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For once, Remy was awake first. He sat cross-legged, watching Logan sleep. It was just barely light outside, the chilly silver morning did not bring out any pretty highlights in Logan's coarse black hair. The stubble on his chin was as like sandpaper, Remy rubbed at the beard burn on his shoulder where Logan's chin had been digging into him all night. The Canadian had pushed the sheets away, leaving him naked to the waist. The man was hairy, ugly as a troll, the muscles beneath the pale skin hard as steel and his bones - harder still. There was nothing soft, nothing gentle, nothing to suggest that Logan had any kindness in him at all.

Asleep, Logan looked wary, his face closed and distant. Remy's mouth quirked. He'd been told, on more than one occasion, that he looked like a little kid when he slept. Logan looked like a thug. Appearances sure could be deceiving. The thief leaned gracefully forward and pressed a kiss into Logan's open palm. They would arrive in Seattle before lunch, this was no time to sleep. Logan's thick fingers twitched and he breathed deep. Remy stole a glance at his face but Logan's eyes stayed closed. Remy licked the pulse beating in Logan's wrist. He nibbled his way up Logan's outflung arm, taking his time, licking the crook of his elbow repeatedly when he discovered how it made the man shiver. He sucked softly at the slow pulse in his throat, stubble rasping against his tongue. Logan's arm curled sleepily around Remy's waist, tugging the blanket away and he turned his face to catch the thief's mouth in his. His kisses were wet and insistent, sharp teeth caught Remy's lip in a painful bite then Logan licked at the spot of blood soothingly. Remy snuggled close, combing his fingers through crisp chest hair. He nipped at Logan's tongue, then sucked, rubbing a thumb over one of Logan's nipples. He pinched the hardening nub and mouthed his way across Logan's face, tipping his head up, eyes half closed against the brightening day, so Logan could bite his throat.

"Morning, boss." He muttered throatily.

"Y'talk to damn much." Logan growled against his ear then scraped his teeth lightly across the smooth skin behind Remy's ear. His warm hands tightened when the thief gasped, squirming to escape the ticklish rush. Logan repeated the gesture with a chuckle. Remy squeaked, then buried his flushed face against the big man's chest, embarrassed.

"Y'my mouse now, pet?" Logan murmured, running his hand down the thief's supple back.

"S'your fault, boss. Dem feathers!" Remy bit Logan then licked the spot to soothe him. He let his hands idle down the heavy body sprawled over the bed, Logan was scratching his back lightly, drawing up pleasant shivers. A big hand closed around the collar on his neck at the same time as Remy reached Logan's cock and squeezed.

"Mmmm, yeah, pet." Logan groaned. "Yeah. Work me up."

Remy settled next to Logan with a sigh, nibbling on his ear, and began to pump the swelling cock in his hand slowly. He lifted his head a little to look down the length of Logan's body and watch him get it up. The warm, sleepy cock in his hand felt good. The soft prickle of Logan's body hair felt good. The constant, mild rumble of the train felt good. Remy rolled his hips on the bed, cock hardening against the sheets. Right now, everything was good.

He licked his way down Logan's body, circling each nipple with his tongue until they were both hard. A hand stroked his hair, moved to trace his ear, brush across his lips. Remy nibbled, then sucked a thumb into his mouth, lifting his head to meet Logan's eyes. He released the finger then slid lower, dipping his tongue into a navel, smiling as Logan gasped and shivered.

"Ticklish boss?" Remy murmured, trailing is fingernails lightly down Logan's ribs. The Canadian hissed and grabbed his hands.

"Don't even think about it, pet."

"Mmm - your de boss." Remy murmured, biting Logan's hard belly lightly. He moved to kiss the tip of Logan's cock. Beautiful thing. He tasted the tip, licking the small slit, drawing a soft groan from the other man. He sucked for a bit, mouthing the head, lapping along the shaft. Deep throated for a couple of strokes but shook Logan's hands off and pulled away when the Canadian's hips began to thrust. He didn't want to end this yet. Remy moved lower and played with Logan's balls. Sucked and licked while his long fingers slipped moved to pet the small patch of skin between Logan's balls and his asshole.

"Shit - pet!" Logan gasped and jerked, voice wavering between warning and hunger. Remy smiled into Logan's dense pubic hair and did it again. This time Logan only groaned and moved against the teasing touch. Oh, his boss was real sensitive there. Remy licked Logan's balls some more, petting his cock with one hand and working that sensitive spot with the other. There was a trick to fucking your dom. Even if they were on the bottom, they had to feel like they were on top. Remy began to make small, breathless sounds, nuzzling Logan's cock and balls.

"You feel so good, boss." He panted. "Want you so much. W'ant to make you feel good, boss. Anyt'ing you want. Remy make you feel good."

"M'pet." Logan growled, hands cupping the back of Remy's head and dragging him down to his cock. Remy obligingly licked. "Ahh - pet. Yeahhh."

Remy dipped down and swirled his tongue over the small puckered hole hidden in dark hair. Logan's hands tightened painfully on his head and he surged strongly upward. He licked eagerly again, not daring to tease his deadly lover. Put his hands to the backs of Logan's thighs and carefully urged him to spread his legs. Kept working him the whole time, tongue fluttering, stroking, coaxing. Logan growled, twisted his hips and lifted his knees, feet flat on the mattress. He tried to drag Remy closer, pushing against his mouth. Remy pushed his tongue inside the trembling opening. Logan cried out. Pressed hard between Logan's legs, Remy tongue fucked him while the other man shook and panted.

"Jesus -!" Logan finally cried. "Just fuck me already!"

Remy slithered back up Logan's body, kissing him, licking and nipping. He pushed his knees against the back of Logan's thighs, pressing him open. "Y'pet want to make you feel good, boss."

