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Part 3

This ain't love


Rogue was gone in the morning and Remy was drunk by noon.

"Logan." Scott called him into the kitchen where he was stacking dishes in the washer. Logan slouched in the doorway, rolling a cigar in is fingers. "Track down Gambit and put him to bed. Jean says he's passed out somewhere on the first floor. I don't want him to get stepped on or puke on the carpet in the morning."

"Ain't y'errand boy."

Scott turned halfway around, one hand braced on the counter, the other holding a dirty plate and stared, face impassive under the red glasses. "Right. You finish loading the dishes, if you like and I'll put our pet thief to bed."

"He ain't your pet!" Logan snarled and made tracks in the other direction. "An I don't do fuckin' dishes!"

He found the kid curled in a corner of the small sunroom where 'Ro started her seedlings. The window sills were stacked with plastic trays and the air was heavy with the sharp green smell of new plants and cheap as shit whisky.

"At least y'aint wastin' the good stuff." Logan muttered. Remy was totally wiped, so out he didn't even twitch when Logan came in. He was huddled in the darkest corner, half hidden behind a table. He looked like a sweet little kid, like a teacher's pet, and that pretty mouth was sad even asleep. Logan put his smoke away with a sigh and began to pick up the empties and drop them in the trash. Remy was still out when he was done, curled around the last half empty bottle.

"C'mon kid - " Logan scooped the thief up, an awkward armful of long legs and silky hair. Logan indulged himself for a moment, pressing his nose to the fine reddish hair and inhaling the boy's scent. Even drunk he still smelled sweet. Probably wouldn't be the case tomorrow. Remy made some noise and stirred, Logan tightened his grip to keep from dropping him as he shouldered the door open and headed down the hall. Remy settled with a sigh and Logan's mouth quirked.

Logan made it to Remy's room and laid the kid down. Remy rolled immediately onto his side and curled up, making it hard to get at his boots or belt. Evidently the point, as Logan wrestled with him Remy curled up smaller and made muffled protesting noises.

"Kid -!" Logan said sharply. He had one boot half off with Remy attempting a drunken, disoriented kick in his general direction. "Let me give ya a hand here!"

Remy rolled over, finally - sort of - conscious. "Eh? Non - don take m'boots! Dey m-mine -!"

"Ain't stealin' from ya, Remy. Come on, wake up a little."


"Yep." Logan took his opportunity and slipped the boots and belt off while the kid wasn't protesting. "Y'fallin' down drunk kid, best t'sleep it off."

"Mmm - no drunk 'nuf." Remy wiped a hand across his face. Whatever he said next was in 'Cajun and Logan didn't have a clue. He pulled the bottle out of Remy's hand and fetched a glass of water. Made Remy drink it and pulled a blanket over him to combat the chills the kid was going to get.

"You sleep now, boy." He said firmly. Remy blinked up at him, eyes drifting closed - obedient or too drunk to stay awake. Either way worked for Logan.

He stood over the sleeping thief for a while, arms crossed, just watching him. He'd done a fair bit of that on the train too, storing up the sight because it wasn't something he likely to see again. But things had changed. Logan rubbed his thumb idly over his fly then abruptly left.


It was a while before Remy could focus on anything besides the drum in his head and the long trip to the toilet and back to bed.

About twilight he realized that he hadn't put the pitcher of water on the bookshelf by the bed and, of course, Rogue hadn't either. She'd not be doing that again. Remy rubbed his eyes with a trembling hand. Drank some of the water and eyed the waiting envelope. He had a thief's nosiness and, despite the ache in his eyes, he ripped it open and took out a single sheet of paper and a torn scrap of a local New York state map. There was a circle around a particular location in a particular wildlife refuge a couple of hours North.

'I'll take what's mine and if you want to be mine, I'll take everything you got.

But I don't share.

You know how I'll treat you.

Be there by midnight.


Nothing else

Remy took the jeep, noting that Logan's bike was gone. With the help of a more complete map, he drove to the wildlife refuge. He parked the jeep and killed the engine, listening to it tick as the metal cooled. Once he left the car - there really wouldn't be any turning back. But that had been true some time ago. Maybe even before Thornrose. He didn't know for sure when the trust had grown so absolute. That he'd follow nothing more than a note into the dark. That he'd follow Logan into the dark in a personal way, not just for the good of the team. But there it was. Trust and the already urgent desire. The anticipation that made his cock stiffen in his pants. Remy cupped himself and thought maybe of jerking off in the car - he smiled wryly. The last gasp of a free man because he knew that once Logan got his hands on him there wouldn't be many chances to please himself at his own pace. But he wanted to see what Logan would do with him more than he wanted some two minute release.

