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Part 9


"'Ow long?" Remy asked. Logan shifted slightly under him and the thief twitched as his partly erect cock rubbed his jeans. He pulled one knee up, trying to find a more comfortable position on Logan's lap. Logan had one arm wrapped around his waist and his chin was resting on the thief's head.

They were in Remy's room, propped against the headboard, finishing a late lunch. His boss offered Remy a bit of cheese and the thief took it delicately in his teeth. He licked at the tips of Logan's fingers with a murmur, hoping to entice Logan into forgetting the food and taking his clothes off - again. Logan chuckled and Remy rested his head against his shoulder, loving the closeness. He could feel Logan's breathing, even his heartbeat and today Remy was grateful for his mutation because he could also feel how content his boss was. He'd been good all morning and all yesterday too and was being rewarded. Remy snuggled closer and sighed, smiling to himself. Maybe being obedient wasn't so terrible after all.

"Three days." Logan said, offering Remy a piece of melon. The thief accepted it, opening his mouth at the brush of fingers on his lips, without opening his eyes. "Stay outta my hands for three days and y'get a reward."

"W'at kind of reward, boss?" Remy wiggled his hips, teasing Logan. The other man shifted and Remy smiled against Logan's neck as he sensed the rise in desire.

"Hmm." Logan shifted to kiss Remy's forehead. "My pet gets t'sleep w'me in my bed for a week."

Remy looked up at him, knowing the longing showed in his eyes and not caring. He'd expected some kind of sex play as a reward and he would have been happy with that. But this was so much more. "Oui? Really? Whole week?"

Logan's smile shifted, becoming tender and he tipped Remy's chin up to kiss him gently on the mouth. "Whole week - every night, all night, you next t'me. But y'gotta win the game first, boy."

Remy smiled, a devilish flash of white teeth. "Dis kinda game I can win, boss. Ain't de prince of T'iefs for nothing. Get ready to make room for me, eh?"

"Arrogant brat." Logan said indulgently. "Remember, no leaving the grounds and the game's suspended if an alarm comes in."

"Oui." Remy nodded. It only made sense. "W'at you get if you win? Not dat it's gonna happen, homme."

Logan grinned. "Whatever I want. Y'should be used t'that by now."

Remy hurried down the stairs and into the kitchen, dodging Bobby on a snack run. He had fifteen minutes. Counting under his breath, Remy packed some bread, meat and fruit into a small bag and headed out the nearest door. Three days. He couldn't leave the grounds but he certainly didn't have to stay in the mansion.

It was Logan's sense of smell he was worried about. There wasn't any way to avoid leaving a scent trail. Remy paused, looking over the huge back yard where the students were studying or playing pickup basketball. Off near the western property line was the usually swampy and smelly lake and the disused boathouse abandoned since Xavier's early childhood. Too obvious. Remy's gaze fell on the stables and he smiled.

Logan ate in silence, ignoring everyone else at the table. Remy's chair was empty and had been for the past two days. He only had 'till midnight tonight before he had to concede the game and give his thief his reward. He hadn't expected it to be easy and he was, on a certain level, pleased. Remy wasn't so overwhelmed by the head games that he couldn't make use of his impressive skills at stealth, evasion and thievery. He was willing to compete, even with his boss. As his boss though, Logan knew it was important to win this game. It was early to let that responsive little monster think he could defeat Logan in anything about their relationship. It'd take Logan months to retrain him.

He'd lost the scent in the first hour. Remy had gone to the stables and the pungent smell of horse and cat had covered the thief's own scent. Logan had searched the place from top to bottom, wondering if the boy had gone to ground already but he hadn't found him. Since then, Logan had been prowling the mansion, the grounds, and the old boathouse. He'd picked up Remy's smell every now and then but nothing to lead him to the boy. Never saw him, of course, but Logan hadn't expected to.

Logan tipped his head, 'Ro was calling for Remy upstairs. She clattered around, knocking on the boy's door then coming downstairs, looking worried.

"Has anyone seen my brother?" She asked. "I'm worried about him. It's always so hard on him when he and Rogue are in this stage."

Wings snorted and Logan lifted his lip. "Probably out on a bender like he does every time Rogue dumps him. I guess he could have gotten arrested -"

"Knock it off!" Bobby snapped, glancing at Ororo's widening eyes. "Jesus, Warren, grow up will you?"

"Pretty scary when Bobby's bein' more mature." Logan said and crunched through a chicken bone, holding Warren's gaze the entire time. The rich man shuddered and looked away.

"Well, how long since anyone *has* seen him?" Ororo asked, worried. She passed the plate of fried chicken to Jubes who had been straining across the table to reach it, knocking over the salt in the process.

"He does wander off -" Jean glanced at Logan. "Not the only one of us to do so."

"No, he's still on the grounds." Jubes piped up, gnawing on a chicken wing in imitation of the Canadian. Logan concentrated on his peas, listening hard. "I saw him on the other side of the lake. Napping."

"Or drunk." Warren quipped.

Ororo shook her head. "Why doesn't he come in? This is his home too. I know how difficult his relationship with Rogue has become - he could come talk to me."

Logan sighed at Storm's obvious distress. She was folding wrinkles into the tabletop and frowning at her meal. Cared for the boy, she did. He had to say something. "Gumbo's okay. He ain't come in 'cause we got a bet on. "

"What kind of bet?" Jubes broke in, eyes alight. "Who's winning?"

Logan shrugged and pushed his chair back. "Bet him he couldn't keep from being caught by me for three days. He's been hiding out since then. Was doin' a good job of it too."

Jubes eyes went wide and she covered her mouth. "I just told you where he is -! Oh, man he's gonna kill me!"

Logan gave her a tight smile. "Yup. Y'gotta think before y'go blurtin' things out, kid."

"Lo-gan!" Jubes whined. "Don't tell him I told you! Please! Pretty please!"

"I guess there's some manners in you after all." Charles teased gently. "If only you could apply them to the dinner table."

Ororo followed Logan into the kitchen where he was dumping his plates. "Thank you."

"Fer what?" Logan looked curiously at her.

'Ro set her cup in the rack and closed the dishwasher. "Remy's had trouble - fitting in here. I worry about him, Logan. He took me in, took care of me when I couldn't take care of myself, even though he too was exiled and lost. I'd hoped he'd find a home here like so many of us have. But- it's been so difficult for him."

"And?" Logan said, irritated as she rambled on. "Get t'the point Stormy."

She looked down at him and smiled. "I'm just glad to see you're becoming friends."

Logan grunted uncomfortably and headed out. Friends. Sure. That's what they were. Damn. There was only so long they could keep secrets in this house. He already wondered about Charles and Jean. At least Wheels would keep his mouth shut.

Logan hiked to the lake. Was a pretty day and with Storm's worries relived, it was likely to stay that way.

