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He had to piss. Remy woke with a snort, tugging at his wrists. They were bound above his head; once upon a time it might have scared him but not anymore. He could feel the heat of Logan's body against his back - and the tickle of body hair - as well as the lightly sleeping mind.

"Cher -" He muttered and nudged Logan's shin with his heel. Logan's arms tightened around him and the other man pressed his face into Remy's shoulder with a sigh. Remy nudged him again and wiggled in his arms. He really had to piss. "Wake up, cher."

Logan yawned in his ear, then licked it. "What the hell ya want? It's early even fer me, brat."

"Need piss, me. Bad."

Logan grumbled and ran his hands up Remy's arms. He pinched the fasteners in his big hands and Remy felt the cuffs loosen, one at a time. As soon as he was free, Remy hurried to the bathroom. He didn't bother with the light, the faint pre-dawn glow was enough to aim by and he sighed in relief then discomfort. His cock was sore. When he was done, he crawled back under the covers and curled on his side, back to Logan's wide chest. Logan put an arm around him but Remy, a little alarmed, shifted to keep those fingers off his tender cock.

"What?" Logan said, instantly awake. Remy cursed as Logan rolled him onto his back.

He met the drowsy dark eyes, flushing a little. "Little sore down der, cher. Remy got a mean boss."

Logan grinned briefly. "Yup. Let me see."

Remy sighed and squeezed his eyes shut as Logan turned on the little desk lamp besides his bed. "Remy fine, jus sore. And tired."

"Uh-hu. Shut up, pet." Logan stroked him and Remy shivered, sore or not, he loved it when his boss touched him. The petting hands wandered across his nipples - which were also slightly sore - along his belly and down to investigate his cock gently. He hissed at the discomfort as Logan ran a fingertip along the underside of his shaft, where he'd been punished most severely. "Yer still a little red, darlin. Lie still."

Remy cracked an eye as Logan rolled out of bed. He heard him take a piss, then fumble around in the medicine cabinet. "'Course Remy sore - merde - boss man was trey cruel to him."

But he said it in a whisper. Logan came back with a tube of antibiotic cream and slathered his cock.

"Ick. Boss -" Remy whined. The cream was cool and soothing but the sticky feel of it on his cock wasn't very pleasant. He fingered himself and Logan slapped his hands sharply. "Not dat bad."

"Yup. It's not and it's gonna stay not bad, brat." Logan finished, wiped his hands on his discarded T-shirt then climbed back into bed. Remy immediately curled close, tucking his head under Logan's chin. He sighed and closed his eyes again, trying to find some way to lie so his soft cock didn't smear nasty stuff on Logan's thighs - or his own. He grumbled to himself and relaxed. Logan began to stroke his hair. Remy yawned, settling back to sleep, comforted by the beating heart against his ear and the repetitive touch on his head.

He dozed as Logan petted him. It was so good to have Logan here where Remy could touch him, taste him - Remy licked his lips sleepily - feel him. Logan was content. Logan was happy. Logan liked having him here, in his arms, sleeping at his side. And Remy could feel all that. He never wanted to get up but after an hour or so, Logan got restless.

"C'mon pet. Might as well get up."

"It's early - !" Remy tried to roll into the blankets, clutching at Logan.

Logan chuckled and gave him a light spank on his ass. Remy hitched and bit Logan's shoulder, earning another pleasingly sharp spank. "I c'n wake ya up real good."

"Your pet gonna keep you in bed all day, boss." Remy teased. He ran his tongue down Logan's hairy chest, flicking over a nipple. His hands stroked swiftly along the hard thighs and - feeling Logan relax under his attention - Remy grinned and petted the slowly swelling cock. He threw the sheets over his head and slid down Logan's body, kissing and licking as he went.

"Bon -" Remy purred, rubbing his cheek against warm flesh like a cat marking territory. Logan was his and Remy felt dizzyingly possessive. He dipped a fingertip into Logan's navel and the other man gasped, his cock twitching against Remy's chin. The thief curled between Logan's legs and began to gently pump his cock in his hands - the bell on his wrist jingled rhythmically and the little glass stones caught the light even under the sheets. Remy watched, eyes half shut, as Logan got hard.