Instead, he smoked a last cigarette and climbed out. The door seemed very loud in the empty parking lot. There was no sign of Logan's bike. The trails were closed after dark and Remy hopped the chain and hiked his way up the winding trails to the peak of the small mountain that was the reason the park existed. His breath smoked in the chilly air but there were frogs singing. They thought it was spring anyway. Remy buttoned his coat and shivered.

The last hundred yards before he reached the indicated spot, Remy slipped off the trail and made his silent way to the east end of the wildflower fields. There was light there, a very small fire, and a half visible shape - the distinctive stench of a cigar told Remy who it was. He relaxed a little. It didn't look like it was going to be an ambush. When he scrambled into the ring of firelight, Logan glanced up at him, then went back to studying the slab of meat he had propped over the fire.

"Pull up some ground."

Remy settled down, glancing around. There wasn't anything but the fire, a wool blanket that they were both sitting on, the food and a mostly empty bottle of beer. Remy eyed the smoking chunk of half done meat queasily. After spending the afternoon talking to the porcelain god he wasn't much in the mood to eat. And there was Logan, cross-legged, dressed head to toe in black. Remy licked his lips and moved a little closer and at Logan's neutral glance he stretched out to rest his head on Logan's thigh.

A hand came down to stroke his hair and Remy sighed, shutting his eyes. It was very quiet here, no cars, no kids, no one thundering up the stairs or down the hall. The firelight didn't bother his eyes the way artificial light did. Remy felt something in hi chest loosen up, like he could finally take a deep breath. He shifted a little, trying to find a comfortable position for his hopeful cock. Logan didn't speak and Remy was content enough with the hand in his hair, the smell of smoke and the quiet.

"Charred on the outside and raw inside." Logan said, using a green stick to pull the meat out of the fire. "Just t'way I like it. Want some, Remy?"

"Non." Remy snuggled his cheek against Logan's leg. "Not hungry, me."

Logan tore into the meat, even the sound of his eating was suggestive. It reminded Remy of his sharp teeth and, flushing, Remy slid a hand between his legs to touch himself. He could feel the balance between them beginning to shift, he was sliding into a sub's mindset. If Logan wanted him to stop, he'd tell him. Remy traced the length of his cock, drawing his knees up a little.

"How's t'hangover, kid?"

"Not to bad, Cher. Slept most o' the day."


Logan's hand moved in his hair, stroking him. Warm fingers traced Remy's ear, trailed around the back of his neck, making him shiver and squeeze himself. Those fingers found his lips and Remy smiled then licked them. A middle finger was pushed into his willing mouth. Remy sighed and began to suck, never once opening his eyes. He heard Logan finish off the bottle of beer, his fingers still sunk into Remy's mouth. He sucked and rolled his tongue around the tip of Logan's finger, feeling the smooth surface of his fingernail, the bump of his knuckles. The pad of the other man's thumb rubbed his tongue gently. Remy began to think, rather obsessively, of Logan's cock.

"Ask me questions, Remy." Logan said quietly and slid his finger out with a moist pop.

Remy licked his lips and squirmed, rubbing his cock through his jeans quite obviously. "Y'mean wh'at you said, homme?"

"I always mean what I say, gumbo." Logan tugged on his hair. "Y'know that."

"'Bout taking - all o'me." Remy stopped playing with his cock and pulled himself a little closer. "B'cause Remy c'n be a pain in de butt -"

"It's not my ass that'll be hurting', trust me. I meant it." Logan shifted and Remy sat up, eyeing the other man uncertainly through his bangs. "I'll take all y'got and more. I know what y'need an' I know what I need - and y're gonna give it t'me. Thornrose was just a taste."

Remy's cock throbbed urgently at Logan's words even as he licked his lips nervously. "W'at you do? Remy not sure -"

Logan stared levelly at him, the fire picked out unexpected glints of hazel and green in his normally dark eyes. Wolf eyes. "I know. That's okay. All y'have to do know is decide if y'trust me for this or not."

Remy shut his eyes, trying to think. But he already knew the answer. "Remy trust you - can't help it, Cher. Remy trust you for anyt'ing."

"And I'll take care of you." Logan said, he reached out and pulled Remy close for a searching kiss. "And I won't let you go. That's all we need to start."

Logan kissed him again, not roughly. He hadn't put Remy under, never once calling him boy or pet. The thief wasn't sure what was going to happen but he was happy to take advantage of this moment. This place. Logan's mouth was warm and tasted of beer, steak, smoke. Logan stroked his back, pulling him closer. They just - kissed. Back and forth, deep or shallow, tasting each other - it was like being a kid again. Or what Remy imagined kids - innocent kids - did. Like they didn't need to do anything else.

