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Training, Day 2

His hands were cold. Remy squirmed, waking with a choked sound, as the cuffs on his wrists tightened. Logan snorted beside him and woke, his hand tightening on Remy's soft cock.

"I see ya ain't been a good boy." Logan muttered sleepily. Remy whined and coughed behind the ball gag. His jaws were killing him. He squirmed again, more insistently. The ball gag wasn't the only thing troubling him. He had to piss. Logan climbed over Remy's prone body and stretched, Remy whined again.

"I heard y'the first time, pet." Logan said through a jaw cracking yawn. Bands of bright gold sunlight made their way through the drawn blinds and Remy's eyes watered. He cursed the Canadian's early morning habits. After breaking up an international art theft and getting royally fucked, all he wanted to do was sleep. And go to the bathroom. Brush his teeth. He wiggled and muttered irritably behind the gag. Logan grinned down at him. His teeth were sharp and white in the morning light. Remy glared up at him, very aware of his tangled hair, the dried mess on his belly. The bruises Logan had put on him yesterday. Logan gloated down at him like Remy was one big piece of candy.

Logan freed his hands and Remy swung up, bowing his head at Logan's gesture. The gag was unbuckled and eased out of his mouth.

"Gah! Ow." Remy winced and coughed. Logan kneaded his jaw muscles gently. Remy sighed and closed his eyes, letting his chin rest in Logan's big warm palm as the other man stroked the pain away.

"Go wash up." Logan instructed gently. "Come back and wait, here, and on your knees. You got a few lessons comin' up today."

Chewing nervously on his lip, Remy pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt, grabbed his toiletries and hurried down the hallway to the tiny washroom marked 'sub'. He passed another boy, walking slowly and whimpering under his breath. He moved like someone who'd gotten a hard - and recent - paddling. Remy smiled at the sight and the sub grinned back, face still flushed with tears from whatever discipline his master had recently indulged in. The grayish eyes were unfocused, the pupils small with a classic endorphin rush. The sub was still flying. Remy was mildly surprised that his master had let him out like that.

Remy waited his turn for the washroom, watching the scenery flick by through the train window. Yawned and his jaw popped. He wondered, with uneasy anticipation, what kind of punishment Logan was going to dish out for Remy's forbidden climax. He brushed his teeth, working his jaw, washed up. Stared into his alien eyes. There was a bruise still blue on his cheek and a scattering of scrapes and bite marks along his chest and throat. Remy stroked the teeth marks just under his jaw, hand dropping down to finger the soft leather collar. Logan had chosen it, rather than the more common stiff black leather. The feel wasn't unfamiliar but it had been quite awhile. He grinned at his reflection and ruffled his hair to give him that pretty slut look. And hide his eyes, a habit that had been ingrained in him from years on the streets.

Logan cleaned up the toys they'd used last night then folded up the bed. He pulled out his kit and eyed the small selection he'd packed for the trip. Hadn't particularly expected to be using them, just packed them in case their rooms were tossed. Still, for the few days he had with Remy, it would do. Wondered if the boy was a masochist as well as a submissive. Logan ran his tongue along his teeth feeling that sharp stab of lust at the though of dishing out a little pain with his discipline. Would do the boy good. Do him more good.

Logan sighed, fished out his toilet kit and headed down to the masters' washroom to wait his turn at the water and the john. Scrubbed down with a washcloth and soap, swaying as the train jostled it's way around a long turn. When he came back to the cabin, Remy was kneeling on the floor, eyes down and waiting. Logan closed the door and leaned on it, staring at the kid. It was sweet to see him like that; tumbled hair with the sun picking out red and gold highlights, long lashes lying on high boned cheeks as the boy stared at his boots. The sound of his heartbeat picking up as Logan stared down at him.

"Strip, pet."

"Yes, boss." Remy hurried to obey and Logan frowned at the cheeky reply.

"Y'bein' chatty, pet."

