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Hearts in Shadow

{Chapter 1}

Logan wasn't inside the mansion. No one had seen him since he'd stormed out of the practice room, and Remy hurried down to the garage, heart pounding. He didn't think he could bear it if Logan had taken off again. He deserved it. He knew he deserved it and maybe it would be better for them both if Logan left him - but he couldn't stand it. The Canadian's bike was still there. Remy sighed and sat on it, touching the leather seat lightly. He was still here. He hadn't gone.

Now all Remy had to figure out was what he'd done wrong this time. Shivering as sweat dried on his skin, Remy pulled his cigarette case out of his pocket. He caressed the chased silver lid, sensitive fingers tracing the floral patterns and reassured by the heavy, expensive feel of it. He loved things like this. Heavy, valuable - real. He'd picked the case out of the White Queen's boot top the last time they'd met, while his thoughts had been preoccupied with her cleavage. He'd been picking pockets so long it was instinctive and when stealing from a telepath, he counted on his instincts. He wondered if she even missed it.

Clicking open the small, flat case, he pulled out a cigarette and lit up, drawing a deep breath. Closed his eyes and sighed, smoke curling around his head. At least the cigarette was warm. Remy shivered again. It might be spring in New York but Remy was freezing. He dreaded the day when Logan asked him to come with him to some frozen cabin in backwoods Canada. Except maybe that day would never come. Maybe Logan had had enough. Maybe Remy didn't have to worry about Canada, or anyone asking him to come with them anywhere. Alone, in the dim garage, Remy's shivering turned to violent tremors and he hugged himself, cigarette dropping from his fingers. After a few moments, he crushed the smoking ashes under his sneaker and went to find Logan. He had to find a way to convince the man not to leave him. He'd do anything.

He finally found Logan on the south slope farthest from the mansion, sitting on a log and smoking a cigar. He didn't so much as twitch as Remy came up and Remy nearly turned away again.

"Remy sorry, cher." He said in cursed small voice. Fumbled out another cigarette and lit up. His fingers were still trembling.

"Who's sorry?" Logan growled, teeth clenched on his cigar.

"Me." Remy managed. "I'm sorry, Logan."

Logan sighed explosively and turned, straddling the log. He nodded at the other end and Remy obediently sat down. They both smoked in silence for a while, watching each other.

Logan's wild hair was sweat tangled and, like Remy, he was still wearing his ragged practice clothes. Dark sweat stains down his chest and back were drying slowly in the sun and Remy shivered just looking at him. He must have come straight from the gym, after the mute glare he'd given Remy. Hidden hurt still radiated from the expressionless Canadian, equally mixed with anger and - something like grief. It scared Remy. Logan was going to leave him.

"Do you know what you're sorry for?" Logan quietly asked.

Remy opened his mouth then closed it again. Shook his head.

Logan ducked his head and combed his hand through his hair. Remy edged closer, needing to do something to settle that pain he was sensing. He put a hand on Logan's knee, the other man's hand came down over his, turned it over and rubbed a thumb over his palm. Remy scratched lightly along Logan's wrist and felt the man shiver. Leaned in to kiss him but Logan turned his face away.

"Na." Logan rumbled. "That ain't th'answer, Rem."

"Den what?" Remy asked. "Tell Remy. Remy - me - sorry. I'swear it. S'vou plais. Remy do an'ting you wan."

"An that's the godamn problem, Remy!" Logan exploded. He stood up and walked away, clenching his fists. "Y'ain't no whore Remy and I ain't a customer."

"Was a joke, Logan!" Remy protested. "Remy jokin'!"

"Yeah? An what were y'sayin' just a minute ago? Do anythin' I want will ya?" Logan turned on him, eyes narrowed. "If I wanted a whore I'd be down in the city buyin' one."

Remy looked aside breathing hard, blinking in the bright sunlight and wishing he could blame the sting in his eyes on the sun.

"What are y'thinkin' kid?" Logan asked, sitting down again.

"'Fraid you leave Remy." He admitted. "Not wan dat. Not dat."

"Jesus, Remy." Logan growled. "I'm angry, kid. It don't mean I'm gonna leave ya."

"Remy didn't mean nothin' downstairs! Just jokin'"

"Remy - it ain't just that." Logan shook his head and looked off, scanning the treeline and the grounds out of years of habit. Remy watched him, trying to follow that private mind, trying to figure Logan out.

