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Part 7

Belling the cat

The bruises were gone. Remy twisted around to look at his back in the mirror of the shared bathroom on his floor. No bite marks, nothing at all. He blinked, tears starting to his eyes. Logan was gone. Really gone.

The Canadian had left the two weeks ago a duffel slung over his shoulder, gruff even to Jubes, while Remy sat on the porch and stared at him in mute plea. Marie's hands on his shoulders had been all that kept him from going after the Canadian. That and knowing the man would probably knock him on his ass if he got in arms reach again. The rage and pain rolling off Logan had been frightening. Knowing he was the cause had been almost unendurable. Remy had spent most of his life trying to please everyone and he'd gotten pretty good at it. Only when it mattered most did he fuck up.

Remy pulled his shirt on and combed his hair then went looking for Marie. He needed to feel better. He found her in the sunroom, listening to some music and he curled up on the couch next to her and rested his head in her lap. Her welcome felt so good and when she began to idly stroke his hair, it was almost perfect. Almost.

There were a lot of almosts. The team had almost adjusted to Logan's absence. They'd almost gotten their asses kicked at the last FOH riot they'd gone to suppress. Marie had almost forgiven him for fucking with Logan. Remy was almost okay with the choice he'd made. Logan was the only one who wasn't content with almost and he'd left.

He was to blame for all of it. Leading with his dick had driven Logan away, weakened the team and hurt Marie. Remy rubbed his cheek against Marie's jeans and wished he still went to church. Catholics knew how to hand out penance. Marie was just giving him understanding and a determination to make their relationship work that was so powerful Remy found himself dragged along in her wake. Relationship counseling, dieu! She'd even found a consoler experienced with fringe sexuality. They spent a lot of time talking about Remy's need for stability.

"What yah thinking about, Rems?" Marie asked. She often did now. Half the time he didn't even know where to start and - unless he found a way to put it in words - Marie wouldn't have a clue. It made Remy want to scream.

"Logan." He finally said. It was the closest word he could find to explain the guilt and loneliness and confusion he was feeling.

Marie's hand stilled on his hair. "We been over this hon. The man was using yah. Pushing yah to hard - yah said yah never did some of the things yah did with him. Logan's a sadist - ahn not in a good way, hon. He's not what yah need. I am. I love yah. Logan don't love nobody. It's not in the man, Rems."

Remy swallowed, closing his eyes. Marie believed what she was saying. He wasn't so sure. Logan had never said a word about - love. No. Mine, he'd said. My boy. My pet. Make you feel good. Make you fly. Make you beg. Make you cry. Make you laugh. Mine. The Canadian had said all these things and more but nothing about love and Remy couldn't live without it. He could live without leather and gags and being fucked so hard he screamed with pain and pleasure. Being hunted down and taken like a rabbit. Being teased until he cried and nearly passed out when he was finally allowed to come. He could live without all that. Not without love.

But the skin memory of Logan, his weight, his taste, the feel of him hit Remy suddenly and he curled closer to Marie. His body didn't care about love.


The whip snaked across the floor like a black serpent, Logan flicked it lightly to make it crack and the boy chained to the post flinched and whimpered behind the sturdy leather gag. So beautiful, the boy waiting for him. Slim and long, auburn hair pulled aside to bare every inch of that strong, bare back. The padded cuffs at wrists and ankles locked him to the whipping post. Nervous sweat made his skin gleam. His face was covered in a half hood, hiding his eyes, dulling his hearing. Leaving him nothing but touch. Logan was going to touch him. Logan could smell him, familiar and so *right*, his mouth watered and his cock flexed in his pants.

Logan moved up to give the boy a last caress, feeling the ready heat through his thin leather gloves. He frowned briefly, he didn't usually wear gloves but it seemed the thing now. He shrugged and cracked the whip again. It was a heavy duty whip, made for punishment. This boy, he knew, had been very, very bad. He knew how to take care of that. Logan knew how to make bad boys good. He grinned. Very, very good.

He laid the first stroke across the mid-back. The welt rose, sweet, perfect. Lovely color. Logan laid down a couple more welts. The boy was already wailing, struggling to beg through the gag. Logan hissed, frustrated and whipped that ripe ass hard. The boy was screaming, blood ribboning down his back. Logan smelled it and tears and his arm rose and fell like a machine and there was no pleasure in it. Blood scent rose around him, red color drowning out everything else and he was so angry. So angry and that was so wrong. He didn't stop, even as the boy slumped quiet, even though he knew he should. He had to stop and he didn't.

Logan jerked awake with a cry, then fell back, breathing hard. He stared at the off-white ceiling and wiped sweat off his face. "Shit."

The dream hung close around him. Nightmare. Fantasy. He was so hard it hurt and sick at the thought of harming Remy like that. Never. He'd never do that. Logan licked his lips and began to jerk his cock. Didn't close his eyes. Didn't want to see all that blood again. He wished the boy was here because it was taking him forever to get off. Finally finished off and went to shower. It was still before dawn but it didn't fucking matter. There wasn't anyone else to worry about.

