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Part 5


Logan wasn't in his room and Remy settled onto his knees to wait. He folded his hands in his lap and sighed, kneeling where Logan expected him to be, just inside the bedroom door. He wondered if his boss made him wait here because it was Japanese custom for wives to wait for their husbands like this. He wondered if Mariko had ever waited for Logan like this and Remy's eyes lifted to the picture on Logan's dresser, feeling briefly guilty. If things had been just a little different, Mariko would be waiting for Logan and Remy - he'd still be alone. The thought almost made him glad that the woman Logan had loved so deeply was dead. He heard a familiar tread in the hall and his eyes snapped back to his knees.

Logan came in, carrying a one of the straight backed kitchen chairs and a coil of rope. He ignored the thief kneeling submissively on the floor and Remy remained silent. Waiting, but not particularly patiently. His jeans tightened as his cock responded obediently to his boss' presence.

He watched from the corners of his eyes as Logan positioned the chair in front of the full length mirror on the closet door. He dropped the rope on the chair and turned to Remy, looking down at him, eyes crinkled slightly in satisfaction. Remy flushed in pleasure. Impulsively, he bowed down, pressing his hands to the floor and resting his forehead on them.

"Mmm." Logan said. "Real sweet, pet. Come here -"

Remy didn't need to be told twice. He scrambled up and threw himself at Logan. The other man caught him with a laugh and hugged him, hands dropping to squeeze Remy's ass. They kissed, Logan nipping at Remy's dancing tongue while the thief ground his hips against Logan, hands buried in the other man's black hair. All day, they'd been working together repairing the roof and never had a chance to touch. It couldn't have been a better torture if Logan had planned it.

"Remy love de blue collar boss." He purred, remembering Logan balancing a hundred pound roll of tarpaper on his shoulder and walking the roofline past Remy. The old Canadian flag T-shirt Logan was wearing was so old the seams were rotting, dark with sweat it had clung to his chest and back like it was painted on. Remy had been so turned on he'd nearly swallowed the mouthful of roofing nails he was hammering into the asphalt tiles Jean had laid down. "You torture you're p'o pet on purpose, eh boss?"

Logan snorted softly in his hair, tugging Remy's shirt out of his pants. "Next time you wear shorts that tight, boy, I'm just gonna strip ya. Be less revealing that way. Get naked, pet."

Remy hurriedly complied, folding his clothes and setting them in the bottom drawer Logan had allotted to his pet. He knelt at Logan's feet, looking up at him expectantly. The Canadian ruffled his hair and Remy turned to lick his fingers. "Remy suck you, boss?"

"We'll see." Logan's voice had changed, no less pleased, but less - forgiving. Darker, deeper, as if Logan were speaking from the bottom of his chest. Remy shivered, cock twitching at the tone. Logan pressed his thumb against the thief's mouth and Remy suckled eagerly, watching his face.

"Gonna be good tonight?" He asked and Remy nodded, still sucking in his finger.


Logan repressed a smile at Remy's eagerness. "Stand up."

He moved the boy, bending him over slightly and bracing his hands against the dresser. "Spread 'em, pet. Y'know what I wanna see."

Remy obeyed, arching his back a little as he spread his legs wide, offering himself willingly. Logan swallowed hard and tugged on his jeans to adjust his pounding cock. The boy was just to beautiful to believe, open and sweet, already panting with need. Beautiful ass displayed just for him. Those legs just went on forever and Logan swallowed convulsively, remembering chasing that boy down and just taking him. His mouth watered and he contemplated fucking the boy now to take the edge off. Grinned. He liked the edge. The sharper the better. He went for the lube and the toys he'd prepped for tonight.

He slicked his fingers, spread the boy's cheeks with one hand and pushed in. A quiver ran through his pet, he felt him flinch and work around his buried finger.

"Ah! Boss. Boss!" Remy gasped. Logan sighed. The boy was never going to learn to be quiet.

"You're gonna be living in that gag, pet."

Remy moaned as Logan forced another finger in. He fucked the boy that way, watching his fingers slid in that tight hole, grinning at Remy's whimpers and incomprehensible pleas. When he was rocking back, moaning for more, Logan pulled free. The boy was ready. He lubed the plug and grabbed hold of the thief's sharp hip. Settling the tip against Remy's slick hole, he held on through Remy's gasp and flinch. "Settle down!"

