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Training, Day 4

Even the Thornrose convention had its limits, particularly in the confined environment of a train and Remy was bored. He wandered into the smoking car, mostly full of other subs as the doms were off at dom only lecture - even Logan had gone, saying he'd be back for dinner and leaving Remy to his own devices with a warning to 'be m'good boy'.

"Remy, right? Remy LeBeau?" It was a gray eyed sub Remy vaguely remembered, sitting with a few friends and the Cajun's eyes brightened at the sight of a deck of cards.

"Oui and you, homme?"

The young man grinned. "David. This is Ronny and Cole and - Binky. Know how to play bridge? We're short, Cole doesn't play."

"A bit, David. Remy play a bit."

Binky grinned and made room on his bench but as Remy sat down, Cole scowled glancing at Remy's eyes and left. Remy shook his head, combing his bangs down across his eyes, smile fading. He'd almost forgotten.

David snorted and dealt the cards. "Don't let him bug you. A jerk. It's not like we have any stones to throw after all."

"Eh - people like freaks better den mu'tants." Remy muttered. "An Remy both, non?"

"Doesn't bother me." David met Remy's inhuman eyes steadily.

"Can we play, maybe?" Ronny broke in uncomfortably.

Remy's partner was lousy but that only gave the game a little challenge. He flicked his fingers over the cards, absentmindedly marking the face cards - a tiny notch with his fingernail that these kids weren't likely to notice. Binky's mistress came to collect him after the lecture ended and Ronny left with him, uncomfortable around the mutant.

"What's it like?" David leaned over his sandwich and stared, fascinated, into Remy's eyes. "Being a mutant? Do you see things differently?"

Remy glanced sourly at him. "It sucks, homme. Dink y'mistress beat you? Wait to get cornered in some back alley by a bunch a'thugs wid baseball bats. Ain't no one wanna keep you safe."

"But - " David dropped his voice. "You're one of the cops, you and your Master. Is he - a mutant too?"

"Non." Remy lied smoothly. "But he don mind my eyes."

David, with his colorless eyes and bleached hair, was studying cultural anthropology and peppered Remy with questions that ranged from thoughtful to offensive. He invited Remy to lunch with his mistress, another college student. The two had met at the university's BDSM club and Remy shook his head disbelivingly. The two semesters he'd spent at school hadn't included these kinds of extra circular activities. Listening to their opinions - both were outraged at the watered down stories Remy told about mutant life - and watching them made him feel old. He wondered Logan felt that way around him.

After lunch, they went off to some event and Remy wandered back to the cabin. He pulled the bed down and crawled under the blanket, then climbed out to pull the shades down on the diamond bright landscape outside. Shivering, he wondered where Logan was - the lecture had ended a couple of hours ago. He was cold and Logan was good at keeping him warm. In a lot of different ways. Remy shifted and reached down to adjust his swelling cock. He dragged the event catalogue over and irritably reminded himself that it wasn't his business. They weren't a couple, he wasn't Logan's property and it would all be over in a few days. Besides, he'd never been one for 24/7. It was a relief to get some time away from the Canadian, really.

The catalogue gave him a pretty good idea where Logan was anyway. There were some fairly heavy SM games going on this afternoon. Bloodletting. Remy glanced at the description and shook his head, absentmindedly chewing on his hair. Logan like to bite but the scheduled games were too ritualized for the man's tastes. The spanking had been during the lecture and Remy couldn't imagine Logan troubling to lie to him so he could sneak off and give some strange sub a paddling. Probably the stocks and the public whipping. Remy shivered and pulled the blanket up, pushing the catalogue away. Not his style, not his style at all - he got hurt often enough and didn't need to ask for more. He fingered the collar around his neck.

Belonged to Logan, the collar. And he belonged to Logan - if only for the week. And Logan - being a good dom - had taken himself off to get what he needed elsewhere rather than force Remy to give it to him. Remy scowled, Logan better not be doing anything besides whipping another sub's ass. The man's cock was his - if only for the week.

