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Part 11


Remy tried not to cry. Cold and frightened and sore - hands wrenched behind his back and bound in plastic, choking in the musty smell from the canvas bag over his head - he tried not to cry, terrified of attracting the attention of his captors.

He'd never seen it coming. Hadn't heard a thing. Minding his own business only to be taken down, some stinking sack thrown over his head, bound hand and foot and dragged into a long abandoned house by - someone. He didn't know why. The thief knew no one would come looking for him, still he prayed for a miracle, a rescue. Someone to save him.

He twisted his wrists in the plastic pull-ties, struggling till he bled. No locks to pick, no rope to slip out of. When he heard noises outside the room he'd been dumped into like so much garbage, Remy froze again. At first nothing seemed to be happening, a low voiced conversation even his sharp ears couldn't overhear then shouting and the crash and shatter of wood breaking. A gunshot. Remy flinched, biting his lip. The door opened and he cringed as best he could, bound as he was.

"Christ!" Someone rasped then there were heavy footsteps approaching. When hands pulled him away from the wall, he couldn't help but cry out in fear, heart racing.

"Shh - dammit, kid shuddup!" The voice hissed, rough and heavy - like the hands. "There still some out there. Don't need to be fightin' my way through the whole fuckin' army."

Remy felt the cool touch of a blade on his wrists, then his hands were free. He hauled desperately at the hood while his feet were cut loose. He was in some tiny, disused room full of broken furniture and dust. It was quite dark, he couldn't see much of his rescuer except the broad outline of his shoulders. The man looked to be wearing the same uniform as the soldiers who'd captured him and Remy drew uncertainly away.

The man looked up and grinned, the thief could tell by the brief glitter of his teeth. "Take it easy."

"Who - who are you?"

"Call me - Patch. And that' all t'time we got for introductions. Come on, kid, if ya want outa here."

"Oh, Oui." Remy scrambled to his feet then staggered. Patch grunted and pulled him close, Remy had to lean heavily on him, limping and praying the man wouldn't just abandon him because he was slow. "S-sorry, Monsieur. De bindings were to tight."

Patch only shook his head and Remy leaned into the man's strength, swallowing. He was warm too, and Remy was grateful for the man's bulk as they slunk out of the tiny boathouse and away from prying eyes. It was raining, lightly but steadily and Patch nodded in satisfaction. He was so tired that the soldier had to practically carry him the last mile or so deep into light woodland. Patch put him down in the dubious shelter of a pine.

Shivering, Remy stared up at the big man staring down at him, fists on hips. Patch was older in an ageless kind of way, broad shoulders, deep chested, solid and short. He had dark, unkempt hair and a scruffy beard - a namesake black patch covered his left eye. His uniform looked worn, lived in. Kind of like Patch himself. Remy dropped his eyes nervously.

"Huh. Y'look like y'freezin' there, kid. What's yer name anyway?"

"Remy, M. Patch."

"Fine. Here." His rescuer hauled off his jacket and dropped it onto of the startled thief. Heat still radiated from it and Remy shivered harder. Patch was left in a rather stained T-shirt, his web belt held a holstered gun and a couple of clips was well as the usual small pouches soldiers used to carry everything from condoms to palm grenades.

"But - you'll be c-cold, Monsieur. Remy can't -"

"Don't worry about, bub. Yer as skinny as a rail, I got more paddin' then you - and a chest full a hair t'keep me warm." Patch's voice was amused and suddenly he sounded warm and friendly and protective instead of harsh and threatening. Remy put the canvas coat on, hugging it to his body and smiled shyly up at the man who'd saved him. The answering smile was clearer in the cloudy night, rough but honest.

"Let's see -" Patch dug around in the shrubbery and pulled out a backpack with a grunt. Remy cursed his weakness but was just to tired to help as the other man put up a tiny, one man tent and dug out a miniscule fire pit. "Come on, kid. Get your ass over here and warm up."

"Lemme see yer hands."

Remy held out his hands and Patch pushed his ragged sleeves up, frowning at the bruises and lacerations.

"Y'shouldn't fight that crap. Heat makes it shrink in length - tightens it up." Patch began to clean his wounds, Remy bit his lip at the sting of antiseptic. The soldier's hands were big, heavy, dark hair dusted the backs of his fingers but they were very gentle. Sudden tears stung Remy's eyes and he turned his face away, embarrassed. It wasn't because it hurt. He just - couldn't remember the last time someone had touched him gently. "Hey - y'okay there kid?"

Remy breathed deep. "Oui. Jus - tired."

"Yeah, I can see that. Yer soaked too and filthy. Get outta that shit and into the tent."

"De fire's warm, Monsieur Patch." Remy huddled as close as he could, wrinkling his nose at the smoke. "Remy cold."

The man sighed. "The heat ain't gonna carry and I gotta put it out as soon as I get some food warmed up. I'm sorry kid, its to dangerous to leave it."

Remy held his shivering hands out. "Remy stay here till it's gone, den."