The lake wasn't really a lake, by Logan's standards anyway. Later in the year it would be nothing more than a swampy mess, full of tree snags, crayfish, frogs and the occasional heron. In spring it was still pretty and clear, most of the snags sunk under the water. No sign or scent of the boy. The wind was dead still. Logan slunk around until he could find a good vantagepoint and waited.

The hours passed and Logan squatted in a tree with the relaxed patience of a predator waiting for his prey. Eventually, Logan picked out the slightly too bright bronze/brown gleam hidden among the branches and old leaves of the big tree snag out in the center of the lake. Probably wouldn't have noticed it but for the fact he spent a fair amount of time looking at the top of Remy's head and all that pretty hair. He watched for a while longer, until the sun set, seeing that his boy had gone to ground for the last hours and wasn't going to move. Logan grinned. Smart boy he had.

Logan wouldn't risk going out on a snag like that. At four hundred pounds, most of it metal, he swam like a rock. He had to drive the boy off. Logan headed back to the mansion for a beer, whistling.

He'd made a nest for himself and it wasn't too miserable. Had some coffee in a thermos, a sandwich left and could piss over the log there and raise the acid level in the lake. Remy was just glad it was to early for mosquitoes. He shifted and checked out his watch, hiding the small blue gleam under his coat. A strip of fabric around his other wirst muffled the bell and hid the glitter of his claiming bracelet. It was after 10:00 and Remy smiled. He was going to win. *He'd* get his way for once.

A bright flame arced across the sky to land on a jumble of leaves and sticks at the top of the snag. Remy stared for the half second it took to register the burning rag stuck in a brown bottle half full of some foamy liquid before his instincts had him throwing himself into the lake and swimming frantically for shore. He was staggering to his feet in the shallows, waiting for the explosion of flame that wasn't coming when Logan crashed into him, knocking them both back into the water. "Cul!"

Remy rolled and twisted, thrashing in the shallows and writhed free of Logan's grip. He took off across the muddy shore, dripping wet and cursing. Logan pounded after him in silence. Remy dodged into the dark boathouse, hoping for a closet, something he could barricade himself behind for the last couple of hours. He wanted his reward, dammit!

The boathouse had become the mansion's storage space, cluttered with broken chairs, extra cans of food, toilet paper, and soda. Remy clambered up the rickety stairs to the tiny attic and wormed his way into the crawlspace. Logan was too big to fit. There was a crash downstairs and he went still, panting through his mouth to silence his breathing.

There was no sign or sound of fire outside and Remy cursed himself for a moron. Of course Logan wouldn't set fire to him - to anything here. He'd been tricked. He found himself smiling a little as he listened to Logan prowling downstairs. He liked this game. These last moments, wondering who was going to win.

With a suddenness that made Remy shout in shock, a set of gleaming metal claws stabbed up through the wood just in front of Remy's head and raked through the wood by his side. Part of the ceiling collapsed in a cloud of rotten plaster and Remy was falling.

"Merde! Boss -" Remy cried, dangling by one hand and a foot braced on a stud that Logan hadn't cut through. The rest of him hung out of the ceiling, muddy, wet and covered in white plaster dust. "Gon' kill your pet dis way!"

"No I ain't." Logan was watching Remy scramble for a handhold. "Why don't y'get yer ass down here and take what y'got commin'."

Remy panted and stubbornly clutched at a splintering stud, struggling to lever himself back into the remaining crawlspace. Logan sighed and gave a sharp pull on Remy's duster. The thief lost his tenuous purchase and fell. He twisted instinctively and landed on his feet and darted past the shorter man.

Logan laughed and managed to catch a sleeve.

Remy skinned out of duster, grinning. "Clothes don count, boss!"

"Don't y'worry bout that, pet." Logan lunged after him. "Y'gonna be naked soon enough."

They dodged around a big old table, grinning in the darkness. Remy rested his hands on the dusty wood, and panted, wiggling his hips teasingly. Logan paced back and forth, head tipped to one side, watching with predatory attention. Remy could feel the rise of hunger in the Canadian - lust and that hunter's eagerness. He remembered it from the mountain and shivered, Logan's eyes flickered and his grin widened. Remy licked his lips, cock rising in response, stilling the urge to bare his throat and just give in. He wanted to struggle. Logan's nostrils flared, scenting him and he lunged across the table. Remy ducked under it, scrambling on hands and knees for the door.

Logan snarled sharply behind him and Remy heard the skid of his boots as he fought his own momentum. Momentum won and Logan crashed to the floor but he managed to snag Remy's ankle. Remy twisted and thrashed like a fish on a line but Logan's grip was like a steel trap. The big man lunged, bearing Remy down. Teeth locked hard in the back of Remy's neck and he whimpered, went limp and bowed his head. Logan growled softly until Remy relaxed under him, his cock throbbing hard.

"Good boy." Logan let go of his neck and murmured in his hair. Licked him and Remy shuddered at the wet stroke. Remy's hands were wrenched behind his back and the leather cuffs were snapped on.

"Boss?" He groaned. "Here? Boss?"

"Shuddup." Logan snarled, cuffing the back of his head. Remy sighed and submitted. He didn't have a choice after all. His cock pressed hard against his soggy jeans and the cold concrete floor. The chase had exited him almost as much as it had exited Logan. The other man's urgency was driving into Remy and he bucked, fighting to throw Logan off. Loved the strength and being held down, the way the other man wrested hard with him, fighting to keep him. Logan wasn't going to let him go.

He heaved under Logan, struggling madly as the ball gag was forced into his mouth. His triaining collar was fastened around his neck and Remy squirmed, surprised. He moaned, hips pumping at the feel of the leather around his throat. The feel of it made him crazy hot. Logan licked the leather on his neck and Remy squealed, riding the surging wave of sudden desire - his and Logan's - for a moment Remy was sure he was going to come in his pants. He bit the gag, struggling for control. Logan chuckled in his ear, then nipped him, licked at the blood, sucking on his skin and Remy wailed, driving uncontrollably over the edge.

Moaning, Remy slumped to the ground. Wet warmth at his crotch contrasted the cold wet of the rest of his clothes. He felt too good to be ashamed and the heavy weight of Logan on his back, hard cock pressed to his ass, told him he had no *reason* to be ashamed. There was a soft rumble in his ear. Logan was pleased with him. Right now, that was all that mattered.

Logan moved off him but Remy remained where he was, flat on the floor. He only turned his head to watch Logan as he searched the cupboards, coming back in a moment with a grunt of satisfaction. Even in the dimness of the boathouse, Remy could see the bulge of Logan's erection in his jeans. Remy squirmed unconsciously, fixed hungrily on the sight. That was what he wanted in his mouth. Logan's cock. His mouth worked on the gag.

Logan had a coil of rope and Remy struggled partway to his knees only to be pushed back down. The Canadian crouched beside him and Remy felt the rope threaded through the rings on his cuffs. There was tugging on his collar then a strong pull on his wrists as they were tugged up and the rope tied off. A loop of rope was slipped around his chest and forearms, immobilizing his hands high on his back. Remy whined.