He mechanically packed his duffel, decided he could hold off on stopping at a Laundromat until tomorrow, paid his dues to the desk jockey and headed out. Somewhere.

It had been somewhere for a while now. The road, the bike, rattle-trap hotels and crappy little towns. He was making his money in illegal boxing matches and cage fights. He'd lost track of what day it was or how long he'd been out here. Logan knew that unless he went someplace where people knew him, where the days had something to hang onto, he'd begin to lose track of more than just what day it was.

Logan stopped at a trucker joint for breakfast and tried to decide if he wanted to just - forget. Let the boy and everything else slide away, never come back to the mansion, stop feeling like shit. He pushed his plate away and stared blankly out at the sunrise. Was he hurting that much? Did he want to give up everything for one skinny thief?



Jubes was yelling about the school's lousy allowance and slipping a 'Dazzler(tm)' bracelet from the counter rack into her coat pocket at the same time. Remy smiled indulgently. The girl was a lousy thief but the staff at 'doodads' were even worse. Let Scott play junior police, Remy knew that mall insurance took care of minor losses like the teenager's shoplifting.

"How am I supposed to keep on top of Bobby's style if I can't *buy* anything!" She complained to Marie.

"Bobby's got syle, petite cherie. You got fashion." Remy said. "Fashion cost more, eh?"

Jube cast him a look and ran to catch up with Kitty and Bobby.

"Did that girl just steal something?" Marie asked. Remy winked behind his shades, putting an arm around her.

"No harm, no foul, Oui?"

Marie just shook her head, rolling her eyes. They were currently escorting a contingent of students to the local mall and trying to keep the mayhem to a minimum. On the way out the professor had explained, only half joking, that they were a little short of bail money this quarter and could everyone please stay out of jail today? Everyone had dutifully promised.

Remy and Marie had taken the kids to a movie first, pinning the kids down in one place for three hours. Now, keeping track of the kids was like trying to chase Tante's chickens.

"Kittens -" Marie said, a little wistfully. They drifted over to the 'Scamps' store where a few blue-eyed kittens were dozing in a bed of cedar chips.

"Cherie." Remy kissed her hair. Marie couldn't have pets. Her control over her powers was limited and a kitten snuggling up to her in the middle of the night could end up dead. Stuffed toys, no matter how tactically useful, were no replacement.

Marie wanted to play with the kittens and Remy left her to wander idly through the aisles, tapping at the fishtanks and eyeing the *pedigreed* rats with loathing. A rat was a rat. Fish food, dog toys, hamsters, collars. Remy paused. Hands in his pockets, he stared at the blue and red and white and brown leather. Dog collars, cat collars. Leashes. His fingers trembling slightly, Remy fingered a stiff, bright red leather leash. He could practically feel the familiar tug.

"What are yah seeing Rems?" Marie came up and slung an arm around his waist.

Remy jerked his hands away from the leash as if burned, flushing. "Not'in, cherie. Jus - dese kitten collars got a nice ring."

Marie reached out and ruffled her hand through the display, setting up a musical jangle as dozens of cheap little bells went off. "Would drive me nuts, that noise."

"Oui." He turned away, one hand brushing across the cat collars almost accidentally. There wasn't even a jingle when one disappeared.

When they came back, Remy discovered that Logan had returned as abruptly as he'd left. He was holed up with Scott, probably getting reamed out for leaving so abruptly. Breath leaving him in a rush, the thief retreated to his room. He took the little collar he'd stolen out of his pocket. It was bright red, studded with a half dozen iridescent rhinestones and a tiny enameled red bell that had a sweet sound when he swung the leather idly from the clasp. It was far to small to put around his neck. Nothing useful. Nothing but a symbol for something he couldn't have. He knew what Marie would say if he asked her for a collar. She barely accepted his need to be tied down sometimes. Only sometimes.

Remy closed his eyes and his hands around the new leather. Marie was so wonderfully *tolerant*, wanting to please him when all he wanted was to be made to please someone else. And he could already see the same signs as always. They were starting to fight. He knew the pattern, everyone in the mansion knew the pattern. They'd fight and fight and break up and make up and - Remy bent over and pressed his face to his knees, stomach turning. It wasn't changing. He'd hoped, prayed, that things would change. They loved each other, wasn't that supposed to make it all worthwhile? He loved Marie but he couldn't trust her. And she still made him feel ashamed.

She never said it. Not anymore. But she felt it and Remy couldn't help but feel it too. Pity. Tolerance. Love. He remembered what Logan had said. Don't let anyone make you feel ashamed. Not for anything. And here he was, getting a stomach full of shame.

Remy knew he was a skilled lover and he could ease Marie past the discomfort she felt but - he didn't want to. He didn't want a *tolerant* lover. He wanted - he wanted a lover who'd rip into him and make his scream. He'd had a lover who'd make him feel that way - and given him up for love. Remy rubbed his lips against the leather in his hand. It was the stupidest decision he'd made in a long time. Thing was, he didn't know how to undo it. He'd never learned to say no. Not to love.