Remy's cock was straining against his jeans and reminding him that there was a lot more they could be doing. He pushed and the other man good naturedly let Remy push him onto the blanket. The thief straddled hips, their mouths still locked together. Logan's hands slid under Remy's duster to run up and down his back. Remy moaned and arched like a cat, tugging on Logan's black sweater. It was almost perfect. Just kissing and petting like a couple of teenagers. Except that Remy could feel a slow, subtle pulse against his stiff cock - Logan's erection throbbing against his.

Instinct had him rocking against Logan, the Canadian had pushed a hand into Remy's pants and the feel of his palm against his skin made Remy hitch his hips urgently. "C-Cher - going mad, me -"

Logan grunted into his mouth and abruptly rolled Remy off his body. Braced on his arms and panting, Remy stared in confusion. Logan gave him a quick smile and raised a questioning brow. He began to unlace his hiking boots and Remy - getting the picture - tore out of his clothes. He didn't feel cold now.

The thief couldn't keep his hands to himself. Not even long enough for Logan to get undressed. He wanted to touch every inch - taste him. Remy kneaded his way down Logan's chest, following with a wet and open mouth. Logan just lay back and let him, moaning deep in his throat. The dark hair was like a map and Remy followed it to the small puckered nipples, sucking and scraping gently with his teeth. He wasn't sure what was going to happen. Logan wasn't dominating him right now. Remy knew that could change at any minute but he wasn't going to lose the chance to explore the hard body beneath him.

"Ahh - Jesus, Remy." Logan sighed, hands moving over Remy's shoulders and pulling gently on his hair. Remy tongue fucked his navel and Logan squirmed. The head of his cock was just below Remy's chin, dripping. Remy lapped at the hot fluid, Logan shuddered and pulled him away.

Remy was laid out on the blanket and Logan returned the favor, leisurely exploring the thief's body with lips and fingertips. The Cajun stared up at the cold, small stars, clutched Logan's hair and whimpered, twisting on the wool blanket beneath him. Logan's tongue trailed down the underside of his cock.

"Ohh - Cher - s'v plait!" Remy cried out, hips surging up. "Baise moi! Encule moi!"

"What's that, Rem?"

"Oh, Dieu. Logan, Cher - fuck me." Remy panted. "Suck my cock - need it bad."

Logan only moved down, tongue dipping into Remy's anus. He writhed and wailed and couldn't think of anything at all but that wet stroke. So good, teasing, velvety pressure, slipping inside him. Rough hair in his hands and scratchy on his thighs. The thief drew his knees up, spreading his legs. Logan knelt between them and grinned, uncapping a tube of lube. "That's what I was waiting for."

Remy stared, wide eyed, hypnotized as the other man rubbed a dollop of clear jell between his fingers. Remy felt his cock give a twitch and saw the glint of Logan's teeth as he caught the movement and smiled. Then those slick fingers were at his anus, stroking him.

"Dieu - oh, merde." Remy's head fell back on the blanket with a thump. Chills rushed over his skin, hard nipples tightening further - almost painful. Logan massaged him, slicking him down, and slid a gentle finger inside him. Remy whined.

One fingers was good, then two was wonderful and three - rocking his hips Remy crooned, eyes falling closed as the stroking press brought him closer to orgasm. He was aware of the loom of Logan above him, watching and Remy arched his back, displaying himself for the other man.

"Yeah - beautiful." Logan breathed and Remy slitted his eyes, seeing the flush on Logan's face. The broad shoulders and deep chest seemed as solid as the mountain they were lying on, the slipper moon glittered in Logan's deep set eyes and the edges of his teeth. Remy's eyes dropped to the thick cock jutting up from a nest of dark hair and he shuddered. The other man's breath caught and Logan closed his eyes, swallowing hard, his fingers pushing deeper.

"Sweet god, I can feel y'work around my fingers."

"W'ant you're cock - so beautiful - fuck me now."

"Oh, yeah." Logan shifted, pulling out and Remy hissed, thighs jerking at the sudden loss of sensation. But Logan was there, hands steadying his hips, the tip of his cock pressing - pressing -

"Oooh, Cher - Cher - ah, ah -" Remy squirmed, unconsciously clutching the blanket in white knuckled fists. His hips moved in seeking little circles, knees spreading wider in welcome as Logan pushed slowly in.

The ache was intense and soothing at the same time. Remy's head twisted from side to side, eyes squeezed shut a breath away from coming. There was a deep rumbling groan and Logan leaned over him, bracing himself on his hands. Remy could feel a deep, tense shudder in Logan's belly and thighs and he whimpered. So close. They were both so close - he could feel it. Knew how good it would be to just let go - and how much better it would be if they just - waited - a - little - longer.

Logan bent and kissed him, his cock settling deeper. Remy moaned, tongue licking the other man's mouth as they panted against each others lips. Logan began a very slow rhythm, holding them both right at the edge. So good and not quite enough.