"Boss? Wha -?" Remy began then arched, crying out as Logan pressed.

He eased forward slow, watching that tight muscle open up around thick rubber. His cock ached, wanting to be in the boy. Remy squirmed, whimpering.

"Boss! Boss - s'v plait. Too much!" Remy began to beg as he stretched pink around the thickest part. "Please boss - don'!"

"Y'can take it." Logan said firmly. The plug popped in on a yelp and Remy's ass flexed hard as he spasmed around the rubber. Logan rubbed his ass, bending to drop a kiss on the boy's shoulders in reward. "Y're fine, boy. Just fine."

Remy whined but pushed back against Logan's touch. Logan grinned and bit his skin, then licked the fresh mark among many old ones. Beautiful. Slid his hands up to tweak the hard nipples, rolling them in his fingers. Remy's hips rolled and then he stiffened.

"Boss - s'v plait!" He complained. "Dat plug - dat - ah!"

"Shush!" Logan gave him a quick slap on the ass, mostly to jostle the plug the boy was complaining about. Remy gave a startled squawk and jerked, Logan snorted in amusement, seeing the way the boy's hips shivered. He slid a finger down the boy's crease and nudged the plug. The thief squirmed again. "That stays right where it is, pet. You'll get used to it."

Remy's head dropped and he breathed sharply as Logan teased him. "I ain't gonna stop teasing y'till ya spread 'em again."

With much whimpering and pants, Remy finally managed to return to his original open position, despite Logan's continued idle tormenting of his ass, cock and balls. Logan fisted his cock a couple of times in reward then tugged him upright. His pet had bitten his lip bloody and Logan licked his mouth, sucking on the cut. The boy moaned, hands fluttering helplessly, flushed and eager. Logan smiled at the sight, his boy's pretty cock was rock hard and drooling.

"Come here and sit down."

Remy stared wildly. "Sit? Oh - boss, s'v plait, non!"

Logan slapped him in exasperation. "Sit!"


Remy stared in horror at the chair as Logan pulled him towards it. Every step made the plug shift. Sitting - Deiu. His cock spasmed at the thought. Logan pushed him down and Remy sat with a soft wail. He stared wide eyed at their reflection. He was clutching the chairseat with white knuckled fists, knees pressed together like a nun, mouth hanging open like a fool. His boss was smirking down at him and Remy closed his mouth with a snap and sat very, very still. The plug wasn't uncomfortable, just so *present* and every time he moved it nudged his prostrate. He wanted to scream and prayed that Logan was going to gag him soon.

His boss had a gag in his hand and Remy flushed darkly, glancing up at him in a moment of rebellion. It wasn't the far to familiar ball but a panel gag with a squat dildo to go into his mouth like a cock. Logan's hand cupped his chin and lifted his head.

"Open, boy."

The command was firm and, trembling with a mix of humiliation and frantic lust, Remy obeyed. His last protest was muffled, becoming nothing more than a pleading noise. Logan buckled it tightly, careful of his hair. Remy shuddered, swallowing convulsively. The latex felt strange, making his mouth water and Remy had to swallow again, embarrassed at the soft wet noise he made. Plugged at both ends. His cock twitched and Remy watched it in the mirror.

Logan ran a finger along the strap then leaned in and kissed Remy on the leather covering his mouth. The guesture was so familiar, it eased some of the thief's awkwardness. "Yer doin' fine, pet."

Remy sighed and nuzzled at Logan's face, longing to kiss him. The presence of the dildo made him want to suck Logan's cock too. His boss stroked his hair, murmuring nothing particular in his ear. Nipped the lobe, making him whimper behind the gag at the slight pain. Logan moved, pulling ankles to the chair legs and tying them securely. Despite his helpless resistance, Remy's knees were spread wide and cotton rope bound just below the kneecap to keep him there.