Logan was completely shut down. Remy pushed at his food, to nauseous to eat, and struggled to read the man. There was nothing but a sense of presence, no emotions as all and his face was still and expressionless. The thief had no idea what he was thinking. And he had no idea what to do.

Marie wouldn't let him out of her sight, not surprisingly, and Logan made himself scarce as soon as his welcome home dinner was done. He seemed genuinely glad to see Jean and Jubes threw herself on him, cursing a blue streak about his leaving. Remy watched with envy, wishing he could do the same thing.

Marie kept him in her room, making love aggressively, which felt good but Remy was uncomfortable with the calculation behind it. She was waiting for him to get over Logan the way you wait for a junkie to finish kicking a habit.

Late at night, listening to Marie breathe beside him, Remy heard Logan's nearly silent tread in the hall. It paused for a bare moment outside Marie's door then went on. Remy slid out of the bed, holding his breath but as he stood Marie's hand shot out and caught hold of his arm.

"Where yah going, Rems?" She asked suspiciously.

Remy sat on the edge of the bed and swallowed hard. "Need to go, cherie."

"Where -"

"Talk wid Logan, me."

"Yah don't need tah talk to him no more." Marie sat up, frowning at him. "That's over, hon. I got yah now."

Remy closed his eyes, shoulders drooping. "Marie - s'v plait. Dis not working. You know it, Remy know it."

"Rem!" Marie's voice broke. "Ahm trying as hard as ah c-can! Yah just gonna throw everything we have together for - for this - quirk! For that son-of-a-bitch!"

"Non." Remy reached for his shirt and started to dress slowly. "Not jus dat. Jus - we ain't good for each other cherie. Remy make you feel sick."

"No - hon -"

"Don lie to an e'mpath, cherie! You still fee dat way, even if you don say it." Remy said. "Remy know you're tryin' cherie! Remy know dis! And it not enough. You know dat too."

"Ah love yah!"

"Remy love Marie too. Remy wish - " His voice caught, aching for them both. "Remy wish so bad dis work out. We both tryin' so hard - so hard. And we both love so much. But it ain't. We love each other, cherie but it not enough."

"And that bastard is!" Marie yelled. "He enough for yah! Cruel enough! Hurt yah enough! I saw what he did tah yah - he do yah any harder and yah woulda had scars! He don't love yah and what yah gonna do when yah need *that* 'cause ah ain't gonna hang waiting for yah to get tired of him!"

"Remy want scars!" He burst out, unable to hold back any longer. "W'ant that someone put der mark on him. Logan don do anyt'ing I don want. Make me fly, cherie. Love you, me but never fly wid you! Remy cried the day those marks were gone!"

Marie stared at him in helpless horror. "Ah can't! Ah can't do this! Get out ah hear, Rems! There's enough hurting in my world ah can't be doing this no more! Ah tried, ah swear Remy. Ah love ya, ah can't help it but ah ain't gonne go through this no more! Yah gotta go! Go now!"


"Get out!" She screamed and threw her clock at him. Remy ducked and it shattered on the door and he stumbled out into the hall, her wailing sobs following him like accusing ghosts down the hall.

He sat on the top step, unable to cry. Sick with misery but unable to let it out. Remy didn't want to go on like this. It couldn't end like this. He could feel her hurting behind him, he didn't want to leave. He wanted to go back and make it better. Her pain was so terrible, he had to fix it. It was his fault. His problem. He should be the one to fix it. And he couldn't - because there was something broken inside him. Something that would give up everything Marie offered for something no one understood, no one accepted. Love for what? He didn't even know - and worse - he didn't know if Logan would even take him back. Remy clutched his stomach, sweating in sudden fear, and tried not to be sick. If his boss wouldn't take him back he'd have nothing.

He was afraid to find out but he couldn't stay here. Half the household was awake, he could hear Scott speaking to a couple of kids downstairs, telling them to go back to bed, he'd look into it.

Remy dragged himself to his feet and headed down.

"Remy - " Scott said sleepily as the thief passed him. "Was that you and Marie? Is there a problem?"

Remy shook his head bitterly. "Non. Not'ing different. De same problem we always got. Can't stand each other."

Scott reached out and touched him lightly and there was some honesty sympathy there. It made Remy want to throw himself on the field leader and beg him to make everything alright. He began to tremble.

"The two of you need to find some other way besides yelling to deal with your problems." Scott said. "I'd been hoping the counseling would help with that -"

"Remy hoping too." He said softly. "Remy hope de counseling make it all better - but dat not how it works, homme. Nothing going to make things better with de femme and me."

"You love each other." Scott said. "You'll find a way."

Remy shuddered and pulled away.

"Where are you going?"

"Walk, me."

"Don't run away. We've had enough of that lately."

Remy just shook his head and walked faster.

The moon was past full and there was plenty of light for his eyes. Remy headed towards the south end where the mansion bordered on the state park. Logan usually went there, to listen to the owls and occasionally poach deer. Remy prayed he could find him.