Remy blinked up at him, settling back on his heels. He folded his hands behind his neck and dropped his eyes. Logan stood and looked down at him until a blush crept down the thief's face and his cock began to stir.

Logan nudged his knees farther apart and bit down on a smile as Remy's breath caught at the feel of leather on his bare skin. "Spread 'em good. That's my pet."

Logan moved around Remy, laying out the clothes he'd picked for the kid, and a few other things on the bench where Remy couldn't see. He smacked the back of Remy's head when he tried to glance over his shoulder. God, the kid had lousy training. Someone needed to take him in hand.

"Put these on."

Remy obeyed silently this time. He pulled on a soft, ivory cashmere sweater and washed out blue jeans, tied his shoes and waited, watching Logan. He saw the cuffs and grimaced but put his hands behind his back obediently and let Logan snap them on.

"Open." Logan held up the ball gag.

"B'reakfast, boss?" Remy protested. Blinked as Logan slapped him firmly.

"Figured y'd learn quicker than this." Logan grumbled. He fitted the gag then leaned into kiss his pet, running his tongue along parted lips and hard rubber. He nibbled Remy's lower lip until it was wet and swollen and the thief was breathing hard through his nose. Remy swayed in towards Logan, hungry for more contact.

Logan unzipped Remy's jeans and the boy moaned, eyebrows quirking questioningly. Logan pulled the pants open and let them slide to Remy's knees, then reached down to tug on Remy's balls. The thief whimpered. Then he tossed his head and made protesting noises as Logan worked a leather harness onto his balls, a thick strap around the scrotum then a thin one running between the testicles, separating them. He tightened it carefully until Remy's balls were like two ripe plums and his cock rose stiffly above them. Last, he slipped an adjustable cock ring around the root of his cock. He pulled his boy's pants back up, adjusting his erection to make sure it was visible to anyone who cared to look.

"Don't want any accidents like last night, pet." Logan said smugly. He patted Remy's crotch and the boy groaned. "Y'won't be commin' till I let you out a' that."

Clipped the leash to Remy's collar and the thief jerked back, shaking his head. Logan reeled him in close and kissed him again. Rubbed a hand on Remy's trapped cock and smiled at the whimper. "Y'can handle this, pet. I'll be right with ya. Okay?"

Remy blinked at him, red pupils wide with desire, then nodded hesitantly. Logan stroked his cheek and kissed him - soothingly this time. Tugged him out of their cabin and headed to breakfast. He was hungry.

Remy didn't like the leash. Not on a train, not with his hands bound and - not - in public. The sway and jitter of the train was a constant reminder of how helpless he was and Remy curled his fingertips over the heavy chrome padlock on the cuffs and reminded himself that he could open it in a second or two.

Logan had looped the leash onto his belt and was walking down the hallway whistling cheerfully. Remy flushed, feeling rather like a dog at heel. Logan's pet. His cock gave an eager surge and Remy squeezed his eyes closed with a groan. The leash snapped taunt and he stumbled, only Logan's hands saving him from a tumble. Logan set him upright with a pat on his ass and not much more attention. Logan led him to the dining car where Remy fixed his eyes on Logan's back and tried not to squirm. He knew no one was paying particular attention to him. There were a half-dozen other sub's on leashes here. No one was looking at his aching, helpless - oh, so hard - cock.

He settled down between Logan's knees then wiggled frantically at the change in pressure on his confined cock. Logan's knees closed hard on his shoulders until Remy subsided, head drooping. He sank back on his heels and breathed carefully, trying to relax. He knew that struggling was only going to make it worse, make him harder. Make him more aware of the snug grip at the root of his cock and the tension in his balls. He was already wondering how long it would be before Logan freed him from it. Remy rubbed his cheek on Logan's leg, unaware of the small, submissive whimper that accompanied his gesture. Logan began to stroke his hair, ruffling his bangs and Remy closed his eyes. The sun was too bright anyway.

