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Part 13


Sleet rattled against his jacked and Remy shuddered, pulling the collar of his uniform up and cursing the evil weather. He stumbled on the uneven sidewalk. His boots sloshed. They were full of water. "Merde -"

Logan caught him, put an arm around him and pulled him against his side. The thief snuggled close, his boss was big enough to block out some of the cold wind. "Almost there, Remy."

"O-oui." Remy stuttered. "Jus cold."

"And soaking wet." Logan grumbled tiredly. "Damn fool. You can freeze to death in the water here - this time of year."

"Not letting you go down into de water, cher. Not going to be lugging your heavy corpse home, me.

"Ain't gonna die on ya, brat."

"Remy know you can't swim."

"I can swim just fine. Just don't do me any good."

Remy only grunted, teeth chattering to hard to talk. He didn't know where he was going and he didn't care - so long as it was warm. As usual, the heroes were slinking off into the night with only a few school children to witness their work. At least this time they'd actually been able to save a few lives - even if they'd not been able to save the mutant they'd come to rescue. He'd had his hand on the girl when she'd just - dissolved. Water to water and who knew if she'd ever reconstitute out of the freezing Michigan lake. The thief shuddered again. Logan's arm tightened around him and Remy closed his eyes and let the Canadian lead him.

He was stumbling so often, Logan had to practically carry him onto the Blackbird. The wind cut off as the door shut and Remy started to shiver hard, teeth chattering nosily.

"Is he alright?" Jean asked softly. Remy squinted at the red-headed woman and tried to push himself away from Logan. He was plastered against the older man, clinging to the chilly leather of his uniform. It was a more than compromising position.

"Got chilled." Logan muttered. "Stop strugglin', brat. Get me an emergency blanket will ya, Jeannie?"

"Sure." Jean went back to dig through the emergency supplies.

"R-remy fine - " He stuttered.

Logan plopped him, rather roughly into a seat. "Settle down brat - "

The Canadian leaned close as he wrapped the offered emergency blanket around the soaked and trembling thief. "- or I'm gonna warm you up with a spankin'."

Remy stared helplessly up at his boss. This was the first time Logan had brought their private life up outside vacation and bedroom. He didn't know how to react. "Q-quoi?"

Logan dropped into the seat next to him, pulling Remy close and rubbing briskly through the crackling blanket. "Just settle down. We'll be home soon and we'll get ya warmed up."

Remy - gave in. He was cold and watching Logan sink under all that ice had scared him out of a month of Sunday's. He let himself be pulled against the big chest and he tucked his head tiredly under Logan's chin. If Logan wanted everyone to know they were fucking - Remy wasn't going to complain. He shivered, feeling a spark of irrepressible warmth at the same time. Everyone was going to know who he belonged to - if not just how completely. Remy turned his face into Logan's chest as he felt the parade of emotions from the rest of the team as they passed their chairs and saw the tall thief shivering in Logan's arms and half on his lap.

Rouge knew, of course - more than anyone else and she ignored them. The contempt from Warren was expected but Remy bit his lip as he felt the rich man's dislike spread like contamination from the thief to Logan. Jean was so unsurprised that she must have known already. Scott was warily amused, already thinking of the impact on the team, Remy suspected. Ororo - Remy shivered and shut his eyes. She was the only one he cared about and - she was worried. Remy tightened his grip on Logan and felt his boss' arm press him closer in reassurance. She and Logan were friends, she had to be okay with this, mon Dieu.

By the time they were back home, his boy was gray and shuddering. Logan unbuckled them both and gathered the boy up. Remy's lips were blue and he was dazed and way, way to cold. The blanket and heat of the jet hadn't warmed him up much.

"Did my brother get hurt, Logan?" Ororo was hovering. She smoothed Remy's damp hair back from his face and the boy turned into her touch, muttering in Cajun. "I'll contact Hank."

"Na." Logan shrugged the thief into a better position and headed out. The thief was taller than him but Logan was used to that. "He'll be okay, just a little shocky. Needs to get warmed up. I'll take care of it - ya know he hates the med-bay as bad as me."

Ororo trailed insistently after him and Logan cursed under his breath. He wanted to put the boy in a tub of hot water and he didn't want the gentle goddess to see the marks he'd put on Remy last night. Some of them had still been bleeding in the morning. Logan didn't want this to be the first time Ororo found out about just how - alternative - her brother's alternative life was.

He turned at the door, blocking Ororo. "Go on, 'Ro. I'll take care of him."

They stared at each other; a slender, tall and lovely woman - blue eyes increasingly wary - and Logan; short and stubborn, jaw set and glaring up at his old friend with Remy draped over his arms.

"You're hiding something." Ororo accused.

"I'll take care of him. I ain't gonna let him get hurt." Logan didn't deny Ororo's accusation. "Ya know that."

Ororo let out a long sigh and nodded slowly. "Take care of him, but I will find out what's going on and - if you're harming my brother, no years of friendship will protect you."

"I got ya - now scram and let me handle him." Logan growled and shouldered Remy's door open. Ororo didn't follow him.

Logan stripped Remy, despite the boy's weak protests, and wrapped him in a blanket while he got the tub full of steamy water. Wrinkling his nose at the concentrated stink, he dumped a handful of Remy's mineral and herb salts into the water. The boy liked them and they didn't smell too bad once they dissolved. They smelled damn good on the boy's skin too.

"Okay, pet." Logan murmured, wrestling Remy out of the knot of blankets the boy had wound himself up in and sliding him into the water.

"Non! L-logan! Remy surged upright, clutching at him, eyes wide. Water poured over the lip of the tub and soaked Logan as he knelt, grappling with the struggling thief.

"Remy - snap out of it!" Logan shook him slightly. "Quit fightin'! Behave!"

