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Training, Day 3

"T'pettin' zoo is goin' on, boy." Logan's fingers traced the curl of Remy's ear idly. The thief was blinking lazily at Logan's boots, curled on the bench with his head resting on the other man's lap. "M'gonna go."

Remy sat up abruptly. "Non. Remy not gon do dat."

Logan's brows rose and he stared at Remy. After a long moment, Remy bowed his head and slid to his knees on the floor. A hard hand curled in his hair and pulled his head back. Remy closed his eyes and swallowed. He was far enough into the game they were playing that angering Logan left him shivering with fear. But he knew what a petting zoo was and he wasn't about to be put naked in a pen with a dozen other subs for their masters' amusement.

"Boss - " He whispered throatily, turning on the charm, trying to deflect Logan's anger. The Canadian grunted and surged off the bench. Startled, Remy flinched back but Logan twisted his hand in his hair and shoved Remy's face to the carpet. A hand clamped over Remy's mouth, then Logan was hunched on top of the long limbed thief, crushing him against the floor of the train car.

"Y'mouthing off t'me pet?" Logan whispered angrily in his ear. A knee ground hard in the small of Remy's back. He whimpered behind the gag of Logan's hand and tried to shake his head. Logan snarled. "Don't lie t'me pet. I don't like it."

The ball gag was forced between his teeth and buckled tight, Remy wasn't even given the chance to cooperate. Logan stripped him roughly and the thief gave in to the inevitable and tried to relax, letting the other man shove him around. There was a real pleasure in Logan's harsh treatment.

"On yer knees and face to the floor!" Logan snapped. Remy folded himself up obediently. His hands were pulled behind his back, the leather cuffs locked on. Remy groaned as Logan wrapped a strap just above his elbows and pulled it tight, wrenching his shoulders back.

"Cross yer ankles."

Remy did was he was told, breathing hard. His ankles were strapped together. Logan clipped the leash onto his collar and pulled it down, threading it through the straps on Remy's ankles. He pulled the leash tight until Remy was hunched over, kneeling with his forehead to the carpet. The leash was tied off on the cuffs around Remy's wrists. Logan stood over him while Remy panted and stared at the red flecks in the blue carpet under his nose.

"I'm wonderin' what kind o'trainin' y'had, pet." Logan said coldly. "Y'sure don't know y'place. I got other things t'do besides mess about with a disobedient pet. Y'need a little reminder o'what yer place is."

Logan left him, despite Remy's pleading whimpers. Remy twisted on his knees, so tightly restrained that he couldn't even lift his head. He knew he could free himself from the cuffs in a moment and from there the leash that was tying him down. He could probably get out of his bonds before Logan had even reached the petting zoo. But - he couldn't get back in. If Remy freed himself, Logan would know. The game would be over.

Remy groaned and let his head drop to the carpet. He could feel the vibration of the train tracks under his knees. Voices went up and down the corridor and he flinched every time, hoping and fearing that it was Logan returning for him. There was nothing to do, nothing to think about but the tight pull on his shoulders, the straps on his ankles. The tug on his collar. The miserable presence of the ball gag in his mouth - a pressure he was becoming used to. He wondered what Logan was doing. Was he playing with some other sub? Remy flushed and jerked briefly, surprisingly jealous. He bitterly regretted trying his charm on the Canadian. He knew Logan could sense it.

His wandering thoughts always came back to the restraints. The tightness of the cuffs - the pull on his neck. Remy knew the bondage, along with Logan's harshness, was pulling him deeper into a submissive role. Even alone, Logan still controlled him. Was still his boss. Remy's breathing evened out and he relaxed, letting the bonds support him. Waiting, half hypnotized by the rocking of the train and his own helplessness.

The door rattled and Remy flinched. It wasn't Logan, he recognized the man's heavy tread and he hadn't heard it outside. He wiggled, wrestling with the cuffs in a frantic effort to get them off. Then stopped, shivering, at Lucinda's light laughter.

"Easy, child." She walked in and sat on the bench staring down at him. Remy blinked up at her from the corner of his eyes. "Your Master sent me to check on you."

A blush crawled up his face as Lucinda studied him, painfully aware of his nakedness, the restraints, the gag. He reminded himself that the woman was a dom herself. She wouldn't hurt him anymore than Logan would. That Logan couldn't be bothered to check in on him was miserably humiliating. Part of his punishment. Lucinda knelt next to him and ran cool, competent hands over him.