More rope was wrapped around his legs, crossing at his knees, his calves and was tied tightly at his ankles. When he was done, Logan stepped back. Absolutely helpless, Remy craned his head up to stare pleadingly at his boss. He whimpered. He couldn't even beg. Logan was just looking at him, arms crossed, then he shifted than reached down to adjust his jeans. Remy wiggled a little, aware of the intensity of Logan's excitement, knowing he was the focus of it, and unable to do anything about it. In the dimness and dust, the cluttered of the abandoned room, Logan looked very different. Dangerous, shadowed, looming large above him. Remy shuddered, half scared, half exited. Anything could happen.

Logan picked him up and Remy groaned, dangling helplessly. He was dropped gently onto the table, bound legs hanging off the edge. His eyes widened as Logan bound his legs to the table leg. Then the other man went around and threaded rope through the front ring on his collar, playing it out across the table. Remy jerked as it snapped taunt. Logan tugged again, stretching Remy out and tied it off somewhere on the other side. Panting, Remy couldn't help but struggle, try to kick and realize just how thoroughly he was bound. He couldn't move at all.

Tried to jerk his head with a muffled wail, his struggles grew frantic. There was no give, not anywhere. Not in the ropes. Not in Logan, despite Remy's frantic mewling pleas. Logan stroked his hair then ran his fingers along the strap on the gag. "Easy, pet. Easy. You're fine."

Remy nudged at Logan's fingers, nostrils wide as he gasped for air. It was all that he could do. So helpless. He was so helpless like this. Forced to trust Logan. The Canadian rubbed his arms, stroked his hair and ran them gently down his back to knead his ass. The touches were pleasantly firm, reassuring in his strength. Remy sighed, tense muscles quivering under the touch. He stared at the rope stretched out from under his chin. White cotton, it was the brightest thing in the dim room.

"Y'so beautiful, pet." Logan murmured, pushing Remy's damp sweater up to bare the small of his back. His hands spread warm across Remy's bare skin. Remy groaned softly as his thumbs rubbed at the bunched muscles along his spine. The more he relaxed, the easier the bondage was to endure. "Pay attention to m'hands, boy. Beautiful boy. Don't know how I kept m'hands off ya as long as I did. Pretty as a deer when y'run."

Logan leaned down to nuzzle Remy's neck. "Taste as sweet and y'a hell of a better fuck."

Remy snorted, choking on a laugh. Logan's hands trailed over his ribs, Remy shivered, nipples hardening against the tabletop. The other man got his hands under Remy enough to unzip his jeans and work them down to mid thigh.

"Ah." Logan sighed and Remy twitched as a hot mouth fastened on his ass. He tried to squirm, whining behind the gag at the feel of Logan's toothy kisses, light tormenting nips, wet licking tongue. Logan could do anything he wanted and Remy loved it. Eyes going glassy, Remy rocked - as much as he could - against the table as his cock stiffened again. "Want t'eat y'right up, pet -"

Logan's voice was rough, whisky sweet, so deep that Remy felt it as much as heard it. Lips moving on his ass, tongue stroking, probing, touching him. Slipping inside. Hands holding him open, exposing him and he couldn't stop it. Couldn’t stop how good it felt. The press and touch and *touch* of Logan's tongue lapping up and down his crack, then pushing repeatedly inside. The muscles of Remy's ass bunched and relaxed rhythmically in response. Logan squeezed him, savoring the feel of him working under his fingers. Remy wanted more, needed more.

Bound so tightly, he could only feel it, couldn't respond. Couldn't control. Couldn't even control himself, swelling and throbbing and huge against the table. He was giving out deep, long moans. Eyes glassy, staring hypnotized at the white rope in the darkness. Drowning in sensation.

The ropes, their very tightness, allowed Remy to let go. He writhed and thrashed, held securely. His moans grew louder, higher pitched, sweat gathering at the small of his back and dampening his muddy hair. He tried to kick, fingers clenching and relaxing unconsciously. Logan simply ignored the small movements and kept on licking and tasting. Stubble rasped on tender skin, such an intimate sensation, making Remy's hair prickle. Dieu, it felt good too. And it was like Logan was never going to stop, like he'd be made to feel this way forever.

His boss was loving it as much as he was. Remy could feel it. Logan loved everything about him, taste, touch, and scent -.

"Gonna fuck ya." Logan growled, he pressed a thumb against Remy, it slid easily in. "Y'ready fer me now. Real ready."

Logan was so ready, Remy couldn't imagine how he waited so long. The awareness of his boss' strong excitement only added to Remy's pleasure and torment. The touch of his fingers, smoothing lube into him - and then a stronger, deepened touch. His cock. His cock pressing slowly inside and Remy moaned, lashes fluttering. Logan braced his hands on the table and rocked forward.

"God, yer a great fuck Remy." Logan breathed. He went very still, fighting his orgasm. Remy, tears of pleasurable strain welling in his eyes tried not to move, not to send him over the edge. He didn't want it to be over so soon. He wanted Logan to fuck him more. Fuck him forever.

"So good -" Logan muttered, beginning to thrust slowly. "So hot. God, feeling the way y'work for it. Y'hungry for it ain't ya, pet? Need it don’t ya?"

Remy whimpered in agreement. Each time Logan thrust, it pressed Remy's cock hard to the table. It was stroking over his prostate. It was going to make him come. The muscles of his ass were clenching hard, repeatedly, as Logan fucked him. Squeezing his boss' cock hard, Remy could feel the echo of it in his own cock. Logan was beginning to make deep, ragged noises. His rythym picked up. It was so good. And it was too much.

Remy's scream was muffled by the gag and drowned out by Logan's shout. There was white rush of heat behind his eyes - Remy shrieked again, coming hard, the spurt of his semen trapped under his body. Logan pulsed deep and hard, slamming his hips convulsively against Remy's bare ass. Remy slumped, head thumping on the table, blissfully unaware of anything besides the hum of pleasure still echoing through him. He was hardly aware of Logan as his boss withdrew with a gasp, untied him from the table and gathered him into his arms. Logan settled against the wall in the darkness, cradling Remy's still bound form.




Part 10


"Yeah, things just went sparkling." Logan said sarcastically over the phone. Remy rolled over on the cheap and uncomfortable hotel bed and buried his aching head under a pillow. The bell on his wrist jingled. Right now, even that was annoying. Three days of techno beat had left him with a migraine and - he was sure - permanent hearing loss. "We'll be back in a couple of days, Slim. Yeah, gumbo's fine. I'll take good care of him."

Remy perked up, a little uneasily, at that. Logan hung up with his usual lack of courtesy, probably leaving Scott still talking into a dead line. The side of the bed dipped as Logan sat down.

"How ya doin' Gumbo?"

"Head's killing Remy." He muttered. "If we such damn hero's 'ow come we gotta stay in de roach motel's all de time? Eh? You don see Magneto staying at dis kinda place."