Logan wasn't hunting, not tonight. Remy caught sight of the orange glow of his cigar and headed towards him. The Canadian didn't move, only watched him approach.

"L-logan?" He said hesitantly.


Remy shifted from foot to foot. As far as he could tell, the other man wasn't even angry. He was - nothing. Simply there. His empathy slid off him like oil from water. "Talk us?"

Logan shrugged. "What we got to talk about?"

Not even a nickname and it was like Logan didn't even care enough to get angry. Remy tried again, to read him, cursing the training Logan had gotten from the Weapon X project at such a high cost.

"Marie an Remy - dat not work, cher."

"You made that not my problem no more."

"Please - "

Logan shook his head and drew on his cigar. The tip glowed bright for a moment then dimmed again. "Don't beg."

Remy twisted his hands in his coatsleevs and dropped his voice, turning on the charm. He had to get Logan to listen. He had to. "Talk me, trying to work dis all out. Need - "

Logan hit him, hard. Remy staggered back, startled.

"Don't you try that crap on me!" Logan snarled. "Need. What the hell should I care about what you need? You ain't gonna be okay with what I got and I ain't gonna watch you playin' me like a two bit mistress desperate fer -"

Logan broke off and swallowed audibly. "I ain't talkin' about this, kid. Ya make the choice ya made and we all gotta live with it 'cause I ain't gonna leave my life behind fer you."

Remy shuddered in relief. Logan was so *angry*, furious, and miserable and now - Remy knew it. He could feel it like he could feel the deserved blood dripping down his chin.

"Logan, listen, s'v plait." Remy begged, reaching out and grabbing the other man's arm when he would have turned away. "Listen, Marie and Remy tried. We tried like you told Remy dat time and it still not work. Femme still make Remy feel ashamed. Not - not gonna go back to her, Remy swear it. Thought about dis, cher. Remy want what you got for him. Remy was - was happy wid you. Happier den he been in a long time. Remy dying 'cause he hurt you. Not want dat. Want to please you. S'v plait. Remy treat you wrong and he sorry. Cher, he so sorry."

Logan's arm was stiff but he didn't throw Remy off. "I ain't Marie and I ain't gonna be yer yo-yo, Remy. What the hell ya gonna do when y'hungry for love?"

Remy swallowed hard. "Remy - Remy love you, cher."

Logan drew in a hard breath and his voice was choked when he answered. "That ain't enough. I - don't know - I ain't got much love left in me kid. I ain't gonna pretend."

Remy let his hand slide down to hold Logan's hand. "I know what you feel for me, cher. It's enough. It's more than you think."

Remy fumbled in his pocket and pulled out the little strap of leather. The tiny bell rang. He offered it to Logan. It was all he had. "Please. Anything. Anything you want - just give me another chance."

Logan stared at him and Remy waited, aching, terrified. His hand trembled.

"I'm so fucking pissed at you, Remy." Logan growled. He grabbed Remy's wrist, taking the collar away. Remy whimpered, hoping desperately that it meant Logan would take him as well.

"Remy understand dat." He whispered. "Remy need - "

"Shut the fuck up about what you need!" Logan raged. "Fuck you! I need something too, you little bitch! What the hell do you think you deserve?"

"Nothing!" Remy cried, scared but more scared that Logan would abandon him. "Anything you want. Anything to make it better. Remy sorry! Remy swear he is."

"That's not enough!" Logan jerked him close to snarl in his ear. "That's sure as hell not enough."

"W'at den?"

Logan slapped him again. "Shut the fuck up! Shut up!"

"I'll tell ya what ya gonna get." Logan bent to hiss in his ear. "Ya gonna get what I think ya deserve and ya gonna take what I got ta give ya and right now that's a lot a anger. Ya got me?"

"Oui! Remy hear you!" He tried not to struggle as Logan shoved him around, dragging him deeper into the trees and out of sight of the mansion. He was scared. There didn't seem to be anything but anger - he wondered if Logan even liked him anymore and felt near tears at the thought of losing the man's affection. He heard the snik of his claws and Remy cried out in fear. Logan had never used them on him. Never. He felt the tug as he belt and jeans were cut away.

"Ya want my forgiveness - huh?"

"O-Oui. Remy sorry. Remy swear he sorry!"

"I don't give it away, ya gotta earn it."

Logan was bent next to Remy, he could feel the man's harsh breathing. Trembling, Remy dipped his head, pressing his forehead to the leaf litter. "Remy will, swear, Remy work hard. Remy do anyt'ing."

Logan growled, the sound rolling from deep in his belly and shoved Remy's face to the ground. He kneed Remy's side sharply and the thief uncertainly drew his knees up, lifting his ass. Logan's hands were hard on his wrists, pinning his hands behind his back and holding him in place. Logan stroked his ass and Remy whimpered while his cock swelled hopefully.

Then that hand cracked down on his bare ass and Remy lurched forward with a shocked cry. Logan's hand closed like a trap on his wrists, his elbow dug into Remy's back and the other man pinned him in place. Another hard blow and another cry was jolted from the thief. He twisted his hands in Logan's grasp, already aching. This wasn't a game. Wan't for fun. Remy cried out again, writhing as Logan began to spank him ruthlessly hard.