Remy's wild eyes cleared and he braced himself on the tub, blinking. He sniffed and began to shake. "S-sorry boss. T'ought it was - de ice again. Felt - cold."

"Na. It's hot. Just relax, boy. Ya in shock." Logan stroked Remy's hair and smiled at his boy. Remy smiled weakly back and lay in the water. Logan picked up a washcloth and some soap and began to wash his boy clean. He took those graceful hands in his, rubbing the foamy cloth along each finger. As he moved up Remy's lean arm, he glanced up to see Remy watching him with drowsy eyes. He was already looking warmer, his skin wasn't gray and color was beginning to return to his cheeks. His hair had darkened to mahogany in the wet and clung in serpent strands to his face and neck. The bites on his chest and arms were a vivid, swollen red in the hot water. Logan bent and kissed one.

"Feeling better boy?"

"Oui, boss." Remy murmured. He stretched a little in the tub, hissing. "Still feel cold, though. Inside."

"I'll see what I can do 'bout that, pet." Logan ran the washcloth over the boy's chest, watching the brown nipples harden. Remy tipped his head back against the lip of the tub and let Logan wash his face and neck. He scrubbed his back and under his arms while Remy folded his hands over his head, eyes closed in bliss. Logan washed his boy's cock and balls, arms elbow deep in warm water, then isnstruced him to lift while Logan washed his ass. He moved down the long legs, stroking with his hands as much as rubbing with the washcloth. He ran a fingernail along the high arch of Remy's foot, making his boy squirm and yelp.

"Sit up." Logan instructed and Remy leaned forward obediently. Logan poured a dollop of shampoo into his hand and stroked his boy's wet hair. He gathered the silken mass in his hands and sighed softly. He'd been wanting to do this for months. Logan shut his eyes and concentrated on the feel of the boy's soapy hair as he rubbed Remy's skull with his fingertips. The boy's hair was nearly past his shoulderblades now and the sudsy mass of it wrapped around Logan's wrists like an embrace. Logan smiled as he heard Remy begin to purr low in his throat.

"Ya know you're makin' a noise?"

"Eh?" Remy started slightly. "W'at noise?"

Logan grinned. "Nevermind, pet."

He washed Remy's hair and used the conditioner that would leave the boy's hair smooth and gleaming and soft as silk.

Pulling the drain, he stood Remy up and dried him briskly. Remy began to shiver again and Logan hurried him into the bed, piling blankets on top of him. The thief caught his wrist as Logan stood over him, looking pleadingly up at him. "Gon stay boss?"

"Yeah, pet. Lemme get somethin and I'll be right back."

Logan went to his room to pick up a few things. When they were together, they usually stayed in Logan's room. He hurried back and stripped, dropping his wet clothes on the floor. The boy would have to clean up in the morning. Remy watched him, red eyes gleaming with interest. He scooted aside and folded back the blankets as Logan climbed in.

"Feelin' warmer pet?"

"Every minute, boss." Remy said, snuggling close. Logan smiled as he felt the semi-hard nudge of Remy's cock against his thigh. Looked like his boy wasn't to worn out. Logan stroked his back, rubbing along the spine and kneading the hard muscles idly.

"Sleepy pet?"

"Non." Remy breathed into Logan's ear, then Logan felt the warm tickle of his tongue, trailing over his ear and down his throat. He closed his eyes as Remy pushed the blankets back a little. "Your pet not sleepy. Want to taste you."

"Mmmm." Logan tipped his head back as Remy nudged him. He groaned softly as his boy sucked at his throat, the gentle nip of teeth made him shudder and arch. His hard cock rubbed against the sheets. Remy tugged lightly on his chest hair, Logan hissed through is teeth, hand curling in Remy's long damp hair and he pressed the boy's wet mouth over his nipple. Remy sucked, rubbing his tongue over the small hard nub. When he bit down, Logan gasped.

He let Remy lick his way down his body, enjoying the warmth of his mouth and the teasing skill of those long fingers. The clever tongue licking the head of his cock made Logan groan loudly and he pulled the boy away.

"Nuff of that." He said hoarsely, his cock twitching at the loss of warmth.

"Boss?" Remy blinked at him, those eyes wide in the dark bedroom.

Logan rolled his boy over onto his belly and Remy sighed, wiggling on his stomach and spreading his legs wide in anticipation.

"Yeah - we'll get there, pet." Logan growled, exited by the sight of his boy open and willing like that.

He picked up the bottle of oil he'd brought and poured a smooth golden stream down the hollow of Remy's spine. He spread the oil out, warming it with his hands then Logan began to knead his pet's hard muscled back.

"Ohhh - boss - bon. Feel bon, me." Remy undulated under Logan's firm touch. "Mmmmooooh."

Logan smiled at the unashamed sensuality even as his cock began to pulse with a painful urgency at the sight of Remy's pale gold skin shining and slick and sweetly submissive under his hands.

Remy purred and groaned as Logan's strong fingers dug out the tension and the aches. Heavy palms stroked down his back, thumbs digging just perfectly into the tight muscles along his spine. It felt incredible. Remy felt like he was melting into the bed, warm and pliant and soft. Everything except his cock, that is. It dug insistently into the mattress and Remy prayed that Logan was going to permit him to come tonight. He moved in response to Logan's hands, adding a little grind into the sheets and sighed, eyes fluttering. The pleasure surged warm through him, like the warmth of the oil on his skin. Like the warmth and affection of Logan's hands on him - first in the tub washing him clean and now, stroking him, touching him. Loving him.

"Remy love his boss." He whispered blissfully. "So good, Cher. Feel so good."

Mnnhn." Logan's hands were rubbing in circles over his ass, thumbs sliding between his cheeks, down to his balls then up again. Remy shivered and spread his legs wider as Logan ran his hands firmly down his thighs. Fingertips massaged the backs of his knees - he ached there too - then moved down to his calves, ankles and finally the arches of his feet and his long toes.

