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Wednesday Lessons

Gaveedra is a student at Xavier's with an unusual background. He and Julio have only recently met but have been strongly drawn together. This is a fragment, taken directly from the board and written by Tarchannon and X-tricks


The elevator doors hissed open and Gaveedra's attention swung briefly to the dim hallway - it was empty and safe - before returning to Julio. Julio led them to the gunroom - though there were no guns in it - and let him pass before shutting the door behind them.

The room was smaller than some down here, and dark with glass fronted cases and a fireplace. Gaveedra remembered the way the fire looked on Julio's face and went over to it - kneeling down to figure out how to make it work. Soon enough, with a little puff of gas, Gaveedra had it on and the flickering light made the shadows dance and the heat began to creep into the room.

Julio let Gaveedra pass into to the gun room before him, and he tuned to be sure that the door was locked. He did not want anyone walking in on them. As he started to turn, a leather-covered chair near the door caught his eye. Heh, he thought as he shoved the heavy thing in front of the door. It would not seriously impede any of the X-Men, or even half the students if they were determined, but it might give them a few seconds if someone insisted on coming in.

Gaveedra had the fire started, and he grinned as he moved past him to drop off the bag near the hearth and plug in the boom box. "Move the chairs away from the fire," he suggested over his shoulder, still not looking. At a reasonable level, strains of Tehano music filled the room, as much for sound dampening as for a little foreplay. Julio grinned as he rose to his feet - this was going to be fun!

But the second he turned back to see Gaveedra Seven illuminated only by the firelight, he grew a little nervous again, his stomach fluttering. Once he did this, there was no turning back, and he hesitated just for an instant. But then there was that look – that glimmer of pure heat that made him forget everything else.

"Dance with me?" he asked softly to his new star. "I will show you."

Julio had brought music, gentle in rhythm, warm with guitars and Gaveedra could only pick out a word here and there. Julio was already moving slightly, with a grace that reminded Gaveedra of the more supple marital artists he'd know. But sweeter and when Julio offered his hands it was not a guesture meant to hurt.

Gaveedra took them and let Julio put them on his body, let Julio step very close. Let Julio put his hands on Gaveedra's waist and shoulder.

"Like this -" Julio murmured and the softness roll of his words, the touch of his hands, the dark hair inches from him made Gaveedra shiver. His hands tightened but stayed obediently where they had been placed, for now.

Julio showed him how to move in tandem, and the music was a guide and there was a clever pattern like sparring to the movements. The firelight slid over Julio's skin like gold and his face was smiling. Gaveedra could look no where else.

"Like this -" Julio shifted, slipping one leg between Gaveedra's so that the moved very closely together. They turned, hips bumping, and Julio's hand slid in a long caress down Gaveedra's back.

Gaveedra arched into the touch, moving against Julio, breath leaving him in a noisy rush. Julio looked up at him, black eyes bright and laughed. "Yes."

Julio stepped and Gaveedra followed.

"Like this -"

Skin hot under the silk, Julio moved them around the space in front of the fire. As he expected, Gaveedra was a quick study and had a strength and grace of movement that took his breath away. Julio kept the sometimes complex steps simple; this was meant to be fun, a way to learn how to move together as one without the urgency of what was to come. Maybe more importantly, Julio also wanted to give Gaveedra a little taste of something he loved.

The fire cast heat in the darkness and Gaveedra did as well, and in almost no time, they were both hard and starting to sweat as they pressed against one another. His fingers slid on their own accord from their place on his hips to glide up that broad back. He was rewarded with a sigh as Gaveedra arched into his touch. "Too warm," he suggested, moving Gaveedra's hands to his hips while they swayed in place.

With a shy smile cast through his bangs, Julio unbuttoned his chocolate brown shirt and tossed it aside.

"Too warm," he suggested, moving Gaveedra's hands to his hips while they swayed in place.

The shirt went away and Gaveedra's thumbs were on warm, tawny skin and palms against cool leather. Julio was beautiful. He could not keep his hands where they'd been put, no matter the consequences, and they slid back to caress Julio's ass then slide up his bare back, feeling the sleek power.

They were still moving to the sound of the music but it wasn't something Gaveedra was thinking about now. He pressed his face to Juilo's hair, breath stirring the fine strands. He took an urgent kiss, nibbling at that lower lip like he'd wanted earlier. Julio murmured something into his mouth, the feel of the sounds stirring a sharp, urgent ache between Gaveedra's legs. His hips rolled, grinding himself against Julio's hip.

Julio pressed him back a little and Gaveedra blinked at him, dark eyed and needy.

"Hot, si? Julio murmured and, dark eyes flashing, he slid his fingers along the buttons on Gaveedra's shirt.

"Si," Gaveedra said huskily. "Yes. Hot."

The sound of Gaveedra's speaking his language was like honey in his ears, but it ran like fire from his head to his groin. Julio groaned softly, leaning back for a moment, eyes half-lidded. "Yo lo tendré que enseñar a hablar español," he murmured.

The next button was stubborn, but he did not want to damage the shirt, so he leaned in closer, running his nose along the faint stubble on Gav's cheek as his fingers finally freed the difficult fastening. Julio laughed softly – it was unexpectedly pleasant.

Already at his pale, pale throat, Julio started laying wet kisses, trailing downward as his slightly nervous fingers freed buttons, fingers occasionally slipping casually to brush the skin beneath the material. Gaveedra responded to every touch, to each kiss, and he grinned stupidly against his chest. Almost, breathless with need, he wanted to savor this, remember it always, and he breathed him in.

Not stopping at the shirt, Julio deftly undid the top button of his low slung jeans so he could get the shirt tails free, his fingers dipping downward along the thin trail of fuzz leading downward from his navel. His tongue became jealous of his fingers. In the flickering, light, he caught a hint of blue down there, and he moaned – probably too loudly – and quickly peeled the silk away from Gaveedra's defined chest to draw a nipple between his teeth. He was sweet and salty and Julio was instantly addicted to the taste of him.

Gaveedra Seven was making all kinds of soft noises, Julio could hear anything coherent as he sucked, Gav's warm hands roving everywhere they could reach. He needed more skin, so his own wandering hand slipped around that narrow waist to tug the shirt tails out. Hand ran down, dipping into the back of the jeans, moving down to caress the muscle there. The bare flesh below the edge of the thong elicited another gasp from him, and Julio flushed at the thought that Gaveedra was wearing it just for him.

