This is a due South fanfiction page where Benton Fraser RCMP, Ray Vecchio, Det. First Grade and Ray Kowalski, Det. First Grade, continue their adventures in Chicago and beyond


Alliance Atlantis owns the rights to due South and Paul Haggis was the original creator. I make no profit here and claim no rights


This is a slash site, please read responsibly. Most of my sexual pairings are Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski but I like both Rays, no bashing here.




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Dirty Deal

No one said Benton was safe
Fraser/Zuko S3V0C2


Maybe it was the heat
Fraser/Kowalski S3V1C0


Kinkiest thing of all...
Fraser/Kowalski S2V0C0

Talking Trash

Long lost kin, mob hitmen and family history

Dream Walker 1

Lost between life and death S0V2C0

Long Journey Home

Maintaining the Right has its cost S2V2C1
not yet loaded

Scenes from Another Page

Fraser/Kowalski ds_flashfiction 'genderfuck challenge' S3V0C2

Kink Vignettes


Fraser/Vecchio short, kinky bits S3V0C1

Just Say No ...

1,2,3 WIP

the 27 does an anti-drug commercial, co-written with hidebeetle

Still Love...

that night, after Victoria's Secret ds_flashfiction 'vecchio challenge'

Wilby Wonderful

I found myself unexpectedly charmed by this movie and, unsurprisingly, by Duck and Dan in particular.

All rights reserved by Daniel MacIvor and Mongrel Media. No copyright infringement or profit intended.

Wilby Wonderful


Known and Unknown

a missing scene from Wilby Wonderful

Change of Days

72 hours have passed S1V0C0

Day of Rest

the sentinel is published every sunday S1V0C0