When Logan's hands moved back up his body, the touch changed, becoming sensual. Still firm, those skilled fingers were focused on increasing Remy's arousal. Stroking hands were joined by the sharp pleasure of Logan's teeth - on the back of his thigh, nipping the small of his back. Remy moaned and writhed, hands twisting in the sheets, sweat gathered at his temples and back of his neck.

He knew what was coming and longed for it. Logan's fingers dipped between his cheeks, teasing his asshole then sliding away again. Remy panted in Cajun, pleading for more. He arched his back, supple as a cat, knees spread wide.

"Warmer now, pet?" Logan murmured, sucking on his favorite spot at the base of Remy's spine.

"O-Oui boss. Basies moi. S'v plait - fuck me." Remy pleaded. He groaned noisily as Logan scraped his teeth along the curve of his ass, then moaned again as he felt the wet trail of his tongue soothe the scratch. "W'ant you so much. Need you so much. Anyt'ing for my boss. Remy yours."

The charm flooded his voice, beyond his control. Logan rumbled wordlessly in response and the thief felt the sudden intensity of his arousal. Remy felt like he was drowning in heat as Logan slid up to crouch over him. Two fingers pressed deep inside and Remy wailed softly, hips jerking. Logan's teeth closed over the nape of his neck, holding him in place.

"Der - yes, oh, der."

"Yer mine, boy. Mine." Logan mumbled.

Logan lifted Remy's hips and slid home inside Remy's body with one firm stroke. Remy cried out, body shuddering in bliss. It felt so good. So right. Being fucked always had, even in the days when he'd done it for money and now, with Logan it was so much more. He moaned as Logan settled down on his back, teeth closing on his neck again. Logan's cock spread him open and filled him up. Remy's hips undulated unconsciously, fitting himself against Logan's hips, the other man's balls were pressed tight to his ass. He felt so alive like this, so connected. Remy could feel Logan's heart beating inside him, hear the shaky hiss of his breath against his ear.


Logan only growled at him, softly. Logan was thrusting in him without really pulling back, keeping his cock buried to the hilt. It made Remy shudder and gasp, intense surges of pleasure/pain at the deep penetration flickered like lightning along his nerves.

Logan's hand was clenched in the blankets, white knuckled as he struggled for self control. Remy stroked the oily fingers, rubbed between the knuckles were the hidden blades sprang free then drew that hand to his mouth and pulled two fingers between his lips. Logan groaned deeply and buried his face in Remy's hair. His hips jerked, moving faster and with less control.

Remy sucked, body shuddering, moving in rhythm with Logan's as the other man began to finger fuck his mouth in the same pattern as his cock fucking Remy's ass. The burn was insistent now, demanding and Remy couldn't help but answer it. He pressed himself back on elbows and knees, grinding his ass against Logan's pumping hips.

Logan wasn't talking now, his breathing was harsh and noisy against Remy's sweating neck. His cock plunged in deep then withdrew, tormenting Remy with longing - then he was filled again and again. One hand was unconsciously squeezing Remy's chin, the other braced the big man over him. Remy could feel the throbbing tension in his dangerous lover, feel it in his own tight balls, the fever surge of his blood, the hard cock spearing into him demanding - demanding -

"Uhh - ahhh!" Logan cried out hoarsely his thrusts were suddenly clumsy, hard and urgent. Remy wailed noisily, coming hard at the pulse and thrust and hot flood inside him. Logan's orgasm crashed through his body and mind, the thief's ecstatic cries drowning out Logan's gasped shout.

Logan sank down on him, pinning Remy to the bed.

"Stay - boss." Remy panted, clutching at Logan's hands when the other man made to roll off. His cock was still inside the Cajun, softening slowly. Logan sighed and nuzzled Remy's shoulder, giving him a firm bite before he settled down, giving the slight thief just enough space to breathe.

"Better?" Logan whispered.

"Oui - Remy warm enough now. Got de best blanket anyone want." He murmured. "He warm."



Part 16


The sun was even hotter inside and Remy sweated and cursed as he fitted a new glass pane in Ororo's green house. He loved the heat, yes but not when he had to work in it. Even in shorts and a ripped old T-shirt he could feel sweat streaking down his side.

"Merde! Remy used to taking de glass out, not putting it back in!" Remy snarled, clutching the glass in his padded gloves at it tried to slide out of the groove on the greenhouse frame. "You sure dis t'ing de right size?"

"I'm sure, brother." Ororo's voice was rather cooler than he expected. Uneasy, Remy slotted the glass in, quickly fastened it down and glanced down to see his foster sister staring hard up at him.

"Quoi?" Remy ran a hand through his hair and hopped off the ladder. "Remy got a bug in his hair? W'at is it Stormy?"

Ororo reached out and lifted the dangling edge of shirt, Remy glanced down to see a stark mark on his skin - teethmarks surrounded by a fading greenish bruise. In the sunlight it looked cruel and frightening. He flushed and jerked back, smoothing his shirt down with nervous hands. The bell on his wrist jingled and he winced, eyes darting around the greenhouse in a desperate search for distractions.

"No. Remy - look at me." Ororo demanded, in the soft voice that no one disobeyed.

Remy unwillingly met her eyes. "Stormy -"

"I know Logan is dangerous -" She said softly and vehemently. "But - goddess - I never thought he was hurting you."

"Non!" Remy said sharply. "Non, s'v plait, Stormy. Logan - he not hurting me!"

"No? What is that then? Or the other marks I've seen. Bruises. Bites. Does he hit you?"

Remy flushed, agonized. He could sense Ororo's fierce anger and protectiveness. He didn't' want to lie but she didn't understand. "N-non. Please, please - s'v plait. Not'ing. It's not'ing. Logan - he c- care for Remy. So bon wid him, please Stormy - don say anything!"