Remy relaxed despite himself. Lucinda's touch was steadying as she checked the cuffs and made sure the leash was not twisted. That he wasn't choking on the gag. When she slid a hand matter of factly between his legs to briefly stroke his partly erect cock, he groaned but could not prevent it. He was at her mercy, and Logan's. There was a little shock of excitement at that. He made muffled questioning noise. Lucinda gathered up his hair and twisted it back from his face.

"Patience child." She patted his head. "I'm sure Logan will give you a chance to show how sorry you are sooner or later."

Lucinda left him again and Remy tried to resign himself to waiting.

Brat. Logan made his way back to the train car reserved for games where the petting zoo was set up tonight. There was a bar by the door and Logan picked up a bottle of beer. No glasses and no champagne tonight. BDSM was all about image and you didn't drink champagne at a petting zoo. The lights had been dimmed and most of the car was taken up with a large narrow corral where a bunch of naked subs knelt among scattered hay. Tonight, Logan fit right in with his jeans and work shirts, everyone was dressed for the occasion. The subs, of course, were naked.

There were treats for the subs and that perked Logan's interest. He went over and got a paper cup full of raw carrot bits and dried fruit then went to lean on the fence and watch the pretty pets compete for his attention. Several subs crept quickly up to him, jostling each other in good-humored squabbling. Logan smiled at the woman who squirmed her way to the front then reared back on her knees to beg for a treat. She was beautiful, obviously pampered and well loved, dark as mahogany and her eyes gleamed with the fun of the game. She wore a snug silver collar and heavy silver rings in her nipples. Logan held a raisin up, just out of reach to make her strain and beg, the dropped it into the wide-open mouth.

He fed several others, letting them lick his fingers, stroking soft sucking lip and hard nipples. Then leaned on the fence and watched the play between the doms and subs. The tension and excitement was heavy in the room. It was obvious enough among the subs - erections, hard nipples, wide exited eyes but Logan could smell the heat among the doms as well. The squabbles among the subs, playing at rowdy animals, was for the doms' pleasure - and their own. Petting zoos were popular, giving the subs a chance to mingle with each other under a more relaxed atmosphere than they usually enjoyed. Gave the subs a chance to flirt and the doms a chance to play briefly with someone else's toys.

"Quite a lovely display of flesh." Lucinda came up and propped a boot on a rail. A sub came over and began to chew on it, of all things, until Lucinda scolded him sharply and the sub slunk away with a barely suppressed giggle. There was someone who was enjoying this scene. "Where's Remy?"

Logan grunted. "Takin' a little time out t'remember whose boss."

Yeah, it was a real pretty display and he kept wanting to put the thief in the middle of it. He'd be a thoroughbred in a herd of cattle, lovely, wide eyed and oh, so pettable. Logan frowned. Damn Remy's nerves anyway. Lucinda glanced at him with a sympathetic smile.

"Not, I gather, part of a scheme to catch some art thieves?"

Logan sighed and shook his head. "Na. The zoo spooked him I think. Got mouthy on me."

"I recall he was quick with the comeback." Lucinda smiled. "Watch that one. The blonde."

The sub in question was watching a dom carefully. The woman threw a carrot into the corral and the sub neatly snatched from mid-air to the amusement of the audience. Shortly thereafter, food was flying and subs were scrambling through the straw. When a raisin plopped into Logan's beer bottle, he retreated with Lucinda and took a seat on a convenient straw bale.

"Will you go check on him for me, Lucinda?" Logan put his beer on a table. Lucinda had no partner and she could have a little fun and give Remy a lesson. "Been about a half hour."

"Of course." Lucinda smiled. "Thank you."

She came back shortly. "He's fine. Anxious to have you back. He has the loveliest penis, Logan."

Logan nodded, smirking, but waited a bit before returning to the cabin. Remy was where he left him, bound and gagged, naked and the sight of him so helpless made Logan's mouth water. Remy wiggled and whined as Logan shut the door.

"Y'happy t'see me are ya?" Logan knelt down behind the thief. Remy whimpered. He ran a hand roughly down the slender back, reached between the boy's legs to grab his cock. Half hard and swelling quickly as Logan played with him. He licked the back of Remy's neck, nuzzling the heavy hair, nipped hard enough to draw blood and a muffled cry from the boy under him. A shiver from his cock. "Gonna behave y'self, pet? Gonna be a good boy?"