"Off," he murmured to Gaveedra between gentle nips, suddenly needing him to be undressed, needing to know all of him at once. Julio had been nervous before, but he was not anymore. Now, all he wanted was warm, pale skin and that long, golden hair against his body. In the here and now, in the warmth of the firelight, it stopped mattering that they were two men, and they became something else entirely.

With the music ululating softly in the background, Julio reluctantly pulled back just enough so that the shirt could vanish and he could meet Gaveedra's eyes.

"Yo lo tendré que enseñar a hablar español," he murmured.

"I do not know many words yet." Gaveedra breathed, guessing at what Julio had said in that soft, low whisper. He knew only that he was pleased, more pleased - excited. "From the kitchen, food words - las manzana, las naranja, las chuletas..."

Gaveedra forgot all his words when Julio's mouth moved wet down his throat. His pulse leapt as if even his blood wanted to be closer to Julio. He swayed, then shifted to brace himself, breath catching in little noises of pleasure.

He was very aware of the slip of silk over his skin as Julio undressed him and the strong throb of excitement at the thought of his clothes being gone. Soon, please, soon.

Fingertips stroking the hair below his navel made Gaveedra whimper, his own hands searched over Julio's bare shoulders, memorizing the shape and flex and heat of him. Just below Julio's shoulderblades was a place that made Julio gasp and moan when Gaveedra stroked him lightly. So he did that again, and let is fingers trail along his spine, nails scraping lightly.

The warm pull of Julio's mouth on his nipple made Gaveedra gasp and arch sharply, eyes flying wide. His skin prickled, nipples drawing tighter in response to the insistent sucking. He was breathing in short pants, hand curled in Julio's hair to hold him there. It was like pain, sharp, intense and nothing like pain. A pain that only made him want more, made him harder - when he thought he could get no harder - made him want to make Julio feel the same way.

"Off." Julio was tugging at his clothes and Gaveedra couldn't speak, only reach for him. He pulled Julio tight with a hard, moving kiss as Gaveedra fumbled at Julio's belt.

With his mouth at Julio's throat, drawing shuddering groans from him, Gaveedra pushed the pants down off Julio's hips and squirmed to help Julio free him from denim as well.

He could taste the salt of sweat and faint taste of soap, the strong taste of Julio and Gaveedra licked the sweep of his collar bone and nipped at his shoulder. Curious, remembering how he had felt, Gaveedra stroked at thumb over one of Julio's nipples. Encouraged at the way Julio sounded, he licked lower, catching the small hard button in his teeth and nibbling then sucking softly.

Julio was bumping against him and he had gathered handfuls of his hair in his hands. Gaveedra, awkward and half distracted by the skin under his mouth, pushed at Julio's pants and felt him lean on his shoulders as he stepped out of them.

Julio was almost naked.

Breath shuddering through him, Gaveedra traced the line of his briefs with his hands and sank helplessly to his knees. He felt weak and very strong at the same time. His tongue found the dip of Julio's navel and he circled him there as Julio's hands tightened in his hair and he cried out softly. But when he moved to rub his face against the straining fabric stretched over his Julio's penis -


Gaveedra was tugged sharply away. He looked up to meet Julio's wild dark eyes.

From Gaveedra's look, Julio knew he was worried that he'd done something wrong, and he laughed softly. No Gav, you were doing everything too much *right*. He was too close.

"Mmmmmm," he practically vibrated, moving hip to hip with his new lover. Julio slid one hand up through that stream of gold to gently grip the back of his neck, and he smiled, moving his lips close enough that he would be able to feel his words. "Too fast," he explained gently before sucking his chin. Richter let his hand move freely across that perfect chest and down. Making love to a man was new and different, and he thought it would be strange, but it was not. In a way, it was like what he did when he was alone, but a thousand times better because it was *him* he could touch. Richter gently rubbed the back of Gav's neck to relax him as his left hand dropped down, stroking, eventually sliding over a blue cloth covered hardness. His touch was tentative at first, but he grew bolder as Gaveedra bucked and moaned.

Having Gaveedra at his knees in front of him a few moments ago was just too much; it had been too long since he'd been with anyone and he wanted Gaveedra too much. He desperately wanted to see Gav like that again, but maybe after the first time. Thank god, they were young, and they had time to go a few times before it got too late. He marveled that Gaveedra's hands never left him, griping him with such strength, but he was gentle, too. Julio panted to regain a little control.

"Usted es la cosa más hermosa que he visto jamás - you are beautiful to me," Julio finally whispered, his hands, sliding down to free him from the thong. Naked in the firelight, he was proud and red, for all the world looking like the moon set afire – a new star in the darkness. Julio heard himself gasp, and then he laughed softly because he couldn’t contain the joy. Julio pulled his lover down for a deep kiss that lasted until he could not remember ever doing anything else.

But eventually Gaveedra's hips became insistent, so with a final caress of hard glutes, Julio broke away from his grip for a moment, moving closer to the fire to extract a few things from his bag, and laying them where they would be handy. He did not know what they would do exactly but he knew that he ached to be away from Gav and that he was so hard that he was uncomfortable. He would give Gaveedra anything he had – anything he wanted that he had to give.

But as much as his brain wanted to refuse to think at the moment, this… preparation was the right thing to do. It only took a second, and by the time he was done, his brain had engaged enough to give him an idea. He could barely think, barely breathe, and he wanted Gaveedra's eyes only on him.

Dropping down onto the rug directly in front of the fire, Julio flipped over onto his back, and propped himself up on his elbows. Blowing a few stray stands of hair out of his eyes with a flash of teeth, he called softly to Gav, who had been intently watching him move. "Come down here and make me naked," he suggested with his deadliest smile, glancing down to his hardness wrapped him gray boxer briefs before looking up at Gaveedra's state and moistening his lips in anticipation.

Gaveedra's first, urgent, impulse was to obey and make Julio naked now but the wicked honey smile was a challenge and he never refused a challenge. Instead, he watched that pink tongue slip across Julio's lower lip as he sank to his knees, then - all supple muscle and fiery hair - he crept closer on hands and knees, holding Julio's hungry gaze with his own.