She took his hands and squeezed gently. "Remy - my brother, please. You know I can't just stand aside and let someone - anyone - abuse you. I knew Logan was hiding something from me. And you - Remy - you've been sneaking around as if you were ashamed."

Remy wound his fingers in hers, holding on when she would have pulled away. He wished desperately that Logan was here. He knew what to say. He'd know how to make her understand. Remy swallowed hard.

"Please - listen to Remy, s'v plait." He begged and tugged her towards a work bench. With a frown, Ororo took a seat beside him. "Dis hard - hard to explain, be patient wid Remy, mais -"

"I know - I understand." Ororo said gently. "Nothing you tell me will make me love you less. You are my brother and I understand - relationships can be confusing, brother, and sometimes, sometimes it's easy to believe that abuse is love."

"N-not abuse." Remy managed, throat tight. If she didn't believe him - if he couldn't convince her. She and Logan were old friends. It'd be his fault if she started to hate Logan. "Not - w'at it looks like. Remy - Remy - want it."

"Remy -"

"Mais! Let Remy finish!" He yelped, gulping for air and plowing desperately on. "You know - games, sex games oui? Tying each other up? Some folks dey dress up in uniform or costumes - some people - some like othr t'ings. Differnt kinds of touch - t'ings dat don't always look okay from de outside but dey - dey good. S'v plait - Logan, he not doing anyt'ing Remy don want."

Ororo looked dismayed. "You?"

Remy was flushed so dark he felt burned. "Oui. Logan - he treat me de way I need - really need, Stormy. Remy - he - he tried to go wi'tout it and - t'ings not go so good."

"Marie." Ororo said. "Brother - Logan is clearly *hurting* you. Is that - that what you need?"

Remy swallowed but managed to nod. "O-oui. Remy need to belong to someone. Logan - he take care of me. He gives Remy w'at I need. He hold me - hard. Hard enough dat Remy feel like he's s-safe. He give me limits and he makes me - me let go, takes care of Remy."

Ororo looked down at their joined hands and squeezed his fingers gently. "I - I'm not sure what I think, Remy. It's not - not something I feel comfortable letting happen. You're my brother - I don't want you to be hurt."

Remy shut his eyes. "S'v pliat. It's a good t'ing. Good hurting. Not bad. Logan he don abuse me, he hurt me, oui but he don do me harm. Dieu - he makes Remy fly. He so good to me, I swear it, 'Ro. Please, please believe me."

"I - believe what you're saying, Remy but I have to think." Ororo said softly but firmly.

Remy blinked at her stricken. She managed a small smile for him and brushed a kiss on his cheek. "Don't worry, brother I'm not going to hit him with a bolt of lighting. Not until after I talk to him, at least."

Remy blinked, tears slipping from his eyes. "Remy - love dat man, cherie. Please - don hurt him."

Ororo wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. "Remy - brother - "

Remy swallowed hard, heart hammering in fear. He could feel how worried she was, and angry and confused. She didn't understand. She'd hate Logan - and Remy's stomach began to ache like it hadn't for months - or she'd be disgusted by him. He couldn't bear the thought of being the one to ruin Logan's life, he couldn't bear the thought of him hurting because of him. "S'v plait - s'v plait."


"Remy - come get the phone." Scott yelled impatiently from downstairs.

The thief crawled out Logan's bed, where he'd been hiding since his conversation with Ororo earlier in the day and hurried down to grab the phone out of Scott's hand.

"It's Logan."

"T'anks Fearless." Remy managed.

Scott frowned at him. "Come to dinner when you're done. Logan will have my hide if you're sick when he gets back."

Remy put the phone to his ear and turned away, using that as an excuse to avoid answering him. He couldn't even think about eating. "Allo?"

"Hey, brat." Logan's gravelly voice was tired but he sounded in a good mood. Remy twisted the cord of the phone in his fingers, wishing desperately that his boss was here, where he could feel him. "Hows it hanging?"

"Not hanging, cher." Remy managed to respond, trying to sound relaxed. "You know dat - ."

There was no one in the hall to hear and he's go down to security to erase the tapes himself. There was a pause on the end of the line.

"What's wrong, Remy?"

"No'ting wrong, cher." Remy said smoothly. "Miss you, me."

Another pause.

"No'ting. W'en you be back?"

"Yer lyin' t'me." Logan finally said. "Y'know that ain't okay."

Remy closed his eyes. Swallowed. "W'en you be back?"

"Soon." Logan said abruptly. "I'll be back in a couple of hours. Be waiting for me."

Remy shivered, flushing and his cock jerked in it's harness. "Oui."

Logan hung up.

Scott was leaning in the door of the dining room where the clatter of silverware and dinner conversation could be heard. "Come on, Remy. Dinner time."

He frowned at the other man but there was no change in the model pretty face. "Remy not hungry, Scott. He be fine."

"You've been practically hiding under Logan's bed all afternoon." Scott tipped his head curiously to one side when Remy shifted uneasily. "Think I didn't notice? Or that I didn't care?"

Remy glanced aside. "Remy okay. Don be no mother hen."

Scott's mouth twisted ironically and a little sadly. "You thought I was joking when I said Logan would have my hide. Come and have some soup at least. And drink some water."

The thief found himself chivied into dinner but at least there were enough people at the table tonight that he could blend into the background. He ate a half bowl of soup under Scott's watchful red gaze and drank some water. It didn't sit well and all he wanted was to be upstairs where it was safe.

"What did Logan say?" Charles asked kindly. "Anything about the mission?"

"Non." Remy murmured into the temporary pause in less serious conversation. "Jus - he be back late tonight or early tomorrow. Guess it go okay."

"Well - CNN hasn't said anything." Jean said lightly. "It couldn't have gone too badly."