He couldn't take his eyes off the mirror. Logan was kneeling in front of the chair, his broad back blocking most of the view but Remy was more than happy to watch his boss. He had a length of rope in his hands which he used to bind Remy's thighs to the chair, then moved to his hips, crossing a couple of times on the thief's belly. Remy groaned, closing his eyes for a moment. He was immobilized in a position that put direct pressure on the plug in his ass, pressing it against his prostate. His hands were pulled back and tied securely together and to the back rungs of the chair. Logan stood, Remy watched the top of his bent head and the white criss-cross of rope climb up his chest as his boss finished tying him to the chair. Only when he absolutely restrained did Logan step back, fists on hips, to admire his work.

Remy whimpered. His reflected cock was dark, straining up from his spread legs, tip shiny with moisture. He looked at Logan and moaned in longing, the other man's cock was pressed hard against the front of his jeans. Remy met Logan's eyes and made begging noises behind the gag. He'd make his boss feel so good - if only he could move!

Logan must have understood because he stroked Remy's face gently. "Y'please me just fine just the way y'are. Now - pet, y'keep yer eyes on the mirror."

Remy stared at his reflection and Logan moved off, going into the bathroom to wash up. He couldn't move at all. He couldn't do anything except wait and feel - and watch. Himself. Hard cock leaking visibly, an exited flush staining his cheeks, neck and chest. Tousled hair. A lean, long body so many people wanted. The broad leather panel over his mouth stood out like a shout. The white rope was stark all down his body, pulling his shoulders back, crossing neatly just below his nipples, at his navel, holding his legs wide and tying him securely to the chair.

The pressure in his mouth was like the pressure in his ass and both made him want to squirm and writhe and beg. And he couldn't. Listening to Logan going through his routine was maddening. Remy curled his fingers to explore the rope around his wrists. It was laced through the back chair rung and pulled taunt, forcing him into a posture a nun would be proud of. Getting out of this would be much harder than a few locks and some cuffs.

His boss finished up and came over, putting his hands on Remy's shoulders and bending to kiss the top of his head. "Looks like y'handling it okay."

Remy tipped his head back, begging with his eyes for a kiss. Logan smiled and dropped a kiss onto his nose. His fingers stroked along Remy's naked throat, then down to lazily circle his nipples. Remy panted and tried to move. The ropes went taunt, holding him securely.

"Y'my beauty." Logan murmured against the hot skin of Remy's neck. "My pet. My toy. So beautiful like this. Look -"

Remy's eyes drifted back to the mirror. Logan was hunched over him, black hair tickling his shoulders as he nuzzled his neck. The big hands were moving slowly, spread wide over Remy's chest, touching him. Remy watched his boss' thumb rub along a rope, tracing the length of it as the man's mouth sucked on his skin. He moaned and his hips tried to hitch up in response, the ropes bit into the skin of his belly and thighs. His cock twitched, it was the only visible movement.

"I want ya t' watch, pet." Logan whispered. "I want ya t'see yerself like I do. See how sweet y'are. See how you belong to me."

The thief was already trembling, staring wide-eyed at himself and panting nosily through his nose. He moaned on a rising note, pleading with Logan. He didn't think he could stand much more. The clutch of the rope seemed to be getting tighter and Remy tossed his head. He surged against the ropes, fighting to get free. Logan lifted his head to watch Remy's struggles in the mirror. His eyes were dark and hungry and Remy wailed, shuddering as he fought back his climax until his body was tingling with frustration. He knew he couldn't hold on much longer. He wanted to please Logan, wanted to obey him but his body was betraying him. He couldn't control himself. Remy struggled wildly, despite Logan's attempts to soothe him.

"Need some help, pet?" Logan asked and Remy nodded frantically. His boss buckled on the cock and ball harness and Remy groaned in relief. His shoulders relaxed.

Logan was kneeling in front of the chair, stroking Remy's ankles and watching the play of expression on his face. "That's right, pet. I got ya. Y'don't have t'worry about nothin'.

Logan kissed Remy's knee, the thief felt the scrape of his teeth and sighed. His boss sank down lower while Remy watched him in the mirror. Logan had stripped his shirt off but was still wearing his old jeans, Remy stared at the ripple of muscle down the man's broad back and ached. He wanted to touch his boss, lick him, suck him, fuck him. Anything. Everything.