Logan's return startled Remy out of a bored doze. The wash of predatory hunger woke him before the Canadian put a hand on the door and Remy sat up, blinking. Logan pushed the door shut and sat on the edge of the bed, glancing briefly at Remy. His eyes glittered and Remy was acutely aware of the man's inhumanly sharp teeth. Logan was flushed, he wiped his sweating forehead on his flannel sleeve, then pulled it off. His black T-shirt clung damply to his back and the heat, the sharp smell of him, filled the little room. He was violently exited, so hard that Remy could feel it like a pain between his own legs. Logan took a deep breath and let it out slowly, fishing for his toilet kit.

"Gonna get cleaned up, brat." He ground out, pulling out a clean shirt and grabbing his kit.

"Wait." Remy said impulsively, drawn to try to soothe the ache he could feel rolling off Logan. The Canadian hadn't had sex during whatever scene he'd just played. But he'd wanted to. "Cher - Boss, s'v plait."

"What!" Logan glared down at him, one hand closing into a fist and Remy knew - suddenly - that was the hand Logan used to hold the whip. The thief crawled closer, leaned over and very carefully kissed the that hand. Logan twisted his hand in Remy's long hair and turned his face up, grip tightening until Remy winced. "Y'be careful, pet."

Remy licked his lips, arched his neck to bare his throat and display the collar he wore. A silent reminder that he belonged to Logan. "You show dat bad pet 'is place, boss?"

Logan's breath caught sharply and he jerked Remy closer. Remy rubbed his cheek against Logan's tense thigh.

"W'at kind of whip, boss?" Remy murmured, letting his voice sink into a purr, coaxing up Logan's memories, feeling his attention sharpen as the charm went to work on him.

"S-shit, Remy - a strap. Nice and heavy. What the hell y'think y'doin, pet? Y'ain't gonna let me -" Logan's voice broke with hunger and frustration.

"Your pet wanna make you feel good, boss." Remy whispered. "Come here, don go yet. Listen to me."

Logan stared at him then climbed onto the bed. Remy nuzzled his neck, licked the sweaty skin. Logan stopped fighting him and sighed shakily, hands going out to pet Remy's hair and pinch his nipples through his thin undershirt. Remy licked his fingers, tasting leather and someone else's sweat.

"Dat sub, he beg you to stop?"

"Mmm. She - " Logan rumbled. "She begged. Promised she'd be good. Do anythin' I told her."

"Wat you tell her boss?" Remy asked, pulling Logan's shirt up. He stroked the small, hard nipples and Logan hissed, rolling his head against the wall. "W'at you tell her to do?"

"Told her to bend the hell over the horse and quit whinin'." Logan said roughly. He was rubbing Remy's back, dragging his fingers up his spine then moving to grip the collar around his neck. His breathing was loud and fast, eyes half closed, as he surrendered to Remy's voice. The thief's silky whisper pulled him down, conjured up memories; the feel of the strap in his hand, the impact on flesh, the increasingly desperate, ecstatic cries.

"Y'hate whinin, boss."

"That's right. That's right." Logan panted then twisted, trying to ease his confined cock. "Spread her legs wide and cuffed 'em so's I could see how wet she was. Sssmell it. Ahh -."

"Sweet wasn't she boss? So sweet. So ripe." Remy leaned in to whisper in Logan's ear. "Did she cry for you boss? Y'make her cry, didn't you. Make her beg? And you didn't stop - whipped that ripe ass an' she crying and crying and wanting it - needing it. So good, boss. So good -"

He dragged Logan's zipper down and wrapped a hand around the hot shaft, Logan was dark and hard and leaking. Already close to coming. Remy caught his breath at the sight and he wrapped his free arm around Logan's neck.

"Red and so hot -" His hissed, jerking Logan's cock rapidly. "Wailin ev'ry time that strap come down. She not sit for a week w'it out t'inking of you, boss. Made her cry for you. You made her fly -"

"Remy, Christ - ahh, Remy!" Logan's hand clamped down painfully on Remy's neck, he thrust hard, once - twice - his head snapped back, smacking into the wall of the cabin as he came in the thief's fist. He sank back down, shuddering, and Remy clung to him, panting against his shoulder.

"Boss -" He whispered, straddled one of Logan's heavy thighs and rubbed against it. The pressure felt so good, breathing in the heat of Logan's skin felt so good. The sticky feel of come on his hand felt so good. A minute, a minute - he only needed a minute more. Logan growled and peeled Remy off him.