"Y'don't trust me." Logan finally said.

"Remy trust you! Trust you wid me life don I?"

"Yeah, yeah y'do and so does Scott an'Jeannie an'Ro an I don't fuck them Remy. I fuck you."

"How you know, eh?" Remy snapped. "How you know Remy don trust you?"

"It don't take a mindreader to figure that out. Y'don't give me nothin' out o'yerself. Y'keep thinkn' y'gotta buy me. It's a fuckin' insult. I ain't with ya just cause I want y'ass - or y'bank account - kid. I don't like y'thinkin' I'm some - some john y'gotta please or I'm gonna hurt ya."

"What you want from me? What Remy gotta do, huh?" Remy wailed.

"I want ya t'stop bein' so damn scared o'me, Rem. And I want y't stop tryin' t'buy me." Logan said softly. "That's all."

Remy leapt up from the log and retreated. He couldn't look at Logan and wrapped his arms around himself, searching empty sky. No answers there and how had he betrayed himself this time? Such a coward he was and Logan hated cowards.

"If y'want t'be with me, fine. If ya don't, fine. I ain't gonna hit y'for makin' yer own choices kid. I don't own ya."

Remy heard it in Logan's voice. Logan wanted him gone. He gripped his coat sleeves, shuddering. He felt sick, like he was falling and he sank shakily to his knees. So cold. "Don. Don - don leave me. Please, cher. Mon cher. Remy do anythin' I - do wat you want. Anytin you want. Don leave!"

"Remy!" Logan moved over and gathered him up, shook him roughly. "Rem, don't go out on me now, dammit!"

"Plait. S'v plait." Remy buried his face in Logan's chest, wrapped long arms around him and hung on. He was afraid he was going to be sick and hated it, hated what was happening to him. "I don' know wat you want."

He began to sob, choking and humiliated. "Remy don know how to give you wat you wan, cher. Don know. Don know how."

"Easy kid. Take it easy. S'okay." Logan was rubbing his back, long, firm strokes as soothing as the senseless rumble of his words. Remy buried his face against Logan's neck, warming himself against the big man's body. Waiting still for Logan to put him aside and leave him here, finally tired of Remy's weakness. God knows, everyone else was tired of him. Remy knew Logan had stayed this long only because he hadn't been there - Antarctica - hadn't seen what he really was. Hadn't been there for the trial to see him grovel for the X-men's cold forgiveness.

"Remy afraid, cher." He whispered, eyes closed. "Beacoup afraid."

"Yeah. Got that."

"Trust you, Logan. Remy swear." Remy rubbed his face against Logan's chest, pressing close to hear that steady heartbeat. "More than anyone."

"I c'n believe that." Logan said, rubbing Remy's back. "Trust me in y'head, Gumbo. Like y'said, w'yer life. Not -"

Logan thumped Remy's chest. "Not here."

His hand slipped down and squeezed Remy's cock. "Not here - not really. Y'never - let go w'me. It's like y'always scared I'm gonna turn on ya. I ain't lost control - not in a long time."

"Now you say Remy should let go an' say you don." Remy relaxed his hips, letting his crotch sag into Logan's hands. That warm hand hadn't moved, big palm pressing against his stiffening cock. Logan squeezed him gently. "Dat not fair, cher. W'at if Remy wan dat?"

"I'm willin' if y'are, kid."

Remy shivered thinking of Logan - all that the big man could be - all that power released. Scared him, Logan was too strong, much stronger than Remy. Dangerous. He'd always been a little scared of the Canadian and becoming lovers hadn't quite erased that fear. But the hope of protection - knowing how ferociously Logan protected what was his made Remy accept Logan's blunt advances.

He was warmer and sleepy and - and wanted Logan to fuck him. Wanted Logan to want him. He was good for something, still, and he'd always been good for this. He shifted, spread his knees, nuzzled Logan's throat. Licked him. "Cher. Fuck me, cher."

Logan's pulse jumped under his mouth and Remy smiled against his skin but then Logan held him away, sat him rather hard on the ground. He was flushed and the roil of anger and lust and unhappiness made Remy uneasy. "No. Ain't doin' it like this no more."

"W'at - w'at you mean, Logan?"

Logan shook his head then reached out and combed Remy's tangled hair back with his fingers, that light touch always such a surprise coming from someone like him. "Listen, Rem. I ain't goin' on like this. Y're makin' me crazy."