Remy felt the stroke of Logan's tongue across the arch of his foot and he wailed, cock jerking. Teeth sank into the top of his foot, Remy fought the ropes, unable escape Logan's lazy explorations. He'd thought there wasn't any place left on his body that his boss hadn't put a mark on. A hard sucking on his ankle and more teeth in his calves told him he was wrong. Thumbs rubbing in small, sensual circles at the thief's knees. Logan at his feet.

Logan didn't look submissive. Not with that roll of muscles in his shoulder and back. The jeans stretched tight across the powerful ass, a trail of dark hair slipping below the waistband where Remy longed to slip his fingers. Remy stared at the mirror, watching as Logan chewed and licked and sucked his way up his pet's body. He felt like a buffet dinner.

"Y'mine boy." Logan growled into the skin of is inner thigh. "Mine. I got all of ya. Feel it - feel me. Y'can't move without me, y'can't speak. Y'can't come. Y'gotta take what I give ya. Can't escape it. Can't move. So sweet to see you so hungry, so needin' me. I can give ya what y'want pet. What y'need."

Remy was moaning constantly now, shuddering as sweat slid down his temples and beaded on his chest. Logan had reached around and grabbed his ass and was kneading him, making the plug rock and move and - Deiu - *press* while he bit Remy's inner thighs and lapped at the shallow scrapes. His cock was rigid and purple with frustration and Logan hadn't even touched him there. The thief tried to move, wailing softly, hips thrusting against the ropes. He ached, a rising, white hot pleasure that was intense enough to be painful. If Logan hadn't put the cock ring on, Remy knew that he'd have come already. The though made him cry out again, nearly weeping with need.

His cock was weeping, drops forming constantly at the tip as Logan's hands moved across his belly. A tongue lapped at his navel and Remy squealed, beginning to thrash in his bonds, eyes squeezed shut, unable to think, to move, to speak, to anything except feel -

His boss was growling in pleasure, the thief was only vaguely aware of it. He was driven higher, jerking helplessly in his bonds, as Logan rolled his nipples in his fingers, slowly increasing the pressure until Remy gave a deep, ecstatic moan at the pain.

"Ohh - yeah, pet." Logan groaned, head dropping to lick the seeping fluid from the tip of his aching cock. Remy squealed and fought, Logan lazily ran his tongue along the engorged shaft.

It was more than he could stand and Logan wasn't stopping. Remy was losing track of himself, track of everything, drowning in sensations. He screamed behind the gag as Logan's mouth sank onto his cock. The other man held him there for an exquisite moment - letting him feel the wetness and the denied ache of his cock - before snapping the ring off.

Remy shrieked and shrieked, exploding to Logan's mouth, as white heat rushed up his spine and he exploded into silence and bliss.


Logan felt all the shuddering muscles in his boy go suddenly limp and smiled around the cock still throbbing in his mouth. He'd gotten Remy good.

He pulled back, licking his lips and grinned. The boy was glassy eyed and sagging in his bonds, Logan lifted his head briefly to check his pupils and the set of the gag. His boy was flying high, twitching faintly when Logan touched him. "Shh, pet. It's okay. Good boy."

Logan leaned back against the mirror and unzipped, hissing through his teeth. He'd nearly shot into his pants at the sound of Remy's smothered shrieks when he came. Staring at his boy, still bound - god, so beautiful in all that rope - and fisted his cock. There was no way Remy was going to be in any shape to help him out tonight. Arching up, pumping himself hard, Logan spilled into his hands, groaning, eyes still fixed on his pet.



Part 6

What love is

Remy stared at the blank wall, eyes half closed. Logan was moving around in the room, washing up, getting dressed. The thief was aware of him, but his calm breathing never changed, his bound form didn't struggle or flinch. He'd been bound, gagged and put on his knees facing a bare corner of Logan's room more than an hour ago. Logan had settled into a more traditional meditation behind him. They'd been following the same pattern for a week or so; every morning, after any chores, Remy was put in the corner while Logan meditated. He discovered he liked the reliable routine. He was beginning to feel that maybe Logan really *was* going to be there every day.

