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Training, Day 5

Cole was following him. Remy sighed and picked up his pace a little, looking for a crowd. The next car was the dinner car and deserted this time of day. Scowling, Remy resigned himself to dealing with the human and reminded himself to be careful. He didn't want to injure anyone. He turned around just as Cole entered the car.

The other man looked surprised for a moment then swallowed hard. He had a hand in the pocket of his sweatshirt and Remy wondered if he had a gun. "You damn freak! Like we don't have enough trouble being accepted without people like you around!"

Remy's red on black eyes narrowed. "Sound's like you're throwing d'first stone, there homme. Wonders how many of you friends heard those words, eh? Freak? Pervert? Sick? W'at you think?"

"Mutant!" Cole shouted; breathing hard and red faced. He lunged clumsily. It was a knife he had and Remy swatted it out of his hand, hearing it skitter across the floor and clatter against the door in the opposite wall. "It's wrong, you being here, like fucking animals!"

He threw a punch that Remy easily slapped aside, grabbing the man's wrist and throwing him halfway across the dining car. Cole scrambled towards the knife glittering on the floor and Remy cursed, chasing after him. He'd just have to take it away again.

Then the door opened and Logan's boot came down on the knife and, not incidentally, Cole's fingers. "And what are you boys up to here?"

Cole tried to jerk away and Logan stared coldly down at him. "I think y'd be wiser to stay where y'are, little boy."

"Let me up!" Cole yelled then cried out as Logan put some pressure on his trapped hand. He subsided at Logan's glare, sinking to his knees and bowing his head. "You're not my master!"

"Nope and I'm wondering if y'master knows what you're up to here."

Cole glanced up, then down again.

"And what about you, pet." Logan crossed his arms and stared at Remy. The thief shrugged.

"Notin, boss. Trying to stay out a trouble, like you said, dats all."

Logan grunted then bent down and hauled the other sub to his feet by his thick black collar. He scooped up the knife and flicked it closed. "Lets return all this lost property to its proper owner. Come, pet."

Remy trailed after Logan, watching at the Canadian manhandled Cole down to the sleeping cars. He located Cole's master, an older man with a quiet temperament that went cool and intimidating as Logan dragged his sub up.

"Found these things lying around, thought y'might like them returned." Logan handed over the knife and passed Cole over as well. Cole was already pleading softly for mercy, his master blinked at him once, then snapped his fingers and Cole dropped to his knees.

Logan glanced at Remy then back at the master. "No one - an'I mean no one - touches my boy without my permission. Y'might want t'teach that boy of yours some manners."

"Slave?" The master frowned down at Cole.

"Pleasepleaseplease - "

"And you took my knife. Did you have permission?"

"Master. No. N-no Master, please - I'm sorry, Master. I'm sorry. I won't do it again - "

"You can be sure of that, Slave." The master kicked Cole lightly and the man sank onto his belly. He pressed his lips to his master's shoes, still begging for forgiveness. The master nudged Cole's chin with his shoe. "It's not me you should be apologizing to."

Cole looked up at Logan, miserably. "I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry. Please, sir. Please -

With Logan, Remy and his own master looking on as well as a few spectators, Cole crept to Logan's feet and kissed his boots, whimpering in a mixture of fear and excitement. Logan let for a moment or two, then grunted and walked away. "Better not have any more trouble with that slave of yours or I'll take care o'it myself."

"I assure you, my Slave will trouble no one for the remainder of the trip." The master said to Logan's back.

"Pet." Logan stopped in front of Remy who shrugged, avoiding the other man's eyes. Abruptly, Logan pulled Remy's head down and kissed him hard, in front of their audience. Never one to refuse, Remy sighed and leaned against Logan. The Canadian moved and bit Remy's neck sharply. It was oddly reassuring, if painful. Remy could feel a trickle of blood.

Seeing Cole at Logan's feet had been - uncomfortable - and the thief was grateful that Logan had walked away. Now Logan was putting his mark on Remy - publicly claiming him. Threatening anyone who'd touch his property. Who'd touch Remy. Four days of games and dominance made Logan's violent possessiveness seem normal. When Logan pulled out the leash, Remy lifted his chin without a second thought. He followed the tug at his neck, comforted by the very visible symbol of his connection to the other man.

Back at the cabin, Remy slumped on the bench and ran his hand idly along the thin leather leash. He stared blankly out the window at an endless sea of tree stumps. They were somewhere in the northwest. Ororo would weep to see all the destruction out there.

"Hungry pet?"

"Non, boss. Tired, mebee." He settled into his sweater and closed his eyes. Logan grunted then nudged him.

"Go wash up then."

Remy slipped the leash off and went off obediently. When he came back, Logan had unfolded the bed and was sitting, naked and cross-legged, waiting for him. Remy smoothed his expression and lowered his eyes but he really wasn't in the mood. Still, it wasn't his mood that mattered. He stripped under Logan's watchful eyes.