"Fine. But get outta that shit. Wrap up in this - the wet clothes'll make y'colder than being naked. Stuff so full o'holes it ain't doin you any good anyway."

Remy grabbed the blanket, wrapped it around himself and skinned out of his filthy clothes. Patch busied himself with heating up some instant soup and freeze dried coffee but Remy caught him glancing over more than once.

The thief settled cross-legged next to the fire, accepting a cup of hot soup and sipping gratefully. His stomach growled nosily and Patch smirked.

"Yer stomach's gonna be changin' its mind when that crap hits it."

"It's good, Monsieur Patch." Remy said bravely. Even though he couldn't recall the last time he'd eaten, it tasted horrible. But it was hot and calories and he ate it all.

Patch snorted, drinking his own soup and staring into the fire.

Remy watched the light play on the harsh, unhandsome features. He was alone with this man, this stranger. He'd never seen the soldier before, he didn't know why he'd bothered to rescue him or why he'd deserted his own army. But Remy wasn't afraid. He glanced out into the darkness and shivered, unconsciously edging closer to Patch who glanced at him briefly but didn't move away. He felt safe with Patch. Safe for the first time in a - very long time - secure, sheltered.

"Want some chocolate?" Patch asked after a comfortable silence watching the flickering firelight.

"Oh, Oui - s'v plait."

Patch chuckled at his eagerness and Remy blushed, hoping the firelight would hide it. Patch laughed again, but not mockingly. He dug out a military issue chocolate bar, snapped it in half and gave a piece to Remy. Remy felt a tremor in Patch's fingers as they touched. Remy met Patch's dark eyes and watched a faint flush color the man's face. His rescuer pulled away as if burned and turned back to the fire.

Remy ate the chocolate, eyes half closed in bliss, thinking hard.

He thought about Patch and the gentleness in his touch. The tiny tent and the way it would feel to be sheltered by the big man's body. How long it had been since anyone had held him. He wondered what it would feel like - Remy stole another glance at Patch and the way the damp T-shirt clung to his shoulders. The man was strong, very strong and big. Remy blushed suddenly again, wondering if Patch was big - everywhere. The slim thief's breathing caught a little as he realized he wanted to know the answer. Patch's gaze flicked quickly to him and away again as the man's nostrils flared.

"Monsieur -"

"M'name's Patch. Ain't nobody's sir."

"Patch, Oui." Remy murmured. He scooted a little closer, biting his lip as Patch shifted, hoping the other man wouldn't pull away. "Patch - why you take Remy wid you when you - left?"

The man snorted rudely. "Deserted y'mean."


"Cause I heard they'd caught ya and I heard - other things as well." Patch shifted uncomfortably, avoiding Remy's eyes. "And I wasn't gonna leave no one t'that."

Remy swallowed. "Remy - very grateful, Patch."

Patch nodded and Remy leaned in those last few inches and kissed him awkwardly. The man jerked away and Remy drew back, scared.

"Ya don't have ta screw me t'thank me!" The man snapped, clearly offended. "Ya think I'm like them?"

Remy flushed, stammering. He was grateful, thankful that Patch had saved him and, if Patch had asked, he would have paid his debt to the man with his body. But Patch wasn't that kind of man, to demand that kind of payback. And that only made the thief want him more. "N-non. Dats not why - Remy *want* to, Patch. Remy t'ankful, Oui but not a whore."

Patch dropped back down, staring hard at him. "Y'gotta be outa yer head. Y'got plenty o'better prospects in the world besides some washed up deserter."

Remy lifted his chin arrogantly. "Remy choose who he want. You not washed up an' if you left de army - dat's only common sense! Better dan ending up dead in a ditch de next time the enemy come, eh?"

Patch shook his head. "Fucking stupid war."

Remy leaned close. "Remy don care 'bout de war. An' Remy know you an honorable man. An - right now, Remy don care about any o dat. He just - wan kiss you again."

Patch stared hard at him for a long moment and Remy swallowed, his courage nearly deserting him. "Okay."

Patch gently drew him closer, tucking Remy against his chest. The thief snuggled close, knowing he was blushing again, unable to help it.

Patch tipped his face up, thumb stroking briefly across his lip, Remy's heart picked up. "Y'sure 'bout this?"

"Oui. S'v plait. Oui."

Patch kissed him, just the lightest touch at first. Remy untangled an arm from the blanket, letting it slide down in instinctive seduction, and clung to the man's shoulders. Patch's grip tightened, his mouth pressed harder, parting to let the man's tongue touch Remy's lips. The thief shivered, a little cold, a little nervous and opened his mouth. Salt, coffee and chocolate and Patch's tongue stroked inside him. He nibbled gently on the thief's lower lip and Remy moaned.

He tried to kiss back, cheeks flaming, hoping Patch couldn't tell his inexperience. He stroked the nape of Patch's neck then pressed his fingers in the thick, dark hair. His heart was pounding so loudly he was sure Patch could hear it. And he was hard. Remy squirmed, he'd never felt so exited, not without touching himself. And they'd only begun.