The thief's hands slid down Logan's wide back and he dug his fingers into strong, flexing muscle. He pulled himself up, pushing onto the broad cock even as Logan thrust down. Again, and they were moving together, breathing harshly. Remy could feel the tension in Logan's body, the hard muscles shaking. Thrusting faster now, he was riding the slick ache, loving how it felt to be fucked. Logan lifted his head, panting harshly, at the edge of his control.

Remy felt Logan's thrusts go ragged and he instinctively lifted his head and latched onto the other man's bared throat, teeth closing on the bobbing Adam's apple. Logan shouted, Remy *felt* it in his mouth - and felt the explosive release as Logan bucked, driving his orgasm into him in a pulse of hot fluid. Remy shrieked through clenched teeth, coming hard between their heaving bodies, overwhelmed at the double sensation as Logan's release rushed through his sensitive mind.

Blood trickled into his mouth and, stunned, Remy let go of Logan's throat. His head fell limply back onto the blanket. Logan was collapsed onto him, heart pounding hard against Remy's chest. Cum oozed stickily down Remy's sides and Logan's cock was twitching and jerking as it softened and slipped slowly from Remy's ass. He licked is lips, tasting Logan's blood.

"S'okay, Cher?"

Logan lifted his head to blink down at him. There was a smudge of blood on his throat but the skin was unmarked. He kissed Remy, tongue sweeping into his mouth, seeming to savor the taste of his own blood. Skin to skin, Remy could feel the almost drunken satisfaction the other man felt. Both of them just blissfully spent, relaxed. Logan gathered the blanket around them, settling Remy against his chest.

"Okay, Rem." He murmured. "Okay. Sleep now."

It wasn't hard to obey. Not at all.


Kid slept like the dead. Logan twisted his head to the side and tried to spit the long reddish hair out of his mouth. Remy only squirmed closer, drooling a little against Logan's shoulder. Logan sighed and stared up at the pitch black sky. There were a couple of hours left until dawn. His breath hung in brief clouds and the Cajun had plastered himself against his body to keep warm. Except he always slept that way, if he could. Logan knew it from Thornrose - even before they started fucking and were just sharing the bed - Remy would find his way over to Logan. Every morning he'd flush, apologize and swear it wouldn't happen again. Every night, Logan would wake with Remy wrapped around him, snoring in his ear. The boy needed contact the way most people needed air.

Logan stroked a naked shoulder gently, enjoying the lean muscle under his hand. The boy needed a lot of things he hadn't been getting. That was going to change. Logan knew just what this pretty pet in his arms needed. He smiled and slid carefully out from under the Cajun. He had a few things to do.

When he was done, Remy was still asleep. Logan smirked, then nudged him with the toe of his boot. Guess the thief's instincts didn't work so early. Remy sat abruptly up with a snort.

"S'okay boy." Logan said gently.

Remy immedialty began to shiver. "Freezing, homme."

"To bad." Logan said, he tugged the blanket away and dropped Remy's boots at his feet. The thief made a grab for the blanket, Logan snarled and slapped him. Not to hard. The boy was hardly awake yet. Buck naked, Remy blinked up at him then grudgingly settled onto his knees.

"Lookin' a little sullen there, pet." Logan folded the blanket. The fire was already out, everything packed away in the jeep at the foot of the mountain. The blanket - and the boy were all that was left.

Remy dipped his head, shivering visibly. "Sorry, boss. Remy - Remy cold."

Logan grunted, not particularly pleased by the backtalk. "We'll be takin' care of that shortly, boy. Put yer boots on."

Remy looked around and his eyes went wide. "W-here my clothes - boss?"

Logan grinned down at him. "In the jeep, along with everything else. Put 'em on or I'm gonna take 'em away from you."

Remy stared up at him, swallowed and scrambled into his boots. Logan pulled him to his feet and circled him, looking that long body up and down. The thief lifted his chin and straightened up, displaying himself. Logan smirked as he saw the boy's cock shift and flush with the beginnings of a hard on. Couldn't be too cold then.

"Y'listen good, pet." Logan breathed. "Y'want yer clothes? Y'gotta run for 'em. And y'gotta run good. God gave you those legs fer a reason pet and I'm gonna give you that reason. I'm gonna be chasin' ya. Gonna get that blood goin' and run off that hang-over of yours. Y'better give me a good chase 'cause if y'don't y'gonna be runnin' naked after that jeep all the way back t'the mansion. Got me pet?"