He remembered the feel of that thick cock in him, hard and driving. Remy's sore cock stirred, rising up despite the mildly reddened skin.

"Tres bon." Remy murmured, twisting his fingers around the head of Logan's cock and pulling a deep groan from the man. He dropped back down and pulled one of Logan's big balls into his mouth. Logan cursed and arched, Remy slid a spit slick finger into his hole. He closed his eyes and focused on the clench of Logan's ass the hot furry flesh in his mouth and the shaft throbbing in his hands. When he found Logan's prostate, it didn't take long before his boss was groaning and clutching his head through the sheet - then shooting all over his own belly and chest.

Remy milked the last bit out with his mouth, enjoying the taste, then he slithered up to grin into Logan's slightly dazed face. His boss was always easy in the morning.

"Made a mess." Logan muttered after a moment. Remy only smiled, his own belly and chest smeared with dried cum from last night. It didn't trouble the thief in fact - though he didn't let anyone know - he liked being spattered. He liked it when Logan came all over him, marking him in the most primitive way possible.

"Remy take care of dat." He said smugly and did.

He'd had hopes that Logan would go back to sleep after that but there were only a few more minutes of quiet snuggling before Logan patted his head and urged him out of bed. Yawning, Remy brushed his teeth and washed the traces of last night's mess off. Logan was waiting for him when he came back out, hands full of black leather.

"Boss?" Remy murmured, hoping to distract Logan from his evident intrest in more games. Remy was sleepy. "Gon go down to breakfast w'M. Wheels?"

Logan grinned and yawned. "He ain't up yet, darlin. Wanna have a little talk with you."

Remy dropped his eyes. "Oui."

"C'mere." Logan grunted impatiently.

"Talk?" Remy gestured at the cuffs and the wide black collar in Logan's hands. "Wid dat?"

Logan bucked the heavy black collar on his neck and Remy's chin was forced high by the wide, rolled edge. "Y'ain't talkin' t'me any other way, brat, so we're gonna try this."

Remy shifted uncertainly as Logan pulled has hands behind his back and snapped on the new, thief resistant cuffs. He felt Logan thread a strap through the d-ring on the back of the collar then through the rings on the cuffs. His hands were pulled up to the small of his back.

"Corner." Logan ordered. Remy sighed and walked over to the bare corner in Logan's room, kneeling with his face to the blank walls. A strap was wound around his chest, pulled snug and used to fasten his bound wrists to his body.

"Cross yer ankles." Logan bound his ankles together. When Logan's hands appeared in Remy's limited field of vision with the ball gag, the thief reared back.

"How gonna - mmff -!" The rubber ball was shoved matter of factly between his teeth and buckled snugly on. Remy shook his head, Logan smacked the back of his head sharply.

"Behave!" Logan threaded a short strap to the front of his collar and tied it off on the hook imbedded in the wall. Remy groaned. He wouldn't be getting up anytime soon. When his boss slipped the black silk over his eyes, Remy wailed and jerked back - brought up short by the leash. His struggles meant nothing and soon the soft black fabric blinded him. Logan's fingers trailed soothingly down his shuddering back as Remy breathed hard through his nose, frightened by the darkness.

"Easy, easy, pet." Logan murmured, close enough that Remy could feel the heat from his body. "Want ya t'think for a while. I'm gonna meditate and yer gonna do the same thing. And when were ready, we're gonna have a little talk. You just settle down, ain't gonna leave ya and I don't want ya distracted by anything."

Remy whined as Logan pulled away. He hated meditating.

Yawning till his jaw popped, Logan scratched hard at his hair and stared down at Remy's tousled head. The boy wiggled, shifting restlessly in his bonds. Logan watched those long fingers explore the cuffs, looking for a way out. He smiled as Remy's fingers closed into frustrated fists as he realized he really *couldn't* get out. Giving Remy a last pat, Logan went to clean up.