After a breathless, timeless while, Patch pulled back a little, smiling at Remy's clutch and soft protests. "Lets get in the tent, kid. It's gonna start rainin' again and I sure as hell don't want ya bein' cold."

"Ah - okay, Oui."

Patch unzipped the door and Remy slithered in, opening the single sleeping bag and spreading it on the canvas floor of the tent. He glanced around and paused. Patch was stripping quickly outside where there was room, the firelight highlighted the ripple of muscle, the hard strength of arms and thighs and chest. Dark hair shadowed the heavy pecs, spilled down Patch's belly, fuzzed the outline of his thighs and arms. Remy's gaze fell to the man's cock and he flushed, both frightened and exited. Patch was half hard but already large and thick, with more to come. Heavy, hairy balls were nestled between his thighs and the thief's fingers itched to touch them, weigh them in his hands. The head of Patch's cock looked like some exotic fruit, flushed and thin skinned and delicate.

Remy's wiped his mouth unconsciously as his cock jerked in startling response to the sight of the other man. Patch caught him looking and grinned, standing for a moment more to let him look his fill. "Like what y'seein' kid?"

"Oui. Come inside, s'v plait." Remy hesitated and colored again. "Remy want - to touch you."

"Sounds good to me."

Patch crawled inside and the tent was immediately to small. Remy squirmed aside and the big man lay on his side next to him, so close that Remy could feel the brush of his legs against his own and his soft breathing. Shy again, Remy lowered his eyes, finding himself looking at the man's chest and the small nipples hidden in the dark curls. He wondered what all that hair would feel like.

"Y'wanna give me some o'that blanket, kid?" Patch rumbled gently. "It's the only one we got."

"S-sorry, M. Patch." Remy hurriedly untangled himself and draped part of the army issue blanket over the other man. They were even closer now, touching along their bodies and Remy shuddered at the warmth and ticklish brush of Patch's body hair.

"Just Patch."

"Den jus Remy, eh?"

"Remy." Patch said, gently brushing the overlong bangs out of Remy's face. "Pretty name. Y'ever do this before?"

Caught, Remy went red and shook his head. "Wan dis though. Remy wan dis - a - a lot."

Patch chuckled and shifted and Remy gasped. "Figured that out. We'll go slow, kid - Remy. Don't worry 'bout nothin. Ol Patch is gonna treat you good."

Patch shifted closer and what had been a light touch against Remy's cock became the press of the man's thigh between his legs. Remy shifted, put an arm around Patch's shoulders. They kissed some more. Remy discovered he was rubbing against the man and whimpering into his mouth. He pulled back and pressed his burning face to Patch's shoulder, wondering if he was being too greedy. Patch groaned and ran a hand down Remy's back. The thief, breathing rapidly, licked the skin under his mouth. Tasting salt, feeling warm skin, feeling the urgency in the other man Remy rocked again, responding to the exploring hands on his back, panting, exited. Wanting more. He didn't care if he was being greedy.

He could feel how hard Patch was, he seemed huge against Remy's belly. He leaned back, pushing at the blanket - Remy didn't feel cold now. "Wan look at you, homme."

Patch rolled onto his back with a grunt, grinning. "Go ahead, I'm all yours."

Remy met his eyes and smiled. "D'accord."

He was big. Thick and hard, Remy touched him shyly - running his hand down the throbbing length. Patch groaned, chest heaving at the tentative touch. The thief grinned. Remy cradled the furred scrotum, feeling the weight and heat of it. He stroked up the man's belly, petting his chest. Touched a nipple and watched Patch bite his lip. The man's hands were fisted in the blanket. Impulsively, Remy leaned down and licked at the small spot, Patch gasped sharply and clutched at his head. The cock in his fist twitched and throbbed hard.

Remy played his way down Patch's body. With a hesitant glance up at the other man's face - Patch had propped himself on his elbows to watch Remy explore - Remy touched his lips to the head of the man's rigid cock. It was hot.

"Ahhh - kid - kid."

"Remy s'v plait." He murmured, letting his lips brush along the shaft as he spoke and smiling as Patch shuddered. "Dis okay?"

"Oh, god - Remy. Y'gotta ask?"

He didn't really. Every time he touched his lips to the cock riding Patch's heaving belly, it twitched and Patch made a sound somewhere between a groan and a growl. Remy licked curiously at the drop of fluid seeping from the head and decided he liked the taste. He licked the velvety head again, heard Patch groan, then opened his mouth to suck it in.

"Jesus -" Patch gasped, his hand came heavy on the back of Remy's head, grabbing his hair. The other man didn't push, only held him and panted noisily as Remy sucked awkwardly. He tried a little tongue play and Patch's hips jerked, the head rocked deeper in and Remy sucked, bobbing his head slightly, stroking the rest of the shaft with his free hand.