"The good guys always gotta suffer, brat." Logan chuckled and began to rub Remy's back. "Its in all the movies."

"Ahhh - dat explains Remy's life den." Remy groaned when Logan's probing fingers hit a tight spot. He let the Canadian massage him into a puddle on the bed, drifting off contentedly under the reassuring touch.

"Wake up, pet." A soft whisper in Remy's ear jerked him out of some wickedly erotic dream. The feel of Logan's breath against his ear did nothing to shake the excitement. Remy whimpered, falling into his sub mindset before he was even completely awake.


"Mhm." Logan murmured. The room was dim, it was evening. "Get up. Put these on."

Remy rolled out of bed, blinking up at Logan. The other man was smiled down at him and threw some clothes at him. Remy caught the slick fabric. White silk shimmered. Under his boss' watchful eyes, he stripped down and pulled on the thin white shirt and tight white jeans. No underwear but he wasn't expecting any, plain white tennis sneakers. When he was done, Remy knelt on the carpet, hoping it was clean and laced his hands behind his neck, eyes down and waiting for Logan to come out of the bathroom.

The Canadian finished up, coming out and walking around Remy, studying him. "Fix yer hair."

"Oui boss." Remy scrambled to his feet and hurried into the bathroom. The thin silk fluttered as he moved. He pulled his hair back and braided it carefully. It fell past his shoulders now, Logan had asked him not to cut it. He brushed the longish bangs, letting them hide his eyes. Brushed his teeth and took a piss, he might not get another chance for a while.

Logan was dressed when he came out and Remy flushed, cock twitching in the harness he wore most of the time now. The black sleeveless T-shirt left the impressive biceps bare and the low slung faded jeans didn't do much to hide the heavy thighs, spectacular ass or the suggestive bulge at the Canadian's crotch. Remy's mouth watered and he bit his lip to keep from asking questions.

Logan came over and ruffled Remy's bangs then unzipped him and reached down to the thief's stiffening cock and tightened the cock ring. He slipped the heavy black training collar on - Remy hadn't know he'd even brought it - buckling it snugly. The last of Remy's inhibitions faded away and he stared at Logan with wide, submissive eyes.

"That's right, pet." Logan said approvingly. "We're goin' out fer dinner. Y'better be good or I'll turn ya over my knee. Got that?"

"Oui, boss. Remy be good."

Logan snorted, very aware of his pet's track record and snapped on the leash. Remy jerked, pulling against the leash, as he was led to the door.

"Boss - quoi, boss?"

Logan jerked the leash hard and dragged the boy close. "And here you are sayin' yer gonna be good."

"Boss - outside?" Remy looked at him, color rising in his lovely face. "Non - not on de leash, please boss - boss."

Logan sighed and grabbed the collar. He propped a foot on the bed and bent the boy over his thigh. He gave the boy four solid swats on his pretty ass while he cried out and wiggled. When he headed back to the door, the boy whimpered but didn't protest.

They got some looks as he led his pet down the halls but outside, well it was San Francisco and no one paid much attention. He could practically taste Remy's embarrassment though, and the excitement the public display caused the boy. Vain little beast. Logan got the bike out of parking while Remy trailed after him, blushing brightly. He tied the leash off on his belt and swung abroad, Remy settled behind him, hands tentatively circling his waist.

"It's okay pet. Hang onto me."

The uncertain grip tightened. Traffic in San Fran always sucked and Logan growled at the delay. They were going to be late. His boy was beginning to regain some courage, probably because he figured no one could see the leash or collar. Logan grinned as he felt the boy nuzzling the back of his neck. A wet mouth teased along his skin above the collar of his jacket. Felt real good, his boy, the thrum of the bike between his legs, the soft night air and the anticipation. He had plans for his boy, yes he did.

"Maybe I shoulda gagged ya to."

Remy panted and wiggled against him. "Non - non, boss. Remy a good boy."

"Still waitin' fer that t' be true, brat." Logan said, but gently. His boy was being pretty good, after all.

Remy was hesitant, resisting the leash, when they arrived at a private house. He eyed the innocuous suburban home, luminous eyes flicking back and forth between Logan's pleasant but unyielding expression and the strange place. Logan took pity on the boy and reeled him close and gave him a kiss. Remy leaned almost desperately into it.

"Easy, pet. Your gonna be fine. This is Lucinda's place."

Remy relaxed but now he wanted to get inside and away from any curious eyes. Logan shook his head and smirked as his pet practically dragged him to the door. Logan knocked then went in, as he and Lucinda had agreed. He hung his jacket up in the hall closet and eyed Remy who swallowed.


The boy's eyes went wide, flickering down the empty hallway and - at Logan's warning frown - he slowly obeyed. Logan nudged his chin up and gave him a quick kiss in reward. Remy muttered unhappily but his cock was rock hard. Logan reached down and patted him, smiling as the flush on his boy's face darkened but he followed the touch of Logan's hand helplessly.

"Boss - !" He whispered as Logan handcuffed his wrists behind his bare back. Logan laid a fingertip across that disobedient mouth and Remy quieted, tongue darting out to touch Logan's hand.

"That's right, you be a good boy now." Logan warned him. "We're guests here."

The ranch house was large, lit mostly by candlelight, sparsely furnished and spotlessly clean. Logan led his pet along, Lucinda was waiting in the main room where a small fire burned in the fireplace.

"Sorry I'm late, Lucy."

The woman shook her head, black curls dancing. She came up and kissed Logan, he answered enthusiastically, the woman was a great kisser - and a great looker. She'd dressed to play, in snug wine red corset, the velvet skirt she was wearing had two slits that went right to the top, revealing her legs and the tops of her smoky stockings. Red garters held them up. The stiletto heels of her tall boots clicked delicately as she walked. The pale curves of her breasts were lifted and displayed, the dark nipples not particularly hidden by the lace edge of the corset. A ruby on a long chain glowed like a drop of blood between them and she wore elbow length black leather gloves. Remy's cock jerked visibly as she approached and Lucinda met Logan's eyes with a small, triumphant smile. "You're not late, I always tack on an hour for guests to arrive this time of day. Horrible traffic. Everything takes three times as long as it should - natural California law, I suppose."

She smiled warmly at Remy who was blushing furiously. "And how are you, my child?"

"Bon nuit, Mistress Lucinda." Remy answered politely, obviously trying to pretend he wasn't standing naked, leashed and collard in her living room. "Remy be good. He happy to be you're guest, Mistress."

Lucinda's gaze dropped mischievously to his straining cock then back to meet his eyes.

"Of course you are." She purred. Remy's breathing quickened and Logan tugged warningly on his leash when the boy wrestled, almost unconsciously, with his handcuffs.

She circled Remy who stiffened, so embarrassed he was blushing all the way down his body and trailed a fingertip down his spine. His pet whimpered, staring pleadingly at Logan. "Such a lovely creature, Logan. Truly - I'm quite envious."