He jerked and panted, struggling for self control and Logan only hit him harder. His ass burned and *hurt* and the crack of Logan's hand on his ass echoed thought the trees. Logan was angry and drumming that anger, that rage, out on Remy's naked flesh. The thief's panting got louder and louder, turning to short, frantic cries.

"S'v plait - !" He broke, begging. "S'v plait. Non - no more, boss. Please! Remy be good. Remy be good!"

Logan snarled sharply. Remy wailed, he wasn't stopping. He wasn't. Remy ached, burned all over, and the sting of his ass was agonizing. He begged, desperate, promised anything. He'd be good. Couldn't catch his breath. Couldn't stop struggling, lurching clumsily ever time Logan's hard hand came down on him.

"No more!" He wailed. "Remy can't take no more! Boss -!"

"I'll tell ya when y' can't take it, brat." Logan panted. "You'll take what I got and like it! 'Cause yer mine! Mine and no one put's their hand on ya less I say so! Mine! Mine! Mine!"

His hand come down in time with his words and Remy began to sob suddenly. "Boss - yours. Remy yours. Please -!"

Then he was crying so hard he couldn't talk. Couldn't think, sobbing and flinching and wailing in wordless, hopeless surrender. He sobbed harder as he realized that his tears were what Logan was looking for. The man's touch gentled and the anger settled, soothed by Remy's weeping. Finally, he seemed satisfied. The Canadian curled over him, holding Remy under his body and nuzzling the nape of his neck. His jeans rubbed Remy's burning ass but the thief pressed himself back anyway, offering him to Logan. Still crying.

Logan bit the nape of his neck firmly and Remy shuddered. Moaned, face wet with tears. Logan's fingers were at his mouth and he sucked eagerly.

"That's right." Logan breathed, his voice heavy and dark. He bit Remy again. "My pretty thief. He nosed at Remy's hair and hissed.

"Ya stink of her." He leaded back, pulling his fingers from Remy's mouth. The thief remained where he was, bowed to the ground, half naked, his ass still twitching and red.

Remy heard Logan unzip and shivered, wanting and scared. Logan began to jack himself, kneeling behind the thief. His breathing roughened, caught and Remy felt the spatter of cum on his back then Logan's hands, rubbing it over his skin.

Then those fingers were at his mouth again, slick with Logan's seed and Remy licked them clean eagerly. The man's hand pressed under his body, grabbing his cock. Remy whimpered and responded, pushing into the firm grip. He was getting hard despite the still intense pain of his ass. He moaned around the fingers fucking his mouth. So good. He'd missed this so much. Logan's touch, his weight, his demands.

"Give me what I want, brat." Logan whispered. "Come fer me. Yer mine. No one else's. Mine. Y'come fer me now - now!"

Remy, gratefully, obeyed. Spilling over Logan's hand with a soft moan.

Lying under Logan, half crushed under his weight, Remy heard a high pitched little bell sound. The other man grabbed his wrist, Remy dragged his eyes open as he felt the cool touch of the leather. Logan pulled the little collar snug around his left wrist. Remy blinked.

"This don't come off." Logan said in his ear. He ran a thumb over the glittering rhinestones and jingled the bell. "You understand me?"

"Yes, boss." Remy whispered. He pulled his arm close and kissed the red leather. Logan smiled against his cheek and licked at his tears. "Remy yours."



Part 8


The bell woke him a few times, then he adjusted and the weight of Remy snuggled against his chest was worth a little lost sleep. A lot of lost sleep.

Logan watched the sun creep into his room, Remy's hair caught the light like a net, copper highlights, warm brown shadows and the perfect angle of a shoulder-blade. The boy was cuddled in his arms, his ass pressed to Logan's piss hard cock, back to his chest, sound asleep. Perfect. Beautiful. His. Logan nuzzled the soft hair, inhaling his scent. It was already something he knew, would know anywhere. On the road, he'd dreamt of this scent.

He propped himself up to look at the boy's sleeping face and Remy snorted and wiggled until he was pressed tight against him again. Logan smiled. Sometimes it felt like the boy would climb inside him, if he could. He ran a finger tip across the knife sharp cheekbone, copper-brown lashes fluttered. He stroked a soft lower lip, lightly coaxing the boy's mouth open a little then slipped his finger in the wet mouth. Remy began to suckle, still asleep.

"Good boy. That's right. Suck - suck." Logan whispered, finger fucking Remy's mouth in shallow, gentle thrusts. He wanted to see if his pet would respond even asleep. And he was, sleepily sucking on his fingers and Logan didn't want him to wake up - he was so beautiful like this. But of course, Remy was because Logan was so hot it felt like he was just going to explode against his pet's back. The boy stirred, awakened by the rush of feeling, and coughed around Logan's finger. Those stunning eyes were always a miracle.

"Lo - boss?" Remy blinked, Logan kissed his lips gently.

"Mornin' pet."

