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Part 1


"Sugah - yes, ohhhh. That's th'spot." Rogue murmured, eyes closed and squirming under Remy's light touch. The agile thief kissed his way up her thigh, till he met the reddish curls between her legs. He tugged on the damp hair gently with his teeth and smiled as she arched up, rolling her hips. Sliding his hands under her to cup her buttocks and lift her up, Remy nosed at the wet curls, tonguing her clit, tasting salt and slick excitement. His cock gave an eager leap at the heat and wet feel of her.

He played her until Rogue was moaning low in her throat, legs wide open and her hands were curled in his long hair. She stroked his shoulders but didn't pull on his hair. She never did. Aching now, eager, Remy moved up.

"Ready, cherie?" He whispered, nudging the tip of his cock against her cunt. Rogue's eyes flicked open. "Wan' be in you, me."

"Mmmm - sugah - y'know I want it too. Love you in me." She stared up at him flushed and beautiful, green eyes dark and hungry. Remy, heart melting, leaned down and kissed her. Remy moved to kiss her ear with a sigh, twisting his hips to tease them both as he rubbed the tip of his pulsing cock against her wet opening. Rogue moved, arching up, her hands tightening on his shoulders as she took him in.

"Cherie- !" Remy cried softly, twisting in her grip, gritting his teeth as it loosened rather than tightened. So gentle. No one knew it, but his Marie could be so - damn - gentle. "Marie - ahh, cherie, hold Remy s'v plait -."

Her hands slid down his back, settling on his hips to guide him, push him, pull him like he was her own personal sex toy. Heart pounding, Remy arched above her, surrendering gratefully to her rhythm. He hunched over, never stopping the sweet, deep thrusts and stroked his tongue over a dark nipple. Rogue gasped and her cunt twitched around him. Remy whimpered, mouth open, eyes squeezed shut, rocking into the silk and heat and wet - wet -so good - so good and beautiful and she was moaning now, softly - hands tight on his hips - ohh - yes - Marie - .

With a gasp, Remy rolled, bringing Rogue with him.

"Wha - ?" Marie shifted, nearly losing him. Remy grinned up at her, settling her across his hips. Chuckled as Rogue's eyes nearly rolled back as his cock surged deeper inside her.

"Mais - good, eh, Marie?"

"Ah, shit - sugah -" Marie panted, head tipping back as she rolled her hips, riding Remy's cock. "Christ - let a girl know -"

Remy laughed wickedly and thrust up against the weight pinning him down, Marie wailed, hands coming instinctively to rest on his chest. Remy groaned, thrusting, blood rushing loud in his ears. He moved a hand to the Marie's clit, rubbing a thumb against her as she ground against him. Beautiful above him, the sway of her dark nippled breasts, the muscles in her arms shuddering with pleasure and strain. Her weight across his hips, and the heat tightening around his cock - so close - he was so close - eyes fluttering closed Remy sank into the heat and weight - Marie wailed, suddenly, shrilly and pulsed hard around his cock.

"Dieu!" Remy shouted, bucking once - twice and shooting into her. Collapsed bonelessly back onto the rumpled sheets as Marie sank down to rest on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, feeling her catch her breath and stared at the dim ceiling.

"Marie -" He sighed, closing his eyes. She shifted to look at him through a fall of red and white hair.

"You Okay there, shugah?" She stroked his face lightly. "You sound sad."

"I love you." He said softly.

Rogue sat up with a frown. "And that makes yah sad Rems?"

"Non, cherie." He murmured. "Jus feeling sad, dats all. No reason."

"Thought it was just us girls that got the post-fuck sorries." Rogue said and settled against his side, pulling his arm around her waist. Remy turned to spoon against her back, she snuggled close and he curled protectively around her. His back felt cold.

"I'm he'ah Rems. I love yah. I ain't going tah leave yah."

Remy nuzzled the fine red hair, smelling herbal shampoo and sex. Closed his eyes against the afternoon light and tried to nap.

Rogue woke him as she slipped out of his room, though she tried not to. Remy lay quietly while she dressed and left, closing the door behind herself gently. Rolling onto his back, Remy ran a hand slowly down his chest. Smooth, unmarked. Not even a hickey. Just the scent of her to remind him that they'd even made love. He curled his fingers, dragging his nails down the smooth skin of his belly, his eyes closed and he sighed.