"Boss -" He begged.

"Shut up." Logan snarled.

Remy bit his lip and settled onto his knees obediently.

"Open, pet." Logan told him. Logan cuffed his wrists and gagged him as well, then went to clean up. He returned to take them both to dinner, smiling in good humor at Remy's flushed frustration. Remy glared at the leash but tipped his chin and let Logan clip it on and lead him off.

Logan watched Remy lick the last of the whipped cream from his fingers, slumped in his chair and pretty content with the world right now. He was still buzzing from the afternoon and concentrating mostly on keeping the goofy grin off his face. Wasn't very masterly.

His pet's eyes were properly lowered and the highbred cheeks were flushed. Every now and then Remy would flinch and try to discreetly hitch his hips in a hopeless quest to ease the pressure of his pants on his cock. Smelled sweet and hot and very ready. Logan stood and tugged on the leash to bring Remy to his feet. "C'mon, pet. Y'waited long enough."

Remy's eyes flashed eagerly to his and he allowed Logan to buckle the ball gag back in place without even a mutter of protest. Logan headed towards the back of the train, his pet trailing obediently behind. Until they reached the car reserved for private games and Remy jerked to an abrupt halt. He dug his heels in stubbornly and shook his head with a muffled protest. Shook his head again, eyes wide in frantic pleading. Logan jerked on the leash, yanking the boy closer.

"Easy, pet." He said quietly. Reached out and tucked a stray strand of hair back from Remy's anxious face. "Y'know I ain't gonna hurt ya, don't ya? I know ya ain't into pain. C'mon, pet. M'yer boss, remember? I'm gonna take care of ya, make y'feel good. C'mon now. That's right."

He put his arms around Remy, the thief turned his face into Logan's shoulder. He was shaking. Logan stroked his back soothingly, murmuring into the boy's hair. "Let me push y'boundries a little, Rem. Ain't gonna do nothin' y'don't want. Wanna make y'fly fer me."

Remy whined but let Logan lead him into the dim train car with it's tiny compartments. His shoulders were slumped and Logan frowned, nearly turning back. Shook his head sharply, if he backed down, the boy would never learn to trust him. And, after this trip was over, Logan wasn't going to have another chance. He led them into the small, dark, bare room he'd reserved earlier. Remy glanced anxiously around and relaxed a little when he saw no whips or paddles. A couple of chains hung from the ceiling, swaying in the motion of the train.

"Here, pet." Logan kept his voice even, reassuring. Remy was still looking pretty spooked. He unfastened the leash, then helped the boy to strip. All that bare, sweet skin made Logan's heartrate pick up suddenly. His cock twitched. "Up. Thats it, pet."

Remy stretched his hands above his head, crossing his wrists, and Logan chained them there. The thief was still watching him carefully and Logan noticed the slender fingers testing the locks. Beautiful, the boy was beautiful; spare lines, taunt muscles, brown curls under his arms damp with sweat, a lovely cock. Stretched out, displayed for Logan's pleasure, a sleek prize. Logan stripped quickly and dropped his clothes besides Remy's.

The boy's eyes dropped immediately to Logan's stiff cock and his own jerked, returning to it's earlier proud display. Remy whined and arched his back, showing himself off.

"Vain ain't ya pet?" Logan chuckled. He went over and kissed his boy, running his tongue along the gag, bent to nip along the line of his collar on the boy's slim neck. Bit an earlobe and sucked at the sweet blood. Gave those hard nipples a quick pinch and Remy gasped through the gag. Moaned and rubbed himself against Logan's body. The Canadian smiled into Remy's neck as he felt a wet tickle against his belly. The boy was leaking already.

Logan went to get the blindfold. When he turned back and held it up so Remy could see it, the thief thrashed, jerking his head 'no' violently. He fought the gag and began to choke. Logan stroked the tangled hair back and wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Calm down, pet." He wrapped an arm around the thief's thin waist and held him close. Kissed the flushed cheeks and ran a hand firmly down the boy's back. He'd gone soft again and Logan rubbed the strip of black silk over his cock. Remy tossed his head and tried to jerk away. "Shh - pet, there's no more surprises. Just wanna blindfold ya. Want y'to concetrate on other things b'sides yer eyes. Want y't feel for me, pet. Thats all. Thats all."