Logan grinned, still holding Remy's gaze. "He's a handful but he's a sweetheart when ya treat him right. Isn't that so, pet?"

"O-oui, boss." Remy whispered. His eyes darted to Lucinda who smiled reassuringly.

"Don't look so frightened. I won't bite - even if you do look good enough to eat." She patted his ass, Remy's chin tipped up under the praise and he arched a little, showing off. Logan grinned, the boy was beginning to settle down. Lucinda made an appreciative little murmur, which was just what the boy needed to hear. He didn't flinch away when she stroked his chest and nipples lightly. "Which brings us to dinner."

She led them into her dining room, dominated by a large table, so highly polished that the candle flames were reflected in the dark wood. Only two place settings were laid out, on opposite ends of the table. Covered dishes waited on the sideboard, the silverware was formal and heavy in Logan's hands.

Logan tugged Remy over to his chair and undid the cuffs. "Kneel."

Remy sank down and folded his hands behind his neck prettily, chin up, eyes down. Logan tied the leash off on a chair rung, biting back a grin. Maybe they should go out more often, the boy was on his best behavior. Logan went around to seat Lucinda and pour the wine. He had manners, when he cared to use them.

Taking his seat, Logan unfolded his napkin and unclipped the leash from his boy's collar. Remy looked up at him uncertainly and Logan ruffled his bangs. The table, the candles, Lucinda's dress and the quiet was mostly for Remy's benefit. Logan could see the response in him, the dark cock and the wide, waiting eyes. The hint of ritual would steady him in the strange surroundings. The table settings were to make the boy scramble. Logan knew very well that his boy was a show off - Remy never denied it, he loved being looked at. The Canadian smiled down at his boy, who smiled shyly back. The boy had been practically preening under Lucinda's admiration.

"Bring the salad course, child." Lucinda said firmly and Remy, with one startled glance at Logan - who nodded - scrambled to obey. Logan watched the boy scurry over, cock bobbing, to present Lucinda's salad and offer the dressing. Lovely, Lucinda had said and he couldn't help but agree. Ripe ass and long legs, strong, slim back and sleek chest, perky nipples, silky russet hair almost black in this light and wearing nothing but a cock harness, a collar, a jingling kitty collar on his wrist and Logan's teeth marks. Logan started on his salad, snapping his fingers to bring Remy to kneel at his feet.

He expertly folded a bit of lettuce around some dressing and a sliver of artichoke heart and offered it to his boy. Remy flushed but opened his mouth obediently and let Logan feed him.

"Less you're fetching something'." Logan instructed quietly. "You stay on hands and knees and you be polite to Mistress Lucinda. Got that pet?"

"Oui, boss."

Logan fed him another few bites. Lucinda snapped her fingers at knee height and Logan watched his pet figure out what the game was. Remy crawled gracefully over and Logan watched him hesitantly accept a bit of salad and a sip of wine from her. Logan took a deep breath and a sip of wine to steady himself, his jeans were getting to damn tight and Remy licking salad dressing off the woman's gloves was a sight to set anyone's heart pounding.

"I'd thought the two of you lived in New York, Logan." Lucinda said, shooing Remy away who crawled immediately back to Logan's feet.

"Business," Logan said with a frown. He fed Remy more salad, enjoying the feel of his tongue cleaning his fingers.

"Ah - well, perhaps if I spoil the two of you enough, you'll consider moving to San Francisco?" She laughed. "You're boy here is a wonderful dinner companion and - surely - you'd find your lifestyle less - outre here?"

Logan laughed. "New York ain't the dark side o' the moon, Lucy. And the boy and I - got commitments back home. But this joint of yours is quite something. And San Fran is okay, I guess."

Lucinda laughed. "Only okay? I see I've got my work cut out for me. What do you think of San Francisco so far, child?"

"T'ink I better be brushing up on my waiter skills if I move here, Mistress." Remy said from down on the floor. "Been to San Fran be'fore. Like it 'cause it's warm. New York dis frozen hell. Especially when Remy naked."

"That's right, you're from the South, arent' you Remy? And Logan - Canada - if I recall what the police said. Quite the opposites, the two of you."

"Oui." Remy agreed. "De boss don' know how to enjoy sleeping de day away. Always up at de crack of dawn and abusing po' pet somthin' awful."

Logan snorted and Lucinda laughed.

"Well, child, just let me know and I'll steal you away from your ogre of a boss." She snapped her fingers at him and offered Remy some wine. "I promise, I'll spoil you terribly. Diamond collars and you're own kennel in my back yard."

Remy sipped the wine and kissed her bare knee, eyes dancing. "Diamonds are Remy's best friend."

Remy cleared the table and brought the soup. Logan offered his pet a spoonful and Remy accepted rather sullenly. Logan recalled that he'd hand fed his boy often enough but never spoon fed him. The boy was uncomfortable, especially when some soup dribbled down his chin and Logan had to wipe his mouth with a napkin. Logan frowned at him when he ignored Lucinda's snap.

He smacked the boy firmly and nudged him with his boot to get him moving. "Behave!"

Remy crept over, body language shouting his reluctance. Logan watched, interested, as Lucinda scowled at him. She gave him a perfunctory spoonful of soup.

"Shoo." She snapped and promptly ignored the boy at her feet. Remy crawled back to Logan who also ignored him. Lucinda was easy on the ears, keeping the conversation moving, and no fool on how to treat a wicked boy. Logan stirred his light broth and crunching through spinach and baby carrots. Good cook. Or her husband.

Remy, unable to bear the neglect any longer, rubbed his cheek against Logan's knee and whined pleadingly. Logan glanced down at him and moved his knee away. Remy's eyes were wide and anxious. Logan was satisfied to see that he was well settled in his submissive role.

"Not me y'gotta say sorry to, brat." Logan said briefly and went back to his dinner. Remy whined again and Logan ignored him. He glanced up at Lucinda as Remy crawled slowly back to her, the woman's eyes were dancing with pleasure. Logan smiled ruefully.

Remy crept to her feet and rubbed his cheek against her foot, kept his form good to - and that was a good thing because Logan didn't have any trouble with putting his boy over his knee again if he acted up any further. His rump was lifted high, knees spread to show off his toys as the boy begged for forgiveness the only way he could. He kissed Lucinda's boots and when she finally relented - after he'd paid lavish attention to both - and offered him her soup bowl to lick out, Remy literally wiggled with relief.

"Good boy." Logan patted his head when Remy crawled back to rub against him and eye him hopefully. Remy kissed his hand and, satisfied that he'd been forgiven by both doms, brought the main course. The Canadian noted that his bound cock remained hard and eager, face flushed with desire and embarrassment and his pet's behavior and conversation the rest of the meal was perfectly charming. He definitely had to take the boy out more, it was doing wonders for his training.

"The desert's in the refrigerator, child." Lucinda said, smiling at Remy as he sucked her fingertips. "Bring it to us in the living room, and make us some capachino."