Remy eyed the silvery pre-dawn light, suspiciously. "If you say so, boss."

He wiggled with purpose now the he was awake and Logan hissed, rolling onto his back. His cock throbbed ferociously. Remy turned over to snuggle against his side, tucking his head under Logan's chin. The little bell chimed and Remy held up his hand to study the kitty collar around his wrist.

"Don need t'keep dis if you don like it, boss." He said a little wistfully. "Was jus something Remy saw. Reminded Remy of his boss an de good t'ings we got."

Logan rubbed a thumb over the red leather and felt Remy's pulse kick. The little rhinestones glittered in the light and the enameled bell rang cheerfully. "Hm. Seems like the right kinda collar fer my pet. Y'be wearing a trainin' collar most of the time fer a while but this marks ya as mine. Ya be good and y'can earn y'tags."

"Tags, boss?" Remy asked, devilish eyes wide with eager curiosity. And more than a little avariciousness. Greedly little brat.

"Yeah." Logan kissed the collar, then bit the wrist beneath and sucked to pull up a bruise. The taste of his skin and the bit of blood he drew made Logan's heart thump and his mouth water. "Tags, showin' who ya belong to. My name an' number so's if you get lost I can come collect ya. An - "

Logan glowered and Remy ducked his head, squirming against him. The Canadian could feel the press of his boy's cock against his thigh. The boy was as hard as he was. "- if ya get lost ya gonna get punished. But ya gotta earn ya tags. Ya gotta be good - better than good - ya gotta be my sweet pet and y'gotta learn yer place. Prove t'me that y'want ta be tagged."

"Oui - oui, boss." Remy purred, nuzzling Logan's face. "Remy want dat. Remy yours. Want your tags. Won't get lost, Remy promise. Do anyt'ing you want, boss."

"We'll see." Logan growled, eyes half closed, reveling in the soft kisses along his throat and the gentle nip of his boy's teeth. He'd missed this. Missed his boy. He pulled Remy on top of him, the boy settled with a murmur of pleasure, one knee drawn up and his cock nestled in the hollow of Logan's hip. Logan ran his hands down Remy's back, fingertips sliding in the hollow of his spine. He squeezed the boy's ass and Remy gasped, squirming. Logan kneaded him with hard fingers, grinning.

"Still sore, pet?"

"Oh- boss, oui. Oui - ah." Remy panted. He arched with a little gasp when Logan slid a finger between his cheeks to tease his anus. His hips jerked and Logan felt a trickle of pre-cum against his hip.

"Good." Logan growled, ridiculously pleased with the day, the boy squirming deliciously on him and his life in general. "Pretty boy. Y'were sucking on me real good in yer sleep. Maybe I'll train ya to it, so I can use ya anytime. Wake ya up every morning with my cock in yer mouth. Want that pet? My cock the first thing ya know - and the last thing ya know at night?"

"Boss - boss." Remy moaned, sucking on Logan's pulse, rocking up into the Canadian's hard grip on his sore ass and the warm skin slick now with his pre-cum. "Oui - oh, s'v plait. Oui - want dat. Suck you anytime. Anywhere - your pet want you so bad. Please - want suck you. T-taste -"

Logan growled, half drunk on the scent of Remy's body and nudged the boy's head up. His pet tipped his head back, hair tumbling around his face. Logan snapped at it, catching some in his teeth, tugging with an aggressive rumble low in his throat. Shifted to lick the long, vulnerable throat stretched above him. Bit hard, drawing blood and forced his finger dry into the boy's tight hole. Remy flinched then moaned high in his throat, hands tightening on Logan's shoulders. He cried out in pain and pleasure and his hips hitched as he came uncontrollably onto Logan's belly and side.

"Ah - s'v plait. Sorry - boss." Remy gasped, subsiding with a shudder and resting his face against Logan's. "Not mean - boss. Not mean dat. Just - so good wid you here. You're pet miss you so much."

Logan was panting hard, nearly set off by the shiver of Remy's pleasure and the slide of cum down his side. The boy was a joy and he was tempted to let is disobedience slide this once but he knew Remy wouldn't thank him for it. Even when the boy whined and complained and wept at Logan's harsh treatment, it was what he needed.

"I tell ya y'could come, brat?"

"N-non." Remy whispered, dipping his head and lowering his eyes submissively. "J'd sole, boss. Remy sorry."

"Sorry don't cut it." Logan growled and pushed Remy off. The boy clung, eyes wide, still flushed and panting from his forbidden climax. Logan couldn't resist. He kissed that wet mouth and the boy responded with a moan of pleasure and need.

Logan shoved the blanket off and shifted to sit with his back against the headboard. "Clean up the mess ya made, pet."

The boy bent eagerly to his task, damp tongue trailing down Logan's chest. Logan closed his eyes, letting his head thump back against the wall as a wet mouth sucked on his nipples. Felt good. Warmth and suction and the tightening ache of anticipation in is balls. He curled his hand in the silky tumble of brown hair as Remy's hungry mouth moved lower. The boy licked up the cum puddled in the crook of Logan's hip and when the Canadian shifted, moving Remy's mouth firmly to his rigid cock, the boy obediently continued to lick and suck.