Remy moaned low in his throat but stopped fighting and let Logan stroke him back into hardness. Logan took his time, nibbling along the defined muscles of Remy's outstretched arms, running the blindfold along his belly and tickling his ass with it. Only when his pet was panting and wiggling did Logan settle the blindfold gently over the wide red eyes. Remy whimpered and stiffened again.

Logan ran his tongue down the underside of Remy's arm, nuzzling the dark brown curls under his arm. He closed his own eyes, concentrating on the scent, the feel and the taste of his boy's delicate skin. He kneaded along the tight muscles of Remy's back, dipping his head to suck greedily at the boy's neck at the same time. The thief began to make that sweet, soft sound. That lovely purr. Logan grinned and nipped down the boy's chest. Holding Remy steady with his hands on the sharp hips, he sucked on those brown nipples, mouth open wide on the bare chest. He moved slowly down, trailing his tongue along the line of brown hair, lower to tease that twitching cock with lips and tongue.

Remy was moaning and writhing in his chains. Trying to push his cock into Logan's mouth. The Canadian lapped at the tight balls, pulling one into his mouth and sucking noisily. Remy wailed, muffled by the gag and Logan groaned low in his throat, cock throbbing hungrily.

He glanced up, Remy's head was hanging between his upstretched arms. The blindfold was a black band across his face and the rubber ball strapped into his mouth reduced the sounds he made to needy whimpers. Auburn hair, almost black in the dim light, fell across his face and clung to his sweating neck. His nipples were wet and shiny and puckered up tight.

"Y'perfect, boy. Perfect." Logan rumbled, kneeling at the boy's feet and staring up at him hungrily. Perfect and all his. His property, his pet. His toy. His.

Logan moved behind the boy, running his hands down the taunt back, cupping Remy's ass in his hands. Bit at the strong shoulder muscles, licked his way down the hollow of the spine then sank to his knees. Nipped the curve of Remy's ass then soothed the bite with his tongue.

"Know what I'm gonna do, boy?" He whispered harshly, sucking on the flat, perfect place at the base of Remy's spine. Remy whimpered, voice rising as Logan licked the crack of his ass. Nuzzled, spreading the small cheeks, licked the puckered hole. Remy wailed, arching as if hit by lightning. His hips jerked forward then, desperately, back. Logan had to hold him hard as the boy thrashed. He tongued that flexing muscle, licking him as the pungent taste hit him with an almost painful jolt of lust. Logan thrust his tongue in, fucking the boy with his mouth. Remy was nearly screaming with pleasure.

Panting raggedly, Logan stood and went around front again. He dug out the lube and slicked his cock then gripped Remy's knees and lifted his feet off the ground. Remy wrapped his long legs around Logan's waist with a guttural moan. Positioning Remy carefully over his cock, Logan leaned in to bite the boy's chin. "M'gonna give it to ya all at once. Y'ready for that?"

Remy gave a jerky nod. Logan surged forward with a shout. Remy shrieked.

"G-god!" Logan yelled and squeezed his eyes shut, fighting to hold on. "Y'so wet, so open, pet. So good - Jesus! Jesus - Remy!"

He thrust, pumping into that strong, fluttering grip. Remy was crying out at each thrust and clamping hard around his cock. His pet's cock was sliding between their bellies, the smell of it like a drug. Logan could just fuck him like this forever; the chain rattling, Remy's blind face lost in pleasure. The boy hanging helpless and open and hungry for Logan's cock. Those high pitched noises like Remy had been dying for this, dying to be fucked like this.

Logan dragged his fingernails down his pet's sweat slick back and drove deep and hard. Remy shrieked and came, squeezing Logan's buried cock rhythmically. Logan howled, clutching the boy as he pulsed into him, flying apart, coming with a long shuddering cry. He staggered, struggling to stay on his feet, trying not to pull on Remy's shoulders, disoriented by the swaying train. Reached up to hang onto the chain, tangling his fingers in Remy's.

They swayed together, shaking. Logan could feel the rapid fire pounding of Remy's heart, against his chest and around his softening cock. The boy's head hung limply back, he sagged in Logan's arms, utterly spent. Logan couldn't even think of moving.