Remy gave Logan a last glance and hurried off. The two doms settled in the leather couch in front of the fireplace, Lucinda leaned against Logan with a sigh. He put an arm around her and kissed her ear.

"How ya doin, Lucy?"

She turned her face into his shoulder and he tightened his grip as she shook. "Tired. Joey's going to be in the hospital for the next two week. I miss him terribly."

Logan rubbed her bare arm. "Sorry to hear that. Y'want to end this here? Don't want ta put ya out entertainin' us."

She leaned back to meet his eyes and smiled wistfully. "No. This is a wonderful evening. I haven't had a chance to play for - months. You're young boy there is just adorable. I'm greatful for the chance to play with him."

Logan kissed her, tasting the dinner and the wine. "Ya don't need ta be grateful and my boy's gonna thank ya the way ya deserve."

Remy came back with a tray of coffee and desserts, giving the two of them a brief look of jealously. It didn't trouble Logan any, subs were notoriously jealous of their masters. He took the offered coffee cup and plate of strawberries and whipped cream. After Logan cuffed him, Remy knelt at their feet and watched them expectantly.

The desert was Logan's tease, it was Remy's favorite and he could see the hopeful greed in the boy's face. Logan swirled a berry in the whipped cream and ate it, watching his pet the whole time. Remy licked his lips and looked hopeful as the two dom's started their coffee and desert.

"Beg." Logan finally instructed, a little disappointed. He'd been hoping his pet would do it spontaneously. He'd been training the boy to beg for food the past week, seemed it was still to early to expect him to do it without prompting. He held a berry in his hand and waited.

Remy whined, color deepening but - eyeing the reward - obeyed. The boy shifted to spread his knees wider and arch his back a little, displaying himself. He wiggled and whined pleadingly and, when Logan held out the desert, he opened his mouth wide and let his boss drop it in.

"Adorable." Lucinda murmured, as the boy begged prettily for her. Remy ended up with more desert than either of the doms. Lucinda's eyes were bright and pleased and Logan could smell her arousal. The boy knew it too and his squirming grew both more urgent and more appealing as he instinctively tried to please the doms he was serving.

Remy kept darting questioning glances to Logan and his boss' clear approval was reassuring.

"Look here, pet." Logan said and Remy's eyes immediately tracked his fingers. When Logan drew his fingertips up Lucinda's thigh, the boy's eyes went wide and he began to pant. "That's right, boy. Y'gonna thank Lucy for the dinner, ain't ya?"

"Oui boss." Blushing, the boy nodded and crept close. Lucinda sighed happily and settled back against Logan's chest. He kissed her hair and pulled her skirt aside. No underwear, just black curls and the scent of her excitement, moisture and heat. Logan shifted cock surging at the sight and scent of her - and the sight of his boy nuzzling her thigh. Beautiful.

He watched that clever mouth wander up Lucinda's pale thigh, pink tongue darting out to trace meaningless patterns on her skin. Logan felt Lucinda begin to shiver and smiled to himself.

"My boy has the devil's own mouth when he's talking." He murmured in her ear. "And an angel's mouth for pleasure."

"Ahh -" Lucinda could only sigh as Remy reached his goal. Their hostess hitched in Logan's arms, arching against Remy. Logan closed his eyes briefly, swallowing hard as his cock jerked like it was trying to climb out of his pants. The scent of her, his own scent, the sweet scent of his boy kneeling with his face buried in dark curls - Logan wasn't sure how much more he could take. He cupped a hand on the back of Remy's head, feeling the movements as he eagerly licked and sucked between Lucinda's thighs. When she came, Logan covered her mouth with his and swallowed her ecstatic cry.

"Ohhhh -" She sighed finally, resting in Logan's arms while Remy rested his head on her thigh, panting in satisfaction and need. "I shall never let you go, child."

Remy whimpered a little anxiously and Logan patted him. "Ssh pet. Ya mine and there ain't no getting away from me."

Lucinda settled herself and tipped Remy's face up with a gloved fingertip under her chin. "Your master's being very generous, child. What shall we do to thank him, hmmm?"

"Mistress -?"

"Tt- hush, child." Lucinda stood and pulled off her skirt, leaving nothing but the corset, boots, gloves and stockings. She drew Remy to his feet and kissed him, the boy's eyelids fluttered. She took the small bag Logan had brought and looked through it for a moment while Remy watched her with fear and anticipation. Logan watched them both with anticipation and raw lust. Lucinda had a spectacular tattoo across her ass - a tumble of crimson roses with black thorns. The corset framed it perfectly.

When she pulled out a ring gag with a pleased chuckle, Remy shook his head in protest.

"Pet!" Logan snapped.

"Boss - s'v plait, s'vplait!" Remy begged, trembling visibly. Logan hadn't used this gag on him before.

"Ya ain't gettin' out a this. Ya need a spankin'? Logan growled softly. He watched Remy consider then shake his head. Lucinda tugged on his chin.

"Open wide, child."

Remy hesitantly obeyed, shivering when Lucinda gave a firm pull to his mouth, forcing him wider then skillfully fitted the steel ring behind his canines. He was buckled in before the boy hardly had a chance to blink and he groaned awkwardly, tossing his head.

Logan eyed the wide, wet mouth and groaned under his breath. He was burning for that boy, heat prickling over his skin - couldn't take his eyes off the wet cavern and the visible dance of the boy's tongue. He wanted in that sweet hole, wanted to make use of the pretty mouth; Logan shifted uncomfortably then gave it up and unzipped.

The boy's eyes fixed on him at the chirp of the zipper and he panted nosily, flushed with humiliation at the gaping hole he'd been transformed into. He swayed towards Logan, Lucinda chuckled then eased the didlo inside his open mouth. Logan couldn't quite bite back the groan as he watched the pink rubber sliding into the boy. Remy whimpered as he was plugged and Lucinda fixed the dildo in place with a scarf.

She walked around Remy, stroking him the way you might pet a prized cat or a pretty statue. Remy whined and tossed his head, restless and impatient. His cock was rock hard and dark red, balls flushed, nipples two hard little nubs. Lucinda pinched them, tugging and the boy squeaked. He danced in place, tormented by Lucinda's skillfull wandering as she tested his cock, rolled his balls in her fingers, stroked the sensitive skin of his sides and ass.

"Spread your legs, child and bend forward - just a little." She purred in is ear. "That's right, offer me that lovely ass."

Remy gaze still fixed on Logan, obeyed. He was sucking wetly on the dildo, clearly aware of the embarrassing noises he was making but unable to stop. The sounds were driving Logan wild. He'd pulled is cock free, enjoying the way his pet stared hungrily at it.

"I imagine your boss makes use of this ass." Lucinda murmured, plumping the taunt flesh with her fingers. "Rides you - when ever he wishes. And it feels so good, child, to be split by that impressive cock dosen't it. You dream about it, don't you. You beg for it."

Remy nodded frantically, his hips gave a little inviting wiggle. He sucked harder on the dildo, cheeks hollowing.