He'd forgotten that he needed to - adjust - after he'd been forced to leave Bella. Everything had been so crazy anyway that it hadn't seemed like much those first few months when suddenly - sex wasn't what it had been. Everyone had wanted to take care of him alright - but not the way he was used to. Those women had wanted to mother him. Make him happy. None of them wanted to own him. But he'd learned how wonderful vanilla sex could be, with someone you care about and he loved Marie. He did. He just needed to readjust. And it was wonderful, the feel of her, the scent of her, the touch of her hands and mouth and sweet cunt. Soft, silky, sweet, hot.

Not hard, rough, demanding, wild. Remy shivered and his hips shifted restlessly. Brutal. The snap of teeth in his ear. The bruising grip of big hands, ruthless heat in dark eyes. Remy's hand slid down to his swelling cock. The struggle and surrender to confinement, being held. Being tied down, unable to escape. Marked, owned. Taken.

Eyes tightly closed, Remy jacked his stiff cock. Thrusting up, teeth sinking into his lip until he drew blood with a small gasp. Twisted a nipple between cruel fingers, choked back a cry and came all over his belly. Lay there, tasting copper and blinking drowsily. Licked his fingers clean, welcoming the familiar sour/salt taste. He missed it.


It was very quiet in the car and Remy fixed his eyes on the road, cigarette clamped between his teeth. Rogue, dressed in tight fitting glittering red top and Chinese silk pants, was staring out the window, wind tangling her hair. He'd been stupid. As usual.

It wasn't late but they'd cut their club date short when it became clear that Rogue wasn't having a good time.

"Sorry, cherie." Remy finally murmured when the silence got to heavy. "Remy t'ought somet'n new be fun, eh?"

"Well, that's what yah get for thinking." Rogue said then sighed. "Nah. I'm sorry, Rems. Was just a strange place - never seen some of that - outside the White Queen. Kept on thinking we should be in uniform."

Remy winced. He'd taken her to the mildest club he knew. Really, nothing more than dancing, leather clothes, decorative studs and maybe things were racier than most places but still - nothing done in public to frighten the horses.

"Yah go there sugah?"

"Somet'imes, cherie." Remy admitted. "Fun somet'imes to do somet'ing diff'rent, non? Somet'ing a little - risky?"

"I have enough risk in mah life already, Rems. And so do you." Rogue shifted. "People can get hurt in places like that -"

"You said y'never been there, cherie and now you're warning Remy away?" He snapped, hands tightening on the steering wheel. "Don't 'ave much respec't for Remy's tak'ing care of himself eh?"

"Take care of yahself - I saw the way you were looking at all those ladies - ladies, crap - they looked like the league of replacement heroes in all that leather, Rems! Their hands all over yah and you didn't do anything about it! Rogue said angrily. "If yah like that sort of thing maybe you should be with Emma!"

"At least Emma don't t'ink anyt'ing but de missionary position is perverse!" Remy snapped.

Stricken silence.

"Oh, cherie - Remy didn't mean - "

"Oh, shut up, Rems! Stop the car."


"Stop the fucking car!" Rogue shouted.

Remy slammed on the breaks, not caring that they were in the middle of the highway, and the car screeched to a halt. Horns honked, Rogue tore the door open, Remy heard metal scream as she flew out, soaring up into the dark sky. Flying away. Leaving him. Again.


"Marie - " Remy swallowed hard, feeling faintly sick. This wasn't a good idea, but he'd promised. They'd both promised. To try. To be honest. "S'v plait."

"Mmmm?" Rogue rolled over and sat up, drowsy. Naked. Beautiful.

Remy slid out of bed and went over to his dresser, pulled out a length of rope and turned back. Rogue's eyes went wide.

"Rems - ah ain't going to get tied up!"

Remy shook his head helplessly. "Non. Dis not for you, cherie."

Rogue looked at him, stricken. "Yah want me to tie yah up?"

Remy licked his lips nervously, wishing desperately for a smoke. Still, even the feel of the rope in his hands was making him hard. "Oui."