Sliding his hands along Julio's calves and delighting in the skin and hair under his palms, Gaveedra bent slowly - still holding Julio's gaze through the spill of his long hair - and brushed his mouth along his thigh. Julio whimpered. Gaveedra smiled, heavy lidded.

He licked and tasted his way up Julio's body, feeling the tremors under his fingertips and hearing Julio's breathless moans. Julio was nearly writhing, clutching at the rug and panting encouragements in Spanish. At the edge of his underwear, he laid a wet trail with his tongue, breathing in the heavy scent of Julio's desire.

All the insults he'd heard were temptations now. Cocksucker - and Gaveedra shuddered, feeling the heat between his own legs tighten at the thought of putting his mouth on Julio. Asskisser - he wanted to taste Julio everywhere. Buttfucker - being closer, of being inside Julio, or of feeling Julio's hard pleasure in him. It seemed like something that might hurt and he would never hurt Julio but - if it did not. If it did not ....

Julio surged up and Gaveedra gripped his briefs with teeth and fingers and slid them off.

He knelt back for a moment to look. Julio was all flushed, hard flesh, rising eagerly between his legs from fine dark hair and the soft weight of his balls. His fingertips grazed up Julio's thighs again and he swallowed hard as Julio's cock twitched as he stroked him. The muscles in his stomach shuddered and Gaveedra could feel fluid slipping from the tip of his own cock as if his body was weeping in hunger for Julio.

He crept up Julio's body, pausing for small kisses and licks - he could not prevent himself from tasting - until he could brush his mouth over Julio's. His hair fell like a curtain around their faces, backlit by the fire, and Julio's eyes were stunned. He licked Julio's lower lip. "You are naked now. I am naked now."

Gaveedra lowered himself so that he was pressed full body to Julio. A deep groan rolled out of his chest and Julio arch beneath him and his hands clamped on Gaveedra's biceps. The feel of Julio, throbbing against his own hard heat made his hips jerk, pressing them tight together.

"We - are both naked now." He panted, shudders turning to a persistent, instinctive grind.

There was nothing in his experience to describe what he felt like when Gaveedra touched him, tasted him, covered him. He was lost, arcing upward, accepting what he'd been gifted, feeling more alive than he ever remembered. Julio closed his eyes for an instant, allowing those hands, those lips, and the heavy press of muscle soak into him. It was like a dream.

The smooth press against his lips brought him back again, and his eyes snapped open to meet darkened stormy ones. The brush of the hair against his chest and shoulders sent shudders though him. The fire burnished the silky fall of hair around him to incandescence. This is what Heaven must be like.

He licked Julio's lower lip. "You are naked now. I am naked now." The hard, hot press of their erections made that quite evident, and as Julio gasped at the feeling, Gav dropped down onto him, grinding them together like they were never coming apart.

Julio wouldn’t have minded. For the first time in a year, he was warm and he did not want that to stop.

"We - are both naked now," Gaveedra panted, his breath raising gooseflesh on his chest. Julio laughed, running a heel up the back of Gaveedra's calf and thigh before twisting, shifting them over onto their sides.

Gaveedra's hair fell behind him except for a few strands, which Julio could not resist drawing between his fingers. "You are beautiful, Star," he murmured as he moved the strands of hair back over his shoulder. "Lean back," he instructed.

This time, it was Julio who leaned down to claim Gav's mouth, and he took his time, showing Gaveedra the way he liked to be kissed before he moved on, dropping across a strong chin with a firm nip, feeling his heartbeat with his tongue at the hollow of his throat. He stopped to worship dusky nipples, reveling at the shudders that it brought and the wordless encouragement to use his teeth. His fingers ghosted down, truly exploring this time now that he could see. He traced the red tiger stripes, looking up with a broad grin, as Gaveedra jumped, slightly ticklish.

"Mmmmm," he hummed, running his tongue across those deeply furrowed abs, pausing to dip into his navel and laughed softly as his lover bucked up at the contact. His hand moved all over exploring the hard lines of his chest and sides. But his smile faded a little as he returned to work, that golden trail he was so mesmerized facing him in all it's glory. Gaveedra filled his mind, his hands, and his heart, and he wanted this so badly. But this was a line that once crossed, could never be taken back.

Julio leaned forward just a little, allowing his forehead to drop against that hard belly, his hair cascading over his sides. Gaveedra's scent filled his nose, and the whisper of his hair and breath drew a sigh from his lover. And that was what Gaveedra Seven was – his lover. Not a casual fuck, not some fly by night fluke by someone that would turn out to have a girlfriend. Gaveedra had said he only wanted him and no one else – ever. Julio smiled again, twisting his head slightly to draw his hair over Gav's ticklish sides, knowing without a doubt that he would do this and never apologize for it.

With his own groan of satisfaction, Julio followed the trail to his treasure and took his Star with his mouth.

All of him was tuned to Julio's touch. The glide of his fingertips still followed the pace of the music and each touch of his mouth seemed to leave it's own mark in Gaveedra's skin. The firelight had made Julio bronze and gold and pitch black and each time the pleasure would overwhelm him and his eyes would slide closed, the need to see Julio would make him open them again. Gaveedra could not take his eyes from him, nor his hands, nor his mouth.

His tongue was like a brush, painting over the tattoos on chest with delight. Gaveedra could hear himself moaning, feel himself moving under Julio's touch - as if this were another new dance he was learning. His skin seemed to small for the beating of his heart, Gaveedra felt the wild drumbeat - tight and hot and throbbing - in the eager lift of his cock. Julio had hardly touched him there and Gaveedra was feeling a desperation he had never known before. Curiosity had become interest, become want, become a raw need.

He trailed his hands over Julio's shoulders, through his hair as he lay sprawled on the rug and the warm fire touched him too. Julio's mouth made his skin jump each time he kissed or licked or nipped with those white teeth and Gaveedra was staring with stunned eyes at the ceiling.

The tip of Julio's tongue circled his navel and Gaveedra bucked, panting, when he dipped in with a soft laugh. His breathing grew raw as Julio slipped lower still, strands of hair tickling the hollow of his hips. Gaveedra ran his fingers through it, tracing the curve of Julio's ear - he was beautiful there. Beautiful everywhere.