"C'mere, Rem." Logan said quietly. "Sit here, in front of me."

Remy obeyed sitting facing away and settling back on his heels. Logan's big hands smoothed down his back then up again and he shivered. It wouldn't take much, he realized, for Logan to coax him into the mood. The man had the touch.

"Breathe in - " Logan murmured, taking a deep breath himself. "And out - all the way out. I ain't got a charm, but you just listen t'my voice anyway."

Remy sighed, breathed like Logan told him to and suddenly yawned, jaw cracking. Logan chuckled softly, thumbs digging into the tight muscles in is neck.

"W'at you doing, boss?"

"You just breathe like I told ya. In - and out - slow. Nice and slow."

Logan's hands moved over his back, smoothing along Remy's bony spine, echoing his slowing breath. When the Canadian moved to settle in against Remy's back, the thief only blinked. Not really asleep, just - very relaxed.

"That's it." Logan's deep voice rumbled in his hear. "Just breathe with me. Don't think. Don't try to not think. Just focus on y'breathing, pet."

And he was. They breathed in unison, Logan's breath ghosting over Remy's shoulder. He sank back against Logan's chest, feeling the steady, strong heartbeat. Breathing. Breathing. Logan was so relaxed, so calm that Remy found himself sinking into the same state, following the other man's lead.

Fragments of memories flicking by then falling away again. The feel of the collar in is hands, back at the mansion, when Logan gave it to him and told him to put it on. The weight and taste of Logan's cock in his mouth. Kneeling, bound hand and foot and waiting for the thieves. The glitter of a knife and the hatred in Cole's eyes. Logan was still talking, or making noises, but Remy wasn't paying attention to anything but the reassuring sound. The vibration of the train car came into his attention then left again. It was like he was asleep, but not - asleep when he was awake. Breathing.

He was crying suddenly. Remy turned to curl against Logan, shaking with rage. "Hate dem! Self-righteous -! Like dey better dan us b'cause dey is human! God's own creat'n! Hate dem all! Like we're all a bunch of animals! Like we ain't worth noti'n! N-non!"

"Like Remy want dis!" He wailed. "Like I wanted to be like this!"

Then he was sobbing to hard to speak. Logan stroked his back, not trying to quiet him, talking softly in his ear. Remy snorted and coughed on his shoulder as the tears and the painful anger slowly subsided. He pushed away and wiped his eyes, unsure of where all that had come from. The anger was still there, like a clenched fist, somewhere near his heart but somehow a little less painful.

"Sorry, boss." Remy wiped his face on his discarded shirt and pushed his hair back. "Don know w'at dat was about."

Logan smiled, a little sadly. "Nothin' for y'to be sorry about, kid. Y'ever learned t'meditate? Might do y'some good. Y'shouldn't be swallowin' all that hate, it's poison, kid. Poison."

Remy snuggled back against Logan's warm body, sighing as a heavy arm came around him and pulled him close. "An you don't hate eh?"

Logan snorted softly. He was rubbing his thumb over Remy's leather collar, like he usually did. "If I was perfect, I'd be sitting buck naked on a mountain top instead of runnin' around in spandex beatin' people up."

"You're buck naked now." Remy murmured and slid a hand up Logan's thigh to curl his fingers around his soft cock. The warm flesh twitched in his hand, Remy petted him, watching as he swelled. Logan dug his chin into the top of Remy's head and sighed.

"Lie down, pet."

Remy lay back, grinning. He spread out over the bed and watched Logan's eyes flicker across him. "What y'gonna do boss? Huh? Huh?"

"Brat." Logan chuckled and leaned over, graceful despite his thick build, and kissed Remy hard.


Remy was wiggling on the bed like a kid. Trying to distract him but there wasn't any harm in it. Logan nibbled along that full lip, flicked his tongue inside a willing mouth. Remy bit him gently.

"Put yer arms up." Logan breathed, pulling out the black silk he'd used before to cover Remy's eyes. He wrapped the thin wrists in silk and tied them off above Remy's head. Licked Remy's fingers, biting hard enough to make him hiss and writhe.

"M'wonderin' just how responsive y'can be, pet." Logan nipped the thin skin over Remy's rapid pulse in his wrist. Nuzzled the soft brown hair under his arms, burying himself in the scent of his boy. Dragged his teeth lightly all the way down the thief's side, Remy gasped and arched up. "Spread y'legs."

"Boss - !" He whined when Logan pulled out the little collection of straps that was the ball and cock harness. His cock twitched and surged visibly. Logan's own cock jerked in response.

"Ah-ah. Be good." Logan warned, staring into Remy's eyes. After a moment, Remy let his head fall back onto the bed with a sharp sigh through his nose and spread his legs.