Rogue closed her eyes briefly. "Jesus, sugah, don't we have enough of that in our lives already?"

"Dis not de same!" Remy protested. "Jus wan' to feel - "

"Ah don't wanna know!" Rogue snapped. "Rems, ah swear ah love you, sugah but I can't do that to yah."

"Even if Remy wan' it?" He said angrily. "Could be good, cherie and you won't even try it!"

"That's right 'cause ah know it ain't fun!" Rogue cried, voice rising. "'Cause I know it ain't normal! Ya got a bad history, Rems - ah know it and ah ain't going to rub yah nose in it. Love ain't like that, sugah. I don't care what someone else taughte ya when ya were to young ta know better but it ain't like that - hurting, cruel."

"Remy don't w'ant to be hurt!" Remy yelled. "Remy jus w'ant you to hold him!"

"And ah can hold yah, sugah." Rogue cried, jumping out of bed and snatching up her robe. "But ah ain't gonna do it with a rope!"

"Remy need dis!" He wailed finally, despairing. "Cherie - s'v plait. Marie - !"

"Nah!" Rogue turned in the doorway and shouted back. "Nah - I ain't going tah treat yah like that! Yah gotta learn, Remy, love ins't that - that - a piece of rope!!"

The door slammed shut, Rogue cursing as she thundered down the hallway. Remy sank to his knees and bowed his head, knuckles white on the rope. Tears crept down his face. He'd never been so ashamed in his life.


Part 2

That ain't love

Stairwells carry sound real well. Logan stood at the first floor and listened to Remy and Rogue argue on the third. He didn't want to be hearing it but he didn't have much choice - and he'd been listening to a few of them over the past month or so.

"- going out, sugah?"

"Why you t'ink?" Remy said, voice far to miserable for someone planning on a night on the town. "So you're not even going tah try an straighten up?" Rouge hissed. "Just going tah go somewhere else and get more - more messed up!"

"Remy ain't messed up - dis isn't about bein' messed up!"

"And how yah know that Rems?" Rogue's voice was rising, as it always did when she was upset. "What've you got tah base it on? Raised a thief? Marrying an assassin? No wondah yah so screwed up, Rems!"

"You leave Remy's family out a dis!" Remy shouted suddenly and Logan winced, hearing Scott's squeaky door open on the second floor. "Dey care for Remy - more than you, cherie - they don treat Remy like a freak -"

"Yah not a freak! Yah got problems - I wanah help yah - that ain't no love yah family got if they go letting yah hurt yahself!" Rogue shrieked. "Why aint' ah not surprised, Rems. N'Oleans nuts - all ah yah! It's not normal ahm telling yah! I love yah and I'm not gonna keep screwing yah up like everyone else!"

"All kinds of people do dis!" Remy was shouting now to, trying to drown out Rogue's tirade about family and normalcy. "It's not fucked up, cherie! You jus' too inhibited - w'at you want? Married and living in the su'burbs wit two kids an a dog? Dat normal enough for you, eh? You t'ink running around in spandex normal? Take a look in de mirror, cherie - you not normal. Remy not normal. Normal ain't w'at we are! W'at Remy got is jus' a little quirk -"

"Quirk - its sick sugah!"

"That's enough, both of you!" Scott's broke in on the brief pause while the two combatants caught their breath. He was standing on the second flight of stairs, wrapped carelessly in a robe. Logan smiled, scenting the sex in the air. It was early yet to be in bed and Scott's hair was tangled in the classic 'I was having sex until you disturbed me' style. "You need to take this disagreement into a room."

"Or another state." Logan growled under his breath and began to climb the stairs. Doors slammed. Scott and Jean's on the second floor. Rouge then Remy's on the third. Logan hesitated at the third floor, scratched the back of his neck and sighed. Rogue was crying. Rogue he couldn't do anything about, they'd never gotten along and she didn't have many friends - any friends - here. Maybe it was time to drop a dime to her mom. Remy - he sighed again. The kid didn't deserve to be put through this. And it was half his fault. It was like a fucking soap opera.

He shrugged out of his damp coat and headed down the hall to Remy's room and knocked on the door.