The waitress, a sub wearing a yellow velvet collar and a thong with matching yellow fringe, took Logan's order. Remy watched her bare feet walk away, knowing that Logan was watching her naked ass, and wondered if the Canadian would put him on the chores list - and if he wanted to be one of the nameless velvet collared subs who took turns serving the meals, running errands and cleaning cabins. Logan's order came back and Remy's stomach growled at the smell of fresh coffee and bacon. He settled his head back on Logan's thigh and sighed. He'd get breakfast when Logan was good and ready.

Lucinda joined Logan shortly and Remy listened to their conversation with half an ear. Watched the flow of the crowd as the dining car got busy and sighed contentedly, secure in the knowledge that there was nothing he needed to do except obey. He felt very safe between Logan's knees like this and the fingers combing through Remy's hair was relaxing. Remy found himself soothed into a doze despite the noise and his usual unease in public places.

Logan tugged on his hair to wake him, then took off the gag. Remy glanced up at him then ate the offered grape. Logan fed him bits of fruit and sausage - hot and spicy. He even lowered his coffee cup down and let Remy take a few careful sips. Remy grimaced, he liked his coffee black, with chicory if he could get it, but Logan loaded it up with sugar and cream. Still - any coffee was good coffee and Remy drank all that he was allowed.

Lucinda laughed, a little wistfully. "He's lovely, Logan."

"Yep." Logan sounded very - smug. Remy, licking bacon grease off the Canadian's fingers, rolled his eyes but didn't do anything else. Logan rubbed a thumb over Remy's fingers as Lucinda talked excitedly about Seattle's Pike Market, then slid it into Remy's mouth. A blush creeping down his face, Remy sucked obediently. This was far more explicit than they had ever been in public before. Him sucking on Logan's fingers like they were a cock in a crowded restaurant. He shivered, twisting his hands in the cuffs and his trapped sex pulsed with an urgency that made Remy blink back tears of frustration.

When Logan finished his breakfast, Remy scrambled eagerly to his feet and followed the broad shoulders back to their cramped cabin. Logan unclipped the leash but left Remy's hands bound.

"Y'okay there, pet?"

"Yes, boss."

Logan kissed him and Remy moaned, leaning against a warm chest then rubbed himself like a cat against Logan. Tasted coffee and bacon in Logan's mouth and he sighed as Logan wound a hand in his hair and kissed him hard. Sharp teeth nipped at his lips. Remy tasted blood in a pang of pleasurable pain as Logan bit him. The Canadian pushed and Remy sank gracefully to his knees.

"Y'still hungry?"

Eyes wide, Remy nodded. Licked his lips and watched Logan's eyes dilate with lust. He dropped his voice, using his charm to feed the desire he could sense. "Yes, boss."

Breathing hard, Remy watched Logan unzip and pull his cock out. He leaned forward but Logan grunted warningly and Remy sank back down, chewing on his lip, as Logan began to stroke himself. Remy whimpered low in his throat as his own cock throbbed in time to the movement of Logan's hand on his heavy, half hard sex.

"Open up, pet." Logan said roughly, when he was hard. Remy, surrendering to Logan's dominance, opened his mouth and let Logan push his cock deep. Eyes half closed, Remy swallowed, letting Logan slide all the way in. Big hands closed on his head and, reassured by Logan's firm control, Remy relaxed completely.

Staring down at Remy, Logan began to fuck the boy's sweet mouth. His hips jerked and he hissed through his teeth as he fought the urge to spill immediately. The boy sucked cock like an angel.

Remy looked almost hypnotized down there, swaying back and forth slightly to the rattle of the train, a thin thread of saliva trailing from the corner of his mouth. Then Logan forgot anything of what he _looked_ like at the deep pull when the kid swallowed reflexively around his cock. He thrust deep, groaned - smooth and wet and hot and Remy's muffled, hungry little whimpers. Tongue rubbing him right where he needed it, right at the place where his balls met his cock. The head buried so deep he'd never forget the feel of it.