"God dammit, pet!" Logan growled, his eyes were wide and dilated and his cock was leaking generously onto his belly. He lifted his hips and pushed impatiently against Remy's cock. "Quit talking and do it!"

Hands shaking, Remy squeezed lube onto his fingers. He pressed gently inside, watching as Logan's eyes went wide.

"Oh, god -" He said breathlessly, hips hitching up. "God, pet."

Remy bit his lip, cock throbbing impatiently as he felt the tight flex of muscles against his buried finger. Logan was tight. Very tight. He worked a second finger in while Logan grunted and twisted impatiently. He watched his fingers sink inside Logan's body and the way the man's cock jumped, hard and dark and eager. Logan groaned when Remy pulled his fingers out.

"Sss- boss, gonna fuck you now, like you said." Remy murmured, running a slippery finger over the end of Logan's cock.

"Ohh - fuck, fuck, fuck yes."

Remy positioned himself, pausing with a shudder when the head of his cock touched Logan's body. He squeezed his own cock hard as he pushed in, nearly loosing it at the feel of that slowly yielding muscle opening to take him. Logan took a sharp breath and Remy froze, head just buried in him, until the Canadian relaxed again.

It was so perfect - slowly pushing himself in - watching Logan's sweating face, twist between pleasure and pain. When Remy was in all the way, he lowered himself onto Logan, kissing him softly. "You feel so good, boss. So tight."

"Ss-good, pet." Logan muttered, hands clenched in the sheets. "Y'feel so big inside me. Hurts good."

"Mmm." Remy agreed. He moved a bit, pushing in the tight channel. Logan heaved under him, cried out, moved again. Hard hands clamped down on Remy's ass, pushing and pulling at him. Remy clutched at his shoulders and, helplessly, thrust.

"God -!" Logan yelled.

"Boss! Please -!" Remy struggled to control himself, to control them both, and lost control as Logan surged under him, grinding up. "Deiu, boss - s'v plait!"

Remy pulled his knees up and Logan responded by wrapping his legs around Remy's waist. They were moving together, mouths locked together, Remy clinging to the sheets, to Logan's shoulders, to anything. Moving, thrusting, meeting each other eagerly. Wet noises, wet moans, slick thrusts, tight grip around his cock pulsing tighter and tighter. Remy threw his head back, gasping for breath. Logan was making these noises, irresistible noises and Remy thrust carefully - knowing when Logan surged under him and cried out that he'd hit his spot. Thrust again, to make Logan yell, to make him move, to make him feel good. It felt like Logan was trying to squeeze his cock off. Clamped so tight around Remy's cock that the thief couldn't imagine holding still. Logan's cock was pushing against his belly, dripping, smearing them both with pre-cum. The Canadian was shaking under him and Remy kissed his sweating forehead and began to pump steadily, rubbing his belly against Logan's swollen cock, working the other man insistently. So good to make Logan feel like this. To feel like this too. To fuck him. His boss.

"S'v plait, boss!" Remy cried, surging forward uncontrollably. "Boss!"

Logan howled, his voice choked off abruptly as he spasmed fiercely around Remy's buried cock. Remy wailed, spurting violently into Logan's shaking body. Strong muscles rippled around his buried cock, milking him as Logan's cum gushed between their shuddering bodies.

Collapsed onto Logan's chest, sobbing for breath. Logan's gasps stirring Remy's sweat tangled hair. The train shuddering as it slowed on the approach to Seattle's downtown station.

Remy's scent was all over Logan. He rubbed his nose and lit up a cigar, trying to drown it out. It wasn't something he should be thinking about now, waiting on the station for the team. His hands itched for the leash as Logan watched Remy's nervously smoke a cigarette, fiddling with his shirt. Trying to hide the bruises on his neck, Logan realized - then he realized something else.

"Get over here." He growled.

Remy glared at him. "Quit dat, Logan."

Frowning, Logan went over to the thief. The crowd at the station was thinning quickly. Lucinda had already said her good-bye's - quickly and quietly as she sensed the tension between the two men. All their other fellow travelers had already disappeared - into plain suits or blue jeans, demure dresses. Disappeared until the next party, behind closed doors. Even Cole and his master had looked completely normal, except for the weary circles under Cole's eyes and the way he limped slightly when he walked. He didn't so much as glare at Remy when they bumped into each other during disembarking.

"Come here, dammit." Logan snapped. "I ain't doin' nothin'."

He reached up to Remy who stiffened and glanced skittishly around. "W'at?"

"Hold still, damn ya Cajun." Logan fumbled at Remy's neck, feeling the jump of his pulse under his fingers, and unclipped the collar the thief was still wearing. "I'd worry more about explainin' this to Rogue than some bruises. Y'can always blame some girl on those - she knows ya sleep around."

Remy's hand went to his throat and he blinked at Logan, from behind his shades, looking oddly lost. Then his eyes focused past Logan's shoulders and he smiled suddenly. His whole face lit up with relief and delight.

"M'arie - cherie!" Remy brushed past him.

Logan ran the soft leather collar between his fingers for a moment. It was still warm from Remy's body. He folded it up and tucked it into the pocket of his jeans and turned to see Scott and Rogue waiting. Rogue and Remy were just separating, Remy dipped back in to steal a quick kiss. Rogue shoved him away with a laugh, then grabbed him back up. The couple clung to each other for a long moment and Logan watched as Remy buried his face in Rogue's neck, shaping her hips with his hands.

"The mission?" Scott made his way over.

Logan picked up his duffel and swung it over his shoulder. "Nothin' to it. By the numbers, Cyke. Y'd be proud. Let's get home, I want a shower."