Logan buckled the ball harness on, stroking and tugging at Remy's his balls until they were strapped up the way he wanted. He hunched over and kissed the warm nuts, tracing the thin leather straps with the tip of his tongue. Moved up to play with the bouncing cock, easing the ring on as he flicked his tongue in the slit, tightening it carefully. When he sat back up, Remy was panting, mouth hanging open, eyes tightly shut. Pretty, pretty creature. A growl rumbled out of Logan's chest and Remy's eyes flicked open, red pupils wide and hungry. Logan licked his lips and bared his teeth. The thief shivered, rocking helplessly on the bed.

When Logan reached down and pulled out the two black and red dyed turkey feathers, Remy's eyes went wide again.


"Lets see just how much y'can handle, pet." Logan purred evily.

Remy whimpered. Logan shivered, blood running hot as he anticipated making his boy scream.

He ran the end of one stiff feather along Remy's palm, testing. If the boy was too ticklish this wouldn't work. Remy only sighed and shivered a little. Logan grinned and flicked the quill end across pad of his thumb, the thief's fingers twitched. Leaning down to kiss the tip of Remy's stiff cock, he ran the scratchy quill down the length of Remy's arm, then quickly flicked the feather end across his lips a few times.

"Boss. Boss - " Remy panted as Logan let the feather tickle its way down his throat and flutter across a hard nipple. When he scratched the quill across the other nipple, Remy thrashed. Logan teased over his arms and face, breathing hard himself, as Remy's face instinctively followed the caress of the feathers. " Mas. Mass - bien, s'v plait. Lo- gan -!"

Logan alternated with the teasing brush of the feathers, the light scrape of the quill and his lips and tongue. The flutter of a feather in Remy's navel might be followed by a bite on his nipple, the scrape of a quill on his lips or the feathery tease on the tip of the thief's swollen cock. Remy writhed and thrashed uncontrollably, sweat beading on his forehead and shiny on his chest. Logan licked him, brushing the feathers down Remy's inner thighs. The lean hips hitched up, his pet's pretty cock was red and pulsing visibly. Logan smirked and nibbled, very carefully, along the aching length.

Remy's pleas degenerated into wordless panting cries, he couldn't hold still, twisting in the black silk under Logan's clever torments. He thrust up with a small scream as Logan tickled his cock, struggling for more sensation. The sleek chest was heaving and his cries were getting louder and wilder. Logan let himself sink down and savage his way along the heaving belly, bruising hot flesh, and tasting sweet blood. Remy wailed and arched up. Both feathers were damp now with the thief's pre-cum, the boy's skin was flushed and his cock was straining and dark.

Grunting, Logan shoved one of the boy's knees up. Remy instinctively twisted, opening himself up. Screamed, eyes flying open when Logan ran a feather down his perineum and over his anus. Logan had to pin him down as he thrashed, so he could do it again. Remy began these panting, wordless shrieks utterly lost in the sensations Logan had conjured up.

"That's m'boy." Logan murmured, eyes slitted. He pinched a nipple, dipped down to flutter his tongue over Remy's puckered opening. The boy wailed and pushed against him. The long muscles in the thief's thighs were shaking, when Logan unbuckled the ball harness, his boy howled for him.

"Easy, pet. It's gonna be good. It's gonna be so good, boy." Logan crooned. He dropped the feathers and thrust two fingers inside the wet, puckered opening. He unsnapped the cock ring and twisted his buried fingers against the prostrate gland. Remy shrieked, arched up and exploded violently into orgasm.

That's m'boy." Logan thrust gently with his fingers, drawing out the mindless pleasure as Remy thrashed and cried. He collapsed back down, chest heaving wildly. Logan wiggled his fingers inside him and Remy moaned weakly. His entire body quivered, come streaked his chest and belly and the Canadian couldn't wait any longer to take what was his.

He lifted Remy's legs, settling them on his shoulders, slicked down his cock with shaking hands and positioned himself at Remy's wet opening. He surged forward, burying himself to the hilt in a single smooth stroke. Choked back a scream himself, tossing his head and panting hard. Remy was so spent, so relaxed and still quivering inside, Logan wasn't sure he could stand it. He knew he couldn't stop. Beneath him, the thief rocked his head dazedly, moaning in soft response as Logan thrust into him.

The big man settled on top of Remy, forcing his knees up, hips churning. Logan dug his fingers into the sheets, fighting to hold on just a little longer, staring into Remy's stunned face. The feel of that trembling, tight heat clutching his cock, working him as he pumped harder - faster - slick heat burning him up. Logan threw his head back and howled, on fire, pulsing deep inside Remy's pliant body.

Logan collapsed, barely managing to roll off of Remy before he hurt him. Both of them lay there, panting and staring blankly at the curved ceiling as the train rattled it's way north and west.