Beautiful mouth and - oh - the wet touch and Gaveedra's eyes clenched shut, mouth falling open to release a cry, the world all dark and red and hot with the fire burning near him. Burning but not so hot as Julio's mouth; the hesitant draw then the slow, pressing slide of his tongue. Gaveedra's skin prickled with the wash of thudding pleasure and there was a stronger, silky wet pull as if Julio was going to swallow him whole and he could not bear it. Could not stand it, pleasure rushing through him like fire, like dying, and Gaveedra arched up with a shuddering wail, losing himself in a brilliant rush of joy, of heat, of Julio.

Gaveedra fell back into the pounding of his pulse in his ears, sparks still dancing in his vision and body still shaking with release. He could feel Julio's hair against his thigh and he touched him with trembling fingers, feeling him shudder and cough once.

When Gaveedra drew Julio up, he was so very hard, pressing eagerly to his body, shaking with his own want. Julio was murmuring rapid Spanish in his ear, little tremors running through him, breath heavy with Gaveedra's scent. Gaveedra soothed his hands down Julio's side and back, feeling a strange tangle of fear and joy and need in him. Their mouths came together, natural as breathing, as Gaveedra wormed a hand between them to pinch his nipples then slide down.

Julio hitched and whimpered, ground down on him as Gaveedra found his rigid length and drew it through his fingers.

"Si, si, si -" Julio was breathless, moving atop him, dark hair brushed across Gaveedra's lips as he lifted off, fumbling aside for a moment then returning to slather himself and Gaveedra's exploring fingers with something slick, heavy and cold. Gaveedra groaned as Julio ran his slippery hand over his belly with a laugh and pulled him back down to himself.

It was all slippery thrusts then, the hard, hot slide of Julio's body on his; one of Gaveedra's hands closed firmly around the miracle of Julio's flesh the other clenched on the tight flex of his ass. Julio was so hard, and so delicate - the fragile, racing pulse against his fingers made Gaveedra's breath catch and wakened an echo of desire in him again. Julio moved above him, braced on his hands, head thrown back, eyes tight shut - every line of his body alive with pleasure.

It was not at all what he expected - and it was good.

Amazingly good.

Beyond good.

Gaveedra was hard and hot in his mouth, and though he had no idea what to do, he *wanted* to do it, to make it good for Star. It didn’t take too long to figure out what to do – he knew the general idea from being given oral before – and Gaveedra responded to his every motion, guiding him into doing what felt good. He never expected it to be so sexy – the power that the wet gliding strokes gave him. He used his hands, his mouth, and his fingers – touching, tugging, and stroking everywhere. It was like learning to play Gaveedra's body – a game where everything was fair game, and his rewards were nearly as good as those of his Star.

Writhing under his ministrations, Julio watched muscles flex, entranced as the yellows and oranges slid across sweat slicked skin. He could not describe it, but he could feel it; the throbbing of Gaveedra's heartbeat in his mouth echoed in the pulses of his own cock that was sliding rhythmically against a fuzzy pale calf as the motion. Julio was so hard, so close, but he knew the end was nearer for Star as the muscles in his thighs quivered under his fingertips.

It hadn’t taken long – they were both too much in need – when Gaveedra stiffened, and Julio took him deep in his throat so he could watch Star's face enraptured. Gaveedra arched hard, calling his name as he blushed one end to the other, and it nearly drove him over the edge to hear his named said like that and to know the power and the joy that he could do this, that they could do this, magical thing. A new taste exploded in his mouth and he knew nothing would be the same.

Gaveedra's hands were warm on his skin and they felt so good. He was hot and so close to orgasm, but Julio wanted to feel all of his lover, to taste his mouth again. He did not deny Star's insistent tug upward, and he hissed softly as his hardness touched pale flesh. Words slipped form his mouth, words he meant, words he probably shouldn't have said but were nonetheless true. He wanted all of Gaveedra, and it frightened him a little, but his need was too great. His arms shook from supporting himself, so he dropped down to grind their bodies together seeking relief.

Only then did he taste again the sweetness of Gaveedra's tongue, urgent and fevered. Callused hands roamed, and he stiffened with greedy pleasure as his nipples were tugged and he felt Star's hardness returning between them. It was so good he was making sounds that he had never heard, and he didn’t care. This was his Star, and in his mind there was no other in the world when those fingers grasped him and pulled.

"Si, si, si -" he called, craving more, but those fingers were rough. Julio would be sore if he continued like that, and he did not want Gaveedra to be guilty about what they did. His brain stuttered, but with brilliant grin, he had the solution.

With a little squeeze onto his fingers from the black bottle he reached to get, Julio leaned back, lubricating himself and then Gav's strong hand. The silicone was cool, and the feeling took the edge off his urgency, but that only lasted for a moment when that hand locked onto him. He couldn’t resist touching Gav now, touching everywhere with his hands and mouth as his hips took control. This he knew, and just like when they were dancing, they staggered for just a moment before finding a perfect rhythm.

Julio bent to take those pouty lips on his, and he bucked against the strong fingers that locked onto his glutes. Alternating breathy endearments in Spanish with kisses, Julio rode his lover, spiraling upward on gray eyes burning in the firelight.

With a final thrust, Gaveedra brought him joy that he could not really fully understand until he felt it; his hips flexed down and his shoulders drove high. He quivered for what seemed like forever- hot, *engulfed*, so truly warm. Julio whispered "Gaveedra" over and over until he collapsed unto his lover. He was home.

It took a few minutes until he stopped gasping for breath, and Gaveedra's arms held him tightly. Julio couldn’t help it when his gasps changed to soft laughter, and he finally opened his eyes to see amused gray eyes looking back.

"Mi dios, usted es hermoso," Julio whispered to him, awed. He shifted just slightly so he carried his own weight on his hip, and then leaned slowly in, never breaking contact with those gray eyes until they closed in a kiss.

Gaveedra rolled with Julio, not willing to part. They were both slippery and pungent and Gaveedra shifted his grip to keep Julio close as they kissed. He could feel his smile and the pounding of his heart. He could feel Julio's joy smeared all over his belly and chest. Their kisses left him feeling warm; drawing a slow rise from his body and Gaveedra stroked with slippery fingers over Julio's back, exploring his fire guided skin.

Julio jumped in his arms and Gaveedra broke briefly from their kiss to grin as he tickled Julio's sides. They wrestled gently, a struggle that involved much kissing and tasting and Julio's soft or - when Gaveedr discovered that Julio was very ticklish behind his knees fierce - laughter.