Remy nodded silently. Everyone went back to the their conversations, thankfully ignoring him again. He pulled apart some bread and scattered it artfully around his plate, feeling like a kid again, tricking Tante into letting him go from the table. As soon as possible he slid away, purposefully missing Ororo's attempt to catch his eye.

Upstairs, he shut Logan's door and leaned on it. His stomach turned and for a moment he thought he was going to be sick. After a moment, Remy managed to strip down the his ball harness and put his clothes in his drawer. Naked, he remade the bed he'd mussed this afternoon and wished he had time to change the sheets. Logan would smell him on them and he hadn't permission to sleep in the man's bed when he wasn't here. It was just that Logan had been gone and he'd been so miserably lonely. It scared Remy. He'd never believed himself to be so - needy.

When the room was neat and clean, the candles lit and the lights out. Remy washed up and combed out his hair. He let it fall loose down his shoulders the way Logan liked it. He studied himself in the mirror, frowning a little in displeasure. The bruises on his skin were mostly faded - nothing more than faint yellow and green blotches. In the soft flicker of candlelight, they were nearly invisible. That meant Logan would want to mark him tonight. Remy shivered and reached down to touch his half-hard cock - disobeying Logan's strict instructions.

Logan had been gone for two weeks, working as an 'unofficial consultant' with the FBI to help track down a group of mutants who were attacking small towns in Utah and Nevada. Hunting and rural tracking were Logan's kind of thing, not a thief's, and there'd been no question of Remy going along. But, lying at the foot of Logan's bed the night before he'd left, Remy had nearly broken down and begged. His boss had sensed his desperation and used him hard in the early morning, murmuring that he'd be back soon and - as he savaged Remy's body with his teeth - that he'd leave something to remind Remy to behave. The Cajun, when he was done screaming his pleasure and pain into the gag, practically wept with gratitude. And occasionally, late at night over the last two weeks, he'd just wept.

On impulse, Remy opened the medicine cabinet and pulled down the little bag that held his things. Toothpaste and conditioner, condoms (which he didn't use anymore) and a few other things. He pulled out the make-up. He'd never used it before with his boss and didn't' know if Logan would like it or not but the Canadian had never punished him for trying to please.

He carefully brushed on the smoky gold eyeshadow and long, narrow streaks of black eye-liner. He didn't use the mascara - he hated the stuff and if Logan made him cry it would run and look awful. A light go with the red - gold tinted blush, just a bare touch of it, and the lipstick and he was done. At the last minute, Remy brushed some of the blush across his nipples, darkening their color. He scattered a bit of gold glitter in his hair and over his skin then studied himself again. Wide bedroom eyes and a sulky, crimson tinted mouth - he looked good. The glint of gold on his skin and in his hair made him look exotic, pretty and fuckable. Remy stroked a finger down his throat thoughtfully. He needed a collar to finish the look.

He managed to slink to his room and back to Logan's without being seen. Hurrying a little now because Logan would be back soon, Remy wound the gold chains he'd gotten from his room around his throat. They were women's necklaces, two different thickness of chain, but wound close about his throat they had the look of an expensive collar. Remy bent over, bracing himself with one hand on the sink. The chains slid, chilly and smooth, on his skin and his claiming bracelet jingled soothingly. He squeezed a blob of lube onto his fingers and worked into his ass. He thrust a little hard, hissing in anticipation. There, he was ready.

Remy sank to his knees just inside Logan's door and rested his hands on his knees. His heart was pounding in anticipation. He closed his eyes and listened for his boss' footsteps.

He got back a little later than expected and hurried up the stairs. Remy had sounded stressed on the phone and he didn't want him to worry. The mansion was pretty quiet and when Logan headed upstairs, Scott popped out of Charles' office, looking startled.


"Yeah, what?"

Scott paused. "Remy said you'd be back late. Or tomorrow."


"He lied to us?"

Logan stopped. "Yeah."

"Did you tell him to?"

"Nope." Logan leaned on the banister, looking down at Scott. "I'll handle it, Cyke."

"Please do." Scott hesitated. "He seems - upset. Had been all day. Hiding in your room and wouldn't eat much."

Logan sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Kid's high strung. I'll take care of it."

"I think Ororo's worried as well." Scott said as he turned away. "She and Jean and the girls are out tonight. I don't think she would have left if she'd know you'd be home this early. I'd like to talk to you as well."

"Christ!" Logan sighed explosively. "Not tonight."

Scott smiled briefly over his shoulder. "No. Not tonight. Go on, I think he's waiting for you."

"He'd better be." Logan muttered as he headed upstairs.

He was. Logan could smell the beeswax and smoke from the candles in the hall and he slowed down, thinking hard. Boy was lying and hiding - and lying to his boss which was not okay. And now he wanted to play. Scared, Logan guessed. Scared and looking for reassurance. And - Logan wasn't in any more mood for fighting with his pet than Remy was. Shit.

Remy was kneeling next to the door and god - he was beautiful. There were candles on the dresser and windowsills. The dim light flickered and swayed in the draft from the door. The bed was neatly made and his room spotlessly clean. Logan had no doubt that his dresser and closet was full of clean clothes, that the tub had been scrubbed and the floor recently polished. He'd left instructions before he'd went and it looked like Remy had followed them. So - it wasn't disobedience that had upset his boy. Logan stood over his pet and just looked for a moment - eating him up with his eyes.

Remy's hair spilled down over his shoulder and gleamed in the soft light. There were bright gold glints in his hair and across his tawny skin, Logan smelled makeup. Not his favorite scent but it was light. He grinned. The boy had gone all out to please him.

Logan tossed his bag besides the closet door. "Come here, boy."

Remy slunk across the floor on his hands and knees, Logan watched the sway of his ass with narrowed eyes.