Remy's eyes drifted shut. This was - nice. It was something everyone made nasty jokes about but - he liked it. He could feel Patch's pulse on his tongue, taste the pre-cum oozing into his mouth. It made him feel - close and good - and he could tell how much Patch liked it. The man didn't seem to care that Remy didn't know what he was doing. The little tent was intimate and the quiet rain blended in to the soft sucking sounds he was making. Patch's rumbling moans were occasional counterpoint. Remy balanced himself on his knees and reached down to touch his own neglected cock.

"Mn - Remy - let me do that." Patch mumbled and pushed his hand away. The warm grip made Remy gasp around Patch's cock. The other man explored between his legs for a moment, fingertips massaging his balls - Remy hicced and squirmed at the touch - thumb rubbing his wet head then settled into a gentle, slow stroke that echoed the slow movements of Remy's mouth on Patch's cock.

"Mmmmm." Remy murmured around the thick shaft.

"S-good, huh?" Patch whispered. "Y'like that?"

Remy made some noise he hoped Patch would take for agreement. He felt so good like this, he didn't want to stop what he was doing to talk.

It was good to just feel. Remy sucked and rocked, unaware of the muffled moans he was making. Patch responded by increasing the wonderful friction and the thief was thrusting into the warm hand on him with the other tangled in his hair and the vulnerable throb in his mouth - Remy cried out, startled by the sudden sweet rush as he came all over Patch's fingers and the blanket.

Patch laughed and gently tugged Remy up to lie next to him. "Yer a real treasure, kid."

"Remy - remember, cher?" The thief reached down and trailed a fingertip down Patch's cock. "Don - you want Remy go on?"

He wondered with sudden, horrible embarrassment, if he'd been doing something wrong. Patch smiled and kissed him gently.

"We got all the time in the world, kid."

"Remy -"

The soldier smiled again and licked Remy's cum off his fingers, his eyes closed partway, rumbling softly to himself. Patch caught Remy's suprised expression and raised his brows questioningly.


Remy ducked his head, petting Patch's chest. "Din t'ink you - like dat."

"Huh? Like what?" Patch wound a lock of Remy's hair around a finger and tugged until the thief was looking at him again. "Cocksucker?"

Remy avoided the man's eyes, swallowing, and nodded uncertainly.

"You liked it - didn't ya Remy? The taste o'me in yer mouth?"

"Oui but - " Remy shrugged. "Dat's me. Everyone t'ink I do dat anyway. Like de soldiers - "

Patch rolled Remy under him with a wicked chuckle. "Well, this soldier is a cocksucker from way back, kid. And I want more than just a taste o'ya."

Patch tipped Remy's head back and bit his pulse point. Moved to nip along his collarbone, licked slowly back up his throat and then darted the tip of his tongue into Remy's ear, making him jump and yelp. Patch chuckled. "Yer a beauty."

By the time the soldier had made his way down to Remy's cock, the thief's erection was eagerly reviving. He hung onto the man's thick black hair and groaned repeatedly. It felt like Patch had bit and sucked and licked every inch of skin between his chin and his cock. Patch tickled the head of his cock with his tongue and Remy cried out, arching up.

"Ah - wait - s'v plait!" Remy gasped, still oversensitive. Patch growled a little but moved to lick his balls instead of continuing to play with his cock.

The thief's thighs were pressed to Patch's shoulders, the man's big hands slid down to the backs of his knees and lifted his legs slightly. Remy stared at the canvas ceiling wide eyed with shock as Patch's tongue wormed its way under his scrotum, exploring lower, wet - warm.

"Oh, Dieu! Patch - what - s'v plait! Non! Yes - don stop!"

Remy arched, clawed at the blankets as Patch tongued him. The man lifted his head with a grin.

"Y'okay there, Remy?"

"Mon Dieu. Dieu - dat - dat so good." Remy moaned, flushing. But it was true. He was hard now, achingly hard and it had been because of what the man was *doing*, because of the press of his tongue *inside*. Inside. Dieu, inside and Patch was doing it again. Doing it more, pushing his tongue in and out, rough stubble adding to the quickly growing tension in his balls and cock.

When Patch pulled away, Remy clutched his hair and begged for more.

"Y'sure kid?" Patch's voice was low and serious. "Cause there's a lot more - if ya want that."

Remy panted, Patch took his hands and kissed his fingers.

"I want ya, Remy. Bad. But I ain't gonna do somethin' ya don't want. I ain't gonna scare ya. There's so many things we can do. All kinds of things."

Remy licked his lips. "Don - Remy not - sure, cher. Never don dis. Is - it gonna hurt?"

Patch's gaze flickered. "Ain't gonna lie. It'll hurt some but I can get ya real ready for it. Open y'up. But it'll hurt - just a little, kid. Then it'll feel real good. The way y'were humpin' my face - y'd like it, my cock in ya."