They could touch, anywhere they pleased and it pleased Gaveedra to touch Julio everywhere. Small nipples hardened under his fingers or mouth, the supple curve of his spine under his tongue, the line of his throat that fit his mouth so perfectly. Loving the way Julio tasted, Gaveedra drew scattered, ghost marks on his skin with sucking mouth and nipping teeth. He was hungry again and it was nothing to do with food.

Eventually, he gently wrestled Julio onto his back and straddled his hips, heart jumping at the flash of white teeth from amid the tumbled black hair. Beneath him, he could feel Julio swelling and Gaveedra wiggled to please him with a smile of his own.

The rug was soft underneath them, and between the fire and Gav, Julio was warm and happy. Now both spent, their lovemaking grew playful, and it kept his thoughts from the awe and fear of just how intense their first encounter had been.

Amazingly, Gav was so gentle, and the little remaining lube made his hands slick and pleasant. Julio took a second to wipe the evidence of their coupling off his abs, and then used the towel to flick gently at Gav's rock hard ass. The little blow, of course, brought that competitive twinkle into those gray eyes, and Julio was happy to oblige him.

End over end they flipped, Julio finding no end to places to touch and taste as he went. Gaveedra seemed to not be able to resist nibbling him everywhere, and between kissing and sucking and touching, Richter was quickly in the same state that he was before.

Gaveedra Seven was a fast learner, and Julio sighed as he ran his fingers through that never ending stream of silky gold, and captured those perfect lips once more.

With a distracting nip to the side that made him laugh out loud, Gaveedra pressed the advantage to flip him over on his back, straddling him like he was being pinned in wrestling. Of course, this was nothing like gym class, and in this case, he didn’t mind being pinned. In fact, he rather liked it. Still chuckling from being tricked, the firelight played over that incredible body, all angles and muscle, so unlike his previous lovers. Gaveedra was nothing like anyone he'd ever seen, and he wanted him again, and with and erotic wiggle, he made it clear he was game.

"Mmmmmm," Julio whispered, reaching up to glide his fingers down those amazing abs, and further down to grasp the evidence of his need, and that gave him an idea. Richter murmured, "Slide backward a little."

With a laugh, he pushed Gav back with a playful nudge to the center of his chest. When Gav toppled backward, he immediately thought he'd pushed too hard, but Gav's theatrical flop and easy grin told him otherwise. "Ai!" he snorted, grinning and sitting up.

With a lithe movement, Julio slid one leg out and over Gav's and scooted forward until their groins were nearly pressed together. "Come here," he said in a low voice, looking through his always-in-the-way bangs, tugging him up so they were sitting interlined.

Gaveedra's look was fierce and filled with a need - and a possessiveness – that made him shudder. Strangely, it made him feel safe. "El corazón golpea con suyo, mi Star," he murmured as he pushed a few stray stands of hair back off his face. Tracing the line of his jaw, then his cheek, and then his lower lip, Julio leaned in to take an almost chaste kiss before letting his fingers skim down a muscled arm to the wrist, drawing his hand up to his lips. The Latino smiled, lips pressed against them. " I have an idea."

The black bottle was close, so it took little to pour a little of the slick substance into his hand, and Julio massaged it in with one of his. "Now…" he whispered, guiding it downward to his manhood, hissing softly in pleasure at the contact. Julio returned the favor, loving the rush of the power he felt. "Kiss," he whispered, stealing a kiss. "And…" he said, luxuriously stroking his lover's hardness.

"Kiss… and… "

"Kiss… and… "

Gaveedra sighed, eyes slipping half shut, exchanging kisses and slippery strokes with Julio. He slipped one arm loosely around him, the other moving in tandem with Julio's lush pull on his own cock. They swayed slightly back in forth in the red firelight, bodies moving to the slow tide of pleasure.

Still stroking, Gaveedra laid little kisses all over Julio's flushed face. The feel of Julio in his hand, the heat and pulse, the scent rising richly between them. Gaveedra could not imagine this with anyone else; there was no one like Julio, no one who felt like him, smelled like him - Gaveedra ran his tongue slowly along Julio's jaw and nibbled his chin gently. No one who tasted like him.

Gaveedra kept his hand slow, wanting this closeness to last. It was good like this, Julio's hand on him, steady, gentle, firm. Julio's flesh in his own hand, hot and alive, a pulse racing against his fingers, moisture making the tip of him shine in the firelight. Gaveedra licked his lips.

"I want - " He breathed into Julio's tangled hair. "Soon, I want to taste you, like you did me. You make me hungry."

Julio gasped, hips moving, hand moving. Mouth searching then tongue thrusting into him. They moved, holding on to each other, Gaveedra held back, held back, letting the heat build slowly up his spine, in his blood. Until he was breathing harsh and deep, head thrown back while Julio moaned soft and low in his throat. The heat of his blood, the heat of Julio's hand sliding along his flesh made Gaveedra pant and sweat slide down his temples.

Julio's thighs tensed against him, small tremors running through his him, hand quivering on Gaveedra. Groaning, Gaveedra felt himself draw tight, tight, tighter - an ache that rose, crested he cried out, swaying, so very close. The rush of heat - Julio's voice and the hot release pulsing up between them, spattering them both, and Gaveedra's voice joined Julio's as the climax surged through him. His muscles clenched, spasmed, released. Julio sagged against him, panting, shuddering.

Gaveedra hugged him close, pressing his mouth to Julio's sweaty hair. "Kiss..."


He felt like he was floating, a little lost in gray and gold and milky pale skin, but he was completely grounded by strong arms around his back and strong legs interlined with his. It took him a few moments to realize the sound in his ears was their twinned panting and the loud beating of their hearts. Julio's was resting his head on Gaveedra's shoulder, breathing the mixture of their essences, and his kiss was soft against his hair.

Julio wanted to laugh, and with Gaveedra he felt free, so he did. Gray eyes were dancing when he raised his head off that broad shoulder to see. "Kiss," he whispered, still smiling, and he kissed his lover once again gently, just soft lips on soft lips.

"That was a *very* good idea," he joked softly, complimenting himself in a silly way. His body was humming with energy now.

"You are wonderful, my Star," he said lightly, murmuring in his ear, but he was completely serious. His fingers automatically sought out a lock of the coppery gold hair that streamed down behind him, ghosting across a cheek as the went by. The strands were perfect in his fingers, and Julio was convinced now that he was supposed to be here, doing just this.