Remy wrapped his arms around himself again. "W'at den, homme?"

Logan sighed. "Don't know yet, Remy. Y'gotta - try an'trust me a little, okay?"

Remy swallowed. Nodded.


Logan came to the boathouse after dinner. Remy hadn't gone in to the mansion all day. Hadn't spent any more time with the team than he had too since the trial. He even avoided Ororo and she didn't seem to be troubled by that. He'd spread out a couple of sleeping bags in the cramped second story of the boathouse, stolen a lamp from the emergency supplies and felt rather like he was twelve again and living in some abandoned building in New Orleans - except he'd never been as cold as he was now. Still, he was grateful. He knew he didn't deserve even this. And when he forgot, there were plenty of reminders around. Rogue sometimes came and stood outside the boathouse at night, watching him silently. He'd begged her, weeping, to talk to him but she never did. He told no one and he was sure Rogue kept her little torments to herself. Logan was the only one who came to see him and Remy smiled to himself as he heard the Canadian's soft footsteps downstairs.

"Remy here." He said quietly, knowing the other man's hyper-sensitive hearing would pick it up.

Logan climbed the ladder up to the half-height attic, swung out onto the floor and frowned at Remy. "Did ya eat anythin'?"

"Oui." Remy lied. He wasn't hungry and it was easier to lie than to try to argue Logan out of forcing a steak down his throat. He'd had breakfast. And thrown it up.

Logan grunted doubtfully but didn't pursue it. Remy was sitting cross-legged on his sleeping bag, two hands of poker spread out on the dull green cover. He was losing to himself. Cheating bastard.

Logan loomed over him, huge in the small room. It made Remy uneasy but he stayed on his knees, he knew how much Loan liked a show of submission. The low light picked up a gleam from the big silver maple leaf belt buckle he wore, glittered in his deep set dark eyes and flashed briefly from his teeth when he gave Remy a wry smile. He had a coil of yellow nylon rope in one hand and Remy eyed it, swallowing.

"Want to try something different?"

Remy sprang to his feet, scattering cards, one held in his fingers like a weapon. "Non! Remy don like - si'vou plait, Logan, Remy don like bein' tied up."

Logan shook his head and tossed the rope to the startled thief. "Nah. It ain't fer you, Rem."

Remy caught the rope reflexively, half of it slithering out of his hands to pool on the floor. "Huh?"

"Y'so scared I'm gonna leave ya." Logan said with a shrug that didn't quite hide his nervousness. He nodded at the rope. "Well, that'll take care o'that won't it?"

Remy licked his lips, eyeing Logan warily. They'd never done anything like this. Sex with Logan had all been rather - vanilla. Sweet. Unexpectedly gentle, for someone as ferocious as Logan. The Canadian had taken Remy into his bed within weeks of his return from Japan and not long after Remy came back from Antarctica. Remy still wasn't sure why. They'd never been particular friends. But, Logan wanted him and - god - it was good to be wanted. By someone.

Remy had been tied up during sex before. Not because he wanted it. No. He never wanted it. But he'd never been on the other side. Never thought of tying someone up - especially a friend. A lover. And never Logan - he couldn't imagine it - Logan under his control, not the other way around. No matter how gentle Logan was with him, it was always clear who had the upper hand. Remy might be faster, he might be taller -he might be better looking - but once he was in Logan's arms, it was the Canadian who called the shots.

"Y'afraid I'm gonna hurt ya, maybe." Logan said gently. "An maybe we can get to y'dick this way. If not y' - heart."

"Logan, non." Remy said nervously. "Don w'an hurt you."

Logan looked sharply at him then shook his head. "I don't want y'hurtin' me either. Y'jus tie me up. Don't ya want t'know what it's like? Havin' me under y'control. Y'doin' what y'want w'me."

"Do w'at I wan wit you." Remy echoed with a sharp mix of nerves and disturbing desire. He'd heard those words before - oh, yes - whispered in his ear. Hissed against his skin. Heard it through ringing ears, after a beating. His hands closed tight on the nylon rope and he stared at Logan, breath quickening.

Logan was watching him through narrowed eyes and Remy saw him testing the air. Smelling him, dammit. Smelling him get hard. The Canadian smiled and pulled off his T-shirt.

"You wan dis? Remy no make you do somt'in you don wan. Remy no - forcin you. You wan to be tied up? Make y'feel t'ings?"