"Remy don' want talk no more!"

"It's me, kid." Logan said quietly. "Open t'door."

He listened to Remy shuffle around then open the door. One red and black eye peered warily out. Logan kicked the door lightly and Remy sullenly let him in. Logan leaned against the shut door while Remy went back to slump on his bed, mouth tight and face blank.

"You look like y'gonna explode there, kid." Logan said. "Told ya already ya gotta let it out."

"Everyone tellin' Remy w'at to do!" Remy snapped, flipping a pair of sunglasses restlessly from hand to hand. Boy was dressed to please, white silk so thin Logan could see the shadows of dark nipples. Snug low slung white pants, white sneakers, no socks. You woudn't think a bit of bare ankle would be such a turn on but there it was. Hitting all the buttons. Logan set his jaw, quieting his first impulse. He wanted to put Remy over his knee and spank him until the boy let some of that anger out, until he was red and wailing. Then he wanted to fuck him until there wasn't any strength left in either of them. "Remy know how to get w'at he wan'ts!"

"I don't doubt it, gumbo." Logan said. "And I'm not here t'tell ya what t'do."

"W'at den?"

"Come here, kid."

Remy stared rebelliously at him.

Logan gave him a wry grin. "Indulge my dominant side and get the hell over here."

Remy stood and slunk over with a deliberately tempting sway of his hips but it wasn't desire that moved him but anger. Logan gritted his teeth and ignored it. The damn kid was a hazard. When the tall thief was close enough, Logan snatched a handful of that loose hair and dragged the boy close. Remy tensed, resistant.

"Ssh." Logan eased his grip to stroke the fine brown hair. Whispered in the kid's ear. "I just wanna tell ya that ya ain't alone kid. Y'got people y'can go to - you understand me? Don't go thinkin' that y'gotta handle everythin' by yerself."

"Dis my problem!" Remy hissed. "I can handle dis. Jus lover's t'ing, eh?"

Logan sighed. "If you say so, kid. I ain't gonna butt in but my door ain't locked. Neither is 'Ro's Got that?"

Remy breathed shakily for a moment then managed a nod. Logan let him go.

"T'anks, Logan." Remy said as Logan turned to go.



So maybe Logan had the cure. Remy zipped his sweatjacket up and headed outside, glaring at the spring drizzle. Hated New York. He wanted to go home so badly. See his family. See his wife - god, yes.

Followed the sound of chopping to where Logan was turning big pieces of wood into little pieces of wood. He sat on a stump and smoked for a while, watching the big man. Felt that sinking desire, skin memory telling him how it would feel to touch that man, tasted him, open himself up and submit. Logan grunted and stopped.

"What y'want, kid?"

"Talk me." Remy replied.

Logan grunted again , gathered an armful of wood in one hand, the axe in the other and headed to the woodshed. "Bring some of that cut wood."

Remy gathered up a resinous armful, cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth and followed the shorter man. Watched that solid ass, in dusty old jeans, not sleek black leather and remembered how good Logan felt. How good Logan made him feel. He shook his head and drew hard in his cigarette, he was here to talk about his girlfriend and all he was thinking of was Logan's ass.

They stacked the wood in the dim little shed in silence.

"Pull up a seat." Logan said, nodding at a stump. "Careful with the smokes in here, gumbo."

Remy nodded and fiddled with some wood chips, studying the floor. Logan sat patiently.

"Don know what t'do, cher." Remy finally broke the silence. His throat tightened suddenly. "Remy love Marie, femme love me. Still - everyt'ing falling apart!"

The thief shoved a hand into his mouth, startled by the sudden tears. He gulped and swallowed the sobs down. "Remy trying! Dieu - trying so hard, homme! Why can't Remy get dis right? Why always screwing de importan't t'ings up?"

"Y'ain't screwing nothing up, gumbo." Logan said, snapping a bit of bark between his fingers. His face was still and Remy couldn't feel anything from him but the other man's steady presence. The Canadian was using his old training to block Remy's empathy. The thief stared suspiciously at Logan.

"Oh, sure, homme. Everyt'ing perfect -"

"Not what I said." Logan shifted uneasily. "I been hearing some o'what's going on. Can't help it."