Logan growled low in his throat, watching the slow bob of his pet's head between his sprawled legs. His cock throbbed as the boy's tongue stroked and teased him. Logan grunted and tightened his grip in Remy's hair, moving him faster on his cock. Remy braced himself and relaxed, allowing Logan to move him as he wished. Wet and hot and the soft thrust of Remy's tongue along the underside of his cock was just perfect and Logan shot into that greedy mouth with a loud groan. He jerked, rocking up as Remy's throat and mouth flexed around him as the boy swallowed.

Remy slithered up to kiss him and Logan sighed lazily into the boy's mouth, tasting himself. "Good pet."

He nudged Remy off and pulled the top sheet and blanket off. Remy knelt on the bed, head bent, waiting. Logan smiled, pleased, and dug out some rope and cuffs. He cuffed Remy spread eagled on the bed, making sure he was nice and taunt. Remy watched him through wide eyes and whimpered when he gagged him with silk. The Canadian grinned and ruffled his hair then went to brush his teeth. Anticipating what he was going to do next was getting him so hard so fast Logan barely had time to pee.

He came out when he was done with his morning wash-up and stood over the bed, keeping his face stern and studying his boy. Remy was half hard already, he eyed Logan's stiff cock and his own thickened rapidly. The black silk was damp, dark like the cuffs around his ankles and wrists. Remy whined a little and moved, watching Logan watch him. He was so beautiful, naked and vulnerable, watching Logan with hungry eyes. Logan buckled on the cock ring and ball stretcher despised Remy's whined protests. He played with the boy's cock until Remy was moaning and thrusting into the air.

When Logan checked the cuffs, he found that Remy had already managed to unlock one. He gripped the boy's chin and forced him to meet his eyes. Remy's were bright with a mixture of fear and lust and joyful defiance. The boy needed to be shown his place. Logan sighed irritably, relocked the cuff and pulled his chest from under the bed. His plans would have to wait.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, his back to the boy, Logan dug down to the bottom and slid the stretcher bar out. He also found a couple of balls, he left the bar for a moment and tied the balls to Remy's palms. "That'll take care o'yer clever fingers, brat."

Remy whined and, when Logan showed him the stretcher bar, he thrashed and struggled. Logan ignored that and clipped the bar in place between his legs. He ran an admiring hand up the straining thighs, the boy's cock was rock hard and twitching, the leather strap around it probably the only thing keeping him from shooting all over himself. Logan stroked the hot cock and grinned wickedly as Remy writhed, hips thrusting. He untied Remy's ankles from the bed and ran a bit of rope through the hook at the middle of the stretcher.

When he lifted the boy's legs and matter of factly tied the rope to the headboard, Remy wailed thrashing. Despite his struggles, Logan folded the thief up so his ass was lifted from the bed and clearly presented. He checked to make sure there wasn't too much strain or pressure on his pet's shoulders and that the wrist cuffs were still pinning Remy securely. Remy whimpered pleadingly and tried to wiggle the whole time, Logan ignored him.

The lifted ass was tempting, both as a target and as an invitation. A few ghost pale bruises marked the pet's skin, from last night's spanking. Logan traced them idly, smirking as Remy squealed. Spread as he was, the boy's hole was visible - offered up for use. The leather straps around his balls gleamed in the low light and the sliver bar shone.

"Y'being bad already, pet." Logan said. "I see I'm gonna have ta work ya hard."

He lubed the boy's offered hole, smiling as Remy squeaked and moaned and jiggled - to desperate for a fuck to be graceful.

"Only good boy's get fucked." Logan smirked. He spread the cheeks and pushed the plug in, his own cock twitching in frustration as he watched the small pucker open wide and the black rubber disappear inside his boy. When it was settled and Remy stopped trying to thrash free, Logan leaned back on the footboard and jerked off. He watched, fascinated, as the boy's awkward struggles echoed his increasing pleasure. Remy's incoherent pleas rose in volume and urgency as Logan panted and arched and - finally - came. When Logan moved to check his pet's bonds one last time, Remy moaned pitifully, his red eyes were dilated wide and tears of desperation streaked his temples. Logan grinned evilly. The boy's empathy gave him a whole other way to torment him.

"Be good, boy." Logan patted his offered ass. "I'm going ta get some breakfast. Be back in awhile."

Remy wailed.


His boss left him like this. Remy whimpered and cursed his clever fingers, he'd had that cuff unlocked before he'd even thought about it. He hadn't meant to be bad. He squirmed again and stared at the silver bar above his head. He flushed. This was the most embarrassing position he'd been in. Arms stretched out, ass lifted high, legs splayed wide. His ass would be the first thing anyone saw - when they came in and the thief's heard pounded, terrified that someone besides Logan would come back in. His cock twitched and Remy groaned as a drop of fluid joined the drying mess of cum on his belly.

