to talk, he woudn't have said anything. "You?"

"Couldn't sleep."

Warren nodded and settled himself on the back of the couch, bare feet tucked into the seat cushions behind Logan's legs. The other man was sprawled on the couch, one arm behind his head, the other gripping the remote, staring blankly at the TV. Warren sipped his scotch and watched him channel surf. The sound was low and Logan didn't pause more than a couple of seconds on any one station. There were several beer bottles empty on the floor and Logan had the sullen look of someone who wanted to sleep and couldn't. He'd been having more nightmares than usual; Warren knew because they woke him fairly regularly. His room was directly above Logan's and the acoustics of the professor's mansion brought them right up to him. There were times when it sounded like Logan was right there - next to him - with his grief and fears.

He shifted, settling his wings and watching Logan's gaze follow them. They didn't talk, listening to the rain instead. Warren watched the gentle rise and fall of Logan's gaudy silver belt buckle and worked on his drink.

When he was done, Warren set the glass aside and, on impulse, settled down between Logan's legs. Logan grunted and made room, pulling one knee up while Warren let his wings sprawl across the back of the couch.

"What are y'doin?" Logan frowned at him as Warren began to unlace one of his boots.

"Taking this off." Warren grunted and pulled, finally tugging both the boot and Logan's sock off. Logan's feet were like his hands, broad and solid. He smoothed the palm of his hand down the sole of Logan's foot. "You have hairy feet."

"I got hairy everything." Logan responded, then groaned as Warren began to knead, thumbs pressing hard along the shallow arch of his foot. Warren smiled to himself as Logan began to make these low, rumbling noises - like the purr of a big cat. One of his sparse bits of advice to Scott about seduction had been - if you want to seduce someone, give them a foot massage. He didn't know if Scott had ever taken his advice but he did know that it hadn't been very much after that when Scott and Jean had managed to overcome their various anxieties and finally consummated their relationship.

He propped Logan's foot in his lap, wings twitching as Logan nestled his heel between his legs. The other man laughed low in his throat and Warren glanced up to catch Logan looking at him through heavy lidded eyes. He looked half- asleep and very self satisfied. Warren returned his attention to Logan's foot.

He worked his way across the ball of Logan's foot, down to the heel and rubbed the heavy Achilles tendon. Warren dug his thumbs into bottom of Logan's heel, slowly moving forward. He pulled gently on each toe and worked his fingers between them. Logan simply - dissolved - into the couch. Warren went as high as the jeans allowed then sat back, rubbing Logan's shin idly and yawning.

"C'mon up here." Logan mumbled sleepily and Warren slid up to lie on his chest, blinking drowsily into his eyes. He was a bit longer than Logan but the other man was a tad wider and he settled himself comfortably on top. He draped one wing over the back of the couch while he tucked the end of the other against his own shins so it covered them both like a white blanket.

"Y're pretty damn good at that." Logan stroked his thumb along Warren's cheekbone.

Warren turned to kiss his hand. "Well, if I ever give up on being cut-throat businessman, I could always become a masseuse."

"Hm. Don't know if I want you out there rubbin' everyone's feet." Logan pulled his head down, hand warm on the back of Warren's neck and gave him an exploring kiss.

Warren smiled and ran his tongue along Logan's lower lip, then leisurely explored his mouth, rubbing his teeth with his tongue - they were sharp - pressing deep and insistent before relaxing into a series of shallower, soft kisses. Lips brushed lightly against his own, a tongue tip gently teased at his teeth.

He didn't know if it was the scotch or the warmth of Logan under him but Warren found himself drifting sleepily. From the slow, steady breathing under him and the lazy softness of Logan's mouth, he seemed to be feeling the same way. He nibbled Logan's chin, tasting the rough stubble there, then rubbed his cheek against Logan's sideburns. He nestled his face against Logan's neck and breathed in the warmth and smell of him. Beer and cigars, wool flannel and leather.

Logan's hand was rubbing in gentle circles at the small of his back. It was more soothing than erotic and Warren yawned.

"Sorry -" He muttered, shifting to settle a bit closer, pulling his wings around them both. They exchanged another few kisses, Warren watching the sleepy droop of Logan's eyes.

"Hm." Logan muttered then yawned. "Na - m'fallin' asleep too."

Warren snickered softly into his neck. "This isn't my usual seduction. I usually save the sleeping for afterwards."

"So long as there's sex in here somewhere -" Logan rumbled, hand moving down to squeeze Warren's ass possessively. "I don't care when it is. Besides y'd better be rested 'cause I'm gonna wear you out."

"We'll see about that." Warren murmured then yawned, hugely, again. Logan mimicked him and Warren got a very good view of those unusual canines. He pressed his face to Logan's with a soft laugh. This was ridiculous. "But not right now, I guess."

"We got all the time we want." Logan mumbled. "And I ain't gonna rush this."

Warren turned his face into Logan's neck to block the light from the television and rode the slow rise and fall of his breathing into sleep.