Logan pulled on a roughly woven cotton kimono and sat on the floor, zazen. He fixed his gaze in the haiku on the wall - the only poem he'd ever written for a woman years dead.

[cherry blossoms

scattered like your hair

in a sea of blood]

He could not, Logan realized with a stab of grief, remember the feel of her skin. Logan squeezed his eyes shut, struggling to recall but all he could remember was the heat of her blood and the wide-eyed loss of life. He did not even know when he'd forgotten. He swallowed hard, wondering how much more he was going to lose - would he eventually forget her completely?

Remy keened, rocking in his bonds, question and distress in the tone of his muffled voice. He sensed Logan's grief. Logan took a deep breath and reached for the calm of meditation. "S'okay pet. Calm down."

The thief shivered, subsiding with a whimper. Logan closed his eyes and relaxed, amused at the way of dao - instead of an old man with a stick to hit him when his mind wandered, he had his boy's sensitive mind.

When he was quiet inside, the beast momentarily sated by Remy's blood and pain and presence and Logan's mind had rested in the quiet of Zen, he opened his eyes. Glancing at the corner he could see that Remy was calm, relaxed in his bonds and his breathing deep and even. Logan's eyes slitted in satisfaction.

He'd tried to teach the Cajun to meditate long before they'd started fucking but the thief was too restless, too hyperactive. The enforced stillness of bondage changed that. Tied up, blindfolded and gagged, Remy was able to let go and not just in bed.

Logan went and sat behind Remy, settling close against his skin. He stroked the long thighs idly as Remy came out of his relaxed state. He rubbed his chin against Remy's bony shoulder and nipped at his earlobe. Remy sighed then yawned as Logan took off the gag.

"So, what's all this lyin' about?" Logan rumbled, still stroking Remy soothingly. "Ya tried to lie t'me and ya lied to the team. What's goin' on, pet?"

He felt Remy tense and squirm against his bonds. Logan gave one nipple a sharp pinch and Remy yelped.

"Behave y'self and answer yer boss."

Remy shifted restlessly. "No reason boss -"

Logan pinched him again. "Still lyin' t'me."

"Just - don w'ant no trouble, s'v plait. Don want not'ing bad to happen!"

Logan wrapped his arms around the squirming thief and squeezed him tight, completely immobilizing him. "Well, ya got trouble and y'gonna get more if ya don't fess up. What y'so scared about?"

Remy whined and tossed his head, his voice was thick with frustration. "Let Remy go! Don like this - talking like this. Not fair boss!"

"Ya think I gotta be fair? I know ya don't like it - cause y'can't get away from me." Logan said softly into his ear. He could feel the hard hammer of the boy's heart in his chest. "I ain't gonna let ya go. Y'can't do nothin' bout that except do what I tell ya and I'm telling ya t'talk t'me. There ain't nothing bad gonna happen, pet. I ain't mad at ya."

"S-stormy saw -" Remy said, breathing hard and sounding almost panicked. "Your marks on Remy. Don w'ant her to - know - to see -"

Logan sighed and closed his eyes. He rested his chin on Remy's shoulder. "Was gonna come out sooner or later, pet."

"She - was angry." Remy said. "At you, boss. Don w'ant her angry at you. You two are friends, don w'ant you fighting, not over Remy. Not over dis."

Logan tipped his head, eyeing the thief's angular profile. "Why's that, pet. 'Cause you don't want the fighin' or - cause you don't think y'worth it?"

"You an Stormy been friends a long time, cher. Long be'fore Remy showed up. Don w'ant to mess t'ings up for you."

Logan rubbed Remy's stomach gently, tight muscles flinched under his hand. "How long y'been worryin' on this?"

Remy silence was enough of an answer.

"And y'don't tell y'boss?" Logan rumbled. "Ya lyin' t'me t'try t'keep me out of it? Ya think that's gonna work? Ya think y'can keep secrets from me?"

"No, boss." Remy said in a small voice. "Remy sorry. You're pet sorry. Boss -"

"Ya think I'm gonna let you get away with lyin' t'me?"

"No, boss."