Remy felt his face heat. Patch smiled down at him and stroked a spit slick fingertip over his asshole. Remy moaned, knees drawing up instinctivly. The man pressed in slowly, it felt - strange - awkward. But it didn't hurt. Then with a quick grin, Patch twisted inside him and pressed *something* and a ripple of pleasure shot through the thief, making him cry out and jump. Patch did it again and it was just as good as the first time. Remy pushed eagerly against the man's hand. Two fingers felt even better.

It took several tries for Patch to get his attention.

"Give me yer hand." He said gruffly. Remy did so without question. There hadn't been a single thing Patch had done that he hadn't loved. The soldier sucked on Remy's fingers, with two of his own still buried inside. "Gonna show ya somethin' good."

"Get to much better, cher, and it's gon be over."

Patch laughed softly. He brought Remy's hand down, withdrawing his own fingers, he guided Remy's fingers into his own asshole.

"Feel that?" Patch whispered. "How tight you are there? How hot?"

Remy nodded, pushing in deeper, surprised at how good it felt. Both ways. Touching himself like this - it was like jacking off from the inside and the way it felt around his fingers. "Dieu."

"Yeah." Then Patch's finger was there, pushing in him too. Guiding him - deep and then Remy moaned softly, rocking down onto the press and trembling at the sweet roll of pleasure. He rubbed himself there more - encouraged by Patch's hand. The man bent over, kissing and licking his cock while they both finger fucked his ass. "Feel it. Feel how good it is. So slick. So tight. God - Remy - I want my cock in there so bad. Can I fuck you?"

"Oh, oui. Oh - oui. S'v pliat. Feel so good, me. Want more." Remy rocked, up against the soft mouth on his cock, down onto his own probing fingers. "Fuck me, Patch. Want you in me like dat."

Patch groaned and withdrew despite Remy's half coherent protests. "Turn on yer stomach, Remy. Its - easier that way, the first time."

Remy rolled over and pressed his face to the musty blanket, nervous again. Patch had said it would hurt. But it felt so good now - and Patch had promised it would feel even better later. But it would hurt first. Remy whimpered when Patch's hand moved on his ass, spreading his cheeks.

It was more of the same, Patch's fingers inside him, pushing insistently. Stretching him. Remy squirmed, cock rubbing on the coarse wool. Started to push back, Patch's hand on his ass guiding him. "Now? Now? Dieu -"

"Okay, kid. Take it easy. There's plenty."

"Remy scared." He said suddenly in a small voice. Patch bent and kissed his shoulders.

"Sss - gonna be okay, Remy. Gonna be fine."

Patch's hands, holding him, opening him and then pressure - strong pressure. Scary. Remy whimpered and tried to writhe away but he was pinned in place by those steel hard hands. And the ache sharpened, was pain - was hurting him and sliding in so *slowly* - splitting him in two.

"Dieu - Merde - Patch!" Remy cried, tears starting to his eyes. "Hurts - !"

"I know - " Patch's voice was strained, harsh and his hands were brusinglyl tight. "I know, darlin' it'll be okay. Just breathe fer me. C'mon kid. C'mon Remy. Y'doin' so good. God - so good -"

There was an unbearable moment then Patch was pressed tight to him, groaning. Remy whined, it felt like he was going to just explode, over full and stretched wide. Patch's heart was thumping hard against his back and the burn of his stretched asshole throbbed in the same rhythm. He was feeling Patch's cock pulse - inside him. All the way inside him. The furred press against his ass was the man's balls, nestled against him. Remy managed to open his eyes, Patch's hand was fisted in the blanket, white knuckled with strain. He blinked and reached to touch the man's hand, stroked it. The desperate grip eased and Patch gasped into Remy's hair.

"Okay - y'okay, kid?"

"Remy." He whispered. "Sore - "

"Yeah." Patch breathed and nuzzled the nape of his neck. "S'gonna ease up."

"You so big in me."

"Yup. It'll be good." Patch panted hard for a few moments, Remy felt his stomach muscles clench as he fought the impulse to thrust. Waiting. They were both waiting and Remy slowly discovered that holding still was driving him nuts. He needed to move. Had to move. The motionless pressure and anticipation was maddening.

"Patch - cher - " He finally whined and shifted, pushing back and crying out. Pushed again anyway. The soldier groaned raggedly, lifted off him and the burning slide was impossible. Remy followed, hips lifting to echo Patch's movements. They were moving together - Patch was fucking him, shallow, gentle thrusts. The burn was still there but somehow changed in feel. It was a good heat now, making the thief sweat, making him hard again. Making him grind back for more.

"Yeah, darlin' Yeah - c'mon - yeah." Patch was chanting softly in his ear. "God, y'so damn hot."

"H-hot." Remy echoed. "More - harder, cher. Remy want more."

"I got what y'need, baby. I got it." Patch crooned, pumping faster.

The quick broad stroke had Remy writhing, clinging to the blanket as if he was going to fall off. He arched back, bracing himself on his hands and knees and drove himself back to meet the increasingly hard thrusts. Moaning Patch's name, Remy spread his knees wide, aching - burning - *needing*. And Patch was giving him what he needed. Deep and strong and good.