Remy was panting, wide eyed and it wasn't just the beginnings of a hard-on he had now. Logan could scent the tension in him, the long muscles in his thighs were trembling. The boy was about to break. Logan circled closer and closer, until he was brushing against the thief. He breathed deep, taking the scent, rubbing his tongue over his teeth. His attention fixed on the quivering body beside him, a predator's instincts rising. With a cry, Remy leapt forward, darting away from Logan's sudden lunge and leaping over a shrub to race down the mountain side.

Logan howled and chased after him.

He lost sight of that pale body quickly in the dark and his prey had the skills for silence. But there was no hiding his scent. Panic sweet in the sweat, old alcohol, the pungent musk of arousal. Like a flag in the wind it led Logan down. The crack of a branch betrayed the thief as he abandoned the winding path for the direct route down the slope. Logan swerved to follow, crashing noisily through the bushes, grinning fiercely as he heard a soft wail as the prey heard his pursuit.

The prey was clever, teasing the hunter with scent and staying out of sight, keeping to the open areas where those runner's legs gave him the advantage. The occasional glimpses of the long pale body, shining in the dim moonlight, drew a carrying rumble from the hunter. There'd be an answering, soft cry of fear and submission. Which only made the hunter more eager. The prey was his, the prey knew it.

The hunter threw himself down the last long slope, eyes fixed on the graceful leaping figure ahead. He chose a shorter route, across the rough rocks, unaware of the cuts and scrapes healing almost as soon as he got them. He let out a triumphant sound, not words, not quite a howl. The prey glanced back, wide luminous red eyes and hair like a banner, he saw how close the hunter was and put on a last, desperate burst of speed. The hunter lunged, snarling in frustration and satisfaction as the prey jinxed like a rabbit and dogged his grip. But the prey was tiring more quickly than the hunter and teeth gleamed white in the darkness, scenting victory.

The hunter bore the prey down in a tangle of limbs and panting cries and sharp snarls. He threw the prey belly up, hunched over it. He snarled and snapped at a strand of hair. His fingers dug into sweating skin. The prey wailed, didn't fight him only presented his belly and hard cock submissively. The hunter growled, low and constant in his throat, lips drawn back to show sharp canines. The prey made these noises that were soothing and inflaming at the same time. Teasing, tickling the hunter's ears. He shook his head, the prey lifted his chin and bared his throat in surrender. The hunter leaned down, slowly, hearing the frantic thunder of his prey's heart. He closed his teeth firmly on the big tendon in the side of his prey's neck. The pulse leapt against his lips, tempting him. The prey whined as the hunter's teeth tightened but did not struggle, only shifted to offer his belly and throat more completely. The growls softened, only a little blood was drawn. The sounds settled into pleasing whimpers.

The hunter nuzzled at his prey, licked salt from hot skin. Scented the heat of sex and moved down, biting the soft belly, rumbling to himself in pleasure. Hands stroking thighs, tongue licking, tasting, biting. Prey whining and squirming under him. Hard excitement, an eagerness to please that made the hunter rumble with satisfaction. Nudged and nipped, snarled and the prey rolled onto his belly and lifted himself, submissively presenting his ass.

The hunter wrestled, with some frustrated snarls, with the fabric barrier that trapped his cock. Paused to mark the pale, smooth rise of flesh with his teeth. The prey wailed and his knees opened further. The hunter licked his way along the long thighs, trembling now with exhaustion, nuzzled between the taunt cheeks, the prey's back hollowed, whimpers sinking into moans. The hunter shifted and thrust, taking what was his. His. His. His.

The pray screamed and clawed at the grass and screamed again, pulsing hard around the hunter's deeply buried cock. The sudden powerful scent of cum rose around them. The hunter shouted in triumph and thrust harder, faster, fingers digging bloody, intoxicating scratches into the prey's flanks. The hunter curled over the prey's body, making rough, hungry noises. The sweet prey under him writhed, hot sheath tight around the hunter's cock. The hunter's cries rose, urgent, harsh then he bent and sank his teeth into the nape of his prey's neck. There was a long cry and a shudder around the hunter's cock. He thrust deep and came with a smothered howl, pulsing fiercely into his prey's sweet body. Marking him.

They stayed that way for long moments, the hunter locked onto the nape of his prey' s neck. Breathing slowed. The prey began to shiver and the hunter rocked back, withdrawing slowly. Soothing the prey with small growls and nuzzles. The prey hesitantly pressed close, licking at the hunter's bloody mouth until he responded, tasting the prey's mouth. Then those noises were back, making the hunter shake his head in confusion. Not sure what it meant then, meaning slowly penetrated.


"Boss? Boss y'in der? 'Cause Remy's freezing his bloody ass off and don want to be caught by de rangers eh?" Remy stroked Logan's chest carefully. "Boss? De sun come up soon."

"I -" Logan's voice cracked. "I hear ya pet."