"Ya know I'm gonna punish you, don't ya pet."

"Yes, boss."

Logan felt Remy's breathing quicken and he smiled to himself. "I'm gonna give ya what ya deserve fer lyin' t'me and the team and then we're gonna go get some food."

He unsnapped the boy from the wall and moved him to the middle of the floor. Remy blinked up at him with wide eyes as he fitted the gag into his mouth. "Down."

Remy pressed his forehead to the floor. Logan restrapped the boy's ankles firmly together and tied the short leash to the ankle straps.

"Lift yer ass." Logan tugged on the straps until he had Remy the way he wanted - ass high in the air, arms bound behind his back, face to the floor. He stroked the presented flesh while Remy whined behind the rubber ball in his mouth. He tried to squirm away, to tuck his ass down. "Ya know what's comin' pet."

Logan left his pet there to stew while he dressed. Remy rocked miserably in his bonds and Logan smiled at the display. So pretty, that ass and that long slim body bound and waiting for punishment. His boy's long hair spilled across the floor like old satin and the leather and chrome glowed in the morning light. Logan's cock stirred and he adjusted himself in his jeans. He was going to make his wicked boy cry.

Logan buttoned his shirt and went to kneel next to the helpless thief. He kissed the small of Remy's back. "I'm gonna spank ya fer lyin' t'me - ten fer that. And I'm gonna give ya ten more for lyin' ta Slim. He's gotta know where we are, pet, in case there's an emergency. If ya'd asked him, he wouldn't a told 'Ro when I was comin' home. And that's the consequences fer lyin'."

Remy moaned, wiggling. He lifted himself higher, offering his ass for the punishment he needed to absolve him of the guilt he felt.

Logan stroked Remy's ass, kneading the rich flesh. He checked the boy's cock, Remy wasn't hard. He knew the difference between punishment and pleasure. Logan braced a hand on Remy's back and gave his upturned ass several hard slaps. Remy jumped at the sudden attack on his vulnerable flesh. Logan counted the blows under his breath, angling his hand to maximize pain while minimizing sound. He didn't need to wake the mansion.

He hit hard, alternating sides as the trembling flesh under his hands warmed and darkened. Pausing after the first ten, Logan grinned at the bright pink color and the uncontrollably twitching muscles. Remy was breathing hard, hands clenched in the cuffs. Logan gave him several hard, quick blows on the same spot on one cheek, a red irregular patch bloomed and Remy writhed uncontrollably, groaning. At the high pitched whine, Logan went back to a more even distribution.

At twenty blows, Logan stopped, hissing through is teeth. Remy had managed to hold back the tears and that wasn' t acceptable. Logan knew the boy needed to be driven to the release of tears in order to feel that he'd been properly punished - and forgiven.

"An one fer sleepin' in my bed when ya don't got yer boss' permission." Logan growled and slammed a final blow onto Remy's sore, reddened ass. Remy wailed, breath hitching in a sob and began to cry. Logan grinned then went to pull on his boots, leaving Remy bound and gagged, to cry out his guilt and anxiety. When his tears quieted, Logan unbound him and eased the gag free. Remy leaned against him chest with a shaky sigh.

"Okay pet?" Logan asked, cupping Remy's chin in his hand. Remy nodded, face streaked with tears and sniffling. Logan kissed his temple and whispered in his ear. "Next time y'lie t'me I'm gonna beat ya with a strap. Y'hear me pet?"

Remy shuddered hard. "Y-yes boss."

"Good. Get dressed pet. Let's go eat."


Part 16


It wasn't good weather for a ride, the morning's heavy summer rain had left the streets slick with oil but Remy couldn't stand another moment in the mansion.

Things between Stormy and Logan were - bad. Things had been said that Remy wasn't sure could be forgotten. And suddenly, Remy had been reduced to some sort of victim - no one was listening to him - despite the fact that he was the one they were fighting over. Remy gunned the engine and skidded out of the garage, fishtailing briefly before he steadied the bike and raced down the long driveway and out the half open gates. Free of the mansion, he tossed his lose hair back and breathed deep. The weight of everyone's emotions blew away in the damp wind and the Cajun grinned, teeth bright in the dark, as he sped into the night.