"I think we made a mess," Richter laughed as the fluid on their bellies cooled, and he tried to reach over to the towel and washcloth he'd brought down. He didn’t get far, though, before he was pulled back; he was completely linked with a grinning blond swordsman with flashing eyes.

"That was a *very* good idea," he joked softly, complimenting himself in a silly way. His body was humming with energy now.

Gaveedra nodded eyes heavy lidded. He was as relaxed as after a match - more - and only shifted to breathe in the smell of Julio's hair. Julio smelled good - and he smelled a little like Gaveedra now and that made him smell even better.

"You are wonderful, my Star," It was strange to hear his showname on Julio's lips - and to hear it like this, soft whispers and not the mad roar of the Audience. Julio did not say it the same way and he did not mean it the same way. It was not his skill with swords that Julio wanted.

"I think we made a mess," Julio leaned away and, impulsive as he rarely was, Gaveedra gathered him close again.

"I do not care." He said. Julio laughed and he kissed him again to feel that laughter and let Julio grab the towel. Wiped clean to his satisfaction, Gaveedra lay back on the rug, near the hiss of the fire and Julio leaned against his side.

Gaveedra shifted a little as lazy fingertips traced his tattoos - face, chest, arms - and he ran a hand down Julio's supple back, feeling the flex of him under his spread fingers. Julio's body danced even when he was lying down.

"Shatterstar is my stage name," Gaveedra said softly after a little, drowsy quiet. "Sometimes the Audience called me Star but - " he traced Julio's lips with a callused fingertip, "I like the way you say it best."

"Do you have other names?" He asked, wondering. Richter was his last name, the name from his family. "You have a name you share with your - family, si?"

Which was perhaps like a cadre - allies who protected each other the way that Sam protected Paige.

It was good to lay here next to Gaveedra, looking at the ceiling and the stones of the fireplace. Lying in the crook of his shoulder and chest, Julio was still flushed and maybe a little too warm, but he did not want to move away, even for a moment. Instead, he turned on his side to cool a little, and let his fingers slide reverently where they chose to go. Gaveedra didn't seem to mind, eventually moving to caress his shoulders and back. As the fire flickered, they grew a little sleepy and content.

The music had looped and was now replaying in the background, and he started softly singing along with the 15 Immortales as they told about the Luna De Octubre, which he found amusing all of a sudden.

"Shatterstar is my stage name. Sometimes the Audience called me Star but - " he traced Julio's lips with a callused fingertip, "I like the way you say it best."

Julio smiled, pressing his lips against that finger. He let his hand ride downward over a flat belly to settle in the gold below. "I had forgotten about your stage name – maybe a little. I called you my Star because tonight you looked like the moon on fire and where ever you moved tonight I knew where you were." He could feel his cheeks grow a little hot with the admission, and though a little overly poetic, it was true.

"Do you have other names?" Gaveedra asked, wondering. "You have a name you share with your - family, si?"

Julio shifted a little sitting up to more directly look at his lover. His hair promptly fell back into his eyes, but he brushed it back with a sweep of his fingertips. Names were very important in his culture, even if they weren't always pleasant. For the most part, he liked his. "My full name is Julio Esteban Richter. One of my father's brothers was named Julio, but he died before I was born. My father loved him best, or so my Mama tells me. Esteban is my mother's maiden name, and Richter is my family name. Cristobel is my Catholic name, and was added to the beginning of my name for Church.." Julio bent to kiss the middle of the tiger stripes along his ribs. "In my village, I have another name – El Pavo Real. It means 'The Peacock.'"

Julio wasn't especially happy with that one, but he couldn’t deny where it came from, so he just moved on quickly. "And here at the Mansion, I'm called Rictor. It sounds like my last name in English, and it kid of describes what I can do with my powers. Some of the others – like Sam – call me Ric, so I do not mind that one."

"My full name is Julio Esteban Richter. One of my father's brothers was named Julio, but he died before I was born. My father loved him best, or so my Mama tells me. Esteban is my mother's maiden name, and Richter is my family name. Cristobel is my Catholic name, and was added to the beginning of my name for Church.." Julio bent to kiss the middle of the tiger stripes along his ribs.

Gaveedra saw the importance in Julio's face so he listened, remembering all the names he spoke - his own and his allies, no - his family. Names were memories, sometimes all that there was left of a dead opponent, or a long lost member of the cadre. He remembered the names of his cadre, even the ones who had died a long time ago. He wondered, suddenly, if the others remembered him now that he was gone.

"In my village, I have another name – El Pavo Real. It means 'The Peacock.'"

Gray eyes went silvery with humor and Gaveedra tugged lightly on Julio's pretty hair . "The Peacock."

Julio hurried on, as if hoping Gaveedra would not mark the name and Gaveedra could not resist a smile. He had seen the birds, in the gardens of Shangri-La, they were stupid but very pretty. They would shake their feathers and show off - sometimes to their own shadows. Julio was as pretty - and he liked to show off - but he was not stupid. And he did not have a voice like a peacock which was a very good thing.

"And here at the Mansion, I'm called Rictor. It sounds like my last name in English, and it kid of describes what I can do with my powers. Some of the others – like Sam – call me Ric, so I do not mind that one."
"What do you want me to call you?" He asked. He would call Julio whatever pleased him but - Gaveedra's eyes glinted slyly - he would think of him as his peacock.

"I do not have so many names." He said softly. The names were important to Julio and he could see how they tied him to his allies. Gaveedra's brows drew together, he had little to offer in return. "Just my show name and Gaveedra 7."

"I was the seventh in the cadre." He went on, slowly, watching to see if he was upsetting Julio and ready to stop if he was. Still, the names were all he had. "There were twelve of us. Haliin 5 and Raal 11 died in the first show - that was a long time ago. Karol 10 died not too long ago but I think it was sickness that killed him, not the arena. Saliia 3 and Saliia 4 ran with me but I do not know what happened after. Neruun 2 - she probably won the Champion's place in Shangri-La since I was gone. The others - still fight."

Gaveedra flushed faintly. "I would not fight her when she came to Shangri-La to challenge me. So I ran with the twins. My owner - everyone - will think I am a coward."