Remy flushed.

"Y'told Rogue -"

Face darkening further, Remy nodded. "Took de femme to a club - de Parlor. Mild, eh? And she - not like it, non. Not at all. We fight eh? No new t'ing but dis - dis - not de same. Said some terrible t'ings, both of us."

"Y'never introduced anyone t'the scene?" Logan asked. "How'd y'get started?"

Remy smiled. "Me and m'wife. Jus fell into it, eh? So easy. Fun. T'ives and assassins know a bit 'bout tying' up, oui."

His smile faded. "Someone gonna hold me, oui? Want t'hold Remy so much. We fight too, Bella an Remy. But - making up, eh? Dat's real good. Me and Marie - dere's no making up like dat. You eh, how you start?"

"Hell if I know, kid. Maybe in Japan -"

Remy looked up, surprised. "You an' Mariko? Do dis?"

Logan shook his head. "Not me an'Mariko. No time for it. Never had a chance to find out if it was somethin' she wanted. Didn't even think of it, really. Then - she died."

"How you do it?" Remy wailed suddenly. "How you not get screwed? W'ant be with Marie, me. How I get rid of it!"

"Ahh, kid." Logan shook his head sadly. "Y'know better than that. It ain't gonna go away. It's part o'what makes you tick. Somthin' ya need."

"Marie say Remy sick!" Remy cried, blinking furiously. "Make me ashamed!"

"Oh, Jesus -" Logan swept him up, crushed him close and Remy finally sobbed. It's what he'd been wanting, Logan to hold him. Hard. "You ain't got nothin' t'be ashamed of!"

"Never feel dis way - like der's something wrong w'Remy!" He curled down, pressing hard to Logan's solid body. Made himself smaller, tucked his head into Logan's shoulder and just - sobbed. "She make me feel so bad - so bad. Remy love her and she make me feel so - dirty!"

Logan rocked him back and forth, big hand stroking his back. Remy cried harder when he realized he couldn't do this with Marie. He didn't feel like he could let himself go with her. Knew he couldn't. Logan - he trusted more than he should maybe. But he knew Logan wouldn't turn him away. Didn't make him feel dirty. Made him feel - sheltered. Safe. He loved Marie but he trusted Logan.

Logan was rumbling something in his ear about letting go. It's alright. I got you. That's it, boy. Remy shivered.

"Remy -" Logan's voice so close to his ear that his breath raised Goosebumps. "Y'can't let her do that t'ya. Anythin' else. But don't let her make y'feel ashamed. It's poison. It'll poison both o'you until y'can't stand each other. Shit - boy - anythin' else but that y'can handle. Shame - it's a killer. Y'got nothin' t'be ashamed of. Y'ain't hurting no one w'what y'like t'do and it's part o'ya just like y'hair and y'eyes. Don't matter where it come from."

"Don you feel ashamed?" Remy whispered. "Y'like t'hurt people. Gets y'hard t'hurt people!"

Logan sighed, Remy felt him flinch but he didn't push Remy away. "I got plenty I'm ashamed of, kid, but not that. Yeah I mark people - hurt 'em - and yeah it turns me on. But I ain't doin' harm. I like taking people out a'their world and turning them into nothing but a bunch o'nerve endings -"

Remy shivered, body heating at Logan's words.

"I strip 'em down to nothing but skin and heat an' need and play w'em 'till that's all there is in their universe. Lift 'em up outa themselves. Show 'em they can fly. Y'know - y'know what I'm talkin' about -"

"Boss - s'v plait - boss." Remy moaned, suddenly, agonizingly hard. Logan's breath was hot on his neck. He shifted, kneeling on the floor, thighs spread around Logan's work boot. He thrust, grinding against the other man's shin. "Need dat so much -"

Logan turned his face up, stared hard into his eyes, then kissed him. Rough and Remy just melted into the sharp teeth and demanding tongue. God, he didn't' feel dirty. He felt - he felt - like he'd do anything to please Logan. And he needed to come so bad. Needed Logan to tell him he could. Make him.