Remy kept his attention on the road and the smell of the summer air, the way the heavy half full moon illuminated the treetops and the occasional brilliant flash of oncoming headlights. He swung off the highway, heading north where lonely roads would be empty this late and he could let the expensive Italian racer stretch its legs. The high performance engine hummed sweetly between his legs and the air was cool on his face. The roads, at night, slightly slick after the rain, were enough to keep his mind off the mansion. Under the moon, its silver light kind on his eyes, he could just ride the wind.

Remy let the roads take them where they wanted, north or east or south - casting a miles wide circle around the sleeping mansion that held so much of his heart hostage.

Somewhere along a narrow road, the characteristic deep-throated roar of a Harley carried to the Cajun's ears. He smiled.

The thief played with the unseen Harley; marking its distance by sound, gunning his own higher pitched engine and finding a crossroad that would take him onto the same road as the other bike but a mile or so ahead. The sounds of their bikes were the only noises in the late night countryside as they raced along some narrow rule road. Remy raced ahead of the American bike, smirking as he heard the heavier bike straining to catch him. Then, the sound faded.

The thief cocked his head, slowing is bike to hear over his engine. The Harley was out there, off the road they'd been sharing moments before. He looked off to the left, where black tree trunks flashed by, briefly illuminated by his low-intensity lights. The Harley was out there - somewhere.

Remy wasn't familiar with the roads out this far and he sped along, listening to the fade and swell of the Harley nearby. It was paralleling him - and gaining. The thief leaned over the bars of his bike and gunned the engine. The road he was on had curves and Remy cursed as he took the turns as tight as he dared - forced to decelerate slightly - the sound of the Harley faded and swelled. He squinted into the wind, hair whipping across his face. There was a crossroads ahead, he sped towards it, hearing the Harley growing louder and louder.

When he was just barely twenty feet from the crossroads, a dark, roaring shape cut across the road. Remy shouted, the Harley roared, red tail lights winking triumphantly in the night as it cut across the road he was on. The thief shouted again, laughing at the same time. He dropped the clutch and wrenched the handlebars around. Tires shrieked as Remy skidded into the intersection, fighting momentum as he took the sharp turn off after the Harley, he slid all the way across the street, nearly ending up in the ditch before he regained control. The lights were still in sight, the deep American engine loud in the night. Remy opened the throttle on his Italian racer.

The Italian bike had speed but the big American monster had power. The roads were hilly, narrow and curved and the damn Harley managed to stay just ahead. Every time Remy was sure he was going to catch up, the Harley would take a turn into another road. Once - speeding far to fast to risk the turn-off - Remy missed the turn entirely and had to race along the silent street until he found another crossroads. This one dumped him out ahead of the Harley and he shouted triumphantly. The Harley growled behind him. Heart pounding with wild joy, Remy fled ahead of the predatory howl of the bike behind him.

On a road narrow enough that the trees cut the moon light off, the Harley ambushed Remy, sliding onto the street a dozen yards ahead of him in a flurry of broken branches and mud. The thief cursed, crouched low to minimize wind drag and sped after the single red eye.

At a fork in the road, the Harley peeled off and Remy chose the straightaway. The Harley's engine paralleled him for miles as the thief ran the suicide line, weaving back and forth across the deserted road for the joy of feeling the hot engine between his legs sing. The night wind combed back his hair as Remy turned south, towards home. The noise of the Harley faded.

Remy slowed, taking the turn into the mansion's driveway at an almost sedate pace. He idled the engine as he eased into the garage. Cutting the engine on his lean Italian bike, Remy swung off with a yawn. The smell of the night was still in his nose and he stretched drowsily. He'd be able to sleep tonight.

Logan's bike was parked nearby, tucked neatly into the shadows. Remy paused, resting a hand on the Harley's engine, it was scorchingly hot. The metal was ticking loudly as it cooled and the smell of fuel was strong in the air. Remy smiled.