"Oh, baby - oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Baby - yeah - yeah - yeah - yeah -!" Patch cried out, louder and louder as they met. His hand snuck under Remy to grab his straining cock, jacking him hard and quick, timing it to the thrust of his cock. Remy wailed, jerking and shuddering and coming - coming - exploding all over, crying out in shock as his ass spasmed hard around Patch. That last moment of pain lost in Patch's shout and the staggering thrust of his hips and the pulse of his cum inside Remy's body.

The soldier's weight anchored him. Remy shuddered under Patch, panting hard, eyes closed. The cock was still in him, throbbing and twitching and making him jump and squirm at the sensations. And he was sore. But it felt good - like he'd worked hard and won something. Remy pulled Patch's hand to his mouth and kissed the knuckles. He felt Patch kiss his ear.

"Good?" Patch murmured. "Ya liked it?"

"Dieu - when can Remy have dat again?"

Patch chuckled and they both groaned at the feel. The soldier lifted off, rolling to the side and spooning against Remy's back before the thief had any chance to protest the lost contact. It was still raining, pretty hard now and they lay quietly and listened to it fall on the canvas roof.

Remy was dozing when he heard a familiar jingle. He opened his eyes, lying quietly as Logan fitted the cat collar back on his wrist. He kissed it, then twisted around to kiss his boss. Logan had gotten rid of the eyepatch, he ran a hand down Remy's back and squeezed his ass possessively.

"Boss." Remy murmured, settling his head against the man's shoulder and sighing contentedly.

"Remy -"


"Why'd ya want that scene?" Logan asked. "The soldier - all that."

Remy swallowed and pressed his face to Logan's neck for a moment, gathering his courage. "Remy wanted - wanted to be rescued, cher. Wanted someone to rescue him. Come for him. And - he want - he want - a first time dat be a - g-good t'ing. Caring t'ing. Friendly. Somet'ing dat he choose."

Logan arms tightened around him, crushing him to the man's big chest. His voice rough and the Canadian had to clear his throat before he could start. "I ain't gonna let you go. I an't gonna let no one catch ya. You don't got worry about that no more. I got ya now and no one's gonna hurt ya again. Not ever again."

Remy closed his eyes. "Remy know dat now cher. He know."



Part 12


Logan paused on the tiny porch and smiled. Remy was laughing. The Florida sun was setting; pink and gold and orange and the tide was coming in about 200 yards away from the decrepit beach cottage Logan had rented for a couple of weeks. Remy was flicking cards in his practiced fingers, showing a couple of local kids how to play three-card Monty. The sunset glowed in his hair which had lightened in the sun to a true auburn and his skin had taken a sweet golden tan. The dark glasses didn't look unusual here. He'd practically had to kidnap his boy to get him to come down here now he wasn't sure if he'd be able to pry the brat off the beach to go home.

"Ya wanna eat, brat?"

"Oui, boss. Jus a minute, s'v plait."

Away from the prying eyes of caring friends and suspicious ex-girlfriends, the pair had dropped their play names into everyday conversation. No one here would suspect anything but affectionate nicknames. No one here knew who they were, what they were, or anything but that they paid their bills and wanted privacy and liked cheap beer. Logan knew that the team suspected he and Remy were 'in a relationship' as Scott might say and taking off for a couple of weeks like this had pretty much clinched the rumors. But no one - except Marie - suspected what kind. He wasn't looking forward to that revelation but he knew it was going to come, sooner or later. He wanted to give Remy a little break before the shit hit the fan again. Marie had been back at the mansion for a couple of months now and Logan could feel how much it bothered his boy. They had to talk and - Logan had some other plans too. It had been time for a vacation.

Logan shrugged and headed down the beach. The boy would catch up. Soon enough he heard the jingle of the bell on his boy's wrist as the thief trotted after him. Remy brushed against him, a silent plea for touch and Logan smiled indulgently and slung an arm around his narrow waist. He gave the boy's ass a squeeze in passing, satisfied with the feel of sleek muscle. Remy had even put on a little weight. Since most of the time the brat looked like a strong wind would blow him over, Logan was pretty happy with the extra flesh. Gave him more to play with.

Remy settled in against his side with a sigh, lighting up and absentmindedly offering Logan a cigarette. The Canadian waved it off. They walked silently to the small, not very impressive looking Chinese restaurant perched on an old pier. It had the best seafood for miles. Logan was in the mood for another go-round with the whole crab in black bean sauce.

"Dis been a good day." Remy sat back, flinging an arm over the back of the booth. The bell on his bracelet jingled cheerfully.

"Yeah." Logan glanced out the window at the local boats coming in with the tide. "Maybe the X-men need a Florida branch. We could set everything up - all official and shit."

Remy snorted. "Donno, dis a retirement state eh? Maybe we start de first mutant retirement community. Magneto and Wheels - dey get adjoining suites eh? And one of those little, barking dogs dat look like hairy rats. We put Jean and Scotty up in der own little cabin and der grandkids come visit and wait for the will to be read."