Afterwards, Remy would sneak back to his room, pull himself out of his submissive mindset, wash and dress. Sometimes he'd take a nap - he sure wasn't used to getting up at seven or eight in the morning. Occasionally he'd join Logan and the professor - who was also a morning person - for an early breakfast. He made the odd discovery that Logan and the professor were good friends; in those early hours when the house was still quiet, they'd gossip, discuss the students, argue about the Dream. It sort of made sense, Logan was at least as old as the professor, if not older. At first he'd felt horribly out of place, sure he was ruining some good thing for them. Logan had punished him rather severely when he'd confessed this.

"Okay, pet." Logan murmured behind him, unlocking the cuffs on his hands. Remy blinked and rubbed his wrists - habit only, the cuffs fit perfectly and didn't interfere in his circulation. Logan took off the gag as well and rubbed Remy's jaw gently. "Y'back with me?"

"Mm." Remy yawned. "Oui, boss."

"Y'doing real good with this, pet." Logan kissed the back of his neck. Remy shivered and leaned back against his boss. The first few times Logan had put him in the corner, Remy had been sure it was some kind of horrible punishment and he'd nearly wept with frustration and boredom. Finally, Logan had sat behind him, holding Remy against his chest and showing him how to breathe, how to relax and try to let his mind go quiet. It had been a bit of a struggle, learning to go quiet inside as well as out. Now, Remy was beginning to see why Logan meditated - sometimes he managed to carry a little of that quiet with him through the day.

"Merci. Got to wash, boss." Remy stood and stretched, scratching at his thigh where one of Logan's more severe bites itched.

"Gonna join us?" Logan asked.

Yawning Remy shook his head. "P'robly not, boss. Tired, me."

Logan smiled at him and ruffled Remy's hair. "Okay. See ya at practice, brat."

Remy took Logan's hand and kissed it, rubbing his cheek against his knuckles. Logan snorted in good humor and left. Remy listened at the door, a few moments later he heard Logan whistling softly - his signal that the hallway was clear. Remy wrapped his robe around himself and slunk quickly back to his room.

This was the thing he hated. Sneaking around, hiding, pretending. Remy climbed tiredly into bed and cuddled around a spare pillow. He wanted to wake up in Logan's bed, he wanted to be gagged because Logan wanted it, not because he had to be kept quiet. At the same time, Remy couldn't imagine telling anyone about their relationship. He didn't want his unpopularity among the X-men rub off on Logan. Remy touched a bruise on his biceps - and he'd never found a way to explain this to anyone. Look what had happened when he'd tried with Marie. He squeezed the pillow and shut his eyes.

Remy woke up a few hours later, running late for practice. He hurried through a shower and into his workout clothes - he glanced at the mirror to make sure that none of Logan's marks showed and headed out carrying his sneakers. He'd put them on in the elevator.


The familiar voice jerked him to an abrupt halt. "Cherie?"

Marie came out of her room, wearing a tight lycra top and snug workout pants. He couldn't help but look, caught her smile and flushed, looking quickly away. Remy shifted from foot to foot uneasily, wishing Logan was here. Or that he had his shoes on, at least. "You back den, Marie? 'Ow's de mom?"

Marie's smile wilted slightly at Remy's cool welcome. "Yeah, sugah. I couldn't stay away from yah charmin' self. She's doin' good, hon. We talked - about a bunch of things."

Marie was obviously waiting for Remy to ask more questions. Remy only smiled faintly. He wanted to, oh - hug her, kiss her. Make her feel welcome. He'd missed Marie. But he didn't.

"Coming to practice, Cherie?" He tried to sound as friendly as possible. Friendly, not lover-like. He wasn't going to start up with Marie - not again. No.


They shared the elevator in not particularly comfortable silence. Remy put his shoes on. His stomach tightened as they walked to the danger room together. Logan was going to be there. He didn't have any idea how the other man would react to seeing Marie.

Logan didn't. They got through practice somehow, Scott finally snapping at Rogue to pay attention - this wasn't high school gym for god's sake. He didn't have kind words for the thief either - Remy knew he off time but and reminded himself firmly that he was a professional, Logan was a professional and what was he expecting anyway? Logan to throw him down in front of everyone and *prove* he owned him? Remy stirred restlessly, the stab of longing making him flinch. He could feel Marie's eyes on him all through the grueling session. What the hell was he supposed to do?