"Being a Champion was what I was made to be -" Gaveedra went on, unhappily. " - but I would not kill Neruun for it. I am better than her now and she was - tired. So I ran away instead. It is a weakness in me."

He looked away from Julio's face, to the fire instead. He did not wish to see what Julio thought of his weakness.

"I have no other names."

"In my village, I have another name – El Pavo Real. It means 'The Peacock.'"

Julio didn’t believe that he would get away with mentioning that name and not hearing it again, but he would rather that he told Gaveedra now, then I have Connie or someone else tell him. Doctor McCoy called it 'pass interference'.

Gav obviously liked that one, because he smiled and reached calloused fingers up to tug on his bangs. "The Peacock," Star teased him. Julio rolled his eyes, but he too smiled – a little – and continued on with his story.

After he was done explaining his names, Gaveedra looked at him intently, rough fingers sliding distractingly on the curves muscle at the base of his spine, and asked,"What do you want me to call you?"

Julio arched his back, reveling in the press of those fingers before he settled back down to rest his chin on Gav's chest. "Julio," he answered softly and honestly, mesmerized by the glints of silver and mischief in his eyes. "Just Julio."

They stayed like that for a few moments, and Julio could tell he also had things to say. It was so pleasant here now that they had cooled, and between the heat cast by the fire and Gaveedra's own warmth, Julio was reluctant to move far.

"I do not have so many names," Gav finally said quietly. "Just my show name and Gaveedra 7."

Like and old habit just discovered, his fingers ran the edges of those tiger stripes, and then moved down to rub the palm of his hand in circles over the flat of his belly.

Carefully, Star continued, "I was the seventh in the cadre. There were twelve of us. Haliin 5 and Raal 11 died in the first show - that was a long time ago. Karol 10 died not too long ago but I think it was sickness that killed him, not the arena. Saliia 3 and Saliia 4 ran with me but I do not know what happened after. Neruun 2 - she probably won the Champion's place in Shangri-La since I was gone. The others - still fight."

So much sadness, Julio thought as sympathetic pang shot through his chest. These… others were like his brothers and sisters, and they were all dead and dying. They could not last long if they were doing the things Gaveedra had told him they were forced to do. He wasn't sure how Star could stand it; he still ached in his heart for his brother Ricardo - now passed two years. His hand never stopped circling, but his eyes were fixed on his lover's expression as he spoke.

Gaveedra flushed faintly. "I would not fight her when she came to Shangri-La to challenge me. So I ran with the twins. My owner - everyone - will think I am a coward."

Julio was a little shocked, and he didn’t doubt that he showed it. Refusing to kill your sister was hardly cowardice. After seeing him leap up to protect Marrow in the dining hall, the very thought of Gaveedra and coward being placed in the same sentence was simply… foreign. Unbelievable. His world – ex-world, he corrected himself - was so strange.

"Being a Champion was what I was made to be -" Gaveedra went on, unhappily. " - but I would not kill Neruun for it. I am better than her now and she was - tired. So I ran away instead. It is a weakness in me."

Gaveedra looked at him, as if he expected him to leave because of his admission, and the very thought of that was impossible to bear so he closed his eyes for a moment. Gaveedra had left everything - *everything* - he knew behind so he could protect his kin from harm. That was something Julio understood with a painful, crystal clarity. He was here in this cold place just for that very same reason, and he could not help a few tears of grief and shared pain form and slide away before his opened his eyes.

When he opened them, Gaveedra's expression made his heart stop. If there had been and doubt in his mind that he was in love, it was banished that instant.

"I have no other names."

He was so serious, Julio began to chuckle, almost choking – filled to the top with the strange, delightful sensation of laughter through tears. Gaveedra now had too many names for him to count – Gaveedra, Gav, Shatterstar, friend, warrior, lover, his heart, his Star. Julio levered himself up to close the short distance between them, chasing his hair back out of his eyes with a flick of his head. Still laughing, wet salt on his lips, he kissed Gaveedra with everything he had in him.

Eventually the kisses moved to cheeks and chins, loving rather than erotic, and Julio whispered, "I will call you Gaveedra in front of the others because I like the way it sounds. I will call you Gav for short - unless you tell me not to – because your friends already do. But when we are alone, I will call you Star, because you are mine."

Julio was shocked, as he should be, when Gaveedra spoke of his flight from the arena. To be a coward in the arena was - to be everyone's victim. Those who could not master their fear quickly died. Even the suggestion of cowardice brought persecution and Gaveedra knew that his running would be take as fear.

Julio listened to the names Gaveedra had to offer and it was strange to speak of the cadre in front of one who was not. Gaveedra shivered, Julio held memories now, memories of things he had never seen, people he had never met. He blinked, throat tight, it made those who were gone seem more alive somehow to know that Julio knew them, even a little.

Then Julio was crying but kissing him too - laughing - and the tears were not from pain. Gaveedra arched up into the touch, feeling strange as if he too wished to cry but he had not been hurt. Eyes closed to master himself, Gaveedra ran his fingers through Julio's hair as that salty mouth moved over his face, soft kisses, full of warmth.

"I will call you Gaveedra in front of the others because I like the way it sounds. I will call you Gav for short - unless you tell me not to – because your friends already do. But when we are alone, I will call you Star, because you are mine."

Gaveedra's grip tightened then he pressed his face into Julio's hair, breathing in the scent of him. It was ownership but - not - and he did not feel like property with Julio. Julio was his but he did not own him. There were no owners here and no property. Just Julio and him.

"You are my -," Gaveedra murmured into his hair, groping for words that had meaning. " - my everything."

His expression shifted into a rare, sly smile as he tugged gently on Julio's hair the way he had when he'd learned one of Julio's names was Peacock. "My - just Julio."

And he kissed Julio, wanting to show him - give him - all that he was. His hands stroked over Julio's bare back, cherishing the skin and flesh and warmth and life.

"You are my -," Gaveedra murmured into his hair, groping for words that had meaning. " - my everything."

Gaveedra's arms were strong and his grip was sure, and Julio understood exactly what he meant by that. It was exhilarating – and a little frightening – all at the same time. And then Gaveedra was smiling at him, and Julio forgot his father, Gav's strange upbringing, and the likely reactions of their friends. Suddenly, everything else seemed so far away.

Tugging on his hair again, Gaveedra teased him, "My - just Julio."