"Ahh - pet. Yeah. Y'so good, pet. So good. That's it - suck it. Suck it." Didn't know what he was saying, head dipping to watch his flushed cock slid in and out, in and out. Remy's wide open mouth was wrapped tight around him and the tight rush at the base of his spine had Logan pumping fast now, balls slapping the boy's wet chin. Logan's hands clenched tight in the thief's silken hair, he was loosing it in a blind shuddering rush. Groaning, Logan came as Remy swallowed him down.

Slumping back against the wall of the cabin, Logan cradled the back of Remy's head, stroking his hair gently. The thief was panting, cheek resting against Logan's twitching cock. Logan glanced down at him, smirking at the desperation in the thief's red eyes. Remy squirmed on his knees, still graceful, arching his hips. There was a small damp spot on the front of his bleached jeans where he'd leaked in frustration.

"Y'my good boy." Logan rumbled, wiping a bit of cum off the boy's chin. "Sufferin' down there, pet?"

"S'v pliat." Remy panted. "Yes, boss."

"Y'wanna come?"

Remy shuddered, his hips jerked convulsively, and Logan chuckled. "Please, please, boss. I wan come so bad - so bad. Please."

Logan knelt and kissed Remy roughly. Tasted himself with satisfaction. "Y'gonna behave y'self?"

Remy nuzzled Logan's face, kissing him, whispering in his ear. Logan grinned. Remy was pretty much promising him the sun, the moon and the stars.

"Yeah, y'the best boy in the whole world." Chuckling he pushed Remy back. "Lie back, over y'heels. I know y'flexible enough."

Remy obediently leaned back over his heels until the back of his head was resting on the floor and his body was arched gracefully up, hips lifted, erection pressed tight to the front of his jeans. Logan unfastened his pants and Remy moaned, loudly. Logan clucked at the sight of Remy's stiff cock, almost purple with frustration. So hard there wasn't any flex left in it. His balls were as like two rocks. He brushed his fingers lightly over Remy's trapped balls and the boy wailed. Logan steadied the boy with a hand on a sharp hipbone.

"Easy now, pet. S'okay." Logan soothed, he unbuckled the ball stretcher. Remy screamed and writhed violently, sweat rising in beads on his narrow, heaving belly. "Y'doin' real good."

"S'v plait! S'v plait - please - gag me." Remy cried, rolling his head on the floor. "Can't - can't be quiet. Boss - please!"

Logan rumbled deep in his chest, satisfied. He blew on the rigid erection, having to hold the boy down as he cried out in pleasurable agony. Despite the cock ring controlling the boy's pleasure, he was still managing to leak, the clear drops oozing from the swollen head made Logan's mouth water.

"That's right, pet." Logan murmured. "Y'can't control y'self. Can't hold back. Y'need it so bad, don't ya? So bad. I wanna hear y'screaming f'me. C'ause y'mine now, boy. Y'mine."

Quickly, Logan bent down and swallowed Remy's flushed cock. He snapped the cock ring off at the same time. Remy shrieked and convulsed. Cum pulsed violently into Logan's throat as his pet climaxed uncontrollably. He swallowed, making Remy scream again at the sensation on his over stimulated cock. Then the boy went limp.

Licking his lips and grinning, Logan eased up to check Remy out. His eyes were half closed, the red pupils swallowed up by black - the kid was flying high. Logan settled him, removing the cuffs and putting him in a more comfortable position - Remy wouldn't know right now if something was hurting - and tucked a blanket around him. He stroked the sweaty hair then ran a soothing hand down the trembling body.

"Y'fine kid. Fine." He whispered reassuringly. "M'beautiful pet."

Logan left Remy curled on the floor to come down at his own pace and picked up a book, propping is feet on the opposite bench. Didn't read, instead he watched the sun pour over the slender body like honey.