When Remy was at his feet, he sank down and kissed Logan's boots. He rested his cheek against the black leather and Logan got a glimpse of the black lined eyes and the deep crimson mouth. "Welcome home boss."

Logan, cock swelling rapidly, couldn't speak for a moment. "Strip me, pet. I wanna wash up."

His boy stood, eyes lowered and began to unbutton Logan's shirt. He let the boy pull his shirt off and drop it near the door. Remy sank back to his knees as he slid Logan's belt off. He helped Logan with his boots and pants. When Logan was naked he stood over the boy, scratching himself idly and smiling. Remy's head was dipped slightly and his cock at attention. Logan slid a hand under the sharp chin to lift the boy's face.

"Pretty little pet." He murmured, running a light thumb over the red mouth. Golden brown eyeshadow and the liner made his boy's eyes large and smoky. The gold glitter and golden chains - the blush and the wide-eyed desire were enough to bring Logan's cock to full attention. Remy was a gorgeous creature - especially on his knees. He pressed two fingers to the boy's mouth and smiled as Remy obediently began to suck. Logan finger fucked his mouth for a moment or two, watching those tinted lids flutter as Remy's pretty mouth worked eagerly on him. With a snort of impatience, Logan pulled that mouth to his cock and thrust in.

Still watching, Logan slowly rocked in and out. The pretty boy whimpered a little, mouth wide and wet around his cock.

"Hungry for it ain't ya boy?" Logan murmured, keeping the pace slow. He didn't want to come, just wanted to enjoy himself for a while. Remy's black eyes flashed up to his and he managed a small nod, mouth still full of Logan's cock. God it was a sight and Logan's cock jerked in that perfect mouth. Logan slowly pushed all the way in, until the boy's nose was pressed to his belly and he could feel the flex of his throat as he swallowed. "God -"

Logan pulled out, his cock glistening. "Come on, pet."

Remy silently followed him into the bathroom. Logan saw with satisfaction that there was a basin and sponge waiting. He stepped into the tub and Remy, eyes submissively lowered and the lipstick on his mouth a little smudged, picked up the sponge and began to wash him down.

By the time Remy was done sponging him down and patting him dry, the boy was far into his submissive mindset. Logan could see it in the dilated eyes and the stiff angle of his cock. Getting treated as Logan's boy slave - doing things like washing Logan's hair - always did that for him. Chores did too, though he'd tried to hide that at first.

"That's my boy." Logan praised him, saw the flush of pleasure and smiled. He wound a hand in the long auburn hair and propelled the boy to the bed. "Lie on yer back. I got some toys fer us t'play with."

He heard Remy's breath catch as the boy scrambled on the bed and lay back. He came back with a bag and the new cuffs - dropping the cuffs on the boy's chest so he could look at them.

Remy, with a glance for permission, picked them up and turned them over in his hands. He tried the latch. "Two hand snaps, boss?"

"Yeah." Logan grinned as Remy shivered a little. The cuffs didn't really even have locks - just the button catch that took two hands to open. Once they were on Remy's wrists, he wouldn't be able to get them off without help. "Lie back."

Remy lay down, watching with wide eyes as Logan locked the cuffs on and chained them to the headboard. He pulled them tight then went to work on the rest of the boy. Remy lay obediently still, only the increasing rate of his breathing - and the occasional twitch of his cock - betraying how he felt.

"Spread 'em boy." Logan said then snapped black leather cuffs on his ankles, clipping them to the posts at the foot of his bed. He buckled black straps just above the boy's elbows, threaded rope through the d-rings and pulled the boy's elbows to the bed. Logan checked the bonds, tightening them to make sure his boy was immobilized and stood back to admire his pet for a moment. Remy stared up at him, helpless, legs spread wide, arms bound to the bed and panted with desire. "That's my boy."

Remy shut his eyes for a moment and swallowed hard. Logan found the panel gag and pressed the tip of the dildo to Remy's lips. Remy stared pleading at him and let him slip the rubber between his lips with a whimper of misery. Logan grinned as he buckled it firmly. His boy's nostrils flared above the wide panel masking his mouth. Logan rubbed a finger over the leather and Remy writhed. He hated and - Logan knew - loved this gag.

"Suck it, boy." Logan said. The boy whimpered but obeyed as Logan rested his hand on his throat. "Good boy."

Logan reached down and fastened a cock ring onto Remy's stiff cock, smiling as the boy tried to wiggle away. He patted the flushed shaft then flicked the tip with his finger. Remy squealed and jumped. Logan laughed and did it again.

He dug out the nipple clamps and dangled them where Remy could see them, watching as his eyes went wide and he shook his head frantically.

"Shh - shh - I'm gonna do it and y'ain't gonna stop me." Logan kissed his boy's forehead and stroked his soft hair until the worst of the struggling had stopped. He moved and kissed a nipple, tasting makeup. As he stroked his tongue idly over Remy's skin, the nipple pebbled up rapidly. The boy was making helpless hitching motions with his hips, his red cock bobbing on his belly. Logan attached the clamps, breath catching at the sound of Remy's muffled shrieks.

"Okay - okay, pet." Logan petted his face as Remy whined, face scrunched up with discomfort. "Suck - suck on the dildo baby."

Remy groaned and obeyed, sucking hard and noisily. Logan feathered his fingers down Remy's belly and played with his balls, giving him some more distraction. He sat beside the boy and wrapped a hand around his cock, giving him several hard strokes. Soon enough, the boy was writhing in his bonds, the clamps just another pleasurable torment. Logan smiled.