Logan threw his shirt aside and, amazingly, he was blushing. Too bad Remy didn't have a camera, no one would believe him. Not to mention the blackmail potential. Logan managed as stiff nod. "Yeah. I want it. Want t'try it. Want - t'see what yer like an' what I'm like when things'r - different."

Remy fingered the rope, thin and slightly stiff, it was standard climbing rope and yellow was rated at 500 psi. Logan was strong but he was no Colossus. He couldn't snap it but it certainly wasn't adamantium. "Dis no stop you. Wid dos claws it don mean anything."

Logan gave him a mildly disgusted look . "Y'ain't tellin' me y'can't figure a way to tie m'hands so I can't cut the rope? An' yer a thief?"

Remy licked his lips while his heat gave a hard, fierce thump. Logan meant this for real. No games. "Oui. Remy a t'eif. Prince o' 'T'eifs."

Logan bared his teeth in a challenging half smile and slipped off his belt and boots. Remy could feel the desire and underlying nervousness from the other man and - he liked it.

"Don take off anyt'ng else, cher." Remy said hoarsely. "Remy do it. Lie don."

Logan shoved the cards off Remy's bedroll and lay down, as he stretched out Remy saw how his cock pressed tightly against his jeans. He was already hard. Dark liquid desire uncurled in Remy's belly, the prickle of the rope, Logan's slightly fast breathing, the other man stretched out at Remy's feet like a sacrifice fed it. The thief knelt beside Logan and stretched his arms above his head.

"Don move 'em." Remy muttered. Logan had brought all 150' of the emergency rope from the Blackbird and Remy cut a more manageable section loose. He wound a couple of loops around each of Logan's wrists, carefully placing the knot where he couldn't reach it with claws or fingers. Tugged Logan's hands higher until those blunt fingers brushed the exposed pipe running from the washing machines downstairs to the solar water heater on the roof. Tied him to the pipe and knelt next to him.

Logan swallowed hard and Remy watched the bob of his throat, half hypnotized. He could feel the heat, the hunger in Logan and the uneasy shift in power between them. Remy wrapped his hands around Logan's bound wrists, leaned down and kissed him. Logan groaned, mouth opening hungrily. Remy slid his hands lazily down Logan's arms feeling the bunch of muscles as Logan strained briefly to him. Stroked his lower lip with his tongue and just plunged inside Logan's wet mouth, teeth biting and Logan was just so open. Remy panted dizzily into his mouth, licked him, rubbed his cheek against Logan's lips and felt the wet swipe of his tongue. Logan bit him gently, licked his face, everywhere he could reach, bit Remy's hair, growling.

"Cher." Remy said shakily, he rested his face against Logan's chest, listening to the fierce pounding of his heart. Combed his fingers through the dark hair under Logan's arms, damp now with sweat. Logan shifted restlessly. The rope creaked. Remy licked Logan's nearest nipple. Hummed against Logan's skin, dark hair wet from his mouth and tasted the small, half hidden button as it hardened under his tongue. Remy rubbed his lips against it, closing his eyes and in no hurry. Nipped.

"Ah - sh-shit!" Logan bucked and suddenly was fighting the ropes. Twisted, cursing and panting, straining - all those beautiful, heavy muscles working against yellow nylon. Remy, mouth watering watched. Watched the ropes hold. Felt Logan feel it. Know it. Shudder. A shudder that became a needy thrust of his hips and the denim of his jeans was visibly damp where he was leaking. "Shit, Remy - get m'pants off - god!"

"Soon e'nuf, cher." Remy purred, eyes half shut, kneeling beside Logan, his cock ached with the sheer pleasure it gave him to see Logan like this. Like champagne but - fierce. "Soon e'nuf."

He bent back over Logan's prone body, unfastening his own pants to ease the pressure on his stiff cock. Opened his mouth on Logan's skin again, stroking those small sensitive nipples with his tongue. Logan jerked once then lay still, breathing hard through his nose, quivering when Remy trailed his finges along the arch of his ribcage.

Remy traced the broad metal lined bones, then let his fingers wander up to those nipples while he moved to suck lazily on Logan's throat. Bit at the pulse hammering hard under thin skin and rough stubble. Pinched a nipple until Logan groaned and pumped his hips up helplessly.