Remy sighed, closing his eyes briefly in relief. His whole body throbbed, either from the mauling Logan had given him or from running stark naked down a mountain in the middle of the night. He tried to curl himself closer to Logan's body. The Canadian was like a furnace, radiating heat.

"W'e should go boss, oui?"

Logan only grunted. Then he sniffed and frowned down at Remy. "Lemme' see ya."

Remy wasn't given much chance to respond as Logan looked him over, moving him around to check his legs, his ass and - carefully - the bloody bite on the back of his neck. "S'okay boss. Remy fine."

"Less you got eyes in the back of y'head, pet, y'let me decide." Logan's fingers were gently moving his hair aside. Remy shivered, kneeling on cold grass and waiting for his boss to let him up. "Yeah, y'gonna be fine. Gotta put a bandage on it, though."

Remy sighed. Logan stood and Remy shakily began to follow the shadowy figure down the last few yards. He eyed the jeep. He'd been so close.

Remy stood, naked in the parking lot, while Logan unlocked the jeep. His clothes were passed out which Remy pulled on gratefully, wincing a little. It felt like being mauled by a tiger - a very horny tiger. There were bites in places he didn't want to think about. In fact, he didn't dare think about much of what had just happened. He might just fall down and scream. He eyed Logan, who looked the same as he always did. Remy felt like he'd been - profoundly changed.

Logan opened the passenger door and waited patiently for Remy to climb in and settle gingerly down. The sardonic smile made a brief appearance. "I'll try t'drive easy f'you, boy."

Remy sighed and shifted. On the drive home, between dozing, he tried to figure out what was different. He hurt, oh yes. He hurt. And was exhausted. He'd run all out to try to out race the savagery hunting him down. He remembered the absolute panic that had nothing to do with fear. The wild need to run and run and run. Hearing the hunter behind him, never falling behind. Drawing closer, howling on his trail.

Being thrown down and seeing nothing but sharp teeth and predatory triumph, unable to charm his way into the feral mind. And his instincts had answered the hunter looming above him. He'd bared his belly like a choit. Bared his throat and whimpered for mercy. The hunter had acknowledged his submission with a bite, marking him. Remy shivered, body stirring despite his weariness. He could feel the mark, throbbing on his throat, in his ass. He knew, every inch of him knew, who he belonged to now. And he was glad.

The car pulled into the garage and Logan killed the engine. They sat for a moment or two.

"Y'alright, Remy?" Logan asked gently, watching him.

Remy shivered and sighed then, impulsively picked up one of Logan's hands and rubbed his cheek against it. "Remy all right, cher. Remy - good."

Logan smiled briefly. "That y'are."


Part 4


Remy scowled at the socks. The thief wasn't in a good mood and now Logan had him doing his laundry. He sighed, loudly, and began to pair up the two dozen identical white sports socks and put them away in Logan's dresser.

There wasn't a sound behind him, though the Candian was there. Logan had folded himself into a zen pose and had been motionless since Remy had come back up with a pile of clean laundry. He sighed again and shifted uncomfortably at the grip of the harness on his cock and balls. Logan had put it on before breakfast and it had remained there all morning, adding to Remy's pre-coffee scowl as he struggled not to reveal his predicament to everyone in the mansion.

He moved to the jeans, folding them into the dresser. Some other time, he wouldn't mind this. Normally, pawing through someone's dresser was what he did after dark, when no one was home. There was a voyeuristic thrill to going through other people's things that, more than his skills, made Remy a good thief. He liked what he did. Remy's hands lingered for a moment on soft denim. He knew very well what they felt like on Logan and he liked touching his clothes almost as much as he liked touching his body. He knew that handling Logan's things, being allowed to clean and tidy his room was a privilege.

There wasn't much to do, really. It had startled Remy when he'd first arrived to be told the man had been living at the mansion for years. There was a school issue bed, desk, chair and dresser. A school bedspread on the bed, plain cotton sheets (and Remy didn't mind that at all, satin was cold). No computer. The personal touches were spare; a small stack of books on the desk, a picture of a Yukio and Mariko on the dresser and another of the whole team. A chipped lacquer box that Remy had never opened. A small lacquer table against the wall holding the samurai blades Remy had never seen the man use. The only thing on the wall was a Japanese ink scroll; something brief in inexpert Japanese brushwork. Remy had gone through the man's room back when he'd first arrived, along with everyone else's. The swords were over a hundred years old and priceless - and perfectly cared for. The scroll was modern and worth nothing but - at least, not worth money. When Logan meditated, he faced that scroll. Remy couldn't read Japanese, though he spoke a little, and didn't know what it said.

There wasn't enough here to make a life out of. It had been over a year before he'd found out why - that Logan didn't have enough whole memories left to make a life out of. There was also a chest under the bed and that’s where the harness lived - or had before Remy had come along. Now it seemed to live on him. The thief shifted uncomfortably again.