"Such a pretty thing." Lucinda went on, her hand snaking around to traced the straps around the boy's cock and balls. "Feel how this is controlling you - your boss is controlling you - because you can't control yourself, can you pet? You need this to hold you - I'm quite sure you'd make a terrible mess of my floor if you weren't wearing it."

Remy was flushed, eyes almost feverishly bright as the dom teased her with words and clever fingers. She murmured in his ear, Logan hearing snatches as she told the boy how pretty he was, what a pretty toy to play with. And how he couln'd stop them, didnt' want to stop them. Was made to be used. When she started to tease him with the leather strip on the end of her crop, Remy was so far into it that he arched and moaned and thrust his cock against the ticklish stroking.

Lucinda crooned wickedly in his ear as she lubed the handle of her crop. Logan's breathing quickened, hips grinding up at the sight. The boy didn't look quite aware - head thrashing a little, ass thrust back as he'd been told, waiting to be played with. His red and black eyes were glassy and he was urgently sucking on the dildo, saliva shining on his chin.

"Open, boy." Lucinda murmured. "I'm going to make you dance for your boss."

Remy tensed and wailed as he felt the press of the handle against his asshole. Lucinda had a firm grip on his collar as the boy made an uncoordinated attempt to escape.

"Behave." Logan growled, low voiced. The boy was far gone and he didn't want to startle him out of it. Remy twisted his head from side to side, moaning in pleasure and shame. He obviously loved the feel of something in his ass, even as he tried to squirm away. Logan was panting as shamelessly as his boy at the sight of Lucinda's hand moving rhythmically against his pet's shivering cheeks. She began to pump the handle gently, crooning soothingly in the boy's ear.

Remy began to relax, back arching a little, hips pumping despite himself. Sweat trickled down his temples and his whole body was flushed a pretty rose from excitement. The muscles in his ass were flexing and clenching visibly, echoing the thrust and stroke of the crop up his ass.

Logan watched Lucinda eased a good eight inches in, his pet panting and wailing the whole time. A thread of pre-cum spun from the tip of the boy's bound cock to drip on to the polished hardwood floor.

"That's right. That's right, child. You know what to do. Feel it. Feel it. So good -"

Remy spread his legs for leverage and began to fuck himself on the handle.

"God, yer beautiful, pet." Logan breathed, clutching the couch to keep from jerking himself off at the sight. Remy was spectacularly awkward, knees splayed, hips moving convulsively, bent forward a little to offer his ass more completely. Incredibly beautiful in his shameless greed for pleasure, hot enough to scorch Logan's nerves. The Canadian felt like he was boiling in his clothes. His own cock was huge, dark, dribbling, jutting out of his pants.

Lucinda played his pet until Logan thought he was going to die, her eyes glittering wickedly as she teased both the boy in her hands and the dom watching so avidly. Finally, she had mercy and coaxed Remy over to Logan.

She brought the boy to his knees in front of Logan, leaving the crop protruding obscenely from his ass. Logan groaned loudly as she pulled the dripping dildo from his pet's mouth and guided the wet hole to his cock. He clutched Remy's head and brought that mouth down onto him, filling the boy's mouth and throat. The thief had to accept it all, unable to resist, close his mouth or pull back. Logan shuddered hard, already going off, eyes fixed on the dancing end of the crop jutting from his boy's ass.

"God!" He shouted and pulsed deep, shouting again at the clumsy gulping as his boy struggled to swallow his cum despite the ring gag jacking his mouth open.

He collapsed back in the couch, petting Remy's hair as the boy nuzzled his balls with his wet lips. Lucinda settled next to him with a pleased sigh. She reached out and idly ran her finger along the ring in Remy's teeth. The boy, trembling at the rush of Logan's pleasure, watched them both with wide desperate eyes. Forced to share both Lucinda's earlier orgasm and Logan's explosive release but unable to come due to the constricting cock ring, Remy was half mad with raw need.

Remy rubbed his sweating face against Logan's jeans. He could feel the heat rising from his boss' skin and when he daringly glanced up to Logan's face he could see the flush of lust and the dampness at the man's temples. The Canadian caught his gaze and his mouth quirked, both amused and disapproving. Remy dropped his eyes, panting nosily through his wide open mouth.

He shifted his jaw in a hopeless attempt to ease the steel ring clamped in his teeth. He loathed this new gag, it felt akward and ungainly and Remy *hated* being ungraceful. Especially in front of Logan - *and* Lucinda. But he remembered the spike of raw lust from Logan when Lucinda had fitted the horrible thing into his mouth and he remembered Logan's cock just surging into his mouth - beyond his control. But he loved sucking Logan off, he didn't need to be held open like this.

Logan's fingers traced his lips then slipped inside his mouth idly touching his tongue. Remy whined in misery, unable to suck, unable to refuse, unable to accept. Nothing but a hole to be used. A sharp little ache ran through him at the thought. Logan gave him a last pat on the head and slipped the dildo back inside his mouth, tears trickled from Remy's eyes at the press he could not resist. Mouth full, he shivered then his breath caught on a sob at the movement in his ass.

His boss was doing awful things to him. Wonderful things. Remy felt the depth of his raw hunger for this, scared and aching and so exited he couldn't hold still. Every movement made the handle of the riding crop jostle his prostate. Lucinda had sunk it deep, Remy had loved every minute of it. His cock hurt, past pleasure almost to pain. He needed to come so bad.

Lucinda and Logan were talking softly, ignoring Remy's desperation. It was nothing more than they expected from him, after all. Remy cried at their feet, writhing. Finally, he sank down to rub his face against Logan's motorcycle boots, rear lifted high, hips jerking as he tried to fuck himself on the handle buried in his ass. The end of the crop danced in the air, Remy got some sense of pleasure from the watching doms and he writhed more urgently. Anything. He'd do anything if he could come. He begged wordlessly behind the rubber in his mouth, spreading his knees wide, rocking on the floor, sobbing with need.

He felt Logan clip the leash on with relief. Remy dared not glance up, terrified of displeasing either of the doms controlling him. He prayed that there was going to be more, that he would be permitted to come.

"Do not let the crop slide out, child." Lucinda's cool voice warned him. Remy clenched, gripping the slim handle, teeth sinking reflexively into the rubber dildo. He was led farther into the house, watching the roll of Logan's ass hungrily and the smooth pale skin of Lucinda in the dimness. He could feel the jiggle of the crop sticking out of his ass, knew he must look - wicked and shameless and sluttish. A pet, a toy. Remy panted. Leashed and collared, plugged at both ends and tormented for the amusement of his dom.

Lucinda led them both to her small playroom. Red glass covered the windows, metal chains glittered in the light of red votive candles scattered around the room. Leather whips, paddles, straps, harnesses and other toys glowed in the warm light. Remy eyed the punishing toys and whined in fear. He was to hard to go soft but he flinched to the end of his leash.