"Ahh - cher. So good." Remy's fingers raced down Logan's sweating belly, almost dancing over the crisp hair, down to the bulge between his legs. Hot - yes - and Logan's loud groan. Yes. Remy wiggled on his knees, hot - hot - hot - he was flying on Logan's pleasure and frustration. Drinking down Logan's sighs, feeding Logan his tongue and feeling him suck and pull eagerly. Remy just ached with the feel of it. So, so good. Blood pounding behind his eyes and between his legs, Remy kneaded Logan's cock while covering the man's mouth with his own to feel the way he moaned.

Logan was lying still, fighting to control himself. Remy grinned and slithered down his body, nipping and sucking. Occasional bruises bloomed on Logan's skin only to fade seconds later. Remy unfastened Logan's jeans with deft fingers, pulling them down his hips. His cock was enormous, red and leaking steadily onto Logan's belly. Remy blew lightly across the wet head.

"Ah - shit, Remy!" Logan gasped, shuddering, arching his back and clinging desperately to his fragmenting self control. "Suck me. Suck me dammit!"

"Mmm. Remy suck you - " Remy breathed along the length of Logan's twitching cock. "Remy suck you when he want, cher."

Remy tugged on the jeans while Logan squirmed, lifting his hips to help, frantic to get his clothes off. Remy pulled the pants down his legs, ending up at Logan's feet. On impulse, he cupped a heel in his hand and lifted one of Logan's feet, licked the arch slowly. Logan yelled and twisted.

"Cher. Cher." Remy soothed, running a hand up Logan's hairy leg. Logan dropped back onto the sleeping bag, gasping.

"Ahh - Rem. Do that again -!"

Remy smiled then bit Logan's ankle, eliciting another wild cry then licked his slow way up Logan's legs, shedding his own clothes as he went. He put a hand behind one knee and pushed a leg up, running his tongue down the back of a powerful thigh. Salt and texture, dark hair thickening as he neared Logan's crotch. Muscles trembling against his mouth. Twisting ache of heat between his own legs. Needed to make Logan yell again. Make him thrash like a fish on a line. Remy's cock began a hard, demanding throb.

Scooting forward, Remy buried his face in dark hair, licked the heavy shape of Logan's balls, nuzzling with a little pleased croon. The weight of Logan in his mouth, the hot, hard shape of him and thin, delicate skin. And, oh yes, the shuddering clench of Logan's thighs on his shoulders. Remy sucked, tugged on the testicle in his mouth, licked it. Felt so good. And all on his own terms. Making Logan moan low in his throat and he hadn't even touched his cock yet.

Face buried between Logan's wide spread legs, Remy reached down and began to pull himself. He could taste Logan's heat, share his rising, frantic ache, his need to be touched. It felt so good and he was so hard, so hungry, and he loved heat between them. Remy reluctantly released Logan's balls, he could see how Logan's cock was rigid, straining and almost purple with frustration. Looking up he saw sweat gleaming on Logan's chest and how he clutched desperately at the pipe he was tied to. The muscles in Logan's belly and thighs were trembling.

Remy wiggled up Logan's body, rubbing himself cat-like against him. When their cocks brushed together, Remy moaned and Logan cried out. The Canadian ground up against the slight thief straddling him. Remy braced himself and rocked on Logan's hips, grinning down at him wickedly. Logan was so big, so hot. He moved his hips in little circles, dragging his balls over Logan's cock, feeling the tight, rapid throb against his scrotum.

Logan's was panting and his eyes glassy and Remy couldn't resist dipping down and kissing that open mouth. "So beautiful, cher."

"Remy - Remy, god y'killin me." Logan groaned, he braced himself on the pipe and arched up, thrusting hard under Remy. Remy grinned and rode those bucking hips.

"What a way to go, non? You - like dis."

"Yes.yesyesyessssss - grrraaah." Logan hissed, words dissolving into incoherent noises. Hungry noises. Desperate noises and Remy wanted those noises. Wanted to hear them, wanted to make them, wanted to make Logan make them.

And he ached to have that cock inside him. Ached for it. Suddenly, he couldn't wait anymore, couldn't tease anymore. He had to have Logan in him. With shaking fingers, Remy searched for the tube of lubricant, fumbled it open, dropping the cap on Logan's chest and squeezed a cold dollop of gel onto his fingers. Logan was watching him with wide, stunned eyes.

"Remy need - need you." Remy gasped, resting his forehead on Logan's heaving chest. He reached back and pushed his slippery fingers into his anus. Groaned and shuddered at the stretch, the small ache, and the visceral curl of pleasure. "Remy gonna ride your cock, cher."