He fled, stomach aching. Hurrying out of the danger room, he heard Scott call Logan back and he *knew* what they were talking about. Him. And Marie. He'd overheard the conversations before - how long their breakup was going to last, how long would their impaired efficiency last. How Scott should handle the team with the two of them moping and fighting. He wondered, with a wince, if Jube and Bobby had started up the betting pool again. How long before he and Marie were sleeping together - it was almost a joke. There'd been times when they'd found it pretty funny too. Not now. At least Remy knew that Scott was motivated by nothing more than the safety of the team. He wondered what Logan was saying.

Remy retreated to the roof, the most private place in the mansion, and smoked obsessively. It was still chilly but not horrible. The sun was hidden behind Spring clouds and it looked like it might rain. Remy sighed and pulled his coat closer. He didn't want to deal with this. With Marie just aching to make it up - still so in love with him. He could feel it and Remy didn't know how to turn away from it. And he wasn't sure he wanted to. Yes, Logan drove him mad with pleasure. Gave him a security he'd thought he'd lost with his wife. Gave him the precise thing he needed - craved - but was it love?


The boy was losing his mind. Logan had seen it in practice, the stress in the fine body. The way Remy glanced between him and Marie like a rabbit cornered by two wolves. It wasn't easy to just let him be, it hurt to see his pet like that.

Logan stopped in the kitchen for a six pack, ignoring Jean's brief attempt at conversation. He cleared out the smallest TV room with a growl. He wanted to hole up someplace dark and sulk. He didn't know what the boy would do. It might be time to stop calling the pretty thief his boy. If only the woman had stayed away for a little longer. Remy wasn't settled enough to handle this. He knew the sweet thief couldn't stand it when someone was hurting - one of the costs of hie empathy - and Logan wasn't sure he would be able to turn Rogue down. He'd never done it before. He owned the boy's body but the heart beating so sweetly was still a mystery. The boy ached for love. Logan could give him a steady hand , mind blowing pleasure, he could make him fly but - he didn't know about love.

He rubbed the cool bottle against his lips. He was - tired. Afraid and he knew it. He closed his eyes for a moment and Mariko's face built itself behind his eyes. And the memory of her heart spasming around his claws made his hands twitch. Not the first, not the only but - god - maybe she was the last. Logan wasn't sure he could love again. Maybe something had died in the unkillable mutant, finally. If he couldn't love the boy, he couldn't keep him. Logan stared at the darkened TV screen, eyes flat and emotionless. The boy deserved love. Logan didn't deserve shit if he couldn't love him.



Remy started and lit another cigarette from the stub hanging out of his mouth. The roof wouldn't keep Marie away. He recalled the time they'd come up here and screwed like two crazy lapin under the full moon, Marie laughing so hard she nearly fell off the roof. The memory must have shown on his face because Marie smiled at him, so hopeful that Remy heart ached.

"Looked for you last night, hon. Yah weren't in yah room." She started, sitting beside him, upwind of the smoke.

"Remy was out -" He lied automatically. He'd spent the night chained to Logan's bed, contentedly asleep. He tugged at his shirt collar uncomfortably reminded of the bruises and bites that marked him.

Marie nodded. "I was thinking, sugah. Thought a lot. 'Bout what we were arguing about when I left, hon."

"Oui?" Remy shoved his cigarette into his mouth, his hands were shaking.

"Ah love ya, swamp rat." Marie leaned over, curling her hand around the back of his neck. "I ain't gonna lose yah to some - someone else. Someone who ain't gonna love yah like ah do. Someone who just wants tah - use yah. I ain't leaving yah to that."

Remy stiffened. "Remy told you, Cherie. Need dis thing and you not going to give it, eh?"

Marie liked her lips, staring hard at him. Her hand tightened very carefully on his neck. "Ahm gonna give yah what yah need, hon."

Remy blinked and she swooped in to kiss him. It was a hard kiss. Demanding and - god - it was *Marie*. Remy yielded before his brain had any chance to vote. He opened to her probing tongue, sensing inexperience, and uncertainty and - love. He moaned and melted against her. Love. Yes, Dieu, yes.