He showed the boy the vibrator he'd bought. Chromed plastic, it gleamed like metal in the dim light. Neither long nor thick, it had shallow ribbing at the tip and base. Logan had got it to tease, not to satisfy. He turned it on and stroked Remy's lightly sweating belly with it. The boy moaned and watched him with wide wary eyes. Logan ran the buzzing shaft along the boy's skin then eased it under the chain dangling from the clamps. Remy wailed and thrashed in protest. Logan ignored that and lifted the chain, pulling it gently taunt and the vibrations were transmitted to the red, clamped nipples while the boy squealed and struggled.

Logan amused himself; teasing his pet's trapped nipples with the vibrator, running it over his harnessed balls and - Remy groaned in frantic pleasure and tried to push up into the sensation - teasing his cock.

Logan began to pinch him as he played him, slapping Remy's thighs, flicking the tip of his cock, tugging on the clamps even as he pleasured him with the vibrator. The scent of the boy's lust was making Logan dizzy. He bent and sank his teeth into the lean thigh, pressing the vibrator firmly to the base of Remy's cock at the same time. The taste of blood made him growl loudly and the boy panted through his nose and writhed under his mouth.

"Y'so sweet boy." Logan gasped, resting his head on the boy's leg. He moved and licked his cock thoroughly then, abruptly, slapped the shiny shaft. Remy wailed and heaved. Logan, grinning viciously, did it again. The sound of his hand was loud in the dimly lit room and Logan - watching Remy' s face carefully - began to alternate slaps with strokes on the boy's cock. The feel of his cock springing and jerking under his hand deepened the ache in Logan's balls. He licked his lips and rubbed the silver tip of the humming vibrator over the head of Remy's cock. The silver shone and the boy's cock throbbed visibly. Logan groaned under his breath, his own cock stiff and red and leaking. He punished that simmering shaft some more.

The boy shrieked and thrashed uncontrollably, his cock flushing darker and darker, bouncing under Logan's blows. Only when tears were streaking down Remy's temples and he was thrusting up into the smacks, did Logan stop. Breathing hard, Logan bent and sucked on his boy's clamped nipples, drawing a long muted wail from him.

"Y'my toy ain't ya pet?" Logan growled against the hot skin of his neck. Remy, whimpering, managed to nod. Logan bit him, dragging another cry and some blood from him. "Yeah - mine. Y'mine and I'm gonna play ya tonight."

The boy whined a long shudder going through him. Logan found the lube and squeezed some in his hand. He stroked the lube over Remy's burning cock and the boy froze, eyes going wide with pleasure and agony. Cock still bound by the ring, he couldn't come. With a grunt Logan moved to straddle the boy's waist. Remy stared up at him, eyes stunned over the gag. Logan grinned at him.

"Told ya, y'my toy." Breathing hard, Logan positioned himself over the boy's cock. He felt the press of the boy's tip against his asshole and with a sigh of pleasure, Logan slowly sank down on his boy's tormented shaft. Remy groaned deeply, shuddering hard.

"God, boy - y'got such a pretty cock." Logan gasped, head flung back, most of his weight braced on his hands. The boy's cock was red hot and twitching inside him. Logan groaned again and circled his hips, feeling the hard shaft stir inside him. The stretch was good - a little burn to give him the edge he liked - and the deep poke as he sat himself all the way down on the boy's cock made him gasp. He ran a hand down his own cock, pre-cum dripping onto Remy's heaving belly.

Logan began to fuck himself on Remy's bound cock. The boy wailed and arched, thrusting mindlessly up into him.

"Yeah - yeah - good boy - yeah -" Logan panted, enjoying the ride. The burn deepened, intensified and Logan rocked, shifting so that the pumping shaft in his ass hit his prostate. The crazy rush of it made him cry out - didn't care who the hell heard him. The boy was perfect under him, flushed and frantic to serve. Black leather and silver chain gleamed in the dim light and Remy's eyes were so dilated with lust that the red was lost in darkness. He was sucking hard on the gag, eyes fixed on Logan's dripping cock, moans muffled by heavy leather.

Logan's hand began to move faster on his cock and he rose and fell over the boy, breathing in sharp gasps. The hot stroke inside felt so good - so damn good - building tight and hot and urgent in him. Logan moaned, trembling as the pleasure rose in his spine, building like a pressure cooker. Remy began to keen - arching up. The heat and hunger in the sound set Logan off and he ground down hard on the boy's cock.

"God! S - hit!" Logan shouted. He reached clumsily back and pressed the vibrator against Remy's balls. The boy screamed and bucked, stabbing deep and that sent Logan flying right over the edge. "God! Yeeaahh!"

Jerking his cock, Logan shot all over Remy's chest and chin. Sagging, he gave himself a last squeeze, dribbling onto the boy's belly. Remy was sobbing, head thrashing from side to side. Logan lifted off the still hard cock and grabbed a handful of sweat damp hair. He grinned into his pet's tear filled eyes.

"Don't ya worry, pretty pet. I ain't done playing yet."

Logan was going to destroy him. Remy writhed, fighting the leather holding him down - holding him open. There was nothing he could do, no way to escape. He wailed and begged through evil gag, sobbing as Logan ran a hand down his heaving chest. Logan tugged on the chain attached to the nipple clamps and Remy shuddered, hips snapping upward. His nipples were two hot coals, burning sweetly. His cock felt huge - tight and burning and sore - he couldn't think of anything else. He couldn't think at all.

The light touch of Logan's hand on his cock make Remy scream - he was too sensitive, too desperate but Logan didn't stop. Wasn't stopping. The thief moaned, mouth plugged by thick rubber, as his boss squeezed the tip of his cock.

"M'boy." He muttered huskily. Logan pressed the vibrator he'd bought against the panel gag and Remy whined as the dildo in his mouth throbbed in echo of the sensation. The thick, hard rubber in his mouth was a horrible violation - the press of it crueler than a cock and Remy craved it. Logan's mouth was on his nipple, sucking on swollen flesh, sending a wild jolt of pain that was pleasure through him. The vibrator trailed down his trembling flesh, Remy felt fresh tears rise when the humming machine stroked across his thighs and balls.