Logan wrenched his hands behind his back and Remy cried out, struggling. Arched his back, mouth open, eyes closed. The other man growled and threw Remy over a stump, twisting a hand in his hair.

"Spread y'knees, brat." Logan snarled. Remy, eager to feel anything but miserable, obeyed. The Canadian hunched on top of him, crushing the slender thief against the wood. Remy panted, relaxing in the dust and dimness, secure under Logan's hard weight. He could feel Logan's erection against his ass and he nearly wept with longing and relief. "Let me tell y'somethin' and ya pay attention."

"O-oui boss." Remy whispered. Logan's hand tightened in his hair, wrenching his head up. Remy moaned and writhed mindlessly.

"Y'a beautiful boy an' ain't no one got th'right t'tell ya otherwise." Logan growled in his ear. "You hear me boy!"

"Oui - ah - s'v plait, oui!"

Logan thrust against Remy's ass. "That's right, pet. Y'a beauty. Put ya' in a show and y'win best o'breed. Y'think I don't know what I'm talking about?"

"Boss - " Remy whined, rocking helplessly, thrusting against the wood. Hardly able to think past the ache of his cock. Wanted to do anything to please his boss. "You de boss. You know."

"Nothin' fer y't be ashamed of."

"Non." Remy agreed. "Boss - s'v plait, come now? Let me come now?"

"I'll tell y'when y'can come!"


"I know what y'need, pet." Logan murmured against the sweaty skin of his neck. Remy whimpered and his hips hitched uncontrollably. He was so desperately close. He spread his knees wider, grinding his ass back against Logan. Needed this, oh god he needed this.

Logan's hand pushed under him and Remy moaned loudly as his zipper was pulled down. Hands pinned behind his back, trapped under Logan's body, he couldn't do anything but submit. Logan pulled him from his pants, the touch of his fingers making Remy whimper and squirm. Logan shifted, pressing Remy carefully against the rough bark of the treestump. Remy blinked and gasped, flinching.

"No - pet." Logan pressed him back, shifted his weight to guide Remy, force him to push against the scratchy bark.

"Boss - boss, ah - s'v plait! Too rough - dat!" Remy whispered, pleading. Couldn't' help but move into the sensation on his desperate cock though. By now, anything felt good. Logan shifted, spreading Remy's thighs wider with his knees. Began to move the thief, forcing him to rock against the log he was draped over.

"That's right." Logan crooned. He stroked Remy's back as the thief surrendered and let Logan move him. "Gonna make y'come like this."

"S'too much, boss." Remy shivered, sensitive skin over stimulated by the rough bark. But he couldn't stop. Sensation rough and scratching, sharp, prickling. He ground harder against the bark. Groaned. He was leaking all over the wood.

"No it ain't. You be my good boy and fuck that wood for me."

Remy wailed softly, struggling. Needing. Humped the log, hands pinned, hair falling into his face, panting louder and louder. Riding the scratch and ache and the shameless, wicked pleasure. Logan was watching him fuck the log like some kind of animal in rut. Remy moaned.

"Good pet." Logan's voice was deep. "So pretty like that. You come for me. Come for me like that. Thats - thats it - thats it - come - let it out - "

Remy cried out, bucked. He screamed briefly at the rough stimulation and came, moaning in relief. Still hazy, Remy was pulled around and then Logan's hand was in his hair, guiding him.

"Open wide, pet."

Remy obeyed, eyes fluttering as hot flesh slid into him. He sucked instinctively. Logan groaned. "Ohh, shit - yeah boy. You just suck me."

The thief gathered himself, pants still hanging open, and bent his head. Relaxed and let Logan's cock slide all the way in until he nose was buried in dark hair. Sucked, stroked. Logan fucked his mouth. Hands tight in his hair and Logan's thrust getting faster, Logan's breathing loud and harsh in the woodshed. Remy was dizzy, lost in the smell of fresh sap, musty wood, strong musk. Remy just gave himself over to it - beautiful cock, thick and hot and good - and Logan groaned and he was filled with the sour taste of the man's come. Remy swallowed, milking gently, hungry. Let the softening shaft slip from his mouth to nuzzle wetly at the furred balls. Kiss the twitching tip of Logan's cock. Wanted to stay like this forever.