Remy made frantic sounds of agreement and tried to push himself against Logan's hand. Logan chuckled and let go. He unfastened the leash, straps and cuffs but left the gag in place. The boy settled on his knees and shook his hair back. Logan leaned in an kissed him, tipping his chin up to nibble delicately on his neck. Remy sighed and tried to move closer.

"Lot o'pretty toys out there t'play with, pet." Logan whispered in Remy's ear. He tweaked a nipple sharply. "Eatin' outa my hands, they were. An you can't even keep that mouth o'yours shut. Y'think y'can make it up t'me?"

Remy nodded frantically then rubbed his cheek against Logan's shoulder with a little noise that made Logan's blood run hot and his jeans to tight. Begging. The boy was begging to please him. He unbuckled the gag, Remy yawned, jaw popping and Logan rubbed his face gently.


"Yes, boss." Remy settled on his knees at Logan's feet.

Logan grinned and rattled the little cup of carrots and raisins, sprawling back on the cushioned bench. "Brought you some treats, pet."

Remy met Logan's eyes. It was clear what game the Canadian wanted to play. Remy blinked then shook his head sharply, letting his hair fall in untidy strands across his face and neck. He resettled on his hands and knees, not the obedient sub now but a sulky little animal. Logan fished out a raisin and held it out. Remy darted forward and snatched it from him, deliberately nipping his fingers. Logan jerked back, surprised, then grinned.

"Wicked pet ain't ya? See someone needs t'take y'in hand."

Remy bared his teeth and shifted impatiently. Then he, hiding a smirk, sidled up and tried to nip at the hand holding the cup.

"Ah - ah. Sit!" Logan said sharply, holding the cup out of reach. He shoved Remy back with a knee, then forced him to sit at his feet. Only when Remy settled sullenly down did he give him another bit of food. "Good boy."

Remy leaned into the hand ruffling his hair, nuzzled Logan's knee and glanced between his legs to see the hard outline of Logan's cock. It reminded Remy, with a pang, of how desperate he was to come. The Canadian fed him another treat and Remy delicately lipped it from his fingers.

Soon, Logan had him begging on his hands and knees. He made little growling noises and occasionally nipped at Logan's fingers, only to be scolded and give a quick rap on the nose. It was so easy to fall into the game, Logan was so hot for it. Remy was almost sorry he'd refused the petting zoo. It was silly and fun and making Remy so hard that he couldn't hold still any longer and thrust his hips forward with a needy whine.

"What's a matter, pet?" Logan growled. Remy only whined again and thrust his hips. Logan ran his fingers across Remy's mouth and he sucked on them, staring into Logan's eyes. "That's right, pet. Suck on 'em."

Logan moved to the floor with him. He pushed Remy into position on his hands and knees. Remy spread his legs eagerly and pushed his hips back.

"Y'beautiful boy." Logan sighed. He forced the fingers Remy had wet down into the thief's ass. Remy yelped at the sudden sharp ache, Logan worked him for only a minute or two and rough enough to make him pant and whimper. Head hanging amid a fall of tangled hair, Remy listened to Logan unzip and position himself behind him. The Canadian didn't use lube - spitting briefly onto his hands instead. Remy knew it wouldn't be enough. It wasn't supposed to be enough and he groaned as Logan's hands closed hard on his hips. His cock was dripping onto the carpet.

He wailed, bucking, when Logan rammed into him. The savage burn felt so good, Remy yelled again and ground back, welcoming the pounding of Logan's cock in his ass. It was wonderful like this to just get fucked and fucked and fucked - with the zipper of Logan's jeans digging into his ass - naked on his hands and knees and whimpering and crying like an animal. Like Logan's pet.

Logan had gone wordless, growling deep in his chest. He leaned forward and abruptly sank his teeth in the nape of Remy's neck, just above the collar, still pounding hard and fast. The pain and the weight and the heat of Logan's breath on his neck, the burn in his ass, the taste of carrots and raisins in his mouth sent Remy off. Shuddering, wailing wordlessly, he spilled onto the carpet - coming so hard the muscles of his stomach ached. Logan was coming to with a smothered howl and a deep jolting thrust. Both of them collapsed onto the floor, rocked into dazed sleep by the motion of the train.