Marie pushed him back, straddling him, green eyes bright. "Ahm gonna do what yah need. 'Cause I love yah, y'nut."

"Oui." Remy gasped. "Oui, Cherie. Anyt'ing you want. S'v plait. Remy make you feel good, Cherie."

This close to her, Remy could feel the uncertain flicker of her emotions. Love, unease, and a powerful wash of desire that make Remy moan and his cock swell in his pants. Marie grinned, rolling her hips as she felt him getting hard. "That's real good, hon. Really good."

She leaned down and kissed him again. Remy moaned into her open mouth, nibbling on her tongue. She pushed a hand under his shirt and stroked his nipples and the thief moved under her, thrusting up, grinding against her crotch. When she pulled his shirt off, a little roughly, she paused.

"Ah - Rems. Hon -" She said softly and her desire faded. She touched his ribs, very gently. Remy winced. "Who did this tah yah? I'll kill her!"

"Non, Cherie." He tried to roll out from under her, stomach tightening unpleasantly again, but Marie simply sat harder and pinned him down. "Never mind, dis. Not fer you, Marie."

"No. You ain't going nowhere, Rems." Determination rose up in her, she held his shoulders against the rough roof and kissed him again. Slid down to suck his nipples, nibble at him. She carefully avoided the bruises and bites already there. Gave him her own instead. Marked him as hers. "Ahm gonna keep yah. I'm gonna take care of yah and no one is gonna treat yah bad."

Remy was moaning and clutching her hair. He was hoplessly confused. Aching with longing, not sure who he belonged to. Anyone. He belonged to anyone who wanted him. He couldn't help but respond. He'd missed her so much and she was *here* and touching him. Pulling his zipper down, stroking his cock, and he was so glad that Logan hadn't put a harness on him today. Her mouth, sucking - teasing until Remy whimpered and begged. "Cherie - s'v plait. Cherie -!"

"Yah gotta give me what I want, Rems." She said, forcing some harshness into a voice that wanted to be tender. Remy could feel it, he knew this was so hard for her but - it was so good. What he'd longed for. Marie to take him in hand. He kicked off his clothes and reverently stripped her, head bent submissively. The touch of her hand on his hair was full of - pity - and tears welled suddenly in his eyes. But he didn't stop. He couldn't.

He licked his way down her body, sucking on her swelling nipples until she hissed and dragged him lower. The pity was gone, lost in lust. That was so much better. He licked and teased and sucked, lost in the salt taste of her until she rolled her hips and demanded that he fuck her. Now. Do what I tell you.

Agonizingly exited, he pressed his cock inside her. Marie heaved her hips and dragged him close, her hands slid down his body to cup his ass, squeeze him. Remy bit his lip to smother the whimper as she dug into old bruises. It felt good. It reminded him of Logan and he thrust hard, struggling to forget. And he was forgetting, forgetting anything besides Marie under him, demanding he please her. Remy wanted to please her, feel her pleasure. Ignore the unease hovering at the edge. Just feel. So slick and hot and open and she made him fuck her just the way *she* wanted. Which was just the way he wanted it. The fluttering clench strengthened around him suddenly as she came and Remy wailed her name, arching up and coming hard.

Marie wrapped her arms around him, panting. Hopeful and not entirely happy. But loving him. "That was okay, Rems? What yah needed?"

"O-oui." Remy said, closing his eyes. Hoping desperately that he was telling the truth. "Oui."


He couldn't get drunk and he was tired of listening to the kids racing around, peering into the room and whispering about him in the halls. Logan climbed to his feet and thew away the bottles. He was resisting the impulse to find his boy and make sure he knew who was boss. The thief had the right to decide what he wanted and if he wanted Marie, there wasn't a damn thing Logan could do about it. He hadn't put a permanent mark on the boy - no collar, no piercing, no brand or tattoo. It was only the last couple of weeks that Logan had been sure he could train the kid to his tastes and he wasn't going to claim a pet who couldn't take what he could dish out. Wasn't fair to either of them and it was damn dangerous. He was already restless enough that he had to real careful handling Remy. The need to hurt his pet was starting to get urgent. And about the time he was sure the boy would fly for him, Marie comes back to stick her damn pretty nose in again.