Beneath him, Logan snarled and arched up, hips hitching uncontrollably beneath Remy in his savage need to take the slender body astride him. He subsided, growling softly and watching Remy closely as the thief worked himself open for Logan's cock.

Panting, Remy rose up on his knees, pulling his fingers from his anus with a hiss. He reached down and grabbed Logan's swollen shaft, stroked it briefly with slick fingers then shifted so the wide head was pressed gently against his hole. Logan was growling constantly now, brown eyes dilated so wide they looked black. He arched, trying to force his cock into Remy but the thief rose with the motion, keeping Logan where he was and no deeper.

Logan growled like a dog and Remy stared down at him, panting. The Canadian's biceps were bunched and straining as he jerked repeatedly against the nylon rope. His hips pumped with each jerk of his arms. His chest rose and fell rapidly and his snarls were rising in volume and frustration. His eyes were - savage - and fixed on Remy as if the thief was the only thing left in his world. Remy shivered, caught between the fearful realization of how dangerous Logan was in this state and a wondering discovery of his own power. He could make Logan feel this way. Him. Remy.

With a moan, Remy's back arched and he pressed down on Logan's cock. Kneeling over Logan, with knees spread wide, he was open and eager. Logan's dripping head popped quickly into his ass. Remy's breath caught in a little delighted sound, completely drowned out by Logan's wild howl.

Logan bucked under the Cajun, driving himself deeper. Remy cried out at the sharp pleasure, then braced his hands on Logan's chest. He rocked, still in control despite Logan's violent bucking, and eased Logan's cock all the way in. Remy sat on Logan's hips, impaled on his wonderful cock. Logan howled again, drawing his knees up for leverage and heaved up under Remy.

"Ahhhn - cher - !" Remy cried at the strike of Logan's cock. Wonderful, so intense it brought tears to his red eyes. God, he couldn't remember when it had felt this good. Logan was a wild animal under him - his wild animal - bucking like a bull in rut. Remy threw his head back, braced his hands on Logan's thighs and rode the Canadian like he was riding a galloping horse.

Beneath him, Logan was bucking and twisting, howling at the top of his lungs. He slammed his cock fiercely hard into Remy's slick hole - the wet smacking noises getting faster and wilder - totally out of control. Remy dug his fingers into Logan's legs, unconsciously drawing blood, and arched back to meet those wonderfully deep thrusts. His wailing cries were rising in volume to match Logan as the spiking pleasure made him writhe, loving the mad throb of Logan's cock. He pushed down, wanting it deeper. Deeper. Deeper. Deeper . Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes -

Suddenly, Logan arched like a bow, roared gutturally and convulsed. Hot come spurted deep inside Remy's body. Remy, lifted off the floor by Logan's violent surge, screamed in response. Ribbons of come spattered over Logan's chest and neck as the thief came violently, clenching hard around Logan's pulsing cock. Logan gave a final maddened cry as Remy's spasms squeezed his sensitive cock and collapsed onto the sleeping bag with an exhausted groan.

Remy slumped down onto Logan's heaving chest. Struggling to catch his breath, he felt Logan's twitching cock slipping slowly from his ass. Remy groaned and managed to slither up Logan's sweat slick body to pull the quick release on the rope. He kissed Logan and opened his eyes to stare worriedly down at the Canadian when he got no response.


Logan's eyes were closed, his face slack in exhaustion and a sort of dazed ecstasy. Remy could sense his floating euphoria - was rather feeling that way himself. After a moment, Remy's voice seemed to penetrate and Logan blinked slowly up at him. He said something incoherent, moved his arms, blinked again then put them around Remy, holding him hard. The yellow nylon rope still trailed from his wrists, brushing against Remy's back and they both shivered. This close, Remy could see how Logan's still glassy eyes dilated a little at the feel of the rope, then Logan's big hand was tangled in his hair and pulling his head down. A warm mouth met his, kissing him eagerly and repeatedly. Remy clutched the wide shoulders, feeling how the muscles still trembled. Logan's heart was beating so hard, Remy could feel it slamming against his body as he rested on top of the bigger man.

"Okay cher?"

"Oh, y- yeah - yeah." Logan muttered after a few moments. "Okay."

Remy nestled his head on the other man's shoulder and sighed. Logan stroked his back, the nylon rope trailing ticklishly across his skin. He never wanted to move. He was finally warm.