"Pet -" Logan rumbled reassuringly, he tweaked one of Remy's nipples and he twitched, ass spasming around the handle inside him. "Up on the table."

The doms had to help him and he had to be careful not to let the slim crop slip out of him as he moved. Remy groaned as he was made to lie on his back it made the crop prod him in a whole new way. Logan uncuffed him and buckled his wrists and ankles to heavy cuffs at the four corners of the leather covered table.

"Take up the slack a little more." Logan rumbled to Lucinda. "He likes it tight."

Remy moaned as he was stretched out, arms and legs straining. He twisted his head from side to side then cried out in despair as a strap was drawn across his waist, pinning his hips down. He couldn't move and couldn't bear to hold still. The crop inside him throbbed in time to his racing heart. His cock pulsed and ached and drops of fluid seeped from it despite the cock ring. His fingers clenched uselessly. He struggled against the cool leather warming rapidly against his feverish skin. Lucinda teased along his outstretched legs while Logan licked and bit his way from Remy's cuffed wrist to the sweat damp hair under his arm. He stared, wide eyed at Lucinda as she climbed on the table to kneel between his spread legs. With a catlike grin she bent down and started to lick and suck his harnessed cock and balls.

The thief writhed and groaned as sensation built and built and his cock jerked and danced in Lucinda's clever mouth. Logan's heavy, familiar hands roamed over his skin, pinching his nipples, stroking his lips while the man breathed reassurances and encouragement in Remy's ear. He couldn't come. Remy cried, unaware of the throaty purr below it all, betraying his pleasure - sobbing with desperate longing. His skin tingled, flushed and sweaty and sensitive to the lightest touch. When Lucidna rolled a condom over his engorged, bound, cock Remy screamed around the rubber plugging his mouth and fought the restraints wildly. He'd die if Lucinda rode him without taking the cock strap off. The couldn't expect him to take any more. The had to let him come. They had to.

Never the less, she straddled him, just letting the tip of his cock brush her labia. Tears streaked Remy's temples, Logan licked them off, growling with pleasure at the state his boy had been reduced to.

"Y'doin so good, boy. So good." Logan fingered his nipples while Remy stared up at the swaying ruby hanging from Lucinda's neck. A cold tickle across one hot nipple made the thief jerk his attention back to his boss. Logan was dangling a light chain over his chest, stroking his nipples with it. Small silver clamps glittered like ice in the candle light and Remy wailed, coughing around the dildo in his mouth, shaking his head frantically. Logan stroked his throat, kissing him gently, repeatedly until Remy's panic quieted.

"Easy pet. Easy - y'know y'gonna take it." Logan murmured. "Y'can't stop us. Y'gonna take what we give ya. Y'wanna please us, don't ya?"

Remy stared helplessly up at them, dazedly aware he couldn't - didn't want - to stop them. He managed a jerky nod, he wanted to please them. Wanted to please Logan. And he was going mad with the need for more sensation. Nearly overwhelmed and he still craved more. Logan kissed his nipples, licking him until the warm, gentle stimulus made the slender thief arch up as best he could for more. Logan's fingers were tugging him - then Remy shrieked and jerked at the bright, biting pain as Logan eased the first nipple clamp on. Lucinda smiled and rocked her hips against Remy's cock, watching him pant and writhe in anticipation as Logan stroked his free nipple teasingly. The second clamp bit down and Remy screamed again, voice muffled by the dildo. Lucinda slid down his cock with a moan of pleasure.

Remy lost track of everything but the rock of her hips above him, the slick slide around his cock and the sparkling pain from his nipples. Logan was watching him closely as he breathing quickened then steadied, he kissed Remy's sweaty forehead as the boy relaxed into the sensations. Remy moaned low and soft, the pain from the clamps settled into a hot throb, tempering the ache in his balls and cock. It was - it was good. He couldn't think, only feel as Lucinda's rhythm speeded up - she tossed her head back and panted nosily, riding him hard. With a long, low cry, she came, pulsing around Remy's cock. The thief could only whimper as the woman's pleasure throbbed in his mind.

The woman eased off him, breathing heavily and kissed Logan. She bent and placed to swift kisses on Remy's red, clamped nipples, Remy wailed softly not sure if he loved or hated the spark of sensation. His ankles were uncuffed, knees lifted as Logan clambered onto the table, breathing hard, eyes dark and violently hungry. Remy whined in response, trying weakly to lift himself to his boss, arching his neck to bear his throat. Logan growled, sliding the crop from him as the thief shuddered, hating the emptiness.

Then he was filled again. Perfectly filled by Logan's thick cock. The ache surged deep and Remy groaned in bliss. The depth of Logan's need rushed through him and Remy shuddered, clenching around the hot flesh already thrusting urgently. Logan wanted him so much. Needed him so much. The Canadian caught the chain dancing on Remy's heaving chest and tugged lightly in time to his thrusts. Remy gave a shrill, ecstatic cry as he did so. His knees splayed wide around Logan's hips, the thief was open and hot and frantic to please his boss. He was sucking with greedy hunger at the dildo, loving the feeling of double penetration as Logan filled his ass and the rubber filled his mouth.

There were quick, light fingers are the thief's dusky cock, the thief's eyes went wide, meeting Logan's. The Canadian's lips were drawn back to bear his fangs, fixed on Remy writhing beneath him. Lucinda snapped the ring free, Logan gave the clamps a sharp tug and Remy exploded into screaming orgasm. Logan was shouting, Remy felt the slam of the other man's climax in his mind, sending him into another series of ecstatic shrieks. Half fainting, Remy struggled to breath around the dildo in his mouth. His whole body throbbed, burned, ached - legs and ass and the deep throbbing half pain half pleasure of his clamped nipples and the surging throb of his overstimulated cock. Sweat slicked his skin and made the leather under him slippery. Logan was propped over him, panting raggedly. Remy whimpered at him and the other man lifted his head to meet his eyes. Logan looked almost drunk, eyes still dilated wide. Remy shivered. He could feel the depth of Logan's attention, the absolute focus of the other man on him, inflicting pain and pleasure in unbearable amounts.

"Ahh - pet." Logan breathed, leaning forward to kiss Remy's forehead. "So beautiful, my pet. God -"

The Canadian finally climbed off him, unbuckling the cuffs. Remy rolled onto his side and let Logan ease the gag off. He coughed, closing his eyes and let Logan rub his sore jaw. He was too tired to stand, his boss seemed nearly as exhausted, leaning his head on Remy's trembling shoulder. There was the quite sound of heels tapping away and the door shutting as Lucinda left them to recover at their own pace.

"Boss -"


"S'v plait - boss." Remy paused, not sure what he wanted to say. "Dis pet love you."

Logan drew a deep breath, sighing against Remy's skin. He stroked the thief's tangled hair. "God. Y'my pet. My pet. I ain't never gonna let you go."

Remy closed his eyes contentedly, hearing the thing that Logan left unsaid, the feeling below the words. "Oui - Remy yours."