"Y'gotta find a way t'get what y'need, boy." Logan said quietly, with Remy's face still between his legs. "Either from Marie or from somewhere else. She loves ya, but she's gotta be willin' t'try."


Remy was sprawled on Marie's bed, waiting for her to come back from the shared shower down the hall. Had to try again. Had to keep trying because he wasn't going to give up. He grabbed one of the silly stuffed toys on Marie's bed. A green frog. Toad. Beside it was the blue snake. Mystique. Other toys had other names, the red eyed kitten. Scott. The satin parrot. Jean.

The thief sorted out the toys, arraying the two sides, glancing up to meet Marie's smile as she came in. She dropped onto the bed, wet hair wrapped in a towel and picked up the snake.

"Mah mom called." She said. "Wants for me to visit."

"Oui? Gon go?" Remy moved the ratty old wolf to the fore of the tactical position he'd built. Wolverine. Didn't set him up against the yellow lion this time, sicked him on the green frog. Marie countered with the blue snake disguised as the satin parrot. Remy snorted.

"Don't know yet, Rems." Marie decimated the thief's toys. The old wolf survived, as always. Remy rolled onto his back and tucked the toy under his chin. "What do yah think?"

"Remy dink we still got taking to do, cherie."

Marie sighed.

"Or we can wa'it until somt'ing come up and we fight, non?"

"Okay, okay - fine. What do yah want to say?"

Remy frowned. "Dat Remy not sick - let Remy finish! Not sick - dat you can b'live it but Remy don. And Remy - need dis t'ing."


The thief rolled over to stare steadily at Marie, trying to make her understand - believe him. "I need this, Marie. I'ts part of me. Like my hair or eyes. It doesn't matter where it comes from, or why."

"And yah want me tah give it to yah!" She cried, flushing.

"Remy'd love it if de femme he love share dis wi't him." He said softly. Marie, eyes filling with tears, shook her head.

"Ah can't Rems. It's so wrong - feels so wrong, like I'm hurting yah."

Remy swallowed, closed his eyes because the next part was the hardest. "Den we can handle it diff'rent. Remy get - get dat t'ing somewhere else."

"Yah mean jus leave me!"

"Non. Non - "

"What the hell then!"

"Remy get dis from someone else - der clubs, cherie where Remy find people give him just dat. Not a relationship. Not love - but can give Remy w'at -"

"What ah can't!"

"Oui! Merde - cherie. Don pretend - if you can't give dis to me I can find it. An Remy love you, not wanting to be sneaking 'round in de dark! 'Cause sooner or later Remy gonna go for it!"

"You're crazy Rems!" Marie slid off the bed and yanked the towel off her head, drying her hair roughly. "You want me to just let you go off and get - get - hell ah don't even know what yah gonna get and I don't wanna! Just leaving me whenever yah want! Ain't it nice to have yah cake and eat it too!"

"Not like dat!" Remy shouted, exasperated. "Want t'be w'it you, Marie but you don want dat. You don even w'ant to talk about it. Don want to even try!"

"Try!" Marie swung around, eyes glittering with rage. "Ah been trying for years with you Rems. Seeing you with all those other women! Watching everyone's eyes on yah. Now yah want me to - make myself as sick as you are! Well I ain't! I ain't gonna do that! It ain't love - It ain't sex - it's fucking rape! Or stand by and let someone else do yah!"

"Well, if de femme ain't gonna try - Remy ain't gonna neither!" Remy shouted, throat tightening. "Remy gonna get w'at he need. W'at he want. And if you not gonna let him - "

"Fine!" Marie cut him off. "Get on outa here, Rems! Don't wanna see yah in here no more! Get the hell out!"

Remy slammed out of her room, storming down the hallway, flushed with rage and humiliation as he saw Bobby standing, stunned, on the stairs. "W'at the hell you looking at, Chile?"

"Nothing." Bobby mumbled, averting his eyes and hurrying to his room.

"Fuck dis place!" Remy shouted down the empty hallway. "Living in a damn fishbowl. Fuck dis!"

He slammed into his room, stumbling and sank onto the bed, weeping until his head ached. Always losing everything he cared about.