Logan closed his eyes, grinning as he imagined Chuck and Magneto arguing their politics, complaining about the price of prunes and threatening each other with their walkers. He and Remy argued about how they'd allot the rooms and how to keep Jean from cheating at shuffle board.

"Here - " Logan finger fed bits of the crab to his boy, watching the flush on his pretty cheeks. The thief didn't refuse. If anyone else in the small restaurant was bothered, no one said a word. Remy's soft lips brushed Logan's finger, stirring his blood. Remy tickled the pad of Logan's thumb with this tongue with an innocent expression beneath the dark glasses. Logan gave him a predatory smile and watched the boy's breathing pick up as Remy realized his boss had something planned.

They walked back in the cool blue darkness, a bit of fog was coming in and Remy began to shiver. Logan gave him his flannel shirt and rubbed the boy's arms briskly. The thief pulled off his glasses and his red eyes caught Logan, as they always did. He slid an arm around Remy and pulled him close.

"Yer beautiful." He growled, feeling stupid with affection. He nipped at Remy's chin and growled possessively. "An mine."

"Oui, boss." Remy murmured, tipping his head back without hesitation. "Yours."

Logan bit down on the soft skin just under his pet's jawline, drawing blood with his sharp teeth. Remy whimpered in pleasure. The thief shifted, grinding against Logan. The Canadian worked his hand down the back of Remy's cream colored linen pants to stroke his bare ass. Maybe he'd fuck the boy here, to get them started. But they weren't alone. Logan lifted his head with a soft, threatening growl as quiet voices carried to his ears on the wind. There were other couples out in the night, walking along the beach, their heads close together. Logan gave Remy's ass one last squeeze and they walked back to the little beach cottage.

Remy stripped quickly and without a word while Logan dropped into the couch. He watched as his pet started a fire in the tiny stove - the only source of heat in the two room cottage - and lit up a last cigar. Remy knelt beside the stove, hands folded behind his back, knees slightly spread to display his harnessed cock and waited for Logan's orders. The Canadian watched the boy's shivers ease as the cabin warmed up, feeling a kind of deep aching satisfaction at the sight of Remy like that - naked and submissive and waiting. The boy had been sweet the entire vacation. Logan had to punish him only once, when he'd complained at the lack of television or phone. Since then his wicked boy had been an angel.

"C'mere pet." Logan demanded, spreading is knees and tapping his thigh. Remy moved to kneel between Logan's legs, resting his head on the Canadian's heavy thigh. Logan stroked his hair as the boy sighed and settled down. He glanced down to see the thief looking solemnly - and disobediently - up at him, red eyes shining in the dark like a cat's. Logan tapped his nose sharply and drew Remy's face to his crotch. Smiling he leaned back and relaxed as the boy nuzzled at the fly of his jeans, licking and mouthing the denim. "That's my good boy."

Remy made a throaty little sound in response to the praise and snuggled closer.

"Calling in m'marker, pet."

"Mmf?" Remy tried to life his face from his boss' crotch but Logan held him firmly.

"Didn't tell ya t'stop." Logan shifted, tucking one leg loosely around his pet, holding him in place. "Fer yer little scene last month. Callin' that in and yer gonna do something fer me. Not that y'got a choice anyway, pet."

Remy made some kind of muffled agreement, biting the fly of Logan's jeans then moving to suck at the tight bulge along his thigh. Logan groaned, hand tightening on Remy's head.

"Gonna give you a spankin'." Logan said. Remy froze.

This time, Logan let the boy up. The boy was flushed and his lips were moist and slightly swollen from working on the rough fabric.

"Boss? But - Remy been good, oui? Been a bon boy?"

"Uh-hu." Logan ruffled his hair and smiled reassuringly. He was beginning to hurt with anticipation and response to the boy's play but he had to go easy. The brat was so skittish. "You been good. This ain't a punishment."

Remy dropped his eyes. "Gon feel like a punishment to Remy."

Logan frowned. "Y'know it ain't always like that, pet. And y'mine ain't ya? Y'trust me?"

"O-oui." But Remy didn't look reassured.

Logan gripped his chin and tipped the boy's head up, frustrated. The thief arched a little, responding to his boss' control. "Pet, I've been telling' ya and tellin' ya - it can be good and I'm done with talkin'. It's time ya learned ya can really trust me. I'm telling ya this ain't a punishment and it ain't gonna feel like one."

He rubbed his thumb over the boy's lips and eased into his mouth. Remy sucked obediently and his eyelids fluttered, calmed by the familiar guesture.

"Come up here, pet." Logan patted his thigh. Wide-eyed again, Remy obeyed. He'd lost some of his hard-on he was that nervous.

Logan helped him settle stomach down across his thighs. Heart hammering in anticipation, cock trying to rip free of his jeans, Logan stroked the lean back soothingly. God, he'd been dreaming of having the boy in this position for weeks. He was beautiful.