"Dis not w'at Remy signed up for, boss." He muttered and sighed loudly - again.

"Kneel."Logan said from behind him.

Remy grimaced and cursed Logan's sensitive hearing, closed the drawer went immediately to his knees. He folded his hands behind his neck. The thief's nose was inches from the dresser but he didn't dare move. The tone on Logan's voice told him that he'd pissed the man off, big time. Remy shivered as an aching pang ran up his body from his stiff cock. The harness pulled and he bit his lip. He was naked already, except for that. He waited, staring at the painted wood, until Logan finished his meditation, mood not improving much in the boring silence.

Logan stood and moved around and Remy huffed a little, impatient for attention. Desperate for attention. It was beginning to scare him how much he craved Logan's attention - any kind of attention. He knew how sharp Logan's hearing was. But, deiu, it was so good when he got Logan's attention. Remy shivered again, body tight with nervous anticipation, even this kind of attention.

The chest under the bed was pulled out, scraping the bare wood floor and Remy licked his lips, breathing rapidly. Clinks and rattles and Remy couldn't see what made the noises. He strained to see from the corner of his eye. Logan was closer than he thought and Remy got a smack to the back of his head for his efforts. He blinked.

Logan pulled him away from the dresser by his hair, Remy had to scramble clumsily on his knees. He bit his lip, he hated being ungraceful in front of the other man. He knew Logan how watched him. He loved it when Logan watched him.

"Give me yer hands."

Remy held up his wrists. Logan fastened heavy cuffs on them, rings imbedded in the black leather clinked. Logan shoved his face to the floor, Remy whimpered. The silence was more upsetting than anything else - so far. Logan shifted him so he could cuff his ankles as well, then stood over him. Remy remained where he'd been put, forehead resting on the floor, palms flat against the wood, naked but for the cuffs stark on his wrists and ankles.

"Y'bein' sullen, boy. I don't like it."

"S-sorry boss." Remy murmered, slipping a little charm in, trying to coax a better mood out of Logan.

"Shut up!" Logan snapped and Remy flinched. "Damn that backtalk boy. Y'need t'learn. Need give you a little motivation, I think, pet."

Logan's boot nudged his chin and Remy sat back obediently. The ball gag was held in front of his mouth and Remy raised pleading eyes to Logan's face. His boss' expression as hard and unforgiving. Remy opened wide and let Logan press the rubber between his teeth. It was buckled on, Remy shook his head to settle his hair and sighed. He spread his knees a little wider, eyes on the floor as Logan walked around him, hoping to please. Logan only grunted and walked off to rummage in his closet.

"Come here, pet."

Remy hurried over, going back to his knees at Logan's side and looking hopefully at him. Logan had a short chain in one hand and a brushed steel padlock in the other. Remy watched him warily, trying to puzzle out the punishment. He whined questioningly.

Logan nodded to the open closet. He'd cleared a small space, piling up boots and a couple of boxes. Remy leaned back, alarmed, shaking his head. Logan grabbed him, holding on his knees and crouching next to him.

"Easy, pet." Logan said, stroking Remy's hair. Remy nuzzled his hand, nostrils flared as he panted nervously. "Y'know y'been bad, don't ya?"

Remy nodded, throat tightening axiously.

"And y'gotta get punished. I ain't gonna let it slide, pet." Logan touched Remy's cheek gently. "Y'know that. Y'gotta get punished when y'bad. Don't ya wanna get past this, so I ain't angry at y'no more?"

Remy nodded frantically but still stared fearfully at Logan. The other man petted him for a few moments, the theif leaned into the caresses, but there was no sign of give in his expression. He nodded at the waiting closet. The thief couldn't make himself obey, but didn’t struggle as Logan firmly manhandled him inside. He was put in, facing the back wall. The theif's slim body heaved with panicy breathing.

"Down." Logan ordered, his voice gentle, and Remy put his forehead to the ground beginning to whimper constantly. "Give me yer hands - no, under yer body, between y'ankles. That's right."

The chain clinked in the quiet as it was threaded through the rings on the wrist and ankle cuffs. Logan pulled it tight and padlocked the chain closed. Remy wailed miserably at the stress on his arms and being locked into this uncomfortable, undignified position.

"Yer doin' real good, pet." Logan tested the bonds, reaching to fondle Remy's cock, checking the harness, and the thief lifted his ass in shameless plea for mercy. Logan patted him and stood. The door shut and Remy was plunged into darkness and silence. He whimpered, blinking hard to hold back tears.