He was one raw, ecstatic nerve, Logan's fingers and mouth and that chill humming machine playing him like he was nothing but a toy. Logan's toy. His head thrashed from side to side and Remy worked the dildo in his mouth. He squeezed his eyes shut, tears leaking between his lashes. Yes, Dieu, yes. Remy lifted his hips, offering his sore cock up for more punishment. He was nothing but Logan's toy - his to play with, his to torture. His.

One ankle was freed from the bed and Remy struggled wildly, heart hammering in sudden anxiety. He couldn't stand being freed - not now. Logan mastered his wild thrashing and re-tied his ankles to his thighs, then his heavy hands were on Remy's bent knees - spreading him firmly. Remy stared hazily up at Logan's flushed and sweating face as the man knelt between his splayed knees. When he felt the shivering touch of the vibrator against his asshole Remy whimpered, suddenly aware of a whole new level of vulnerability. Logan's expression of heavy lidded lust shifted, filled with wicked satisfaction.

Logan circled the silver tip of the vibrator against Remy's sweet hole, watching the way the muscle twitched. He eased the tip in - his breath caught at the sight of the pink ring opening to take the vibrator. He loved penetrating his boy this way - fingers, cock, tongue - toys - he didn't care. The boy shuddered, thighs flexing as he tried to kick, the cuffs on his ankles snapped taunt.

Breath hissing between his teeth, Logan slid the vibrator in and out, the shiny metal appearing and disappearing repeatedly while the boy moaned, hips beginning to move in time to the slow fuck. So beautiful, his boy. Two weeks was just too long to be away from his pet.

"That's it boy, take it." Logan grumbled, stroking the boy's cock with trembling fingers. "Take it. Ya want it - I know ya do."

The boy's balls were pulled as tight to his body as the harness allowed and his cock was rigid, motionless and a straining dark red. Sweat trickled down the lean thighs. Logan pulled the vibrator out and pushed two fingers into the relaxed hole, the heat and flutter went straight down to his cock and Logan groaned, quickly getting hard again.

"God." Logan breathed, feeling the tight pulse around his fingers, watching Remy take him in. So pretty, the pink rim opened wide. He scisored is fingers, making the boy whine, watching as he stretched wider. He had to have his cock in there - feel that pulse wrap hungry around him. Logan groaned again and licked a long trail down Remy's hot thigh. He hitched himself between the boy's legs, wrapping a hand around one shin to push a leg up - opening the boy further. Remy was watching him and had stopped struggling, was quiveringly submissive with his knees spread wide. His eyes were black with lust, muscles shuddering, chest heaving and that lovely cock a deep painful red.

"So beautiful, pet." Logan whispered, staring down at him as he pressed his eager cock slowly inside the boy's molten body. He loved the way that sweet ass opened to take him. Remy whimpered and Logan rocked abruptly forward - sinking all the way in.

"Jesus - Remy - Jesus -!" Logan gasped, fingers digging into the boy's shin as he fought for his fragmenting self control. Remy's ass was gripping hard around the base of his cock and the silky smothering heat was - just - to - much. With a harsh gasp, Logan pulled all the way out. The boy wailed in frustration as Logan cursed. Breathing hard, he fought back the urge to just shoot off now. Logan's cock jerked, drooling on to the wrinkled sheets. Breathing heavily, Logan drove his reddened shaft back inside. "Shit -"

Logan began to rock into the burn of Remy's ass, clinging to the boy's legs as he fought to hold on a little longer. The boy was moaning under him, glassy-eyed, moving eagerly to meet him. His purple cock was managing to leak despite the ring, Logan could smell it like he could smell the sweat and blood - the boy's sweet pain and the sharp scent of his own come spread on the boy's skin. He was losing control, muscles in his back tightening, thrusts getting clumsy. He couldn't stop, he didn't care. Logan groaned, riding the boy's pain and submission while Remy soared high - riding Logan's pleasure. A tingling rush spread across Logan's skin and he shouted, slamming in - and in - hard and the boy took it with a rising wail of pleasure. Logan managed to fumble the ring off - Remy screamed under him and clamped down vise tight on his aching, greedy cock. Logan howled, ramming to the hilt in his ass, feeling the boy go off like a rocket under him - screaming. The thick smell of the boy's come was just enough to make Logan howl again, hips jolting heavily as he came and came and - god, came. Body jerking, Logan collapsed onto the boy, gasping for breath.

Remy was sobbing and choking under him, writhing frantically against his bonds. Logan pushed himself off the boy's sweat slick body and pulled the gag off. Remy gasped and wailed, tears streaming from his eyes.

" -kay. Okay." Panting, hands shaking, Logan uncuffed the boy and pulled him against his chest. Remy cried and sobbed, clinging to him and burying his face against his chest, overwrought, shaking and hysterical. Logan stroked his back in soothing circles. "That's it boy. Let it out. That's it. Good - good boy.

He let the boy cry himself out, holding him gently. Stroked his back as Remy wound down, the pleasure and torment and pain triggering a release the boy had desperately needed. Logan kissed the tangled hair, holding Remy as his sobs sank down to whimpers then drowsy sniffles.

"R-Remy s-s--sorry." The boy managed to gasp finally. "S-good. Boss - good. Was good - n-n-o ssense de tears. F-feel so g-good. So r-right."

"I know boy." Logan murmured. "It's okay. Y'just let it out. Y'doin fine."

"Boss - Remy y-yours." He panted, long fingers tightening on Logan's skin. "He yours. Don leave him. Don leave."

"Yer mine, pet." Logan whispered. "Y'my good pet. And I ain't gonna let you go."

"S'v plait. S- s'v plait." Remy trailed off, falling asleep in Logan's arms.


END (9/2002)