Remy stretched a little, one arm trailing off the side of the couch onto the floor, face turned towards the fire, eyes glowing red and gold and ebony. Logan smiled, something inside him twisting in painful tenderness at the sight. He ran a hand down his pet's back, sliding a couple of fingers down his crack to tease his asshole - the boy was already lubed and slick - then dipping down to fondle the boy's balls. Remy arched, moaning a little as Logan traced the straps and his cock jerked against Logan's thigh. The Canadian kept stroking him, focusing more and more on the ripe ass across his lap.

Remy was breathing hard, eyes closed now as he focused on his boss' touch. He was hard, stiff against Logan's leg.

"Gimme yer hands." Logan murmured. Remy did and Logan wrapped one hand around both thin wrists, pinning them down in the middle of his pet's back. Remy shivered, moaned a little and his hips ground hard against Logan's legs.

"Good boy." Logan told him and Remy found himself relaxing. The confinement of his hands was reassuring. There wasn't anything he could do to stop what was going to happen and he was glad.

Logan's hand was warm and solid, kneading and squeezing his ass like he was a lump of bread dough. It felt good, like a strong massage. Occasionally those fingers would dip between his cheeks, to tease him and Remy couldn't keep himself from squirming. He was so hard, squeezed against the rough fabric of his boss' jeans. The thief rubbed himself against Logan, moaning. He felt so good, he wished that Logan wasn't going to do anything more.

But he was. He could feel the violent anticipation, carefully leashed, in his boss. Remy knew the feel of it, that predatory attention, sharp as a knife. He loved being the focus of it, right now it felt like he was the center of Logan's world. Logan's hands were hot, scratching lightly at the ticklish spot at the base of his spine, tapping his ass. Remy purred softly, craving - loving - the touch. It felt good.

Remy was panting, warm and he didn't know when the light taps had moved to mildly stinging slaps. Logan's hand was heavy and careful and - warm - warm - it felt good. He was hard, so hard. The thief bucked against Logan's leg with a groan. His boss answered him with a sharp smack, Remy moaned again. Harder. Harder.

The sound of Logan's hand was sharp and clean and stung. The hot prickle spread, sweet and simmering and teasing. Head tipped down, ass high, Remy felt dizzy and overheated and helpless. He was bouncing on Logan's lap in response to the spanking - it was a spanking now - no more games. Moaning because each blow seemed to echo through him, tingling up his spine, making his cock jerk, drawing up beads of sweat in his forehead and back. It was still good. Better. Harder.

"Boss - !" Remy cried, breathless longing in his voice. He *needed* so bad. He didn't know what but he needed something and Logan answered him by cracking down on him hard and fast. Remy wailed, humping Logan's leg. *Fucking* Logan's leg, rising up for each blow, driven down. The burn was intense, sweet, Remy felt like he was going to burst. Each blow made him cry out. Logan was breathing hard now, his cock drilling into Remy's stomach. He had to lean hard on Remy's hands to keep him still. The crack and crack and crack of his hand was loud.

Remy moaned loudly and arched back hard into the spanking, his knees jerked apart. The muscles in his ass and thighs were spasming in time to Logan's blows. It hurt. It hurt so good and he needed more. He needed more. The thief felt the tight pain everywhere; in his swollen cock, painfully hard nipples, the flushed, reddened flesh of his ass. He was begging feverishly, pleading, English forgotten. More - please - please - harder - more.

Logan growled and thrust two fingers into Remy's lubed and twitching asshole. Remy shrieked, heaving violently and then he was coming. He was coming, the rush of pleasure stunning. Coming. Oh, god, yes. Hard. Hot. Good. Yes.

The boy collapsed onto Logan, whimpering and dazed. Even that pressure was almost to much and he groaned, shoving Remy off his lap long enough to drag his desperate cock free. He pulled the boy to him, groaning again, nearly losing it at the feel of his pet's soft mouth. He slid deep, hands buried in the sweat damp hair.

"God - pet. God!" Logan shouted, legs stiffening, feeling the echo of the spanking in the convulsive swallowing of his pet's mouth around his cock. The boy was still flying, barely aware of Logan thrusting into him. Logan stared down at him, open mouthed, stunned. Remy was hot and flushed, sweat beaded on his forehead, eyes half closed. That beautiful mouth was wide open, wrapped around his purple shaft. Spit trailed down Remy's chin. He was so hard, he was losing his mind. Logan's cock slid in and in and in. His grip tightened in the loose hair, Logan thrust desperately. He had to come. God - now. "Yesss - oh, god. Yesss!"

Letting loose deep in the boy's throat, arching like a bow. Coming. Logan groaned loudly, over and over. Then sagged down, panting and cradling Remy's warm face against his softening cock.

"My boy." He breathed, exhausted. "My good pet. Ain't a punishment, darlin'. Y'see that? Y'a good boy."

Remy whimpered and rubbed his face against Logan's twitching cock.