He cried out struggling - not like a skilled thief - but like a frightened and disobedient pet. There wasn't anywhere to go. His heart pounded faster and faster. He was agonizingly aware of the close dark space and the loss of Logan's presence. He'd been bad and his boss was angry with him. And he was banished. Punished. Out of sight, out of mind. Remy struggled then slumped back down, still securely bound. He panted through his nose and rested his forehead wearily on the floor. He had no choice but to wait for his boss' forgiveness.

There was nothing to do except think and wait and listen to the faint noises from the other room. It was so dark. So still in here. Remy moaned low in his throat, his cock throbbing and demanding attention, touch, relief and Remy couldn't do anything about it. Just feel it. Feel how helpless he was, how dependent. How exited. How much he wanted to please Logan. Show him he was sorry. Promise to be good. Show him just how motivated he was now. The harness seemed to grow tighter and tigher as his cock pulsed.

Hyper-aware of the other room, he heard someone knock and groaned. The sound of the door opening made him go silent, eyes wide in the dark. It was Jubilee then Logan's deep voice answered her with a gruff laugh. The bed creaked as Jubilee bounced on it, chattering non-stop.

Remy writhed. How long was the girl going to be here? Flushed and frantic, Remy felt a drop of pre-cum fall onto his trapped arms. He needed so bad to come. So bad. Remy shifted and grunted softly behind the ball gag. Despite his flexibility, he couldn't quite rub his cock against his arms well enough to come. Just enough to add to his misery. He prayed silently, prayed for Logan to come back. Prayed for the damn girl to leave.


Logan kept an ear tuned to the boy the whole time and gave him about a half-hour to stew before shooing Jubes out. He wasn't worried about the new position, it was a pretty safe one, but he wasn't sure how well Remy would tolerate the isolation. The boy was beginning to push his boundaries, testing Logan's domminance. It was natural and pissed Logan off a lot less than he let on to his boy. Logan sighed and stared at the open box beside his bed. There were things in there that were getting stiff with neglect and the boy was far from ready for them. Remy was hungry and Logan had to figure how to give him what he needed. Logan pushed the chest back under the bed but left his laundry where it was. The boy's lessons would sink in better if he stayed on his routine.

When time was up, Logan opened the door and stared down at his pet for a moment. The boy groaned deep in his chest, rocking a little. The scent of arousal was strong in the close air and the muscles in the boy's ass and back trembled. The closet had done him good. Maybe time to start training the boy to the corner, or a cage. It'd be sweet to see his boy caged and waiting for Logan's pleasure.

"Y'sorry there pet?" Logan smiled, desire sharpening at the sight of the bare, lean back and the trapped hands and feet. So damn pretty like that, all tense muscle and sweet helplessness tucked away in his closet to be used whenever he pleased. Logan's breathing quickened and he breathed deep, scenting his boy. "Gonna be good?"

Remy's head shifted and he lifted his ass high, offering himself. Begged behind the gag. Logan grinned, blood pounding at the sound of his pet's eagerness. He was in a mood to take that offer. He knelt behind the thief, unzipped and lubed, steadied the offered hips and pushed in.

Remy wailed, quivering around him. Logan groaned softly and shifted closer, sinking to the hilt. "God, such a pretty ass, pet."

Logan rocked, fucking his property lazily. Remy moaned and whimpered, moving eagerly to meet him, still bound hand and foot. Logan thrust faster, breathing hard. So good, his boy. And his. His to fuck, his to punish and his to reward. Oh, yes. The boy was tight and hot and moaning loudly.

"So pretty, pet." Logan whispered, running his hands over the naked sweaty back. "Pretty boy. Y'gonna behave now? Y'gonna be good? Or I'll punish ya - y'mine boy and I don't take no misbehavior."

Remy was shuddering and grunting, rocking hard to meet him, straining against the bonds. Logan grinned and leaned into the rhythm, fucking him good. Showing his boy how good it could be. Feeling just how good his boy could be. He reached under Remy and unsnapped the restrictive cock ring. Remy screamed briefly. Logan's eyes slipped shut, hips thrusting, groaning through clenched teeth as he came into the shuddering clamp of Remy's ass. Savored the sound of Remy's wails as the boy came too.

He pulled out and unlocked his pet. The boy scrambled around, still gagged, and rubbed his face against Logan's thighs, wrapping his arms around his legs and making little pleading noises. Logan smiled down at him, stroking the sweaty hair and flushed cheeks. Remy rubbed his cheek against his fingers, eyes half open and panting hard.

Logan indulged the boy for a moment then peeled him off. He nodded at the pile of laundry still waiting. "Y'feeling motivated pet?"

The thief nodded and hurried over to the laungry, still gagged, still sweaty and damp from being fucked and went eagerly to work. Logan settled on his bed and closed his eyes for a nap, content. He'd always hated doing laundry.