He could smell himself, heavy with sex and if he lifted his head, he could see himself. His cock hard and red and desperate. The plug in his ass ached, stretched him wide and was driving him crazy. The bruises on his ass tingled, his balls hurt. His confined cock - the ache was a pleasure that was painful. He wanted Logan so bad. So bad. He wanted to be fucked and used and - Remy moaned, twisting uncontrollably. Needed to be touched so much and Logan had left him like this. Unable to touch anything. His fingers clamped convulsively on the foam balls tied to his palms. It had already been forever and he knew it had only been a few moments. Remy blinked, fresh tears trickling down his temples.

The sound of Logan's footsteps in the hall stirred Remy from an oddly relaxed daze. He'd submitted to the bondage - he hadn't any choice and finally he gotten to tired to struggle. As his tense muscles relaxed, Remy had discovered that he wasn't really that uncomfortable. His eyes had slid closed and he'd napped. When he heard Logan, the thief woke instantly. The man was whistling cheerfully and Remy grumbled to himself. The man had had a nice breakfast while Remy had been trussed up like a side of beef. His cock spasmed as the door opened, reminding him just how much he wanted this.

He couldn't help himself, Remy whined pleadingly for Logan's attention as desperate as a dog for his boss' approval.

"Feelin' better pet?" Logan stood over him, grinning. The sight of him, the dark eyes pleased with him made the thief wiggle and beg behind his gag. He nodded frantically. He was good. Dieu, he was good. He tensed his thighs, shamelessly lifting his ass higher, offering himself. Begging to be fucked.

Logan's eyes flickered, Remy watched him breathe deep, scenting his desperation. He stared pleadingly up at the other man - anything - anything his boss wanted. Remy felt the muscles in his ass and thighs spasm and flushed as Logan's gaze shifted, watching him.

"Y'real pretty this way, pet." Logan said, pulling off his clothes and tossing them aside. "That sweet ass of yours is just begging for a fucking."

Remy nodded again, panting noisily through the gag. He moaned when Logan knelt on the bed and ran his hands along the thief's sides. His lashes fluttered, rocking with pleasure at the man's touch. He loved Logan's hands. A hot tongue ran up his thigh then Logan fastened his mouth on the thin skin behind Remy's knee. The thief wailed and tried to struggle, move, respond - anything - as Logan bit him there, sucking on the sensitive skin. He couldn't stand it. Couldn't escape it as Logan sucked and bit and licked his way along Remy's legs and thighs. The thief moaned in gratitude at the marks his boss was putting on him.

The man's hands found Remy's nipples and pinched hard. Remy wailed and cried out again as he felt teeth sink into the sore, bruised flesh of his ass. Logan bit him until blood flowed, snarling. Remy thrashed in his bonds, chewing on the gag, crying in pleasure as Logan pulled on his nipples and bit his ass. The flick of the man's tongue at his asshole made Remy buck and shriek. His muscles spasmed, clenching hard around the plug. That tongue went at him, teasing the sensitive, stretched flesh of his anus while Remy wailed, drowning in conflicting sensations. All he could feel was Logan and his hunger. The hard pinch on his nipples made his cock jerk and pulse in agonizing pleasure. The man's greedy mouth was pure torture.

"God -" Logan pulled back, breathing hard. Remy whimpered with desperate eagerness as the plug was pulled from his ass, then Logan was against him, his cock pushing in. In. So good and so hard and the plug had opened him up so Logan could just slide in and fill him. Remy arched and moaned low in his throat, nostrils flared as he gasped for breath. He was getting fucked. Fucked with his legs in the air and his ass lifted, nothing but Logan's boy, his pet, his toy. Just - Logan's.

Logan was rocking into him slowly. In deep then a long slow pull out - and in, filling him up. Again. Again. Remy dragged his eyes open to see the other man above him, face tense with concentration, Remy's blood on his lips. Sweat beaded his hairline and the dark hair on his chest. The thief could see how hard Logan's nipples were and wished he could put his mouth on them. The powerful ripple of muscles in the man's stomach echoed the strong thrust of his cock. His big hands were clamped hard on Remy's thighs, holding him in position. So good. So beautiful, his boss.

Every thrust stroked his prostate and surged through his cock and - he couldn't come. As Logan began to move faster, panting, Remy began to shake and sob. He could feel Logan's approaching orgasm like approaching lightning. His cock was so hard it hurt, purple and dribbling across his belly and chest. The cock strap felt like a clamp, trapping Remy's release as Logan's cock drove unbearably into him. So much feeling, blazing through him and building - building - . He couldn't stand another minute, another thrust. The thief screamed as Logan's fingers unsnapped the ring and he exploded, white heat blinding him, Logan's cock ramming into him as he came. The pleasure went on and on, Remy writhing and wailing and feeling his own cum spatter across his chest and face.

Only dimly aware of Logan moving him, Remy floated blissfully. He felt like he was made of pure light, like he weighted nothing. As Logan unsnapped his wrist cuffs the little bell jingled and Remy smiled drowsily. It was his only anchor. His boss' promise. Logan would never let him go.