Julio laughed, overflowing. He heard the 'My Peacock' that was the undertone to that, but when Gaveedra said it, he couldn't quite bring himself to mind. Maybe it was the 'my' part that made the rest go away. Julio looked into dancing gray eyes, and then they were kissing, making quiet love again in a new way, talking without words.

Warm and comfortable, intertwined at fingers and arms and legs, they eventually gave into sleep.

Gaveedra woke instantly and completely as was his habit, categorizing the weight and the firelight, the rug and floor beneath - recognizing Julio by scent almost before he had a chance to tense.

It was quiet, Julio still asleep though stirring restlessly, and Gaveedra - still tentative with the newness of it all - touched Julio's hair lightly.

"Julio." He murmered against warm sweet skin. He brushed his lips along Julio's cheek as he spoke. "Wake. It is late."

He had been dreaming of San Andreas Zabache and the sun drenched, moist heat of the place - where the earth was a rich, dark brown, as was the eyes and skin and the hair of its people. It was as if they had lived there so long, they were becoming one with the earth. He knew he was welcome there, and he could hear the distant chatter of the women, their tongues wagging, his sisters no better despite their father's admonitions. Consuela was calling him from somewhere he could not see and he moved to look. But as he did, the voice changed, deeper and closer but no less welcome.

"Julio. Wake. It is late," the voice murmured.

Warm skin beneath his head and along his side, and lips caressing his cheek brought him from his dream with a smile. Definitely *not* Consuela… he smiled as he opened his eyes to meet dancing gray ones.

"Hmmmm," he replied happily, drawing Gav down into a slow kiss.

When they were done, Julio laughed and flipped them over – which he knew happened only because Gaveedra allowed it. Bending a little, he placed a slow, deliberate kiss on Gav's sternum, just above his beating heart. "I was dreaming of home, Star," he said softly and meaningfully as he looked up again. Sleeping in his arms reminded Julio of home.

But something was nagging in the back of his head despite his desire to not think of anything other than the here and now. Suddenly, Gaveedra's words sank into his sleep fogged brain, and he startled back. It is late, echoed in his head.

"Gaveedra, how late?" he asked, fumbling for his trousers to find his cell phone for the time. They would be in trouble if the missed curfew, and he wasn't ready to explain this to the staff yet.

Gaveedra propped himself on his elbows and watched Julio move around without clothes on. He was beautiful in the firelight - the angle of calf and thigh strong and golden in the dimness. Gaveedra wondered if this was what the Audience saw - this beauty - when they had looked at him. But he could not belive that. He did not belive that the Audience felt so warm and alive as he did now.

"It is near to lights out." He said, almost unwillingly, he did not want to leave this place. Gaveedra wanted to stay here, with Julio, and have all this warmth and beauty forever.

Julio felt hot eyes on him as he moved about, and he was vain enough to enjoy it, not looking back as he gathered up the things that he had brought down and packed them away in his book bag. Away from Gav, he was starting to cool off, and it reminded him of the real world on the other side of that door. He glared petulently at the oak.

Half-dressed, Julio made the mistake of looking back down to see Star, still naked, white gold in the firelight, and before he really though about he had dropped down to catch those lips again, reclaiming some of the warmth he'd lost.

Panting, forehead to forehead, Julio ran his fingertips over the side of Star's face, tracing the edges of the tatoo. "It is going to be hard to go to bed alone," he murmured before sighing, and getting back up to finish dressing.

It was quarter to ten, so he still had a little time. Though there was little else he wanted to do but stay here, the urgency of this had faded a little, a pleasant lull in something too intense to describe. As he shouldered his book bag, he literally checked his hand to see if he was glowing. Julio closed his eyes, storing this feeling in his mind for the dark times he knew were coming. He needed to shower and find Piotr before lights out, even if it was just to be sure he was alright. The Russian did not come to dinner, and he was worried. "I have to go and find Piotr," he told his lover as Star stood and moved close. He knew his concern colored his voice. "He didn’t come to dinner."

But still he had a moment, and that pale skin was so inviting. Julio moved close enough to feel Gav's breath, and looked up though his damn annoying hair. "Thank you," he whispered with a wry smile. A little shyly, he added, "Maybe tomorrow we can do that thing you said… with your mouth?"

"It is going to be hard to go to bed alone," he murmured before sighing, and getting back up to finish dressing.

Gaveedra went to look for his pants when Julio let him breathe again. Stuffing the blue thong in a pocket, he thought about how it had been to sleep with Julio. He wanted to do that again. He wanted to do that every night.

"I have to go and find Piotr," he told his lover as Star stood and moved close. He knew his concern colored his voice. "He didn’t come to dinner."

"Yes." Gaveedra touched Julio's wrist, hearing the worry. "But we left early so we could have sex."

Julio pressed close for a warm moment, eyes bright behind the loose curtain of his hair. "Thank you," he whispered with a wry smile. A little shyly, he added, "Maybe tomorrow we can do that thing you said… with your mouth?"

The way Julio looked now - glancing away for a moment - and the memory of the feel of him, the smell of him; the way his mouth had felt made Gaveedra want to do it now, not tomorrow. "Yes," he said, body stirring with quick interest and hungry all over again. He pushed Julio's hair back gently to see his face. "Tomorrow will be a long time away."

He stepped back with a sigh and pulled his tangled hair into some kind of order. "Go and find Pitor before lights out. I will turn off the fire."

"Yes." Gaveedra touched Julio's wrist, hearing the worry. "But we left early so we could have sex."

He nodded a little guiltily in agreement, but he had asked the Russian to join them, and they had waited for some time. He couldn't feel *too* bad – he made a sincere effort.

When he mentioned maybe doing something like this again tomorrow, it didn’t long to get a response. "Yes," Gaveedra answered in a low voice near a whisper that contained such promise, that it made chills run down his back.

"Tomorrow will be a long time away."

Julio leaned into the fingers that brushed his face, kissing the fingertips as they moved over his lips. It made him stir again, but he needed to see his friend. It was almost painful to step away from him to gather up the boombox.

"Go and find Pitor before lights out. I will turn off the fire."

Julio nodded, and then moved the chair from in front of the door. With Gav out of view from the hallway, he opened the door and check to see that no one was around before turning back for just an instant.

"I will dream of you tonight," he whispered, closing the door behind him.