"Fuck." Logan sighed. He ran a hand through his hair and listened to the rain start up. At the stairwell, his ears pricked as heard Marie - and Remy. The girl was happy. Remy's voice less so.

"This is gonna work this time, Rems." Marie was saying excitedly. "Just need tah talk more, you an' me. Not take anything for granted. Ah can do this - if yah help me."

"Remy do w'at he can, Cherie." Remy responded, uneasily. "Not so easy to talk 'bout some'times."

"We'll work it out, hon." She said gently. "It's going tah be alright, you'll see. I'll take care of yah."

Logan's lips skinned back and he started silently up the stairs. He had to see, had to know. He swung out of the stairwell to see Remy and Marie by the open window. Remy saw him and jerked away from Marie, eyes widening in dismay. Their tangled hair, hastily buttoned and damp clothes told Logan what he needed to know. He turned and clattered back down the stairs, he wasn't going to get violent. The edges of his vision were red with betrayal and rage. Damn the boy!

"Logan -!" Remy's voice followed him and Logan growled. "Wait - s'v plait!"

He heard the thief running after him and Marie's surprised protest. Logan pulled to a stiff halt. He didn't run from nothing and he wasn't going to run from this. Breathing hard through his nose, he waited for Remy to catch up.

"What the hell you want, gumbo?" He snarled.

"S'v plait, talk me!"

The scent of him hit Logan then, sex. Marie. It was too much. Logan snatched Remy's shirt and swung the thief into the wood paneling. Slammed him against the wall a couple of times, fighting the itch to bury his claws in the boy, show him just who he was jerking around. Remy didn't fight back, didn't resist him at all and that only made Logan angrier. Playing the pet.

"Ya shoulda done some talking a couple of hours ago, y'little fuck! Before ya screwed the girl!" He snarled into Remy's anguished face. "What the hell y'thinking? Y'just gonna leave me hanging fer when ya need some slappin' around? Y'think I was writin' ya pretty poems when I told ya I don't share?"

"N-non!" Remy managed, trembling, tears trailing down his face. "Boss -"

"Don't call me that!" Logan slammed him into the wall again, harder. A picture fell off, glass shattering.

"Rems - Logan, what the hell yah doing?" Marie shouted from the top of the stairs. They ignored her. "You take yah fucking hands offa him!"

"Please - Remy wasn't t'inking!" He cried desperately, blinking dazedly. The thief had hit his head pretty hard. "Remy jus feel! Not want to be hurting - not w'ant anyone to be hurting."

Logan leaned close, putting his weight on the boy and snarled softly in his ear - revolted and furious at the scent on the kid's skin. Someone was poaching his property. "Yeah, well it ain't gonna work that way, kid. Y'gonna be hurtin' someone no matter what ya do. I don't share and I sure as hell aint' gonna share ya with a two bit hero who thinks all it takes to handle ya is a little slap and tickle. Y'think she's gonna take ya far enough? Ya think ya can train her to top ya? You better hope so, brat, 'cause I ain't gonna touch ya with her stink on ya!"

"De femme *loves* Remy!" Remy cried helplessly.

Logan flinched. He tired to hang onto the rage but he couldn't - and what was left was pain. The thief's eyes spilled over suddenly and he clutched Logan's arms. Logan shook him off and let go of his shirt, stepping back and looking away. Just in time as Marie came up, staring at them, flushed with anger and confused.

"Fine." Logan said shortly and turned away. Love. He knew he could give Remy everything else - everything but love.

"Non!" Remy wailed. "Non!"

Logan ground his teeth and ignored him, aching at the pain in the kid's voice. Wasn't his to handle anymore. He started down the stairs again, grimly ignoring the boy's sudden sobs. The thief was going to have to sleep in the bed he'd made.

"Rems - !" Marie put her arm around the Cajun. "Remy - hon - yah weren't fucking Logan were yah? Rem - how could yah!"

"S'v plait! Don know w'at to do, me!"

Logan winced, shaking his head as if that would shake the pain out and kept going.

"Non! NON!"