"Still more rough sex than you can snap a whip at!"

An adult site featuring mainly, but not only, the X-men

!NOTE! This site contains explicit sex, violence, violent sex, emotional trauma, humor and the occasional political comment. My stories are not appropriate for children, the close-minded and those without a sense of humor. Pay attention to the warnings and read wisely.
I write derivative fiction; the characters and worlds within often belong to someone else, such as Marvel, Alliance Atlantis, Pet Fly or someone else with money and power. I seek no money and claim no ownership of copywritten characters or worlds.


S=sexual category. V=violence. C=controversy. Each of the categories range from 0, the lowest level of intensity to 3, where the story has a highly intense focus on that category. A note for the picky; I do not rate Homo-erotic stories differently from hetero-erotic works. Any unrated stories are suitable for mature readers. More on my in-progress rating system can be found here.
/ = a sexual relationship. Early years = stories set before the official beginning of an extant show or book. Fragment = work drawn from forum based role-playing games. Kink=significant alternate sexuality; genderfuck, BDSM, Rape etc.

Take a look at my LiveJournal, where I talk about ... stuff. Often, this is where work in progress can first be seen - if you like to follow that sort of thing. It's also where I rant about the world and my drug use and my destiny as lord of all I survey.

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(This is a major overhaul of my site. All links should work, though some pages are not pretty. Several new stories have been added (sky captain, due south, a few X-men) as well as some graphics. Some individual stories are mucked up, format-wise and I will be cleaning them up ASAP)

Shorts, Oddballs and One-shots

Not parts of series, or from fandoms I don't usually work in and similar orphans

Cold Comfort

logan, scott death story


scott (sequel to 'cold comfort')

He Closed His Eyes

logan/scott S3V1C1


logan/scott S3V1C2


logan/remy S3V0C0


logan S3V0C0




gaveedra S3V0C1

Day of Worship

julio/gaveedra S3V0C0

The Gift

clark/lex (smallville)

The Golden Door

Prologue, Chapter 1
original fiction S3V2C2 kink


joe/dex S3V0C0 (sky captain)

I Married a Master Assasin

remy/belladonna S2V1C0


Longer stories, some are works-in-progress, some are on hiatus, and a few are complete

Hearts in Shadow

logan/remy S3V2C2 kink hiatus


logan/remy S3V2C2 kink

This Ain't Love

logan/remy, S3V2C2 kink hiatus


logan/remy/omc S3V3C2 WIP


remy S1V2C0


remy S1V2C1 hiatus


scott/remy/logan S3V1C2 hiatus

Price of Victory

gaveedra S0V3C1

Dark Legends

A shared universe AU S3V3C3


1,2 hiatus
joe/dex S3V1C1 (sky captain)

Hollow Man

1,2 hiatus
joe/dex S2V3C2 (sky captain)


Places to go, offsite (still in progress)

Yahoo Groups


Live Journals

sky captain


eoen's site
mo's fanfic

On-line RPGs

X-Factor Vitruvia

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